The Best Erotic Stories.

Alone in London Pt. IV
by Crystal

Life for Adam seemed to stop. He remained kneeling on the floor by the keyhole with his sperm gently trickling down his thigh. He could see the woman of his fantasies approaching but knew that this time he was caught. This time it would be all over. The woman would scream and attract the attention of neighbours. The police would arrive and soon Adam would be branded a pervert and locked up in hospital full of dirty sticky men all with semen gently trickling down their legs. As Adam contemplated his bleak future, Rachel finally reached the door pulling it open to reveal her upstairs neighbour.

Adam braced himself for the worse but was surprised, after a few seconds, to hear nothing. He lifted his head and looked into the face of the beautiful woman and with tremendous astonishment realised that she was in fact smiling. Her smile was piercingly beautiful and for minutes he could not but bask in its glory. Slowly, the woman presented to him her hand which he gingerly took and allowed himself to be led into the room, hearing the door click behind him.

'Do you enjoy listening and watching me?'

'I ... I ... I'm so sorry; you must think I'm sick'

'Why should I think you are sick; Is what I do sick?'

"No, no of course not ... I think its beautiful.'

'Beautiful? Well that's an interesting description. How long have you been spying on me?'

'Since I first heard you. Months ago.'

"Months! And why, may I ask, have you never spoken to me in all this time?'

'I couldn't. I froze every time I saw you. I've wanted to ... but I just couldn't.'

'I've enjoyed your company you know...'

Adam looked at the woman, astonishment in his eyes. She had known all along. All those nights of guilt and torment when she knew all along! He looked up at her and was surprised to see a look of hunger in her eyes. She was still perfectly naked and her aroma was strong and animal like. Her body was almost shimmering in the light, her honey still fresh against her skin. With horror he could feel himself getting aroused. The woman seemed to notice too and gently sat by his side.

'Take your clothes off.'

Adam could barely move but slowly he brought his trousers down and removed them feeling more bare and vulnerable than ever before. His sperm had started to dry and stick making him feel dirty, sick, perverted. The woman brought her moist fingers to his cheek, brushing the guilt from his eyes and smiling at him with awesome power. As one hand mothered him the other started a long slow descent to his crotch stroking his stomach and finally resting on his swollen penis. With a final smile, she too then began the descent until her head was gently resting on his stomach. Adam fell back, utterly conquered by his sensations. It felt like a dream when he started to feel her pursed lips on his manhood, kissing, licking and comforting him. As she started to swallow him, he let out a gasp and ground himself underneath her. Her mouth was strong and relentlessly rocked back and forth along his cock, her tongue searching and finding every bit of him. Then she stopped.

'There, you are a clean now.'

Adam raised himself on his elbows, confused. Sure enough, his cock was sparkling clean with not a trace of sperm to be seen. The woman was kneeling on the floor with a satisfied look on her face. She keenly licked her lips with a sigh. Before he could protest, she stood and walked over to a chest of drawers at the other side of the room, returning with some silk black lingerie clenched in her fist. She then lay next to him on the bed and slowly started to massage her body with the underwear, sighing and glistening in the light. As Adam watched she again started to finger herself, her sweet pink pussy allowing no resistance to her penetrative fingers. As he lent over to touch her, she stopped him.

'You can't touch. You can only look. That is what we do. Remember?'

Adam looked at her pleadingly but to no avail. She continued to arouse herself and was soon coming close to climax. Adam positioned himself in front of her and watched as her pussy started to quiver in ecstasy. He too was near to climaxing and with load moans they both gave themselves over to pleasure, Adam's cum spraying over her pussy and belly, mixing with her juices in an erotic cocktail.

They both lay, recovering from their experience, gazing out onto the cold London night. The evening mist was settling over the city shrouding its occupants in a hostile blanket, keeping them together but not safe.

'I'll leave the key out of the keyhole every night,' Rachel murmured, 'but only you will know.'



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