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And Jimmy Makes Four
by Rex Sparling

I wish I could have seen the look on Jimmy's face when his girlfriend answered our front door, all naked, sweaty and very obviously freshly fucked. Except it wasn't Lisa who answered the door. She was busy at the time, full of cock and bucking her way to yet another earth-shattering orgasm.

It was my wife who greeted him at the door instead, also sweaty and completely nude. She had to pull herself off the floor from between Lisa's legs when the doorbell rang, her face shiny with spit and cum from the licking she'd been giving us while we fucked.

I looked past Lisa's shoulders when I heard them enter the room. Jimmy stood beside my wife, slack-jawed and gaping as he watched his lovely young girlfriend struggling to keep her balance, her back to me on the couch, full breasts bouncing with each fresh lunge. She lifted one slack hand in the air to signal him to wait. Her other hand was tight over her pubus, vibrating hard against her clit as she rubbed and stroked herself towards her orgasm. Her moans grew louder while her thrusts grew faster, spurred on by the thought of her boyfriend catching her in this compromising position . I followed her lead, jabbing myself a little deeper into her with each stroke and gave myself over to the orgasm that was building deep in my balls. Her tight muscles convulsed around me as she came, milking me of every drop I could muster before she collapsed against me, little aftershocks twitching and shuddering through her.

"Hi baby." she said once she'd caught her breath, a slightly sheepish tone in her voice, "Please don't be mad. I just met Marlene today and we got to talking. She was so pretty, and one thing led to another and...." she trailed off

"She did it for you, Jimmy," Marlene came to her defence, "All she wants is to be the best lover she can possibly be. We offered to teach her a few things." She reached around to touch his cock through his jeans, hard already and pushing uncomfortably against his fly "I don't think he's all that mad," she said, then moved in on him. "We can teach you too, if you want."

He still seemed a little stunned as Marlene began taking off his clothes. "It looks like those two are going to need a few minutes," she said, "so I guess it's just you and me." He stood helplessly as she unbuttoned his shirt and let it drop to the floor, rubbing her hands lustily across his smooth chest. His pants were next, then his jockey shorts. Marlene had to pull them up and out to get them over his thick, bulging cock.

Her eyes lit up when she saw it, a sucker for fresh young flesh. She winked at me, her hopes fulfilled that he'd be well-hung, then dropped to her knees in front of him, eager for a taste. She kissed it once, then closed her lips around it and swallowed the entire length deep into her throat. I guess she caught Jimmy off-guard, and he gasped, his knees buckling as he came. His first shot took Marlene by surprise, catching her deep in the back of her throat. She choked a little and pulled his cock from her mouth, the next two jets of cum splashing her face and hair. She recovered quickly though, and got him right back into her mouth so she could savour the last few streams of cum that pulsed through his cock.

"Sorry," he said, a little embarrassed by his quick release. "Jimmy," Lisa scolded him from the couch, then reassured Marlene, "He's usually ready to go again pretty quick." From what I could see, his cock had barely softened at all, and it bobbed a little higher as my wife continued gently licking and nibbling up and down his shaft and balls.

"Don't worry, sweetheart" she said, rubbing her hands up and down his thighs "You just need more practice. Is Lisa your first?" she asked.

"No," Jimmy blurted defensively, then "Yes," when he saw he had nothing to gain by lying.

"Wonderful," Marlene said, rubbing her hands with glee, "That'll make me your second. Why don't you show me what you've got." She spun around, still on her knees, and wiggled her ass invitingly in the air, her shaved pussy blowing kisses at his cock.

Jimmy looked to his girlfriend where she lay against me. Her tight, slick pussy had squeezed out my cock as it softened. She was leaking cum and I could feel it warmly running down my balls to puddle between my legs. I had my arms around her, lazily playing with her breasts and nipples and she nuzzled her long hair against my cheek. "Do it Jimmy," she told him, "Fuck her. I want you to."

He knelt on the rug behind Marlene and pressed up against her ass. Marlene reached between her legs to grab his cock. She moistened the head, sliding it through her wet lips a few times before positioning it at the entrance to her hole. Jimmy slid in slowly, groaning as he went. After a few strokes he lost his rhythm and fell out, jabbing Marlene in the thigh. Patiently she guided him in again, but it was the same as the last time, smooth sailing for the first fifteen strokes, then a loss of concentration and another painful jab. Twice more she tried before finally giving up with a sigh.

"Dear," she said to me, "Could you go get me my tools." I pushed Lisa off me and walked naked to our bedroom. I grabbed the dildo and harness from where it hung on the bedpost, always at the ready. I grabbed a tube of lubricant too, and returned to the living room.

