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A Letter To My Dad
by Jool

Hi Daddy!

I've been asleep most of the day. I'm exhausted. Just thinking about our weekend together drives me insane, I end up staying in bed 'til noon thinking about it, touching myself..... I'm hoping perhaps you can come here in a couple of months, I would love that.

I'm thinking about writing an erotic story about our time together, but maybe changing our names, and the fact that you're we're related. Nobody wants to read about a little girl fucking her daddy, do they? I wanted to run a few things by you, just to see what you think about my memories of the last weekend.

Okay, so I rocked up at your new house around 6pm on Friday night, I had the day off so that I could get there to begin the weekend early. You and Mom were doing your own thing, really, as usual. She was in the kitchen cooking dinner. She came up and hugged me, kissed my cheek, told me how good I looked. I asked where you were and she said you could have been in the office talking on the net, or looking at some of your dirty sites.

She smiled and kissed my cheek once quickly before going back into the kitchen.

I put all my bags down and went around the back of the house to your office but you weren't there. I looked around for a while, but when I couldn't find you, I went to my bedroom to get myself ready to see you. I changed my panties under the skirt I had on. I had been wearing black lace ones, but I changed into a white pair of bikini bottoms. Secretly I was hoping that you'd get to see them that night, although rushing into something probably wouldn't have been a great idea. Mom might have got suspicious. Whatever happened, I knew it was better to be prepared for anything! Knowing you! LOL.

I changed my clothes, nothing spectacular, just a nice shirt which showed my tingling titties (which I know are your favourite things about me!). They stretched the satiny material and you could see my hard nipples through the material, even through the low-cut bra I'd put on. And of course my skirt. A long skirt, Mom doesn't like miniskirts. But skirts are SO accessible to roaming fingers, Daddy! And I like that!

I heard a knock at the door and when it opened, there you were! I was glad to see you there! You looked me over and your eyes twinkled. I wanted to hug you but I heard Mom coming up the hallway, so I blew you a silent kiss and you grinned and said hello.

Then we all went down to dinner and it was okay but all I could think of was you and me, alone together.

That night nothing happened.

You and Mom went out to the movies, which I didn't mind. It gave me time to look through your computer, and I looked through all of our secret chat files which you'd saved in a protected folder. I knew your password, I think I'm the only person who knows it. So I went roaming through the files. There are so many of them. Long erotic chats to each other.

I read some out loud, under my breath, imagining you saying them to me.

"If you were here, I'd have you on your bed, legs around my neck, sucking the honey out of your pretty little cunt, my darling girl."

Mmmmmmm the idea of that made me so wet. I could feel my pussy tingling with the thought of you doing that to me.

"Daddy, if you were here with me right now, your cock would be choking my little throat as I sucked and slurped and licked you up and down. I'd have you fucking my face until my lips were raw ..."

You and Mom got home quite late but I was already in bed by then. I did hear you come home, making a little bit of noise, trying to wake me up. I knew you wanted me awake so that we could perhaps see each other, talk together. Maybe even sneak in some time together. What you didn't know, though, was that I had been forced to go to bed a couple of hours earlier. Reading those cyber chats of ours had made me so wet, my pussy just bursting with juices I needed to cum. Wishing your tongue was there, wishing your mouth was pushing and rocking against my clit, inside my hot wet hole.

I fucked my finger for hours afterwards, and eventually heard you both go to bed. I knew you were disappointed, but I couldn't help it. I couldn't leave my bedroom. I was silently crying out to you to come to me in the middle of the night. But you didn't.

It wasn't until Saturday afternoon that I was able to get you alone and spend some time with you. I wore no panties for you, Daddy! My pussy was tired but still tingling for some kind of touch from you. I knew you were horny too. I could see it in your jeans, a small erection pushing outward already.

So when I laid back in your deck chair, I noticed your eyes lingering on my breasts a little more than they should have, and your mouth curving up into a smile. I rested my hand on my own breast and started to stroke myself gently, and you stared for what seemed like forever.

