The Best Erotic Stories.

A Letter To My Dad Pt. II
by Jool

To my darling Dad,

Okay, you will never believe what happened this weekend. Argh! It was bliss, pure bliss.

I had just finished the latest letter to you, Dad. And you know me, the best time to write huge long e-mail letters to you is when I feel really horny because it's always a good way to not forget how good we were together, and it's the only way to cum, too. With you all the way down in the USA and me up here in Canada, argh it's hell living without you. Our letters are all I have right now to keep me from giving everything up.

So I had literally just clicked "send" on the e-mail, my heart chasing itself excitedly, nervous and thrilled with the idea that in a few minutes you would be reading it, and maybe jacking your gorgeous cock away to the rhythm of my words. Thudding waves of ecstasy as you closed your eyes and pretended you were fucking upwards into my tight, sweet pussy.

I pictured myself hiding under your desk, then coming up between your legs and sucking you off. A nice surprise for you I guess, for me to suddenly pop out and start eating you up and down. LOL - man I'd love that. Lick your cock up and down with my long, fat, juicy tongue, then take you between my lips and suckle you in my hot little mouth.

I got up, and was about to race upstairs to the bedroom. My legs were weak and trembling, my belly was all tied up hard in knots, my pussy throbbing to be played with. Oh man, my cunt was so wet I could feel it through the jeans and it was pulsing with a thick, rough rhythm. I had to cum for you, I was out of control.

I managed three stairs before someone rang the doorbell. I had all intention of not answering the door. There was no way I could entertain someone right now, even if it was a friend. But through the curtains by the door I saw a familiar body standing there. He was wearing his old suit.

Yeah, it was Grandad!!! I couldn't believe it. I raced to answer the door and Grandad stood there on my front porch, a travel bag with him.

"Oh my God! What are you doing here?" I screeched.

"That's a nice way to welcome your Grandpa! Give me a hug!" He snapped.

I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him hard. I felt his hands on my waist, and they moved slightly, caressing me down over my back and I sighed happily. All I could think was: 'Thank you, God, thank you Universe. If I can't have my Daddy's cock, I can have something just as good!"

I took his bag inside and he followed me in slowly. He looked older than what I remembered him being. I hadn't seen him in at least a year and he'd aged at least five years. With everything going on, I just didn't get the chance. With me moving to Canada from L.A and trying to get this new damn job of mine into some kind of organization, I had definitely been slack. I turned to hug him again, apologetic. I was also a little shy around him.

It had been so long, and I wasn't sure what to expect, whether he had changed, or perhaps even my opinion of him had changed. His height still scared me. He was still the tallest, biggest man I knew. When I hugged him, my face was always buried in his chest. This time when I hugged him I was near his armpit. I could smell his armpit and I breathed it in. It wasn't rancid, he smelled warm, like the sun. And he was still huge. I hugged him tightly again. Of course, there was more than just hugging that I wanted, but I didn't know how he felt about our last time together and what we were to each other. I felt him clear his throat.

"You're my sweet little thing...." I felt it vibrate all through his body when he spoke. I smiled into his armpit. "And I can't wait to taste that sweetness." He added quietly.

Ohh! My pussy throbbed harder and I felt myself grow wetter with the thought of his mouth on my cunt. He remembered! I pulled away and looked at him, my face shining.

"Would you like something to drink?"

"A coffee would be great."

"Are you staying long?"

"Maybe." Grandpa grinned. "It all depends."

I laughed, and wished that maybe one day you could come and stay with me too, the way he was doing.

"Good. Coffee it is!" I exclaimed and went into the kitchen to brew up a pot.

He followed me in and sat down at the kitchen table while I switched the kettle on. As I walked past to grab a coffee mug from the cupboard he grabbed my arm and pulled me down onto his lap.

"Come here you!" he snarled playfully.

I chuckled and wriggled about on his lap, pretending to want to get away.

He tightened his grip on my wrist. He wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me in a hold which I knew I wouldn't have been able to get out of, even if I HAD wanted to.

I felt the surge of his erection through his beige cotton trousers. I had almost forgotten how immense his cock was, until I felt it twitch up against my bottom. I could feel the width of it against my ass cheeks, even through my jeans. I squirmed again, for real this time.

