The Best Erotic Stories.

A Jewel in the Night Pt. IV
by Mjolnir

Michael held Ruby in his arms for an eternal moment. After a lifetime of searching, he had finally found the one person who could make him complete. Knowing this, he decided to savor the sensation of being in her arms. Holding her tightly, he whispered in her ear, "From the moment I first saw you, I knew. I have spent years looking for the person who would make me complete. I-"

She cut him off with a kiss. "No more words," she sighed, as she paused for a breath. "I know your heart, for it beats in time with mine." Planting another tender kiss on his lips, she began gently pulling on the hairs of his chest, jolting him with ecstatic pain.

Taking hold of her hand, he brought it to his mouth, and grazed the tips of her fingers with his lips. With his other hand, he reached between them, and caressed her moist pussy, stroking her clit. Probing gently, he nudged her onto her back. As he fingered her wet hole, he began nibbling her neck. Just as she was about to reach her second climax of the morning, the pressure suddenly stopped.

Unable to contain his growing lust, Michael removed his fingers from her warm, moist pussy, guiding his once again stiff member to take their place. Slowly, he guided his prick into the inviting wetness below him. The delay was torturing Ruby, teasing her with the knowledge of what was coming. For a moment, she shut her eyes, biting her lip to stifle her moans. She opened them again at the sound of him taking a deep breath. Looking deep into her eyes, he suddenly plunged in completely.

Ruby screamed in sudden pain, which soon gave way to a mounting pleasure. The feelings she was experiencing at the hands of Michael's fingers were increased tenfold. Gasping with lustful delight, Michael pulled back, plunging once again into her tight pussy.

As he drove his shaft in and out of her, Michael stared at the eyes of the woman he had loved his whole life, without even knowing. Soon they were both covered in a light sheen of sweat. Michael bent his neck down, burying his face in the hollow between her head and shoulder. Inhaling deeply, he relished in her scent. Darting his tongue out, he delighted in her taste.

His lips never left her skin as he moved back to her mouth. Their bodies were joined in a joyous rhythm, moving to the music of their souls. After what seemed an eternity, Michael felt the explosion coming on. Unable to hold back any longer, he let loose his seed. In unison, they screamed in rapture, announcing their pleasure to any who could hear.

Holding each other tightly, they each vowed never to let the other go. Ruby absently wondered how her boss would react if she hired her own personal artist. Well, she would deal with that when the time came. Until then, she had another nine days to revel in the bliss of true love. All she knew for sure was that her life had taken a decided change for the better.

- The End...perhaps. -


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