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A Most Delicious Dinner
by Buddy Spenser

It was a crazy idea. One that excited me. I didn't know if I could pull it off. But I had to try. After talking with Linda in the Literotica chat room and later meeting her in person, I knew that more than anything else, I wanted to lick that adorable pussy of hers. So I developed a plan and began to put it into action.

Several days before, Linda had told me of a dinner meeting she was to have with a client at a particular restaurant. If all worked out, I just might have the time to make some special arrangements with the manager, if he were the type of person that would agree to help in my ... scheme.

That evening I went to dinner at that restaurant. It was a classy place and the food was excellent and the people were nice. Being a meat and potatoes guy I had the prime rib dinner and all the trimmings (excluding the salad). Since my system can't handle alcohol I had my second favorite beverage, a big glass of Pepsi. (My favorite drink is of course is Linda's sweet pussy juice.)

The restaurant was very busy and from the time I placed my order until the food was brought to me was about twenty minutes, an acceptable time. I noticed that there was a VIP dinning room. While waiting on the food I did a little exploring and walked to the entrance to the VIP area and looked in. Luckily, it was not occupied. I stepped inside and glanced quickly around. It seemed perfect.

As I turned to leave the VIP area I came face to face with a man who turned out to be the manager. He was pleasant enough and we began to talk about the restaurant, the food and the services they provided. As we talked I discovered his name was Robert Spenser. Spenser! A distant relative maybe?

Sure enough there turned out to be a connection, very distant, but still a connection. Some common ground. The wheels in my mind began to turn. Some exciting thoughts flashed through my head. If only I could have some time to talk to him alone. Time to build on this common ground. And maybe, just maybe, get him to agree to help me implement my plan.

I asked him if we could meet for a while to talk about our common name and some of those distant relatives, but we were interrupted by one of the employees who needed his assistance with an upset patron. He apologized and said he would try to see me again before I left then went to deal with his problem.

I went back to my table just in time to be there as the prime rib dinner was served. It was delicious. Delicious. Now there's a good word. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. This brought to mind "Linda's wet pussy". My mouth watered in anticipation. I had to make this plan work. As I ate the steak I thought about devouring her. Drinking her sweet juices. The prime rib was excellent, but now I wanted prime pussy. Linda's!

As I sat there eating and thinking my cock got hard. It started to throb and I knew I had to control my thoughts or I would end up cumming in my pants right there. And that might be a bit embarrassing. So I reluctantly forced myself to think of other things. The last Superbowl Game. The snow storm of 1990. Multiplication tables. Finally it worked. My cock got soft, but I knew it would be hard again.

After finishing the steak a very nice waitress ask me what I wanted for desert. Again, my mind began to wonder ... but no, not now. I ended up having some vanilla cheese cake with a lot of thick delicious cherry sauce on top of it. That didn't help my thoughts either, but I managed to get through it with out having an orgasm under the table.

As I was about to finish desert and while all these things were moving around in my mind, I "giggled" to myself. At that very moment I was startled by a hand on my shoulder. I turned and there was Robert Spenser, the manager. He said he had a few minutes if I would care to chat with him. ("Chat." Another word that brought some exotic thoughts and a tingling in a certain portion of my anatomy, having first met Linda in the Literotica Chat Lounge.) He sat down and we talked for almost half an hour about our ancestors and relatives. We discovered that we had some other things in common and began a bit of a friendship. Finally he had to return to his duties, but we agreed to continue our conversation the next afternoon. He invited me to meet him in the restaurant bar around three. I accepted and he went back to work.

I sat there a few minutes and had a refill on my second favorite beverage. I began to think there was a possibility that I might be able to get my plans to work. ("Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?") Then it was time for me to leave. The waitress brought the check and waited while I got out my credit card which she took and rushed off to process the bill, saying she would be back shortly. The amount of the check was more than reasonable since the food was very good, the service was excellent, and there were other "possibilities" in my mind for this place. I signed the credit card receipt and gave the waitress a sizable tip and left.