You stood over near the porch fence, leaning on the wooden pillar with your coke in hand, staring at me. Your eyes glanced nervously to the backdoor and kitchen window every now and then to make sure Mom wasn't anywhere in sight. She couldn't see me from there, though and I grabbed my own breast and started to rub it, closing my eyes and pretending it was your hand, your fingers stroking and massaging me. I opened my eyes and eyed you lightly as if to hurry you up. You kind of got the message, though, I think.

You swooped in quickly and leant down to touch my breast with your hand, a quick hard movement which she wouldn't have seen from her vantage point in the kitchen. You kneaded my breast for about ten seconds and I wanted to close my eyes, the pleasure rippling through me, but I couldn't take my eyes off of your face. You licked your lips and looked into my eyes. They were full of desire for you, just you, only you.

Your hand began to move down to where I wanted it more than anything, hard and rubbing against my pussy. I imagined your fingers pulling open the lips of my drenched cunt and probing and caressing like mad. I began to feel a shivering through my cunt. I grew wetter with the thought that maybe your hand might flick under the skirt and just touch me there. Just quickly touch, just for a moment, run your finger inside me and make me cum.

But you heard a noise inside and stood up straighter again and moved back. I stopped touching my own breast and acted casual too. I didn't want Mom getting hurt by some mindless, harmless flirting. But God, my whole body was aching for you then.

I stood up, just to be closer to you.

You showed me the landscape around your secluded new home. It really was beautiful, and I was a little bit jealous because I couldn't live there with you all the time.

There was a small river at the end of your property and I mentioned something about going down to have a look and maybe pick some wild flowers. There was a knoll, a dip in the land where the river ran along side and I knew that we wouldn't be visible from the house if we went there. I didn't say it out loud, though. You thought it was a great idea, and went inside to invite your wife, my mother, so that we wouldn't look suspicious.

I looked out over the view again, and noticed it was becoming a little darker. There were shadows over the entire area, and the sky was darkening too. With Autumn so beautiful this year, there were leaves everywhere, and the entire landscape had a rich, fertile quality to it. I heard you coming back, you were saying something to Mom as you left the house.

"I'll take some cokes, and we might just sit down and have a drink." You told her and you walked outside alone. I knew she'd rejected your offer to look at the river with me. I wondered if she knew, deep down, even subconsciously about us. You walked toward me, a can of coke in your hand. I took it and we exchanged a look.

"The area gets so pretty this time of year." You said.

I followed you down off of the backyard deck and onto the grass. We began to walk. I trod on the flowers as we walked and I mentioned how beautiful they were and how much I wished you could come and landscape my new garden for me. You sighed knowing how different everything was with me living in Canada. How wonderful in some ways but also how difficult it was for us not to be able to be together.

"Do you ever swim in the river?"

"No, only once. When it was much warmer."


You laughed again. "No."

"Oooh la la." I smiled.

"I bet you would have liked to be there with me, sweetie."

"You know it." I nodded.

We both shut up for a minute. I was imagining you swimming naked.

I saw myself in the river with you, I was surfacing between your legs, then you were holding me, and driving your cock deep up into my belly, through the cool sweet water.

I wanted to take your hand, for the first time ever, but I knew she could still see us. And I knew she was watching, so I looked around as we walked.

"I can't believe I'm finally here." I said.

"I have been longing for this day. I have been dreaming about it and aching for it."

"In more ways than one?"

"Ohh" You groaned quietly, "Yes".

I stepped up faster to catch up with you, as you were a couple of steps ahead of me, then we were walking side by side.

"Me too." I whispered.

"We've been so good."

I laughed.

"Yea, we have, haven't we? I know I don't want Mom hurt at all, but my god in heaven, I want you so much." I was quiet and a little breathless now that we were hiking downhill a little bit.

"I want you too, sweetie."

I looked over at my Daddy, your sweet bearded face shone back at me, a little red and flushed from the cold air. I could smell that cologne under your clothes and wanted to bury my head and face into you and just hug and hold and smell you forever.

