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A Lasting Touch
by Lily_179

A reminiscent whisper tickles my ear as I roll over to see his sharp eyes gazing heavily on my body. His hand brushes the hair hanging over my eyes away. I close my eyes & imagine where I would rather have his warm embracing hands.


His hand brought so many memories to my mind. I still can recall how I loved the way his hands would sweetly inspect my hips. He would tell me why he loved women with a full figure. His hands brought the gentlest of grace.


Those hands venture their way up and down my body. I have not felt this confident in a while. His arms pushed me back over to my stomach. His hands extended down to where my skirt began and teasingly pulled at my white cotton undies. With intention his hands rapidly moved up past my ribs and to my voluptuous breasts. He pulled my tank top up over my head and grinned at me like a six-year old boy despite him being 20-something. I giggled and he positioned me like one would see a dog & he slid underneath me and worked both nipples until they ached. He let his tongue float down my stomach, unsure of what to do in this rendezvous, I stayed still. He pulled himself from beneath me and let his hands slid across my breaths... lingering across my nipples. His pressure forces me downward and I collapse underneath his weight and smiled within.

Suddenly I feel a hard urgency against my warm opening. First to the smaller and less welcoming and his need and mine grow greater. He forces his way inside of me, lifting my body tight against him, I moan in fulfillment. His tongue traces the back of my neck. He whispers how he whishes to fill me inside and leave me in ecstasy. My body arches upward again & feel him grow harder and harder. He pushes deeper within me and I am forced hard against the bed with all of his weight on top of me, I try and raise myself. Gently at first he pushes into me with a steady rhythm, in time he works harder and harder, then faster and faster until I want to scream. His pressure puts me tight against the bed. I buck upwards, but this time I am unable to move him with me. He kisses along my neck and feels my shoulders pressing against him.

Unsatisfied (both him and I) he rolls me over on my back and with his fingers, traces along my lips & gently kisses me a most passionate kiss that without words, tells me two things, that he is enjoying my body and that he must satisfy himself. His tongue softly traces my ear & suavely he places a thousand tiny kisses upon my neck. His hand gently crosses my cheek and I feel my skin quiver. He leans into me and whispers how he wants to see himself grow inside of me. He returns to the gentle kisses and one hand slides down to my crotch, he puts his knee between my legs and pushes them apart, he dips his fingers inside of me and with a rhythmic motion pushes and pulls his fingers in and out of me.

His fingers are replaced by something larger. I feel his hard cock sliding easily inside. My heart beats quicker and my breathing becomes more rapid. His body falls harshly against in he moves to fit more comfortably inside of me. Your mouth tugs softly on my earlobe and your lips work my neck and I quickly become more wet. You pound your erect cock deeper and deeper and I let out a soft moan and with that even harder you force yourself in and out of me. You tell me how your cock feels inside of me. You tell me it fits snugly and you tell me how my nice juicy cunt is a pleasant treat for your hard throbbing cock. You continue to pound me hard into the bed.and your breathe becomes warm against my neck. A moan escapes my lips. I tell you how bad I want you to cum inside of me.

You tell me how your hard prick wants to cum in my tight ass. You force me over again and I lift my stomach from the bed much to my objection.

You then tell me that you're gonna make me cum harder and longer than ever before.

I am quite resentful that you want to fuck my ass, but you say " You win some, you lose some."

I start to scream as the head of your cock enters my tight ass you take a nearby sock and gag me with it as you handcuff my hands to the headboard. A tear gently rolls down my cheek, as the pain grows greater. With one firm push my ass completely swallows your hard cock. And you tell me how bad you've wanted to fuck a bitch like me. Still trying to resist, I try to look back behind me and you pull my hair and push your cock in and out of me harder and faster.

I feel your hot prick pulling me apart inside & this makes me wetter & hotter than before. I push my ass against your groin and you say that's what you like to see.

You pump yourself into me & I writhe in pain but want the pleasure to cum. My body feels like it is going to be split in two. My body has fallen onto the bed exhausted and I try to tell you to stop, but as the pain grows greater, so does the pleasure. Moans escape the barrier in my mouth and you stop. You remove the gag from my mouth and I whisper a gentle "thank you... followed by a "why'd you stop?" with your cock deep inside my ass I remain victim to your assaults. As you start working your shaft back and forth my body deceives me and I reach orgasm stuck against the bed. My body molds to your pumping and grinding and you tell me to hold on. I feel myself being filled by your warm cum. You pull yourself from me and I ask you to untie me.... You tell me it isn't over so quickly ... I remain silent and still... unsure of what to expect.

To Be Continued at readers' requests...

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