That night was a restless one as I anticipated the cumming events. I went over my plan. In my mind I reviewed the VIP area of the restaurant. The size of the room. The entrances. The table and its location. The several large potted plants. The chairs. The table cloth--yes the table cloth. All of the elements I needed seemed to be there. If only Robert Spenser would agree to facilitate what I wanted to do ... if only.

I watched the eleven o'clock news on the television and had another glass of my second favorite beverage. Finally, I turned off the TV and went to bed. But sleep eluded me. I tossed and turned. Delicious thoughts darted through my mind. I had to get some rest so I tried to push those thoughts out of my head. I looked at the clock--2 AM. Those delicious thoughts kept knocking at the door of my mind. Each time pounding harder--louder--more demanding to be let in. Finally, I opened the door and let them in. And there was Linda, again. As she moved sensuously through my thoughts--Linda ... oh how I would like to ... my cock got hard. My hand found it. I began to stroke it. Up and down ... slowly ... then faster ... I saw her pussy, so wet ... and tight ... her magnificent breasts with the nipples hard and ready ... that sweet smile and sensuous open lips ... her eyes and hair ... her soft tender skin ... my strokes became faster and faster until ... well, sleep might!! not have cum quickly, but I did. And after a while I drifted off.

When I awoke the next morning my cock was hard. Surely it hadn't been hard all night. It had to have gotten soft. But there it was. Standing straight up just as it had been when I was thinking of Linda. Thinking of her --- should I stroke it now --- again --- should I ... NO! Not now. I still have things to do. I have to make sure every aspect of my plan is complete. I must make it work.

Robert Spenser, he was the key. I had to convince him to let me use the VIP area of the restaurant to dine on a most delicious meal. I looked at the clock -- 8 AM. Time to get up.

Not having any specific appointments that day I busied myself as best I could. It seemed to be a long day -- again my thoughts -- my anticipation of the taste of Linda's pussy -- time seemed to creep so slowly. Finally it was time to go to meet Robert Spenser in the restaurant bar.

I arrived at precisely three o'clock. As I walked into the bar Robert met me. We found a table and sat down. He told me to order anything I wanted, it was all on the house. I thanked him and ordered a large glass of my second favorite beverage. He seemed surprised that I didn't order an adult beverage. (When he said "adult beverage", I thought for a fleeting moment about the beverage from Linda's adult beverage dispenser between those magnificent thighs.) I told him about not being able to handle the alcohol. He understood and we began to discuss our common relatives once again.

After talking for more than an hour I began to feel comfortable enough with him to make an attempt to recruit his help in implementing my plan that would bring me a most delicious dinner. Our conversation had moved through several topics and finally arrived at many men's favorite topic, sex. I told him that I knew this very special lady that had a very erotic affect on me and that I would like to give her some unexpected pleasure. This caused him to become curious about what I had in mind, so I began to vaguely describe my plan.

I approached the situation cautiously, not giving too much information before I saw some indication that he might be willing to help me. I told him that someone I knew was going to have a dinner meeting at the restaurant and that this very special lady would be there. The longer we talked the more I could see his willingness to help me. So finally I told him I would like to arrange for Linda and her clients to be located in the VIP area of the restaurant on the night of their dinner meeting. I also told him that would I like to make some slight rearrangements in the room and, without being real specific, I told him what I wanted to do, for Linda.

After telling him all of this he leaned back, looked at me and smiled. Then told me he liked my plan and he would "get a kick" out of helping me pull this off. So for another hour we discussed the details and made the plans.

Linda's meeting was to be early Saturday evening. Now it was Thursday. Two days away--how could I manage to wait--how could I control myself? The vision of Linda sitting at that table, with those people around her ... her legs spread ... and me ... under the table and ... dining ... between them. My cock and my tongue were both hard for most of the next two days as I anticipated a most delicious dinner.