It was so surreal, us talking like that and acting in such a cool, distant "friendly" manner. How many dreams had I had about you coming to me in the middle of night, and waking me up with hot, deep kisses in my pussy? Your tongue writhing between my legs, your hands and fingers stroking me, caressing and burning me up so that I would wake from those dreams, groaning and honey cum dripping in my own hand. How many times had I heard your moaning over the telephone on those rare and priceless nights when your wife was not at home? Laying in bed, hearing you cum as you pumped your cock to the same beat I had, pretending we were fucking each other over and over again.

Countless times. I couldn't remember how many times. And our attraction was always ten times more potent and powerful when we saw each other in the flesh, and I knew that if I couldn't touch you this weekend, I would go insane.

Finally we reached the river. It wasn't full, but there was a steady stream of glistening water tinkling over the small rocks and pebbles. It was almost transparent and I took my shoes off excitedly to go and run in the shallow bank. The water was cool and icy on my toes, it was refreshing and delicious. With no panties on, I wondered what it would feel like if I sat down in the water, let it slide over my burning pussy.

I looked back at you and then from where we had walked. I couldn't see the house, and I knew that the house couldn't see us. I turned to you and reached out to take your hand, you helped me step out of the slight river.

For the first time in so long, I felt your fingers on my fingers entwine gently. I sighed deeply as your fingers wrapped around mine. It was silent, we couldn't talk, I knew I couldn't - my words had frozen in my throat. I wanted to lift my cotton skirt and force your hand down to my cunt, feel me wet, feel me so hot and horny for you. I wanted to rip your cock out of those jeans and just ram it in my mouth, sucking and gulping down all of your juice, then fuck you over and over until I didn't have to feel that way anymore.

But we just stood there, holding hands for a long time. I don't know why I didn't act on my impulse, but somehow just standing there, it was like we were slowly coming together, expressing ourselves in the silence. You put your coke down and I put mine down and finally you leaned in and began to stroke my face. Your finger on my cheek.

"My sweet little girl." You whispered.

I looked up into your eyes, and found the man there that I had dreamt about. You smiled down at me and moved in. Your lips opened to kiss my mouth and I finally felt your kiss. Ohhh, your wonderful kiss!

I opened my mouth wider and forced yours open wider too, I knew nobody had kissed you like that in so long. So deep and intimate that when you felt my tongue licking the inside of your mouth, your body quivered and you stumbled a little bit. Our tongues licked and sucked each other, and I knew from your shaking that you'd never been kissed in that way by anyone else except me. I grabbed your face and felt your old man beard on my hands.

I could feel my cunt throbbing with the rhythm of that kiss. Our mouths were making love in a slow, agonizing, deep way. I couldn't breathe, my brain was humming quietly. I felt your cock rising through your jeans and it began to rock against my belly lightly. I was close to orgasm, right there.

Then your hand moved down to my breast. I pulled my shirt up so you could touch me naked. Your hand felt all around my bare breast and you massaged and kneaded it gently at first, then harder. You began to pull and pinch my nipple. I groaned and pressed harder into you. I began to kiss you madly, trying to get inside of you with my tongue. But you pulled your mouth away and slipped it over my breast, hunching down to take in my nipple and I felt your tongue circling it, licking and sucking on it, kneading it with your hard lips. I could feel the tickling sensation of your moustache on my breast. You began to bite a little bit, trying to eat my breast into your throat.

I stroked my hand over the mound in your jeans, I was rubbing it gently through the jeans and felt your cock rising and becoming harder.

I fumbled with your jeans, trying to pull the full length out so I could finally look at it, finally touch it with my own hands. You groaned and shivered when I slid my hand in under your boxer shorts. My hand finally came to touch your cock! I groaned too and pulled it out lightly so I could look down at it.