"Ohhh." He moaned, "You've missed that haven't you?" He said quietly, stroking my bare arm.

I nodded.

"You're horny as all hell."

"I just finished writing a letter to Daddy. It was about our last weekend together at home."

"He told me you were going there, but that's the last I heard."

"We had a great weekend." I cooed.

"I bet you did. But your Daddy doesn't own you!"

He rested his hand on my leg, and I felt it creeping higher to my thigh.

Then he began to stroke my pussy lightly as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Through the denim jeans I couldn't feel much but the thought of his hand and fingers playing there was incredible. My pussy began to throb harder and I felt the juices seep warmer between my legs. I spread my legs for him but it didn't help. He couldn't feel anything and neither could I. I could hardly breathe!

"I'm going to go and change."

"Good." He smiled.

I poured him his coffee and raced upstairs to change into something more 'accessible'. My heart was thumping loudly in my chest, I was sweating. My hands were shaking. I was so excited and nervous, I couldn't believe that he was there, downstairs in my kitchen. I wondered if he would creep upstairs to watch me undress and change clothes. I wished he would. Mmm, that would have been so nice. To feel his eyes pressing on my naked pussy as I bent over for him.

I tried to send him a psychic message to come upstairs and take me, there and then. Push me down on the bed and fuck me until I was crying out for him to stop. I couldn't believe how horny I was. I had to stop myself from calling him upstairs. When I finally went back down again, I was wearing a short halter top, my favourite miniskirt - flared and black, so that when I moved it stroked around my thighs and ass nicely, and a pair of thin heels.

I'd put on a black G string just for him, too. Grandpa's favourite colour was black.

He groaned. "Oh that's much better."

"Something more comfortable," I joked,

I turned around for him, my skirt flying up as I spun. He saw the G string and the bare cheeks of my ass. He smiled widely.

"Yes, I think that's a great improvement."

"Did you drink your coffee?"

"Yes, dear."

I went to him and sat on his lap again.

"Good boy."

His hand slid up my thigh again, this time I could feel every stroke of his fingers on my leg. I sighed and closed my eyes from the pleasure of it.

"Ohhh I'm a very good boy."

His finger slid under my skirt, roaming lightly over my upper thigh, then between the fabric of my panties. I felt his touch slide between the lips of my pussy and he began to finger me casually. He played and tickled me then pulled his finger out and lifted it to his lips. I watched him lick the juice off his finger, then inhale the scent.

"Candy." He grinned.

I blushed a little bit and looked away.

"Are you going to show me to my room, now?"

I jumped off his lap and took his bag, then led him up the stairs into the only spare bedroom I had. It was dark and hadn't been used in about six months. I pulled open the blinds to let the sunlight shine through, opened up a couple of the windows to let the fresh air in. He sat down on the edge of the bed tiredly.

"I'm getting old, my little one." He sighed.

"Oh don't be silly, Grandpa! You'll never get old. You're the most amazing old guy I know."

He laughed as I leant on his knees.

"And if you do ever get old, do you think that will stop me? I'll come and visit you in the Home and ...."

I laughed and massaged his knees playfully. He grinned and grabbed my hands impatiently.

"Come on, finish that sentence."

"And....I'd make you cum three times a day."

"How would you do that?"

"Oh lots of different wonderful ways. I'd fuck you so nice they'd hear us through the whole place, and they'd all know you were getting some from the young sweet thing with the big tits."

He laughed.

"And I'd kneel between your legs and take your huge cock in my mouth and drink you into ecstasy."

"Mmmm. Show me."

I reached for the zipper on his trousers, pulled it down and undid them. He stared into my face and began to stroke my hair. The room grew quiet.

I could smell the sex on him already, his fingers smelled of cum. I knew he'd been jerking off with the thought of being here today, but I also knew one finger smelled of me. He slid those smelly fingers over my face and around my lips. He worked his index finger in between my closed lips and into my mouth and I could taste the saltiness of it on my tongue. He began to move his finger around inside my mouth and I sucked lightly on it.

His cock began to move again with the sensation of my soft tongue and warm mouth on his finger. His breathing grew a little heavier, I could hear him breathing through his nose. I reached into his trousers to pull his cock out. It was half-limp still in my hand, but once it was out in the open, I felt it shudder lightly between my hands. I stared at it hungrily, wanted it at it's full size.