Finally, it was time. I got to the restaurant about an hour before Linda's party was to arrive. Robert had agreed to every detail of my plan. The VIP dinner room had been rearranged exactly as I had asked. Its large octagon table had been moved to a position in the room that was near one of the entrances and some of the large potted plants were placed in strategic locations to help cover my exit, after my dinner. The table was supported by four large legs that gave me plenty of room to maneuver under it. The table cloth was large and hung down almost half way to the floor. And, it was made of thick material with a foam rubber backing. This would help to deaden any sounds that I might make while I was dining under the table.

Above the table were two speakers. I had arranged to have some background music played, again to help cover any sounds that might give my presence away. The chairs were positioned around the table in a special way. Linda's would be separated from!! the others, not too much, but enough to allow me some room to move around without getting in the way of the others sitting there with her. Finally, the chairs themselves. They were a "better quality, more comfortable" chair than those in the other part of the restaurant. These chairs were adjustable. The back of Linda's chair was put in the straight-up position and locked so it could not be moved, and the seat was adjusted to just the right height. Also, the seat was adjusted so that the sitting area was a little shorter that the others. This was done so she could slide her hips right to the edge and no one above the table could tell the position she would be in.

As Linda's party arrived they were greeted by Robert. He welcomed them and told them that they had been having some electrical problems in part of the dinning area and if they had no objections their party would be placed in the VIP dining area, at no extra charge. They all were pleasantly surprised and quickly agreed.

Before going to the VIP area Robert gave Linda an envelope marked -- "Linda--Private and Personal". He smiled at her as she took it from his hand and moved off to the side to read it. With a puzzled look, she opened the envelope and took out the note.

It read: "Hi there--are you busy? Enjoy your dinner. And, don't be startled if you feel something or someone against your legs when you sit down at the table. I hope you enjoy dinner, I know I will enjoy mine. And remember, KEEP IT WET."

When Linda saw "KEEP IT WET" she knew immediately who had sent it. And although she was uncertain what all this meant she began to think of our past chats at Literotica and anticipation began to build. She wondered what I was up to -- what did I have in mind? As these thoughts moved through her mind her pussy began to tingle at first, then to moisten, and then ... it began to get wet, very wet. Linda wanted to put her hand to her pussy ... slip a finger or two inside it ... gently massage her clit --- but not here--not now--she couldn't. For an instant she was frustrated -- almost angry with me -- causing her pussy to get wet, here in a place where she could not do anything about it.

Then someone in Linda's party interrupted her thoughts to ask if everything was all right. She smiled, blushed a little and assured them everything was just fine. Then Robert personally escorted Linda and her clients to the VIP area and was careful to seat Linda in the chair specifically prepared for her and sitting in a special place at the table.

By this time I was under the table -- waiting -- anticipating -- my tongue was hard, my cock was hard, and I was very very thirsty -- for my favorite beverage.

Linda's party was seated around the table. Just before Linda was seated -- I had a terrible thought--I almost panicked. What kind of a skirt would she be wearing? Would it be a full skirt? Or would it be a tight skirt. If it were a tight skirt, how would I be able to do what I intended to do? Trying to do it if she was wearing a tight skirt would cause problems. I would be discovered. My plan would fail. She would be embarrassed, humiliated -- NO! I did not want that to happen. Not to Linda.

Then, when Linda was seated and her legs appeared to me under the table -- I saw it. A dark colored, almost black, full skirt. And below it, two adorable, attractive legs and black slip on shoes. A sigh of relief nearly escaped my lips, but I managed to suppress it not wanting to give my presence away. I saw her long slender legs, there before me. How attractive they were--and as I let my mind and my eyes follow them up I thought of the place where they came together and of the treasure between them ... the treasure I would soon have the privilege of tasting ... licking ... sucking ... eating. My cock got hard again, having wilted at the thought of her wearing a tight skirt. But now -- now I knew my plan would work!