You stopped kissing my ruddy breasts and looked down at the sight of my hands on your stiff, swollen cock. Your gorgeous old man cock, I'd waited patiently for the day where I could take it into my mouth and suck and slurp it again. My fingers began to tease and flicker all over it. You and I both watched as my young hand felt all over your mature member, the organ quivering and getting harder and harder as I tried to play.

My fingertips grazed the veins in the long shaft, then over the little hole. I tickled under your balls, and they were thick and heavy in my hand. My palm cupped them and gently pulled and massaged them, fingertips coming underneath them and teasing the skin there. You pulled your head back and gasped, staring up into the sky.

"Oh God, be careful darling!" You whispered.

I knelt face to face with your shaft and it's sticky, shiny, red swollen head. You looked down at me to watch. I licked the tip of your cock, licking the pre-cum on the end, and you couldn't stop the cry as it exhaled from your throat. You cried out quite loudly and covered your mouth with your own hand. I knew what it meant to you to see your own little girl sucking on you. My tongue followed the pathway which my fingers had made: I licked over every full and throbbing vein, I swiped my mouth around the long shaft, then over the hole, licking and sucking lightly.

I grabbed the back of your ass, pulling the jeans down to just above your knees, then I began to knead and caress your curvy ass while my mouth opened against the tip of your dick.

I licked again with my thick tongue and licked around the head, then licked up and down the length of the shaft. I knew you were so close to cumming in my face right there. So many months of cyber-sex and phone sex, and expectation all built up over so long. I rubbed your legs and ass with my hands.

"I want you to cum in my belly." I said, telling you to please try to hold in until I could get the well-cut head at the back of my throat.

My tongue pressed up and rolled around the shaft as it fit perfectly in my mouth. It was always too big for me, but I had managed to perfect eating it. Practice makes perfect, Daddy, you always said!

I began to tongue your cock, taking the head into my mouth slowly, then pulling it all the way in, sucking it up so that it was pressing on the back of my throat.

You began bucking against my face. You couldn't hold it in, and began to move back and forward against my open mouth. You grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth.

My tongue rolled around you. My lips were milking your swelling cock as I felt it throbbing and ramming into my cheeks.

I slurped and sucked and swallowed the tip of your head deeper and deeper, my lips sucking in tighter until you couldn't hold it any longer. I couldn't breathe, and the pressure of your movements on my throat was gagging but I wanted your cum inside me, wanted to taste it, feel it, wrap my tongue around the white juice. I sucked up deeper and you exploded in my mouth with a great cry.

I felt the sperm shoot out of your pulsing cock, down into the back of my throat. I could taste the salt in it and I swallowed load after load as you spurted uncontrollably.

Finally your cock fell semi-hard again and you pulled it out of my mouth. I licked it all over and felt you shuddering from the sensitivity as I did, but you couldn't pull away. You fell to your knees as your legs finally gave way under the strain of exhaustion and you sat there for a few minutes, your naked ass on the cold grass. I watched your cock as you sat there. It continued to quiver, small spurts of jism still releasing from the head. I wanted to lick it up, wanted to taste more of you. I leaned forward and licked the tiny droplets of cum which still came out, then sucked on the hole for more. You pushed me away lightly and did your jeans up.

"I had forgotten...."

Your voice was wavering and tired.

I licked my lips and sat back on the dampish grass. I grabbed my coke, still thirsty and took a long swig.

"I think I'm in love with you." You smiled.

"Come to LA and live with me." I joked.

Mom's voice came calling out over the back yard. You pulled your jeans up and with trembling hands, you collected yourself.

"Thank you." You whispered. "I owe you."

We hiked back up to the house and I went to the bathroom to check my face. There was a little bit of wetness around my chin, but nothing obvious. I wiped it off with my finger, then licked my finger happily. My mouth was sore from stretching around your cock, it stung a little from the cold air too. My pussy was craving you, and I wondered if I would ever finally get to make love to you again the way I dreamed.

That night our dinner was sensational. I watched you eat, you looked starved. Mom kept making interesting conversation, and it kept us all in good spirits. I didn't feel guilty about what we'd done. You certainly didn't look as if you felt guilty either.