I pulled his balls out and began to finger them playfully. His cock slowly turned upwards as his erection grew bigger and the head filled so that it finally became rock-hard. He slowly withdrew his finger from my sucking mouth. He wiped it over my cheeks and forehead, then began to fumble through my hair with his hands.

I studied his dick thoughtfully. It was at least nine inches in length and wider than anything I'd seen. I wondered how I would get this done. I'd done it before, so I knew I could do it again but it had been so long, and maybe I'd forgotten how. I began to stroke him up and down. He grew even longer and harder as I did, his bulbous purple head coming up to greet me.

I leaned in to kiss his cock. I kissed it lightly with my closed lips, then opened my mouth to it. I worked my hands up and down it, still unsure and uncertain about how I would get my lips around it. He grew impatient. I felt his hands shaking and trembling. He pushed up with his hips anxiously, eager to get his cock inside my throat.

"Let me fuck your little throat!" He ordered.

He pulled me in so I was hunched down around his cock and so that he had his arms over the back of my neck and my shoulders, pushing me down into him,

his hands pressed on my back, urging me down into his lap. I opened my mouth wider than I remember ever doing before, and painfully sucked his entire length into my mouth. It was big and my cheeks were filled instantly with his size. I felt my mouth stretching around the size of his cock. I rolled my tongue over the huge head. He jerked upwards and began to buck the entire length of his cock into my throat. It tasted like cum already and I wondered if he had smothered the shaft with his cum earlier so it would be like a candy bar to me.

I sucked and slurped, my breathing thick and labored. I tried to suckle him like I did with you, Daddy, but he was too big inside my mouth. It was all I could do not to pass out. I was gasping, fighting to get breath.

"You can't breathe can you" he gasped.

His cock gagged into the back of my throat and I tried to swallow it down.

He cried out as he felt my tongue pressed up against the underside. I moaned. He was hot and burning in my mouth. I could feel the massive wet head rubbing the back of my throat. I gagged again as my sore, juicy lips sunk down further onto the length of his huge dick.

He held my head down hard against his lap. I couldn't breathe. I was suffocating against him, the smell of his lap, the heat of his skin and flesh, the touch of his hairy groin in my face. I managed to suck and suck, working my mouth around his cock in ways I knew would get him to cum hard and fast. Finally he growled and I knew he was about to cum.

He shoved his cock upwards again, bucking like a crazed animal into my face. I felt cum filling my mouth and it began to spill out the sides of my lips. I swallowed harder on the head of his cock and forced the hot cum down my throat. It pulsed over and over down my throat, pouring upwards into my mouth, around my teeth. I swallowed and drank madly. His white juice was salty and hot as he pumped my throat and mouth with it.

I gulped it down, but then he suddenly lifted me up and pulled my mouth off of him so he could spurt cum onto my face. It flew over my mouth and gushed on my chin, then dripped down onto my breasts. He grabbed his own cock and pumped it up and down, trying to get more cum onto my face. It hung off my hair and dribbled down the side of my face. I looked up at him innocently and he looked as if he'd seen an angel. His expression softened and he finally fell back on the bed with an exhausted groan.

His cock was half hard again now. I leaned in to lick it lightly. I always enjoyed the touch of soft cock on my tongue. He jerked with the feel of my kiss. I moved and wiped my face with the bedspread. My knees hurt from kneeling, and I had carpet burn. I stood up, and my legs clicked and ached. I leaned over him and kissed his mouth sweetly. He kissed back, his tongue darting in to meet mine. We kissed for a second before I left him quietly, to clean myself up in the bathroom.

Fifteen or twenty minutes later, I went downstairs and I fixed some dinner.

I was still so excited that he was here. It was almost like you being here, Daddy. He was here to satiate me until you got here, I could deal with that. I knew you had sent him to me for the weekend because you couldn't come up alone yourself. You wanted your little girl happy and pleased.

Poor Grandpa, I knew he was spent, but I also knew that for a while at least that meant more fun for me. He came downstairs after dinner with the quilt from my bed and some massage oil. I looked up at him, surprised.

"Grandpa. Are you going to eat anything?"

