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A Jewel in the Night Pt. I
by Mjolnir

It was a warm August evening, clear and calm. Ruby had been celebrating her promotion at work, the one she had been striving for the entire two years she had been with the company. It had been extremely frustrating seeing so many less qualified people pass her by, but she refused to stoop to the politicking and backstabbing that earned their promotions. It was, therefore, somewhat of an affirmation that she was recognized on her own merits, by the CEO himself, and given the position she so richly deserved. Along with her promotion, she was given a week's vacation, while her new office was prepared for her.

After her night out on the town, she took the same route home that she always did. She also came home, as she always did, alone. This was not entirely her choice, but she had yet to meet that one that she truly felt comfortable with. As she left the subway station, lost in a happy fog of vindication and liquor, she felt an arm drape across her shoulders. Coming back to the present with a start, she looked to the source of the arm, and saw a young man, not more than eighteen or nineteen years old, staring back at her hungrily.

"Don't say a word, bitch. If even a single peep comes out of your mouth, you'll be dead before you complete the word. Just act as though we're old friends." Looking down, she saw the knife held casually in the young man's hand, and knew she had no choice. Casting a pleading glance briefly at her escort, she realized that mercy was not a word he knew. Choking back a sob, she nodded, hoping at least that he would let her live.

"Good, good. I've been watching you for awhile, slut. I've seen the way you carry yourself, and I know how you must be getting all that money for those fine clothes you're always wearing. I just want to take a little sample of your wares, that's all. Don't worry, it won't hurt...much." With an evil grin, he steered her down an alleyway.

Once they were out of open sight of the street, he gave up all pretense of gentleness. Roughly grabbing a handful of her dark hair, he dragged her behind a dumpster, and shoved her into the waiting arms of a much larger youth, who immediately began fondling her firm breasts.

"Scream all you want now, bitch. It'll just turn Dino here on. There's no one else to hear you, anyway. No one that'll care, at least." With that, he turned the knife around in his hand, and with a quick slash between her breasts, cut open the blouse she was wearing. "You won't be needing that anymore. Let's just see how much of this is real, shall we?"

Dino, meanwhile, was still playing with her tits. With a quizzical grunt, he looked from Ruby to his cohort, and back again.

"Relax, boy. Soon, but not just yet. It's so much sweeter with the smell of fear on them. I just need to make sure she's ready for us." Working with practiced skill, the blade wielder cut the rest of Ruby's clothing from her body.

Though she knew what was coming next, she had never been totally bare before another person before. Instinctively, she began to struggle, though intellectually she knew it was futile. Blade-boy backhanded her across the face, growling "Don't test me, whore. You can't stop us now. We'll do what we want, and if we aren't happy when we're through, well, just hope you can make us happy."

Reeling from the pain and shock of the slap, Ruby stopped struggling. The knife wielder smiled cruelly, obviously enjoying her suffering. Reaching down with his free hand, he began sliding a finger into her tight pussy. When he brought his hand up to her face, he angrily whispered, "Dry. Naughty, naughty. We can't have you so dry. I think a nice spanking will moisten you up, don't you, Dino?" When she just shook her head, the hand pulled back for another hard slap. Closing her eyes, she braced herself for the blow.

It never came. In an instant, she heard the sound of something heavy striking bone, not once, but twice. After the second thud, the grip on her arms was released, and she sank to her knees, in her relief not caring about the filth. Suddenly, strong arms lifted her to her feet, and she screamed in surprise, still not opening her eyes. When she felt a jacket wrap around her body, she finally looked up, into a pair of concerned blue eyes.

Seeing that she was aware of his presence, the blue eyed man gently lifted her into his arms. She reached around behind his neck, interlacing her fingers, and buried her head into his warm shoulder. Without knowing why, she felt more secure in his arms than she had ever felt before. Within moments, she was asleep, the memories of the past few minutes seemingly a lifetime ago.

To Be Continued...


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