After Linda was comfortable in her chair I gently touched her right thigh. She tensed momentarily, then relaxed and I knew that she knew. Her hand moved quickly to mine and she gave me a little squeeze and took it away--back to the top of the table. But then she spread her legs for me and scooted her hips closer to the front of the chair. My plan was working and no one other than Linda and myself knew what was happening--what was going to happen.

As I began to explore her legs--to move up toward her pussy--I was interrupted by the sound of the waiter as he approached the table and gave out the menus. I decided to wait as he asked for and took their food and drink orders. Silently, I whispered what I wanted to eat and drink. Linda's pussy juice, my favorite beverage. But I knew he could not bring it to me. It must CUM from Linda.

Linda and her clients gave their orders to the waiter, but I couldn't hear much of what was being said. This was a good sign. If I couldn't hear them, they couldn't hear me. And that was how it was supposed to be, lest I be discovered. The waiter departed with the orders and the conversation above the table continued. And so did I.

I moved back to Linda's legs, still parted for me. I began once again to move my hands up toward her pussy. As I did this she managed to reach below the table and quickly pull her full skirt up out of my way. She was able to do this without causing any suspicion on the part of her clients there at the table. As I moved closer to her, she parted her legs even more and I saw it. Linda's adorable pussy. She was wearing white, very sheer, see through net panties and behind them was her wet delicious pussy. The very sight of it almost caused me to cum in my pants, but I held back. That would come later -- not tonight -- but later. Tonight, here under the table, I would lick and suck and eat her, and give Linda pleasure. Mine would come later.

I moved my lips to her panty covered pussy and kissed it, putting some delicate pressure directly on her throbbing clit. I heard Linda moan slightly and stopped. One of her clients asked if she was all right. She told them that she was fine, just a bit of a headache. Then she moved -- slowly she backed away from the table and away from me. I was puzzled. I heard her say something I could not understand as she got up and walked away. I didn't know what was happening. Had I offended her by all this? What was she going to do? What should I do? I couldn't do anything. Not without giving my presence away. It wasn't time for my scheduled departure--so all I could do was wait and hope that Linda would return.

It wasn't long before Linda did return and sat back down. I heard her say that the aspirin she just took might help her headache. When she spread her legs for me again, the panic left me. Then I got a pleasant surprise. Linda reached into her hand bag which she had set on the floor near her chair and while no one was looking she took out her panties, which she had taken off in the ladies room, and tossed them under the table to me. I quickly picked them up and put them in my pocket. Then I moved between her spread legs once again, knowing that she completely understood what I wanted to do and that she wanted me to do it.

But another thought came to mind. If I make Linda cum, when I make her cum, will she be able to do it quietly. How will she hide her orgasm from her clients? Then I realized that she must be able to hide her orgasm, or she would not have given me the signal to go on. And go on I did.

With her legs parted for me and her hips at the edge of the chair I moved once again to Linda's delicious pussy. When I reached it I gently rubbed my nose up her slit until it came into contact with her throbbing clit. Then I began to lick up and down between her pussy lips. My tongue moved slow at first and then faster for a few seconds before I pushed it inside her as far as I could and began to move it in circles. Linda suppressed a soft groan and pushed slightly toward my licking tongue. As I tasted her sweet juice I realized that she had indeed complied with my wishes when I asked her to KEEP IT WET.

About this time the waiter brought their dinners. I paused eating my most delicious dinner while he distributed the various plates and made some light conversation. Once he finished, I began again. This time I knew I only had a few minutes before the departure phase of my plan would begin. So I moved once again to Linda's pussy and very gently kissed it, much as I would kiss her sweet lips. As I did this I slipped my tongue inside her pussy once again, in the same way I would slip it inside her mouth during an intense French kissing session. I moved my tongue in circles inside her pussy as I had done before. Her hot juice began to flow onto it, into my mouth and down my throat. I didn't want to miss a drop of it. I savored Linda's taste in my mouth and reveled in her sex.