He just smiled mysteriously and pretended he hadn't heard me. I watched him as he got the room organized. He laid the rug out on the floor in the lounge room. He came to get me as I sat at the table, my dinner uneaten.

Grandpa took my hand and led me over to the area near the television where he had the quilt laid out. He began to slowly undress me.

He started with my top, slipping it up and over my head. My bare breasts were now visible to him. He stared for a while and leaned in to kiss each one lightly. His old, hot tongue darted out to lick up each nipple, lapping at each one in busy motions. Then his mouth moved over the nipples and he began to suck them up between his hungry teeth. I tried to move my arms around him, but he was too tall. I loved the feeling of his height around me, towering over me. I felt his hard mouth moving around my nipples, eating and sucking them, rolling my breasts around in his mouth, then kneading them. I stood in front of him, silently, unable to speak, unable to move.

He knelt down in front of me and began to kiss my belly. I giggled, ticklish at the touch of his lips and tongue in my bellybutton. He licked around the little hole of my navel and dipped his tongue in, then out again. My stomach quivered and moved against his face as he licked and suckled at my flesh.

As he fucked my bellybutton with his tongue, he pulled my skirt down over my knees. I stepped out of it and kicked it away. I felt his hands roam down to my ass, rounding over the curvy cheeks, then pulling them open and his finger dancing up and down the crack of my ass lightly, pulling the string of my panties back over his fingers. I rested my hands on the top of his head. His hair was oily and dry, and totally grey. He was balding too, he had been for years.

I stroked his head lightly, then down over his ears and his wrinkled neck.

He licked the front of my G string, just over my pussy. I shivered delightfully. His fat tongue began to lick around my thighs as he kissed my panties. I pressed his head harder into my lap but he resisted. Finally he pulled the panties down and I stepped out of them, too. He grabbed them and pressed them into his face, inhaling the sweet honey scent on the material.

They were damp and he licked them. The sight of my Grandpa doing this made me wetter and I began to massage his shoulders eagerly to hurry him up.

He laid me down on the quilt and onto my stomach. My cheek pressed into the bedspread and I sighed in ecstasy. I finally felt the cool oil on my back, and he smothered it all over me. My shoulders, the back of my arms, my back, my spine, down to the curve of my hip and my bottom. Then down my legs to my ankles, and my feet, where he tickled me. His hands roamed all over my body, then he turned me over and did the same on the front of me.

I closed my eyes as I felt the wave of hard, hot stroking hands rubbing and caressing my breasts, my belly, my knees, my legs. But not my pussy.

He concentrated fully on my thighs, near my inner thighs, then up at my breasts again, circling his hands heavily around my tits and nipples. He massaged them into hard, sore mounds. His hands slid over them again and again, the slick grease on his skin was velvetty, making his touch out of this world. I leaned sideways a little bit. I moaned.

I opened my legs for him to try to hurry him again. But he wouldn't touch my drenched, throbbing cunt. I could smell my own cum in the room, as the smoky sweet scent filtered the air. He continued to massage my abdomen, then down to my thighs again. I was writhing on the ground by the time he had finished.

"Oh God, Grandpa, please." I moaned.


"Oh please, touch me."

"Is your little pussy throbbing?"

I nodded, and reached out blindly for him, but he pulled away from my advances.

"Show me."

I lifted my legs up and opened them for him. He knelt between my knees and stared. I looked down to see him looking at my wet, pulsing cunt. I groaned.

"Please!" I cried.

"Your cunt is so beautiful." He whispered.

He teasingly reached out to touch my knees, parting them a little wider. I growled unhappily, and my hands began to knead against the quilt underneath me. My body was craving his touch.

"Oh God..."

And then finally I felt his hands on my bottom. He held each cheek, and easily lifted my ass up so that my lower body was up off the ground. I could feel his breathing almost, cooling the wetness in my pussy. I leaned back and wrapped my knees around his neck and he lowered his mouth onto my dripping pussy.

The touch of his hard lips on my cunt, the scratchy unshaven stubble of his chin and cheeks, and his tongue licking me was unbearable. I began to rock up against his mouth harder and harder. His tongue reached deep into my cunt hole and his fingers played with my clit until I was almost screaming.

