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A Jewel in the Night Pt. III
by Mjolnir

When she stepped from the shower, Ruby felt like a changed woman. After drying off with the big, fluffy towel hanging from the rack, she took a moment to work the tangles loose from her hair. Satisfied with the results, she reached for the terrycloth robe hanging from the back of the bathroom door. Short on her host, it reached nearly to her ankles. After securely tying the belt, she opened the bathroom door. Her nostrils were greeted by the combination of brewing coffee and frying bacon. Suddenly realizing how long it had been since her last meal, she followed her nose to the smell.

Looking up as she walked in, the man's eyes lit with an unidentifiable glow, somewhere between admiration and relief. "I'm glad to see you up. You make that robe look better than I ever did." Without another word, he served up a plate of bacon and eggs, with hash browns on the side, and a hot cup of coffee. As she sat and ravenously ate her fill, he merely leaned on the table, watching her with nothing short of wonder.

Pausing to take a breath between bites, Ruby said, "We haven't been properly introduced. I'm Ruby. And you?"

"My name is Michael. I've seen you walking by so many times. I saw you last night, even. I'd never seen the boy, though, and even from here I could see the fear on your face. An artist's eye, I guess."

"You're an artist? What do you draw?" Ruby had always respected artists. Stick figures and coloring within the lines were the extent of her artistic talents.

"Still lifes, mostly. I can paint an apple with my eyes closed. I occasionally venture into portraits, but am too harsh a critic of myself to show others my work." He flushed with embarrassment, adding, "Would you like to see some?"

Laughing slightly at his discomfiture, she nodded. Dropping the empty plate in the sink, he led her to his studio. Spread out before her were twenty paintings, some complete, some in progress. Most of them had one uniting element: her.

"I take pictures of the people walking by. They are my models. You are, by far, my favorite." He said all this with his eyes glued to the floor. As she walked from painting to painting, she saw herself as Michael must. She was stunned by the revelation. No matter how many others were in the picture, she was always the brightest, most detailed. It seemed as though a photograph had been taken with everything else out of focus.

With amazement, she turned to him. Reaching up, she lifted his chin until his eyes met hers. She pulled him closer, and kissed him firmly on the mouth. Momentarily shocked, he did not immediately return the kiss. But the surprise did not last long. Raising his hands to her face, he began caressing her cheek as the kiss continued. After what seemed an eternity, he pulled gently away.

"I've loved you from the moment I saw you. Last night was the first time I felt I could approach and not seem psychotic. I couldn't allow-" She silenced him with a finger to his lips.

"No words. I think I've felt your eyes on me. I've felt for months that someone was watching over me." Choking up, she did the only thing she could think to do. She kissed him again. He continued kissing her, breaking contact with her lips to gently brush her cheeks. She closed her eyes, lost in the moment, as he moved across her eyelids, down the other cheek, and onto her ear. Smiling contentedly to herself, she stroked his back, as he kissed down to her neck. His hands reached for the cotton belt, and then back to her shoulders to slip the robe from her arms. Falling to his knees, he began kissing down her chest. He first kissed between her breasts, then moved to her nipples. Meanwhile, his hands were caressing her legs, stroking from the ankle to the knee.

While his hands and mouth were busy, Ruby was not sitting idly by. One hand ran through his blond hair, and the other slid between them, pulling on his shirt. Wit him Lost in the heat of passion, it took a few moments for her to work the shirt off. By the time he was naked from the waist up, he had begun kissing her toned stomach, relishing in the scent of her sweat. Within moments, he found himself at the cleft between her legs. He pushed her towards his easel, which she braced herself on for support. Hesitantly, he began probing her pussy with his tongue. With increasingly bolder movement, he gradually added his fingers to the action. Within moments, Ruby was writhing in ecstasy.

Unable to hold back any longer, Ruby let out a primal scream, as she reached the first orgasm she had ever had with another person. Reaching down with both hands, she dug her nails into the back of Michael's head, grinding him into her pussy. His mouth and nose were filled with her smell and scent, driving him to a higher state of passion than he had ever been in. Though he had been a ladies man in school, he had never gone as this far before. The most he had ever done was some heavy petting.

After her second orgasm, Ruby pushed his head away, gasping for air. "Enough. I can't take any more." Looking at him with a twinkle in her eye, she smiled. "Maybe it's your turn. Let's see how stiff you are."

Meeting no resistance, she pushed him to the floor on his back. Kneeling between his legs, she removed the tented boxers he was wearing, revealing his rigid cock. Smiling seductively, she bent down to his member. Tentatively, she began running her tongue up and down the length of the shaft. Finding the taste to her liking, she began taking a little more of the penis into her mouth. Before long, she had the entire length into the back of her throat. Slowly at first, but with increasing speed, she began moving her head up and down on his cock, going from fully enveloping it to leaving only the tip between her lips, where she gently nibbled at the sensitive flesh.

Having never been in this position before, Michael was not long able to control his orgasm. After only a few strokes, he exploded into her mouth, the sticky cum hitting the back of her throat. Pulling back, a slightly audible pop as she released his rod from her lips, Ruby coughed a little, having been unprepared for the sudden stream of liquid. The fit soon passed, and Ruby smiled as she saw the look of utter contentment on the face of her admirer. Laying down beside him on the floor, she wrapped her arms around him. Holding each other close, they basked in the glow of knowing that two souls had finally found the pieces which make them complete.

To Be Continued...


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