You and I retired to the den to watch some bad late night TV and even though I sat on the floor and you were on the couch, soon to be joined by your wife, I could feel our auras' both tingling and trying to come together. Once I reached out, just once, to feel your boot. You didn't feel me touch you, but the grey suede felt nice on my fingertip. I wanted to kiss the boot and run my kisses up to your legs, between your knees.

Oh, how good that would have been if I could have been able to sit nestled between your legs and pump your cock empty again with my tongue. Over and over.

You both began to yawn and I knew how tired you must have been after the experience so I suggested you both go to bed. I didn't mind sitting up alone in the den, watching Letterman. You both agreed and went to bed. You leaned down to kiss my cheek lightly and I felt the tingling all the way over my body. Mom led you upstairs to your bedroom and I was left alone in the den with the TV softly muttering in the background.

I sat on the floor, yes I was alone. But my cunt was throbbing still, and I was so wet I had to go the toilet to wipe myself down. My heart was hammering in my chest, wondering, hoping that you'd sneak down to be with me. But the place was quiet except for the television. I sat up on the couch and lingered my hand between my legs. I began to stroke myself, and closed my eyes, pretending that it was you.

My finger slid in under my skirt and I began to finger the lips around my cunt. They were hot and swollen, wet and I could smell the scent of my own juices in the room. I didn't feel guilty about being in your house and touching myself but I decided I should go to bed. I turned the television off, and the room was dark, and I stepped up the stairs quietly to the spare bedroom which you'd both decorated for me. I went in and shut the door and lay on the bed, spread legged, stroking myself, without even taking off my clothes. I turned the radio on by the bed to drown out any noises so that you or your wife wouldn't be able to hear me. I was breathless and gasping almost instantly.

And then, Oh God, and then! You opened my bedroom door and stood there, silently, watching me. I saw you and felt a spasm of pleasure run through my body.

I felt embarrassed for doing what I was doing, with my legs spread, and my cunt open to your eyes. You stared for a long time, then slowly walked in and shut the door behind you. I stopped touching myself and sat up.

"Oh my God, I'm sorry." I said.

"Why?" You asked, and came closer to me.

You reached out with your hand and began to stroke my pussy. You opened your robe and I saw your huge erection. I smiled.

"Look what you've done to me..." You whispered, and came to me on the bed.

You pushed me back against the pillow and lay on top of me without another word. I felt your body pressed and heavy against mine. I wished I was naked so I could feel everything, but I was still fully clothed. Your robe had fallen off, and I ran my hands over your naked body.

I felt your fingers between my legs shyly, but you wanted to get your raging cock inside of me as quickly as you could. I could feel you about to explode again. You groaned and guided yourself in without so much as a kiss. I felt my body betraying me as I felt your cock filling me up. I lifted my legs up silently and let you in deep, as deeply as I possibly could. I gasped. We rode in silence, but for only a few seconds. I knew you were going to cum hard and fast, so I let you fuck me quickly.

You lifted my legs back over your shoulders and pushed in deeper. I felt the head of your huge dick pressing hard against my womb, bruising me a little bit. I clenched my teeth and you began to ram in harder and deeper.

"My little girl, my little girl, my little sweetheart..." You whispered.

"Ohh dad.." I moaned.

Your balls clenched and you tried to hold back from cumming but it was too much. I knew you loved it when I called you Dad.

"Fuck me Daddy, fuck me. Fuck my little girl cunt."

You came with a huge push, your cock opening and the cum came pouring into me. I wanted to feel it hot and deep and you continued to push it up deeper, urging the cum up so that I might be able to feel it in my belly.

Then you fell on me, spent and exhausted. You rolled off next to me on my single bed, the same bed I'd had since I was ten. The same bed where we first kissed and first began our secret.

We held each other tightly and you fell asleep. I lay there, unable to sleep, the sensation of your cum dripping out of my pussy and down between the cracks of my ass tickling me into insanity. But you woke up after only an hour and a half, and you looked into my face.