I felt the pressure of orgasm thumping up inside my belly. I knew I was going to cum, and harder than ever. I could feel it pushing up and growing tighter inside me. He began to tongue my clit, wrapping his mouth around it, his tongue licking up and down, all around it. He licked in circular motions around it, then lapped up and down the entire length of my cunt. He sucked in the juices, he inhaled as he sucked.

Grandpa wrapped his tongue around my clit again. He suctioned it up into his mouth, his lips biting down on it. His two thumbs pressed into my tight hole and began to fuck in and out. I grabbed his thumbs with my pussy muscles and he felt me motioning and moving, trying to suck his hands and his tongue deeper into my cunt.

My back arched and I threw my head back as my entire body filled with pleasure and absolute ecstasy. My cunt flooded with cum and I drenched his face in it. He lapped it up eagerly, drinking the hot, aching liquid with his thirsty mouth.

"More....!" He cried into my pussy, his throat thick and gurgling with my wetness. I felt the vibration of the word on my clit and I came again, my pussy spurting with sweet, thick hot cum. He yelled hungrily into my cunt as he drank me down.


I pounded his face with my pussy and came again, uncontrollable with the idea of him greedy for me. My body was exhausted and empty by the time he had suckled every drop from me. He lowered me back on the quilt gently. I couldn't move. He came to lay beside me, then pulled me on top of his huge body, and I fell asleep against his chest, naked and wet against his clothes, the feel of his hand just holding my pussy gently as I slept.

When I finally woke up, my whole body was sore and aching. I was in a daze, still sleepy, still half-dreaming but I was aware of a delicious aching. My back was hard on the ground and something was on top of me, a heavy weight.

When my eyes finally focused, I realized Grandpa was fucking me rampantly while I was sleeping. He covered my eyes when he realized I was awake, and I was blinded by his hand.

He was assaulting my body with a fervor I didn't know he had. It rocked through me, his cock bashed up into my cunt and belly. He grabbed my legs and wrapped one around his hips, widening my pussy and ramming me deeper. I gasped and moaned. He came inside me quickly, then pulled out, and sat back, lettting his cock spurt the rest over my naked stomach and breasts.

I loved it a little rough with him, and let him. I smeared the cum over my breasts to give him something to lick off later.

He groaned as he stood up and went to the bathroom. I wrapped the quilt around me and followed him to the bathroom. I was reminded of when you, my darling Dad, and I were in the bathroom at home. You had me on the floor, sucking my cunt into pleasure, while the shower washed us both into a warm stupor. Mmmm, I wanted to relive that pleasure. Grandpa turned on the shower and I sat on the side of the bath in the quilt, to watch him shower.

"I hope you don't mind that, sweetheart." He said as he smothered his old body in soap. "I just couldn't help myself. I was hoping you wouldn't wake up and find me doing that."

"I don't mind."

I stared at his body as the soap began to layer his skin with white suds.

"Have you ever gone rough?" He asked.

"A couple of times."

"How rough?"

"Daddy likes it sweet and rough. Pretend."

Grandpa smiled.

"I thought he might. So do I. I like to see my little girl cum."

He lathered his hands up with the soap and began to wash his cock clean. He stroked it up and down, rubbing it with the soap. It grew hard again, even after the orgasm just minutes before. I was astounded by his sex drive and his stamina. When I looked up at him, he was watching me watching him.

He liked to see my reaction, and I knew it turned him on to see me watching him hungrily.

"You like Grandpa's cock?" He asked.

I nodded.

He rubbed himself quicker and I watched again as his cock grew harder. It filled up and grew rock-hard, finally resting in a solid, upward position.

The water splashed down around it, washing off the soap so that it was clean and rigid.

"What do you like about my cock, sweetheart?"

"Well, it's huge. And it feels good. Tastes great."

"What does it feel like?"

"Mmmm, always hard and warm. And you know how to fuck me to make me cum."

He stared intensely and moaned as he continued to rub himself lightly.

That wasn't fair, I wanted some! I threw the quilt off of me and went over to him, stood beside him.

I began to rub his cock with him, my hand on his. I felt his fingers against mine, as we rubbed. He closed his eyes. I smiled, knelt down on the cold, wet bathroom tiles. I began to lick the underside of it, from the base to the tip. It tasted clean this time, and slick with the water. He lifted me up before my mouth could open up wide and take him.

