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A Lunatic with a Badge
by Trish Martin

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I do not think rape is a subject to take lightly. This story is completely fiction and not meant to offend anyone, nor is it an endorsement of rape.

My name is Kelly and I would like to tell you of an incident that happened to me when I was 20. My story begins on a Friday night; I was out on a date with a man named Tony and I had been dating him for 2 years. You would think that in two years of dating you could trust someone not to hurt you. Well I found out differently that night.

Tony took me to our special place in the woods over-looking a beautiful stream and Tony never tried to do more than kiss me so I did not think anything of it. When we stepped into the clearing I saw our blanket and candles set on a fallen tree trunk it was a very romantic scene and I told him so. We sat down and Tony poured some wine into goblets for us and toasted us being together. He then reached over took the goblet from my hand and set it on the ground, then kissed me gently and pressed me back against the blanket. When we were lying side to side Tony looked me in the eyes and asked if I would marry him, handing me a ring. I was in heaven and said yes immediately, we began kissing again and his hands rubbed up and down my back.

When his actions turned more sexual, I told him to stop that I wanted us to wait until our wedding night. I figured out his intentions when he rolled on top of me and began a more forceful attempt to get what he wanted and we began to struggle. I got lucky that there were two detectives policing the area and heard my cries or so I thought at the time. One officer pulled Tony off me and put him in handcuffs while the other one calmed me down. After answering all their questions and signing a statement of charges against Tony for attempted rape, Tony was handed over to the other police that showed up as backup and taken away. The tallest of the detectives, Jamie was his name, gave me his jacket and Tom his partner said they would take me home. In addition, they would need me to come down to the station in the morning for a few more questions I said ok and thanked them for the ride.

The next morning I showed up at the station at 10 am to find out that Tony was released on bail and a court date was set for next Monday for 7am. I said Ok and answered more questions and then left and returned to work. I work for an advertising firm about a mile from the station so I picked up lunch and took it with me. My partner Jack asked if everything was ok and I told him what had happened with Tony, Jack said if there was anything he could do to let him know and we got to work. I got back into my normal routine and tried not to think about going to court in a week. Sunday was my day off and I usually cleaned house and just lazed around so I was surprised when my doorbell rang at 1 o'clock. I answered the door to see Jamie and Tom standing there in uniform. "Is something wrong officers?"

"We have some bad news, and need to ask you where you were last night," Tom said.

"Why? What has happened?" I said thinking something bad had happened to one of my family. "We found the body of the man who attacked you Friday in an abandoned building this morning. He was killed last night the coroner puts his time of death around 10," Jamie said sympathetically.

"Oh my god are you sure it's Tony?" I asked not really believing what they were saying.

"Yes, he's already been identified by his sister." Tom answered. "We are sorry but we have to ask where you were last night between the hours of 8:30 and 10:30 PM." Tom said.

"I was still at the office until almost midnight last night with my partner Jack, we are working on a big money account with a client that has the I wanted it done yesterday attitude," I said.

"We know the type," Tom said. "Did you leave the office at all before midnight?"

"No we called out for dinner so we could finish the account," I answered in shock.

"I need to call his family, just because he was a jerk, his sister and I are still friends."

"Ok if we need anything else we'll be in touch, thank you Kelly," Jamie said. As soon as I closed the door, I called Tony's sister. She told me his funeral was on Tuesday if I wanted to attend it that would be ok with the family; they did not hold what happened against me. Tony's family is the type of family once you are a part of it you stay that way no matter what.

Not long after the funeral, Jamie and Tom showed up on my doorstep to check up on me and to let me know they had ruled Tony's death as suicide. It became a routine for one or both to show up at my house on Friday after work or on Sunday to just talk. Once when Jamie was there by himself he told me that I reminded him of his younger sister who was not as lucky as I was. She was date raped when she was sixteen and the boy got off because his father had been the sheriff in the town where it happened. "This was the reason I went into law enforcement to help people and hopefully save other girls from the same fate."