As I was doing this the light flickered in the room. Linda was just a bit startled, but I continued to eat her delicious, hot, wet pussy. In a few seconds the manager entered the room and announced that they were still having some electrical trouble and in about five minutes he would have to turn out the lights for about a minute or two, if no one would mind. Neither Linda or any of her clients objected and it was at that moment that she fully understood my plan.

I had five minutes left to enjoy the sweet nectar of Linda's pussy and get her ready for her orgasm. So I continued to eat her luscious pussy--to enjoy the privilege she was giving me--to drink from the sweet sweet well of her sex. For the next four minutes I licked and sucked Linda's pussy. She continued to push gently into my face in such a way that we both enjoyed it, but her clients had no idea what was happening.

Then the manager came into the room again and said the lights would go out in one minute and would be out for about two minutes. Everyone should remain seated as the room would be in total darkness. All agreed. Now was the moment. Now I had one minute to bring Linda to an orgasm. And if my timing was good she would start to cum as the lights went out. This would help to cover her orgasm and hide it from her clients.

All the while the manager was telling them about the lights I continued to dine on Linda's juicy pussy. Now I began in earnest to do what I hopped would cause her to cum in my mouth. My tongue moved up and down her pussy lips faster and faster. She was having problems sitting still, but somehow managed to do so. Then I moved to her clit and took it gently between my lips and began to nibble lightly on it. In a few seconds the lights went out and I began to flick my tongue over her clit -- very rapidly -- with firm but gentle pressure I licked faster and faster. In the darkness Linda's body began to shake--I heard a muffled sigh and her pussy began to gush and filled my mouth with more of its hot juicy nectar. With the lights out Linda's hands found my head under the table and pulled it to her pussy. Her hips moved in my face and she fucked my mouth with her clit. This continued until the lights flickered very dimly for a small fraction of a second and then went black!! again. This was my signal. I reluctantly took my face from between her legs and quickly moved from under the table and made my escape through a nearby doorway as planned.

The light remained off for about another minute to give Linda time to regain her composure. Then they flickered two or three times and finally came on, but at a somewhat dimmer intensity. This I had planned to give Linda more time to recover from what I had hoped turned out to be a very pleasant experience for her.

As Linda looked around the table in the dim light no one showed any indication that they suspected anything. Presently, the lights regained their original brightness and one of her clients ask how her headache was. She replied that it was gone and that the medicine she had "just gotten" was just what the doctor ordered.

After leaving that fabulous dining place between Linda's legs and having dined on the delicacy that she had so graciously permitted me to taste, I made my way to the managers private facilities and washed her juices from my face. As I did I thought how I would like dine there again and then do even more -- much more--If she would give me the privilege of doing so.

I then left the restaurant. On the way out I passed the door to the VIP dining room and paused just for a second to look in. Linda's dinner meeting was going well. Everyone looked satisfied with the food and the service. I noticed a slight smile on her face which told me that she too was enjoying the evening and the meal.

I smiled too, thinking that no matter what others thought of the restaurant and the food served there, I had just had A MOST DELICIOUS DINNER.

I walked into the parking lot and headed toward my car. As I reached into my pocket for the keys I felt what I thought was my handkerchief and pulled it out. But instead of being my handkerchief it was the pair of white delicate panties Linda had removed and given to me while I was under the table. I looked quickly around to see if anyone saw what I had, but there was no one in the parking lot but me. I smiled and "giggled" a little to myself, folded them neatly and put them in my pocked as I began to plan how I would manage to put them back on Linda.

As I was driving home I passed a billboard advertising a vacation trip to Australia -- the Land Down Under. I thought this might be nice, but it could not possibly compare to the trip I had just taken-- "going down" under the table!

Thank you, my lady.


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