"I certainly owe you now." You whispered. "My little girl didn't cum."

I shook my head.

"Darling." You kissed my mouth lightly. I felt your tongue sliding in between my lips and licking my teeth as your hand slid up to pull my skirt off.

"These damn clothes."

I got out of the bed and undressed in front of you until I had on only my bra. I wore no panties, and my cunt was red and glistening. I showed you and your eyes grew hungrier.

"I have an idea, sweetheart." You said, "Wait..."

Your hand reached between my legs to placate me for a moment, as you got up out of the bed, and put your robe back on. I was disappointed.

"What?" I asked. "What are you doing?"

"Come on."

You took my hand and walked me out of my bedroom. I felt the empty hallway air on my naked body and tried to cover up, terrified that Mom might be walking around. You didn't flinch once, as you led me downstairs into the guest bathroom. You locked the door and looked at me again. You smiled and touched my hip lightly, stroking my belly and then up to my breasts.

"My beautiful...."

"Dad!" I whispered, impatiently.

I tried to reach out to grab your cock through the robe, but you pushed my hand away.

You turned around and turned the shower on. I smiled and sat on the cold rim of the empty hot tub. It was freezing against my naked ass, but felt refreshing. My cunt was so hot and slippery that I was afraid I'd come too quickly and not be allowed to savor every moment with you. You held one hand under the stream of the shower, and knelt down in front of me. Your robe parted lightly and I could see your soft cock between the folds of white towel. Your balls hung down low, almost to the tiled floor. I stared hungrily.

You slid one hand between my legs and I closed my eyes instantly.

Oh God, I finally felt your hand where I needed it most. You began to rub and slowly move your fingers around my swollen, fat cunt lips. You slid one finger between them and began to finger me lightly. I pushed down on your hand, grabbed your wrist and began to fuck your hand. I wanted your entire arm inside me. I could feel the horny desire driving me to insanity. You let me ride your palm for a moment or two before you leaned in and kissed me, pulling your grip away.

"Do you remember our first night together?" You asked me quietly.

I nodded, staring intently into your face. You had wrinkles in your skin which I had never noticed before.

"What happened?"

"You came into my room -"

"How old were you?"

" Twelve."

You closed your eyes and sighed, remembering.

"You had the most beautiful hairless pussy."

"That's why I shave my pussy, Daddy. For you."

"I know, baby."

You smiled.

"Honey," You looked at me again. "We've been fucking for seven years."

I nodded and you stood up, then stood me up so I was standing in front of you.

"I want to fuck you forever."

You leaned in and began to nibble my breasts. I stepped back into the shower to feel the warm water rolling over my head and shoulders. That coupled with the sensation of your mouth and hands on my body sent me into a shuddering rapture. I closed my eyes and held onto your shoulders for support.

We knelt to the floor of the shower and I sat back against the cold tile wall. You spread open my legs in front of you and leaned down so that you could kiss and fuck me with your mouth. Your mouth tickled my thighs and around my hairless pussy. Your tongue flickered over the lips of my cunt, then down near my ass, and up again until your mouth had licked up all the dripping honey juices there from before.

"I can feel your cunt throbbing in my lips." You told me.

I watched you, your face alight and excited. I nodded and moaned with the sight of you, my grunting fifty year old Daddy bent over me and praying into my pussy. Your hands spread open the lips of my cunt and you started to eat me out as if I was a melon. I cried out and tried to hold in the gasps so I wouldn't yell. I reached out to grab onto something, and was flailing in the stream of the shower.

Your tongue wiped and rolled over my cunt, all over, licking and suckling at the swollen lips, the labia, then circling around my hole before dipping into it like a tiny cock. You buried your face into my cunt and I felt your nose pressing against my hard clit. The motions of your face against me sent me into rocking spasms. I came hard and fast into your tongue and mouth. You licked me out, sucked the juices from me, drank from me until I was laying back against the wall, unable to move.