"Thank you," she said as she took the dildo and harness from my hand. "Lisa, could you help me with this." Lisa fumbled with the strap-on while Marlene talked her through it. Together they pushed the dildo through the metal ring and buckled it around her waist. They adjusted the straps so it was taut against her pelvis, the custom nubbin resting directly against Marlene's puffy clit. She squeezed a healthy dollop of lube into her right hand and spread it over the whole length of the dildo, stroking it slowly like it was her own cock. Lisa lay back on the rug, legs spread wide and eyes riveted on Marlene and the dildo that hung between her legs. Marlene hesitated a moment, bending over to Lisa's open pussy to lap up some of the cum that leaked between her lips.

She guided the dildo between Lisa's legs, then entered her slowly, leaning up on her hands as she stroked it in to the hilt. Lisa's eyes rolled back in her head and she reached up to fully enjoy this new sensation, a missionary fuck at the hands and hips of a beautiful woman. She cupped my wife's breasts gently, then pulled herself up to wrap her lips around a nipple, suckling it and kneading the flesh with both hands. She fell back again, unable to hold herself up any longer.

Marlene turned her face towards where Jimmy watched. "You see. Long, even strokes." Jimmy nodded, making a quick mental note to himself. I was drawn to Lisa's open mouth, tongue dancing between her lips. I climbed off the couch and laid my semi-hard cock across her mouth. Her eyes stayed closed, but she flipped it into her mouth with ease, her own juices and mine still sticky on the shaft. I stroked it along her deep red lips, my balls bumping against her soft cheek. Marlene wanted a piece of that action too, and she bent in to run her lips along my shaft from overtop. Their two mouths kissed through and around me, gobbling at the cock they were sharing. My hands travelled to where their four large breasts pressed together, more tit-flesh than I could hold with just two hands.

Marlene kept up her fucking action, plowing Lisa with those same long, slow strokes, Lisa's hips meeting her every thrust. Her hands gripped Marlene's ass, pulling her deeper inside. She wiggled one finger under the strap that ran from Marlene's waist and between her legs, dipping it in and running the long nail through her slit.

Nobody was paying any attention to Jimmy and I looked over to see him furiously beating his cock in his fist as he watched the three of us deep in pleasure. Marlene caught my glance and whirled on him, "Don't you waste that," she warned, "Bring it here and put it to good use." She pulled him towards us, adding his cock to the mix. His shaft rubbed against mine as Marlene and Lisa clutched and licked the two cocks sandwiched betweentheir hungry mouths. Jimmy boiled over again, his cum splashing the four of us before Marlene could get the spurting head into her mouth.

Marlene pulled out and unbuckled the dildo, ready for some attention of her own. She looked greedily at my familiar cock and with just a lift of her eyebrows told me what she wanted. I lay flat on my back, the way she liked it, and she crawled over to squat over my hard cock. She pulled Lisa to kneel over my face, more so she could get her hands and mouth on the young girl's breasts and body than for the cunt-lapping I'd be giving her. She lowered herself onto me, sliding easily over the length of my pole and began a well-practised motion up and down my shaft.

I lapped my tongue over Lisa's clit, probing her hot and gaping hole and back again. Lisa and Marlene kissed over top of me, their hands groping at ass, breasts and pussy. Before too long I could feel Jimmy moving in behind Lisa, his cock hard again and eager to put his lessons to the test. He pushed my tongue aside and slid into her, her hips jutting back to meet his thrust. I kept my tongue hard on her clit, feeling the warmth of his cock as he stroked confidently in and out of her. I moved my hand to find Marlene's clit as she fucked me, her hand covering mine as we diddled it together. My other hand reached up to grab a handful of tit, whose it was I'm not sure. I felt other hands groping and squeezing in the same vicinity.

Jimmy and Lisa fell away to concentrate on each other. I was spent, still hard but drained of cum, just a pole for Marlene to ride. Jimmy wasn't though, and I heard him grunting beside me, squeaking almost, while Lisa panted out her encouragement. Marlene was ready too, her own finger a blur on her clit, hips rising high before slamming down on my pelvis, holding the bottom of the stroke to grind her hips on mine, swirling my cock deep inside her. Our four voices rose higher, urging each other on, grunts and shouts that hit their peak together, then shaking limbs and twitching hips as waves of pleasure washed over the room.

Just heavy breaths and whimpers for a while, four limp bodies draped over each other. There was cum and sweat and spit everywhere and our bodies slid easily across sodden skin. Lisa was especially drenched, her pussy lips spread wide, dark pink and pulsing. Her matted pubic hair glistened in the light, catching Marlene's eye.

"Our tub seats four," she said suggestively, insatiable as ever. "And I'd say it's high time we taught this girl to shave. Come on Jimmy," she said, pulling him up off the floor, "I've got something to show you." She led them both by the hand, down the hall and towards the next go-round.

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