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At Last We Meet My Angel
by The Phoenix

It was on a warm summer's eve that we finally met, we lived miles apart, and in different countries, but met because of fate, and a shared interest in writing. She looking stunning, she worn nothing fancy nothing to sexy but in my eyes she was the most beautiful creature I had ever laid my eyes on. We finally agreed to meet sometime after we promised to be the ones we've been searching for our entire lives. We I read that in her letter my heart skipped a beat and butterflies fluttered in my stomach.

On that evening I wanted to give her the world but I knew I didn't need to, to impress her. We both knew the simple things in life, the things that go overlooked most of the time are the most romantic experiences of all. Living in a rather large city in New Jersey there were no beaches, and where I live the parks close at night so we decided to go for a small walk in the wooded area close to my home.

We walked there hand in hand silently, no words between us only the joy of each other's company.. then for no reason we stopped and decided to sit in the clearing and stare at the moon. But I couldn't, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. That's when I first kissed her tenderly and softly upon her lips, her response was that of slight surprise but it didn't end there.. soon my arms were around her and our tongues were dancing, Slowly we leaned back in the grass holding each other close our kisses both growing in deepness and passion. She pulled me on top of her pressing her hips to mine as my hands slowly massaged her body.

Before either of us knew it we undressed each other and were pressing our flesh to each other's. her skin was so smooth and so soft and ran my finger over her entire body before I slowly began to slide inside of her.. her eyes shut as a softly sigh of pleasure rolled from her lips as all I could do was press deeper into her

As time pasted quickly and the moon had left the clearing, as we continued or slow steady rhythm. I could feel her heat rise as sweat began to form over our flesh.

Soon enough our slow steady pace had quickened in a fast hard beat.. my hips rocking into her back and fourth harder and harder, our moans and sighs of pleasure and passion in perfect sync which each thrust.. she bit her bottom lip as once more our pace had become faster, and faster, and faster. More time pasted but we had not stopped. We could not stop, even if we watched to, our souls had already joined and so we continues.. the tender kisses gone and hot passionate kisses had taken their place.

Our cries of pleasure and love had took it's toll on us and we both climaxed and our juices mixing inside her.. we laid their and held each other for a little while, then noticed to the sun coming up and then decided to go out for breakfast...


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