Then you stood and got some soap and washed me down. You sponged over my belly, over my breasts. I could hardly speak, couldn't stand. I lay there, knees still quivering.

"Stand up." You ordered.

"I can't Daddy..."

"Get up, I want to fuck you."

I looked up at you, tiredly and groaned as I got to my feet. I smiled and hugged you, wrapping my arms around your shoulders.

"How hard?" I whispered into your ear.


"No, Daddy, how hard, tell me. What are you going to do to my little pussy?"

"Daddy's going to fuck you, fuck you and rip you apart."

"Please don't hurt me?"

"I am going to split your juicy little cunt in two." You growled.

Your cock hardened with the way we were talking.

I grabbed your cock and began to pump it roughly. You grunted again and grabbed my hand and turned me around so that you could press up against my ass. I had nothing to hold on to, you were behind me. I tried to grab the hot tub side, bending over as I did.

"Don't touch Daddy's cock!" You growled.

You pushed me over so I was bent over, my ass in the air, my cunt lips spread open in front of you. I felt the water from the shower trickling down my back between my legs and I immediately began to feel my cunt throbbing again with the expectation of your cock inside me.

"I'm sorry, Daddy." I whimpered, gripping on to the rim of the hot tub.

You reached around from behind me and began to molest my breasts. Your hands bashed them into my chest and the sensation of aching pleasure rippled through me. Your cock pressed up into the crack of my ass, and you began to move it up and down against me. I felt the head bobbing between my ass cheeks.

You leaned in and began to lick up and down my ass, then under to my pulsing cunt. Your tongue began to suck again, all the juices which continued to trickle out of me, most of it now just water from the shower. Honey water. You drank again, then stood and guided your cock in between my legs, shoving deep into my pussy.

I felt you deep inside me and I moaned when your hand came around to my clit. You started stroking my sore clit as you pounded my cunt with your raging rock-hard cock.

"Daddy's going to fuck you sore." You gruffed.

I felt you like a dog, your giant cock stuffed up inside me, your body wrapped around my back, locking me in your huge embrace. Your hard hands pounding my cunt in compatible motions as your swollen dick.

My whole body tightened and I reached back, arching out to feel you, trying to reach back and guide your cock deeper in me. I grunted, crying out.

The slamming I felt in my cunt matched the waves of orgasm I felt in the front end of my pussy. I felt sheets of pleasure ramming me deeper and harder. The cock-head burnt and pleased at the same time.

You fucked me harder until I was crying quietly for you to cum.

You grabbed my body for leverage and rammed deeper into me until it hurt. You growled and shoved me up. With a powerful thrust, you shot your load into me, bucking upwards to fuck the sperm deeper inside my stomach.

I felt it filling my insides up with burning white-hot jism. I cried out again and you stopped ramming my cunt with your cock. You let the juice flood from you and then you pulled back and slid out of my cunt easily. A wave of cum flooded out of me and ran down between my legs. I knelt on the ground and leaned against the hot tub for support.

"I love you, Darling." You said, turning the shower off.

"I love you too, Dad."

Finally, we lay in the hot tub together, for an hour. We just floated there happily together, our bodies sore and pleased, our minds fuzzy with satisfaction.

"I have to go home today." I said.


"Come and visit me, Daddy. Without Mom. It will be just you and me, please?"

"I'll think about how I can do it, sweetie," You kissed my forehead.

"We'll have a whole weekend to ourselves, and the whole house."

You moaned and smiled and stroked my leg.

"I'll try." You said.

Well, I'm holding you to that! I can't wait until I see you again, until I feel your hands heavy all over my body, on my legs, on my breasts, on my hot pussy. I want your cock inside me, in my mouth, in my cunt, even in my ass. I want you in deeper every time.

You're my Daddy and I love you. But more than that, you're my lover.

And I want you.

Write soon, Daddy


Me    XXXX

To be continued....

story by Jool 2000 Copyright Jool


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