I told him that I was glad he and Tom had been there that night. We became friends after that. Every now and then I would have a BBQ or throw a party and would invite them both over. On one Friday Tom showed up at my work and asked if I would like to go to dinner with him, I said sure and we had a great time. Jamie asked me out the next Friday and I enjoyed being with him. My feelings for Jamie stayed on a friendly level where as my feeling for Tom gradually began to change. I made plans one night to see Tom and was getting ready when Jamie showed up and asked if I wanted to go have a drink with him. "I'm sorry, Jamie, but I already have plans for tonight maybe some other time ok," I said.

"Oh Ok sorry - I should have called first. Maybe tomorrow?" he said with a look of hope.

"I can't tomorrow either, sorry," I said looking at my watch and noticing the time. "I'm late Jamie I have to finish getting dressed I'll call you. OK?"

"Sure," he said and then left. I finished getting dress and met Tom at the restaurant.

About two months later Jamie said he wanted to talk to me and asked if I would meet him for drinks after work I said sure no problem. When I got off work Jamie met me in the lobby of the office and he took me to a quaint little place down the street.

"So what did you want to talk about?" I asked after we sat down.

"Well I was wondering if maybe you would consent to being with me on a personal level?" He asked with this sheepish look on his face. At first I just looked at him awestruck and tried to think of a way to let him down without hurting him.

"Jamie don't know how to say this." I stammered.

"Never mind you don't have to say anything I..."

"No you don't understand," I interrupted him, "You're my friend Jamie and that's all. I'm sorry, I don't mean to hurt you but I just don't feel that way about you."

"Oh well, you can't blame a guy for trying now can you?" he laughed. We talked for a little while longer but it felt strained and awkward. We parted company in the usual way with me saying goodbye and Jamie saying see ya around.

That happened on a Monday, after that Jamie began to change. On Wednesday Jamie came over and I noticed right away that something was different, I asked if anything was wrong and all he said was that he had had a tough day at work. He did not stay long but I had the uncomfortable feeling his eyes followed me wherever I went in the house while he was there. On Friday night, everything changed and I feared I would not live to see another day.

Friday Morning dawned bright and I went to work as usual. When I got there Jack let me know we landed the big money account we had bided on last week and it looked as if our company was finally getting off the ground. I went through the day in high spirits so when Jack asked me out for a celebratory drink after work I did not hesitate to say yes. We went to the new club in town and stayed later than planned. I was feeling the wine so Jack offered to drive me home and I let him. He walked me to the door said congratulations again and kissed me on the cheek made sure I got in ok and left.

I was stilled hyped about the account so I put on some coffee, while I changed into my night clothes getting comfortable, before beginning to jot some ideas down for our presentation. Just as the coffee, finished brewing and I sat down on the couch my doorbell rang. I grabbed my robe and walked to the door asking who it was and heard Jamie's voice: "Kelly, can I talk to you?" His voice was a little strange but I put that off as the wine making it sound that way.

"I'm really tired Jamie can it wait until tomorrow?" I replied hoping he would take the hint and go. What he said next made a shiver run down my spine.

"Tom was shot tonight, Kelly."

I quickly opened the door and started asking a million question's, "What happened? Is he Ok? He is not dead is he please tell me he is not dead? Please Jamie tell...."

Jamie put his fingers over my mouth and said, "If you'll let me get a word in edge wise I'd tell you he is Ok. He took a bullet in the shoulder and one grazed his skull but he's OK. I just took him home and came to let you know."

I let out the breath I had not even known I was holding and sagged onto the couch in relief. When I looked up Jamie was standing there looking at me weird. Trying to play down my fear I asked if he wanted a cup of coffee when all I really wanted him to do was leave so I could call Tom to hear for myself he was really Ok. He accepted the offer of coffee and I got up to make him a cup. When I turned around I nearly collided with him. I had not heard him follow me into the kitchen. I handed him the cup and went to slide around him when he grabbed my arm startling me.

"Jamie let go your hurting me," I said while trying to pull away.

"Are you sleeping with him Kelly?" Jamie snarled.

