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A Letter to My Lover
by Joy

Another lonely night. I lay in my bed and think about you. I hold my pillow close pretending that I am holding you. I lay there dreaming of the next time we will be together. Holding, touching. Kissing. This is how I spend the time waiting for your return.

Finally the day has come that I will see you again. I am so happy. This day has taken its time getting here. I can't wait to see you again.

I hear your truck pull up outside. I am grinning from ear to ear. I am so excited. I meet you at the door. God you look good. We start to kiss. First very tenderly, then the kiss deepens. I am getting so turned on just kissing you. I could stay this way forever. God your kisses are powerful.

We reluctantly break apart and slow things down. We sit on the love seat just talking and sometimes touching. It seems like forever since we were together. We catch up on all the news from the past two weeks. As we talk are hands seem to have a life of their own. We are touching more and more, getting a little bolder each time. We start to kiss again, more passionately than before. Our hands are touching and caressing every part of each others body. My hands are on your face touching, and smoothing away the tiredness of your face. I stroke your hair, your face, and your neck. Softly rubbing your shoulders on the way down. As I am doing this to you, you are caressing my hair. You cup my chin in your hand and gently tilt my head back and kiss me. Next your hands start traveling down my body and stop at my breast. These are your most favorite things on my body. You love to kiss and lick and bite them, and oh does it turn me on when you do. I love looking down as you are suckling on my breast.

My hands have moves down to your chest now and I am making little circles around your nipples. Your chest is just a sensitive as mine are. I know that you love for me to touch them. We reluctantly break apart and head for the bedroom. It is almost a race to see who can get there first, but once in the bedroom, things do not go fast. We get one night together every two weeks so we want to take our time and enjoy it.

After we have removed all of our clothes we lay down on the bed and start kissing and caressing again. I just want to touch you forever to make up for those lonely nights without you.

You are lying on your back and I am kissing your face. I kiss your nose, your mouth; all of your wonderful face is covered in kisses. I work my way back to your ear and circle my tongue around it. Next I move down to your neck to kiss and nibble. I keep moving lower and lower. I am now running my tongue around your nipples. They stand up straight and proud. You love when I do this to you. But I am not done yet. Next I trail kisses down your stomach. I kiss and lick all the way down to my final goal. Your glorious cock.

There it is, the thing I have been waiting for all day. I gaze at it with love in my eyes. Finally I bend down and touch it with the tip of my tongue. It jumps in anticipation. I circle the head a couple of times before running my tongue from base to shaft. I hear you moan and know that you are enjoying yourself. After teasing the head a few more times, I move down to your balls and start licking and sucking on your balls. While my mouth is busy with those, my hand is stroking the length of your cock. Your moaning is getting even louder now. My tongue travels even farther down to the secret spot. My tongue finds your ass and starts tonguing it as my hand keep stroking your shaft. You are almost ready to cum. I take your big cock now in my mouth and start sucking for all it is worth. I am well rewarded by the biggest load of cum. I take it all and swallow it. I love the taste of cock and cum.

I move back up the bed and lay with you while you catch your breath. I have a small little smile on my face because I know I pleased you. I turn my head and hug you close as we kiss again. Your start to caress my hair and my cheeks again. Traveling downwards to my breast again. I lay on my back to give you easy access to which you are seeking. Your lips fasten on to one breast and then they other. Sucking, licking, kissing. I am starting to moan now. I love what your tongue does to me. Yes I want more!

You tease my breast for a little while longer before you start heading lower. Your tongue travels down my stomach to stop and play at my belly button. Your circle it a few times, darting in and out of it. I am begging you to go even lower. But you are teasing me; you won't let me have it just yet.

Your tongue plays with my belly button a little longer while your hands are playing with my breast. I look down and you have this grin on your face like a little boy. While you are tormenting me with hands and tongue, my hands are running through your hair. I love touching you.

Finally I am wriggling so frantically that you give into my pleas. Your tongue moves down to my shaved pussy, it darts out for a quick little taste. I push your head down and beg you to lick me and suck me. You honor my request. Your talented tongue has me going over the edge in no time. You lick and suck my clit and then quickly move back down and stick your tongue in my tight wet hole. I am screaming in ecstasy now. Your tongue keeps darting in and out of my hole as I cum all over your face. God you are so good.

Now it is my turn to catch my breath. We lay together just touching and kissing. But the night isn't over yet. As I caress you, I notice that you are hard again. I start to stroke it with my hand again, making it even harder. You lie on your back now and I climb on top. I am in control now and I am going to make sure we both cum again tonight. My pussy is going up and down on your cock as we rock back and forth. Your hands reach out for my breast once again. Rolling the nipples between your fingers. I am getting so hot! My tempo increases now. I can feel it; I am getting close to cumming again. I sense that you are too. Your head is thrown back, your eyes tightly closed as I ride you. My pussy tightens around your cock as I cum. About the same time I feel you tense up and start cumming yourself.

Tired but very satisfied, we jump in the shower and wash away the evidence of our lovemaking. After a nice hot shower we curl up in bed together and fall asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning, we wake up early and make love one more time before you have to leave.

Then comes the lonely nights again that I dream about the next time we will be together.

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