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A Memorable Seduction
by Alison Grey

Last Memorial Day, I went to a barbecue given by some friends from work. I had just started being social again after about six years of working on my career and raising my daughter. I tried dating a few men from town but none of them were for me. My husband had been killed in a car accident six years previously and until about six months before this party, he was the only man I had been with sexually. More recently, I had been wanting to just fuck someone. I was, in a sense, rediscovering my sexuality; there was so much I wanted to explore and experience.

Most of the guests at the barbecue were from our hospital but there were some from out of town. I was talking with a group of women and met a lady a little older than myself, (I'm 34), who was involved with the same kind of nursing I am. We talked for a while and discovered lots of things we had in common. We both enjoyed playing tennis and both loved Southern Rock. She introduced me to her husband and the three of us spent the remainder of the party laughing and talking about anything and everything. They were in their early forties and very professional looking, and funny, and very attentive towards me. Both of them were tall and tan and seemed very sophisticated. As we left, the three of us said we'd like to get together sometime and I gave them my phone number. I really didn't expect to see them again. They were so attractive and so together why would they want anything to do with me?

I couldn't get this couple out of my head and later that night, I fantasized about what it would be like to watch the two of them making love and to feel the two of them at either side of me. I also wondered what it would be like to kiss her and make love with her. I'd never had these kind of feelings before. It was a moot point anyway, as I thought it would never happen, but it made a great fantasy.

The next Friday morning, I was shopping at a grocery store in a nearby town, and I ran into Patty, the lady I had met at the barbecue. We were surprised to see each other and she invited me out to her house to go swimming the next day. My daughter was out of town that weekend so I decided to go. I was beside myself with excitement and anticipation. I went shopping that night and found a bathing suit I thought would show off my figure. My husband always said I may not have been blessed up top but God made up for it from my waist down. Years of tennis had strengthened and defined the muscles in my legs and bottom. They are the one part of me I am most proud of. That morning I took extra care and shaved my pussy along with my legs. I had been wanting to try it for so long. After shaving I just had to touch myself and oh my God, how wonderful and how sensitive I felt.

When I arrived at their house, Patty and her husband, Jason, were already in the pool. I could hear laughter and splashing from the back yard. I observed them for a few moments before they noticed me. Patty was sitting on the edge of the pool. She was so gorgeous. Tall, blond and very voluptuous in a dark pink bikini. I could see her nipples poking through the material and I caught myself imagining what it would be like to trace my fingers through the droplets forming on her shoulders and between her breasts. I watched as she stretched out her leg and pushed her husband back in the water with her foot. As she laughed, she threw her head back. The arch of her back and neck and the way her breasts stretched the material of her top made my breath catch in my throat. I wanted to trace my tongue along the outline of her suit and suck her nipples through the material. I could feel myself getting wet at just the thought.

When she saw me looking over the fence, she waved me over. "You look fantastic in that suit," she commented.

I could tell by the way her eyes were looking me over from my shoulder length, dark brown hair to my long legs that she wasn't merely being polite. I had chosen a dark denim blue two piece; the bottoms were tiny shorts and the top was like the top of a string bikini. I looked down at myself and mentally compared my breasts to hers. I'm a 34 B, and firm with prominent nipples and she had to be at least a D cup. I could tell through her suit she had nipples to die for.

"I love your bikini," I replied, "I wish I looked like that in a thong."

As I greeted my new friends and walked toward the pool, I imagined what it might feel like to have her breasts up against mine. I came closer to the pool and felt a splash of cool water hit me on my thighs. I smiled and reached down in the water and splashed back at Jason. He said, "I'm here too, hop in!" He was very strong looking. Dark hair with silver at the temples and broad shoulders. So tempting, with water glistening in the hair on his chest. As attractive as his body was, the main things I remember about him were his piercing, ice grey eyes and the way they seemed to devour me. I even thought I saw him lick his lips.

We laughed and joked in the pool, flirting with each other. Several times I felt one of them brush up against me, as if by accident. At one point, I was swimming by Jason and he caught me by the waist and lifted me out of the water. As my body slid against his I thought I felt him hardening against me. I told myself there was no way this could be happening. At first, I was apprehensive and shy but soon I was jumping on Jason's back and pushing him in the water while his wife sat on the side of the pool, watching and laughing. Once, Patty came up behind me and I felt her slick breasts on my back and her arms around me. I could feel her nipples hard against my skin. I was surprised at how turned on I felt with this couple and how easy it was to be with them and amazed at how much it seemed they wanted to be with me. I kept telling myself I was imagining things and that they were just very friendly.

As it got dark, Patty smiled at me and asked, "Can you stay awhile? Come on inside."

She climbed out of the pool and I watched her walk to the house. Her ass was just perfect, tight and smooth, and I almost let out a moan as she reached back and ran a finger down the middle of her thong to ease it from her between her cheeks. I glanced over at Jason and he winked at me. I felt myself blushing and quickly started to pull myself out of the pool. Suddenly I felt his hand on my ass giving me a push. I felt one of his fingers slip under the edge of my suit. I looked quickly back at him and as he removed his hand he said, "Excuse me, I'm so sorry."

I saw the evil grin on his face and giggled, "You are anything but sorry," and I started toward the house. When I looked back, he was standing there having picked up a towel and was drying his face. I quickly looked at his crotch while his face was covered. I could see the outline of his cock through his wet suit and felt myself become even wetter. I, now, didn't know which one of them I wanted more. Going through my mind was the thought that I couldn't believe this was happening to me. At that moment, I made up my mind to just go with my feelings and take advantage of any opportunity to be intimate with this gorgeous, sexy couple.

"Your home is just beautiful, Patty," I said, as I walked inside. She smiled and took me by the hand and led me to the den. I was feeling so comfortable with them and didn't want the evening to end.