Confused about the sudden change in him and the subject I stammered "Sleeping with whom? What are you talking about?"

"The man who dropped you off tonight I saw him kiss you." He explained as if it were obvious.

"Who? Jack? No, I'm not sleeping with him even if I was it is none of your business." I said getting mad and went to slap him.

He jerked my arm causing me to stumble closer to him so our faces were now only inches apart. "You are mine Kelly even if you don't want to admit it right now." His voice was low and menacing.

"No, I'm not, Jamie - you've gone crazy. If you don't let me go I'm gonna scream." I said getting scared. Jamie's eyes had this crazy look in them that made my blood freeze.

He pulled his revolver out of its holster and held it to my temple saying, "If you scream I'll shoot you. Then when the other officers arrive on the scene I will tell them I was coming to tell you about Tom when I heard you scream and then a shot rang out. I would then make it look as if someone broke in and shot you but got away before I could get to you. You would be dead and no one would question me."

"What..." swallowing to wet my now dry throat. I tried again, "What do you want from me Jamie?"

"It's not a matter of what I want it's a matter of what is rightfully mine, me being your owner and all now," he said with a smile of sick satisfaction.

"My owner? Your sick Jamie and need help. You really don't want to do this." I cried horrified at what he was saying.

"We can either do this the easy way or the hard way it doesn't matter. In the end, I will get what I want. It's your choice on whether it's enjoyable or painful," he looked at me and said sweetly as if we were enacting an old routine.

Already knowing the answer but trying to stall for time I asked, "And just what is it you want Jamie?"

Again as if it were all part of the game he smiled and said, "Why you Kelly as my wife and slave to my every desire of course. It's what I always want."

With as much courage as I could muster I spat "I'd rather die Jamie than let you touch me like that."

"That can be arranged Kelly. I know just how to do it so there is very little mess and I can still get what I want before you die and the other officers get here. It's your choice." He replied and pushed the barrel of the gun deeper into my temple. "Now which is it going to be enjoyable and you live or painful and you die?" The look in Jamie's eyes let me know he was serious and would kill me without a second thought.

Figuring it was best to go along with him until I could figure out a way to escape that I said, "Ok, Jamie, I'll do anything you want just don't hurt me please. Put the gun away Jamie you won't be needing it anymore ok."

Instead of holstering the revolver he turned me so I faced my bedroom door down the hall and told me to move. As we began walking, he said to strip, I paused and he said, "Now, now remember I am in control of this and you will do everything I say." All I had on was the robe and my night shirt, I removed them both and crossed one arm over my breast and put my other hand over my pussy trying to cover myself even though he was behind me. When we entered my room Jamie told me to lie on my back on the bed and put my hands above my head. I did what he said and he put his handcuffs on me securing me to the bed. He walked over to my dresser and put the revolver down while he opened my top drawer. Jamie grabbed a pair of stockings and secured my legs one on each side of the bed leaving me fully exposed to him.

"You are so beautiful sweetheart." He purred undressing himself. Jamie then picked up the gun and climbed onto the bed with me. At first he just sat beside me looking at me, then he put one leg on each side of my chest just below my armpits. I looked up at him and he put his cock to my lips. I clamped my lips shut and shook my head no not wanting to do what he wanted me to do. I had never had a cock anywhere near my mouth or any other part of my body for that matter. "Take it Kelly, I want to feel your lips around me."

I opened my mouth and as if Jamie read my thoughts he picked up the gun off the headboard and said, "If you bite Kelly you won't live long enough to gloat about it." He picked up one of the throw pillows off the mattress and put it to my throat with the revolver pressed into it. "This will act as a silencer so I still get to have you deep throat me while you die Kelly. Like I said, I will get what I want either way."

Knowing he meant it, I tried one last thing hoping he would see reason. "Jamie I've never done this before. Please don't make me do this Please Jamie."