"I want you to have a shower and get dressed. I want to take you out." He announced.

I was distracted by his huge cock, and tried to fondle it lightly but he grabbed my wrists to stop me. "Where?"

"I'm not sure yet. Come on, your turn."

He left me in the shower to get clean and went to get dressed, his hard cock sticking right out. I watched as he walked away, my pussy beginning to throb again with the idea of him inside me. What a sight, seeing my gorgeous old Grandpa and his huge erection walk away.

We spent the day at the zoo. It was pretty nice. It was fun getting lost and eating so much candy we both felt sick. It was fun running around acting like a ten year old with all the other ten year olds with their Grandpas. Except the other Grandpa's were all looking at us with expressions of blatant envy and lust. I grabbed his hand and would try to get him to touch me. Right there, right out in public! You know what I'm like, Dad, LOL. When I want something. But not Grandpa. He'd get shy and pull away, angrily. But then, when we were in a secluded area, he would grab me from behind and start pushing his huge cock against my back, rubbing up against me. He'd slide his hand between my legs and start to play there gently.

By the time we got home, we were both horny as hell. I opened the door and fell inside, carrying him with me. His cock was already out of his jeans, and I was rubbing him eagerly. I pressed up against him, rubbing his dick impatiently and he stumbled a little bit against me, then pushed me away with a moan.

"I need a beer. Get me a beer."

I whined.


I pouted and went into the kitchen. He followed me and sat down, tiredly, his cock was sticking straight up coming from his opened trousers. I stared at it. His breathing was labored again. I gave him his cold beer, and sat down on his lap, facing him. My legs were on either side of his chair, and I could feel his hard dick pressed up full and naked against my panties. I cupped his face in my hand.

"Are you okay?"

He nodded.

"You excite me too much. You get your old Grandpa so horny, my cock can't take it."

I smiled and leaned in to kiss him. He kissed me back, slowly. A long, light, delicious kiss which was sweet and lovely. He grabbed his beer and took a swig before he kissed me again. I could taste it on his tongue when we kissed.

"I'll be gentle with you then." I promised.

We kissed for a while, and I grew wet with the luscious kisses. The feel of his lips on mine, and his tongue slick and oily against mine, the taste of his old mouth inside mine. I moved up on his lap and pulled the cotton panties aside. I positioned my warm pussy over the head of his cock and slowly moved down on it.

"Ohhhh!" He pressed back in the chair, frozen and still holding the beer, but unable to drink.

I lifted myself up again then moved down on his cock again, riding him ever so slowly. Each time he got deeper inside my wet, swollen pussy. Each time I felt him deeper and deeper.

"Just sit there." I whispered. "Feel my little pussy eating your cock up."

He closed his eyes and groaned.

"Deeper and deeper I'm taking your cock all the way inside me."

"Sweetie, please," he whispered back.


"Ohh please....don't. I can't breathe.."

"You want me to stop?"


I rode him slowly, so slowly it was agony to him. My cunt milked his cock skillfully. He grabbed my breast and started to maul it, kneading it, pulling it, massaging with his heavy hand. I pulled my shirt off and he moved his face in toward me, eating my nipples suddenly with a starved mouth.

I grabbed his head and pulled him into me as I fucked him up and down on the kitchen chair. He grunted and pushed up with his hips. He slid down in the chair a little as I began humping him harder. He held his head back and I took pleasure in watching his tired, agonized face twisted with grief and the agonizing feelings of orgasm. He pressed the beer bottle lip down between us, pressing it between my clit and his hand. Each time I pounded down on him, I could feel the icy cold smoothness of the glass rim. It stroked my clit and I felt the pangs of orgasm beginning to wind me up harder and faster.

I threw myself down on him wanting his cock harder inside me, wanting the pressure on my clit quicker and deeper. I cried out and grabbed his neck.

He shot his load into me so quickly I wasn't prepared. I kept fucking him longer and longer. I knew he was softening but I couldn't stop. Thinking quickly, he moved his hand under my cunt and began to play with my clit. I felt his soft cum oozing from me and I began to cum too. His cock fell out of me, but he replaced it with his huge hand.