I heard Jason ask, "Do you mind if I fire up a joint?"

I was a little surprised and said "No, of course not," and joined them when he offered.

Patty was digging out some video tapes and ask, "Do you want to watch a movie?"

"Sure, what do you have?"

"Don't worry," she replied, "you'll love this one."

She had the slyest grin on her face as she slid the tape in the player. I was beginning to get a clue and wasn't the least bit surprised that it was a porno. I settled back on a small love seat and when I found myself staring at a scene in the movie involving three women finding new and imaginative ways to make one another cum, I had to fight to keep my hand out of the front of my pants. I was relieved that my suit was already wet.

As we watched the movie, I also kept my eye on the two of them. They were on the couch across from me. It was like he was showing her body off to me. I sighed as he rubbed her hard nipples through her suit and then slowly took off her bikini top and positioned her in front of himself facing me.

"Doesn't she have the most beautiful nipples?" And with that he took one in his mouth and closed his eyes and sucked on it deeply.

I moaned softly as he ran his hands over her body and as she arched her back in pleasure. He leaned over her from behind with her nipple in his mouth, and one hand beneath her massaging her other breast as his other hand stroked her inner thigh. Her fingers were buried in his hair holding him close to her. Observing them in such an intimate moment and hearing the moans from the movie were getting me so completely turned on.

The room was dark except for the light from the television so I finally worked up the courage to reach inside my suit and feel the smooth skin of my pussy. As the fingers of my right hand found my wetness and rubbed over my throbbing clit and my left hand twisted my nipples, I completely forgot where I was. I kept watching his hands push her breasts up and together and his fingers twist her nipples. I loved it as she spread her legs and he played with the finely trimmed, golden hair of her pussy. His fingers combed through her curls and then dipped inside her wetness. I matched my movements to his. I moaned out loud when she reached between her legs and took his hard cock out of his suit as if to guide him inside, and when my eyes met hers and I realized she was watching me, I came harder and louder than I can ever remember. As my moans subsided and as I was laying there breathing heavy and enjoying the last of my orgasm, I heard Jason's voice in a hoarse whisper say, "Can you do that again?"

A deep moan escaped me and looking directly into his beautiful eyes I whispered, "Maybe ... with a little help."

In a heartbeat, he was down on his knees in front of me, ripping off my swim suit. He glided his tongue over my lips and I loved the way his mouth felt over my smooth pussy. He began lapping all over and deep inside me, moaning as he sucked in my juices. Tossing aside any remaining inhibitions, I grabbed his head in my fingers and pushed his face hard into my crotch. My head tossed back and my eyes closed as I gave in to the sensation of this near-perfect stranger eating my pussy.

I soon felt soft lips nibbling at my breasts and I sighed as I looked down at Patty sucking on my nipples. I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her close to me. My fingers tracing her face and lips as she teased my nipples. My other hand stayed on the back of Jason's head and pushed him deeper into my pussy. My legs spread wide and draped over his shoulders. I ran my hand down her side, lightly tracing her smooth skin, and then over her breast squeezing and twisting her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I came again with his mouth buried inside me and her lips clamped on my nipple and my hand full of her beautiful breast.

As I recovered from this orgasm, I knew that I wanted to please them as much as they pleased me. Patty had leaned back against their sofa so I got on my knees, traced my hands up her legs and buried my face between her thighs. Tentatively I placed my tongue between the lips of her pussy. She tasted so sweet and at the same time salty. I had never tasted a woman's juices other than my own and all I could think of was how I wanted every drop I could get from her. I spread her lips apart with my fingers and drove my tongue deep inside her. Her clit was engorged as I rubbed it with my finger. Her hands were in my hair and I could feel her begin to move her hips and hump against my face.

Suddenly, I felt my ass being raised in the air and I groaned into her hot wetness as I felt her husband's strong hands spread my legs apart. He parted my lips and again I could feel his tongue and mouth devour me. I licked harder on her pussy with long, slow, hard licks, the way I know I like. I felt his mouth leave me and then felt his thighs against the back of mine. I moaned in anticipation of what I hoped was to happen next ... and soon I was feeling his thick cock slowly enter my pussy. I felt her match her movements against my face to his thrusts. I could feel her juices dripping off of my chin as they passed me back and forth between them. She threw her head back and screamed as she came in my mouth. And like a ripple effect I felt my orgasm build and overcome me. My own moans were muffled by her pussy as I felt him pump even harder and then felt his fingers dig into my flesh as he shot his cum into me.

We collapsed on the floor, lying there breathing harder than I ever remembered breathing before. I looked down at Patty lying up against me. She smiled and kissed my cheek. I giggled a little as Jason moved to my other side. We lay there for a while with his shoulder and thigh up against mine on one side of me and Patty's on the other. "I have never done anything like this before, " I sighed, "and I can't believe this is even happening."

Jason looked across me to Patty and asked "Shall I tell her or you?"

Patty smiled at me, "We have been wanting to share a woman in this way for quite some time and after we met you we knew you were the one. We just took a chance and invited you here hoping something like this would happen but, never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be this fantastic."

I reached over and touched her face and whispered, "Thank you, you just don't know what it means to me to hear that."

She leaned closer to me and took my face in both her hands and kissed me softer and deeper than I ever imagined could be possible. The three of us spent the night together playing and trying all sorts of positions. At one point, Patty and I both went down on Jason. I'll never forget the feeling of his cock in my mouth and her tongue licking my lips.

The three of us have gone to movies and hung out together throughout this year and Patty and I have developed a friendship, but there hasn't been another encounter quite like that. One never knows though; another Memorial Day is soon coming. Maybe its time...


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