Knowing his cock would be the first to enter my mouth just excited him more and he pushed it passed my lips. "Close your lips gently and suck on it as if it were an ice cream," Jamie instructed me with a hitch in his voice. I tried to only suck on the head of it but he was not having that and began shoving his cock further into my mouth. He set a slow rhythm with his hips at first, and then he thrust his cock deep into my throat gagging me. "OH yeah baby. That's it suck my cock, deep throat me baby make me cum for you," he began to chant in the rhythm of his cock thrusting in and out of my mouth. I felt his cock jump as it seemed to grow larger and I started to struggle trying to dislodge him from my mouth. All my struggling seemed to do was excite him more and he gave one last thrust forward stretching my throat painfully. It felt as if his cock was lodge in the middle of my chest when his orgasm hit. I felt the first stream of cum hit my tonsils and had no choice but to swallow so I could breathe. I tried as hard as I could to swallow all of it but some went up my nose cutting off my air supply causing me to struggle again. Jamie just kept saying "Oh yeah sweetheart that's how I like it. You suck my cock so good baby." I passed out just as he pulled his cock from my throat.

I do not know how long I was out but when I came to Jamie lay beside me caressing my face with a cool cloth. He looked into my eyes and smiled saying "That was great sweetheart you learn fast. We'll have to repeat that again sometime in the near future."

"Jamie Please let me go. I will not tell anyone about this I promise. Just Please Jamie no more!" I whimpered feeling the tears run down my face.

"Are you kidding sweetheart? I have only just begun to teach you the joy of making love. Shush now no more tears this is a time to be happy. We are together now and no one will ever hurt you again I promise," he whispered and bent his head taking one of my nipples into his mouth. While sliding a hand down my body and stopping at the junction of my spread legs. Slowly he slid a finger down opening my pussy and entering me. I whimpered at the intrusion but he continued to push into me.

"You are awfully dry down here babe we are going to have to remedy that if we don't want this to be to painful for you." He said as if he were a concerned husband instead of someone who was raping me. He removed his finger and got up from the bed. I lifted my head trying to see what he was doing so I could be prepared for whatever was going to happen next. He bent down and reached into his uniform taking out what looked to be a stress ball and some tape. He approached the head of the bed and told me to open my mouth. Looking at him wide eyed. I clamped my lips tight and shook my head to make it harder for him. He grabbed my chin with one hand forcing my head still.

Placing the ball against my lips, he again told me to open my mouth. When I still would not. He reached down between my legs and pulled the hair there. When I opened my mouth to scream he shoved the ball in and secured it with the tape. "Can't have you screaming while I'm gone now can I?" he said and started getting dressed. I lay there watching him, when he was done he kissed my cheek and said, "Be back soon love," and walked out the bedroom door.

I listened to him walk through the house and out the front door, not daring to move until I heard his car drive away. Then I began to struggle with all my might. I was so intent on getting free before he returned I blocked everything else out. I was able to get my feet free and was working on breaking my headboard to get my hands free when Jamie casually said, "It won't work Kelly I reinforced your headboard while you were at work last week. I did such a good job you did not even notice anyone had been in your house."

Putting the bag he had in his hands on the floor, Jamie retied my feet and checked my wrists, "Good you didn't hurt yourself." Standing up he undressed and picked up the bag again then sat back down beside me. He began kneading my breasts while digging in the bag. I then felt something cold dripping onto my exposed pussy. "KY does wonders for lubrication babe so this will be less painful. I'm sorry to say there is still going to be a little pain when I take your virginity but it will only hurt for a short while I promise," he said while gently rubbing the KY onto my pussy as if it was our wedding night and he wanted everything to be perfect.

I felt him insert his finger again and then slowly begin working it in and out of me. I became disgusted with myself when I felt my body respond to the gentleness of what he was doing. When Jamie put his thumb on my clit, my body lifted off the bed as if it had a mind of its own causing me to orgasm. When I was fifteen, I found out that all I had to do to climax was to apply pressure to my clit and it disgusted me for Jamie to discover this so quickly. "See, babe - I told you I could make you feel good. You are even enjoying this being bound and gagged the way you are," he said with satisfaction in his voice as he felt my orgasm rock me.



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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