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A Letter To My Lover
by Rescue4164

It's dark in the club...bright lights flash in time to the thumping beat of techno music so loud the words cannot be heard above the base. I can feel it pulsing in my head, my chest, and sometimes an errant beat makes it's way down, further til it tickles in a pleasant way. I am wearing a long dark brown dress that skims my body, following every curve, the color looks black in the light but there is a slight sheen to the material so that every move I make can be seen clearly under the pulsing lights.

Obviously I am not wearing underwear since the dress would reveal them and the sensation of wearing nothing under it is air sometimes strokes it's way up my thighs like a hand, cooling me between my legs while the rest of me is hot and slightly sweaty from dancing. I have been dancing for a while, changing partners so fast that I don't remember the faces, pushing away hands and groins that try to get too close to what they know is unclothed under my dress. I move to the beat of songs that really are nothing but a doesn't matter, I grind my hips, running my hands along my body and I am dancing for you. I have spotted you at the bar, sipping a glass of what looks like water. I see you watching me, and you are teasing out icecubes with your finger and popping them into your mouth.

I've watched out of the corner of my eye as you roll the cube around in your mouth and I am mesmerized by this, knowing that you would do the same with me in your mouth and that your mouth would be ice cold against my heat. The sight of you, dark hair and shadowed eyes that seem to follow my every move, arms bulging under your shirt as you lift the glass to your lips spurs me on, the heat builds in me as I dance harder wishing it was you I was grinding my hips against. I feel a little trickle of moisture start very slowly down my leg and I realize I have to get out of here before I do something stupid like take off my clothes and sit in your lap. With one last glance in your direction I go to the ladies room and try to wipe away some of the mess I have become but only making matters worse with the soft touch of the toilet paper. Giving up, I head to the door which is out of sight of your chair at the bar.

Outside the air is warm and humid but I love this weather and like the way the moist air feels going into my lungs. I try to breath my way to a calmer heart as I walk down the street toward my car. I pass many store fronts that are dark at this late hour, a shiver of fear passing down my spine as I realize I am alone and it is dark and there are dark alleys and cars parked along the road with dark windows that could conceal anyone. I can still hear the beat of the music behind me, receding as I walk. I have my head down, watching the cracks of the sidewalk go by when I am grabbed by the arm and dragged into an alley and a hand is clamped over my mouth. The person who has grabbed me is big and I can feel a hard chest and body pressed to my back. I don't know why, but I know it is you, I can tell because I imagined how you would feel all night and I imagined how you would smell, warm and musky with barely a hint of cologne, with the realization that it is you I feel a melting sensation inside and I lean into you.

You remove your hand from my mouth slowly and from behind you whisper in my ear that you liked how I dance and that you knew I was watching you all night, and that I knew you had been watching back. You have your lips right next to my ear and I can feel your breath as you tell me you want to have me right here and that you know I want it too....your hand that had been over my mouth now makes it's way over my chest, teasing the nipple through the material and you tell me you want to make me wetter than you know I already am. My head is leaning back against your chest and I can hear your fast heart beat and I can feel your hardness bulging against my ass. Your other hand releases my waist and wanders slowly down the front of my stomach to the mound that shows under my lick my neck and ear, kissing your way around the back of my neck to the other ear...your hand is pressing on my mound, moving the skin around just enough to feel me squirm, not quite touching anywhere too sensitive.

I have run one hand up to your head and I am touching your hair and face, pushing my fingers into your mouth and dragging the wetness to my own mouth. I move my ass against you, using my cheeks to rub your cock up and down...your hands grab my hips and pull me against you harder...I reach between us with both hands so I am pinned by you and find your hard length straining against your pants...with my hands behind my back I pop open the button and slowly slide down your zipper, reaching inside your pants and boxers to squeeze on skin finally...I pull you toward me and use my hand and ass to masturbate you...suddenly you grab my arms and whip me around, pushing me back against the brick put my arms behind me against the rough wall and cover my mouth with yours...both of us battle with our tongues, each trying to suck harder, tease better...your cock is now resting against my stomach and pelvic bone and you grind into me painfully...I bring one leg up so you are rubbing my clit and am rewarded with the release my arms and I keep them behind me, understanding that this is the way it must squat down in front of me and look up at me with those dark hooded eyes and slowly pull the hem of my dress up over my calves...running your fingers along with the hem slowly up, reaching the knee and placing your mouth over my kneecap, swirling your tongue in a lazy circle that makes my legs turn weak as I imagine that is how you eat pussy.

Both of your large hands push the dress up past my thighs and your wet lips and tongue follow all the way to my stomach before circling my belly button ring and heading back legs automatically spread for you....I plead for you to lick me to show me what I already have a feeling about...using one hand you spread my lips wide and comment on how wet I am and how you want to suck me until I scream...I moan as you slide a finger, then two into me, pumping and moving my wetness all around...moving in circles around my clit, then you replace your fingers with your mouth and tongue pushing your fingers back into me and fucking me with them while you circle my clit and gently suck on orgasm hits me suddenly and unexpectedly and I find myself ramming myself onto your fingers until my legs are shaking....after the sensations subside and you withdraw from me I suddenly feel a burst of energy and power and I grap your hair and yank it hard making you stand up I push you against the wall and you offer little resistance...I look into your eyes and you tell me get down and suck your cock which I can't wait to do...hearing you say it gets me hot again as I squat down and take you in my mouth my hand finds it's way to my wet pussy...I love the taste of you, the feel of you hardness in my mouth, trying to hit the back of my start to force me closer to you with both hands on my head, tangled in my hair harder and harder, grunting and telling me you like it as my tongue swirls around the underside of you and whips at the tip of the head which is salty and slick...suddenly you pull me up by my hair scraping my teeth against your cock...precum is hanging down my chin and you suck it off and suck my tongue into your mouth...I can barely breath but I am so hot now and I raise my leg up and reach down and guide you into me, I feel you ram into me hard as you swing me bodily around so I am against the wall and I wrap both legs around your waist...your hands are holding me up by my ass cheeks pumping into me fast but I want down so I can control things a little...I let me legs fall and pull away just to be spun around toward the kick my legs apart with urgency, pushing into me...I moan as I feel you tight inside me...pushing up...I am bent over a little at the waist and you have a clear view of my ass and waist with my dress hiked way up to my push it further so you can feel my tits as you ram into me from one hand is holding the wall so my face doesn't get scraped up and the other hand finds my clit....I grab for your hand and push it down and guide you to that spot...suddenly you slow down and concentrate on this little area...circling it a little harder this time while you slowly push your cock into me and slide it I gasp and push against you and you feel my wet walls clutching at you in another orgasm you suddenly start to fuck me harder...the clutching milks you until you shudder and cum inside me, still feeling the climax in me as it slowly goes away, little aftershocks causing aftershocks in you also...thankfully your arm is holding me up because my legs are rubber and I can barely catch my help me rise back to standing and gently pull my dress down over my waist until it falls the rest of the way to my ankles...I look at you and you look back and we both start to smile and I ask you when you got back into town as we head to a twenty four hour diner and catch up...

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