I took his fingers and palm into me, all the way to his wrist. I could feel his whole fist inside me as I came. I fucked his hand harder, feeling his fingers reaching up inside my cunt, getting so deep in me it felt strange.

I imagined he could reach right up into me through my cunt and grab hold of my pounding heart.

He reached out to cover my mouth with his other hand as I reached orgasm. He held his hand over my mouth and muffled my wet, salivating cries.. I gripped hold of his shoulders and climaxed hard. It smothered and filled my body in absolute ecstasy. I felt tears in the corners of my eyes and I fell against his chest, almost lost in his entire body.

"Now come to bed." He whispered.

At first I couldn't move, but then when I began to feel his fingers moving around inside my cunt, I knew he still had his hand inside me. He pulled out and cum dripped over his arm and wrist. I kissed him deeply and madly and quickly got off of him as we moved to the bedroom.

We stood in the doorway for a moment, and I began to lick his hand off. He held it out to me, watching me tongue his arm clean. He'd had already cum inside me once, quietly though. I knew it hadn't been an intense orgasm. I wanted him to cum loudly and with the best climax of his life. I sucked on his wrist, on his fingers. I sucked my cum off of him and he kissed me. He could taste the hot, exotic salty sweetness of myself on my mouth. I felt his tongue licking around my teeth, then suddenly delving down my throat thirstily. I didn't touch him.

He knew what he wanted. His cock was semi-hard again but his body was beginning to grow hornier and more in demand of what he wanted. The chair fuck had just been a warm-up. A preparation of what was to come. He was out of control and threw me hard on the bed. This was it, this was what I wanted! He fell on me, and pried my legs apart. I felt his hand on my clit, stroking my pussy, as his cock rammed inside me deeply.

I cried out in bliss.

"What do you want?" He growled.

"I want your cock inside me."

"Say it."

"Ohhh Grandpa, fuck me."

He cried out again, with the sound of his grand daughter begging to be fucked.

"Fuck my little pussy with your huge cock. Grandpa..... ohh God, Grandpa!"

He pushed my arms over my head on the pillow and pinned them down. I couldn't move, and I struggled, but he rose up off the bed and started to fuck me deeper and deeper. His other hand bruised my breasts.

"You're hurting me!" I gasped.

He fucked me up harder.

"Tell me..."

"It hurts! I can't!"

With every word, he pounded me harder. His hand heavy on my wrists kept me in one position. He threw my legs up and apart, then crashed down on top of me again, ramming me more forcefully.

His cock was huge inside me, I could hardly bear his size. He swelled up in my tight pussy and started to throb. I thought I could feel every ridge in his mammoth cock, every vein pulsing inside when he thrust deep. I was so wet, it was a slick thrusting movement in and out. I felt myself cumming even before he reached orgasm. He kissed my mouth deeply and a stream of cum burst from my cunt around his cock, slicking him up and down with my juices.

He looked down at his spent grand daughter beneath him on the bed. My face was ruddy and covered in his wet kisses. He fucked me up deeper and harder, and came in a torrent of groaning. He yelled out my name in a thick, gurgled voice. He rubbed his cock inside my sore cunt, fucking me deeper and deeper. He grew rough and hard as I felt his cock explode in me, filling me up from inside. He finally fell on me hard, exhausted.

He lay there on top of me. I enjoyed the weight of his body on mine. His cock was still inside me. I felt fulfilled. I closed my eyes to savor the moment. Finally he moaned and rolled off of me, to lay beside me on the bed.

A stream of cum spilled out of my pussy. I sighed deliriously.

He touched my pussy with his hand, just a gentle, firm touch. I kissed his mouth, our tongues familiar and wet against each other. We both fell asleep, together again. I could feel the cool wetness of his cum all over my pussy and belly. I fell asleep against him again.

When I finally woke up, Grandpa had gone. His things had gone. I was a little bit disappointed that he had left without a goodbye kiss, but I knew that I would see him again. So I'm sitting here, Daddy, and my whole body is so sore and exhausted. I can hardly think straight, just remembering my weekend with Grandpa.

Ohh Daddy, what a weekend.

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have my two favourite men love me so much.

Come visit me soon, Dad.

Love, me XXX


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