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Amy's No Angel
by Shintani

Roger threw his hands up in disgust as the flight attendant handed him the note. He had one of the airline's best on-time records, and today, it was getting screwed up. Sure, he was only going to be taking off twenty minutes behind schedule, but the was so stupid!

Well, there was nothing he could do about it, but head on back to the galley and fix himself a cup of coffee. And straighten his tie, the corporate executives always made sure that the flight crews pampered any special visitors. As he stalked back into the passenger compartment, he saw that nearly all the seats were filled, which was no mean feat on a Boeing 747. Nearly five hundred people were onboard, and they were all going to have to wait while the airline rolled out the red carpet for a VIP.

Oh, well, he thought. At least a few of them might get autographs. Personally, Robin didn't care for her music, it wasn't his style, but rules were rules, and when the suits spoke, you had to listen. It made Roger nostalgic for the old days, as a Navy pilot, when his flight crew was two and if you were really pissed off, you could fire off a missile at someone.

He took his cup back forward to the cockpit, and reminded the first class steward, Emerson to close off the passenger lounge. That was being reserved for their VIP as well. Victor, his co-pilot looked over at him, and announced that the pre-flight inspections were complete, and that all they were waiting for was the VIP to arrive and get settled, and the flight crew to prepare the cabin for flight. Victor made Roger nostalgic for the old days as well.

Both men were tailhookers, flying attack jets for the navy as members of that elite association, until that fateful year, when all those bitches started whining about the convention. While neither man was implicated, they both were a part of those festivities, and their records had been annotated. That effectively ended their careers as naval aviators, but the cushy airline job, flying the big Boeing from point A to point B paid a hell of a lot better. It just lacked the excitement.

A knock on the cockpit door got their attention. That would have to be Emerson, with their VIP, so that the captain and crew could personally greet her. Roger chuckled at that idea. "Good evening, I'm your pilot, so just sit back and relax and I'll get us there. If I don't, then your VIP status won't save your sorry ass when this flying brick augers into the ground at 500 MPH and you become a charcoal briquette just like the rest of the scum." He always wanted to say that, but knew he wouldn't get away with that breach of etiquette. Pausing for a moment as the flight crew assembled, he glanced them over and opened the door.

Emerson stood there waiting, his dark skin a sharp contrast to the crisp white shirt of his uniform. Beside him stood their honored guest. Roger eyed her up. Not bad, about five foot six or so, slim figure, it didn't show any outward sign that she had bore three children. Her short, yet conservative dress flattered her figure very nicely. The woman's auburn hair cascaded down past her shoulders, framing her angelic face.

"So, this is Amy Grant," thought Roger as he introduced himself and his crew, then went through the airline's canned lines greeting VIP guests. She acknowledged him politely, the slight southern twang in her voice caressing his ears. Emerson brought her back to her seat, which she would be sharing with a businessman, it appeared, and Roger closed the cockpit door. Before he did so, he enjoyed a long look at her fine ass when she walked up the aisle.

"The body and voice of an angel, my friend," joked Victor. "Hey, I saw you eyeing up her ass, are you trying to get hit with a lightning bolt?"

"She's divorced from what I hear, moron," was his retort. "I just wonder if her goody two-shoes image is for real or not. I'd like to find out."

"Not a chance, old buddy, not a chance!" laughed Victor. "Let's get this big bird off the ground, shall we?"

Take off was uneventful, as it should be. Roger and Victor were quite a team together, and soon the jumbo jet was cruising along at thirty thousand feet. "All flights should be this easy, Victor," said Roger. "If it wasn't for our little visitor, this flight would be perfect."

"Don't talk too soon," warned Clarence, the flight engineer. He was a good man to have around, experienced enough that even he could handle the big jet's controls in level flight. This was especially useful on long flights, allowing the pilot and co-pilot to stretch their legs. Of course, if there were an actual emergency, Clarence would still have to summon one of the regular pilots.

As if their speaking had jinxed the good luck and easy flight that they had enjoyed, a knock came on the cockpit door. "It's me, Emerson. Captain, we have a slight problem out here." Roger and Victor shared a look, and Victor rose to allow the steward to enter.

"What's the problem, Em?" he asked.

"It's Ms. Grant," explained the younger man. "Apparently, she's very unhappy with the man sharing her seat row-"

"Captain, do you know what he did to me?" demanded Amy as she pushed Emerson aside. A crumpled up magazine was clutched in her hand.

"Now, wait a minute, this is my plane, I'm in charge-"

"He was reading this!" she continued, thrusting a copy of a men's magazine at Roger. "I was napping, and when I woke up, he showed me this piece of filth, and asked me if I wanted to join the mile high club!"

"Now Ms. Grant, calm down, calm down," said Roger. "I'm sure that he didn't mean any harm by it, and I'll have Emerson escort you to the private lounge. Will that be OK?"

"Fine!" she glared at the captain, and allowed Emerson to lead her up the stairs to the first class lounge.

"You know, Victor, sometimes I have to wonder about people..."

"I know what you mean, Roger," answered the co-pilot. "Maybe we should go up and settle her nerves, I bet that's in the company VIP treatment guide."

"I suppose you're right," laughed Roger. I guess it's not enough that they get to reserve the entire first class lounge, they get to monopolize the flight crew too." Roger stole a glance at the magazine; a very attractive brunette was featured on its pages. "Damn, Victor, take a look at that!" said Roger. "Gang bang pics! Reminds me of that last Tailhook convention." Victor looked at the photo; the smiling brunette had four cocks poised over her smiling face. Streaks of their cum were smeared over her face and tits. Roger flipped the page. The next photo showed the same girl, with pearly white droplets of cum dripping out of her mouth, over her tongue and down her face. He stowed the magazine in his flight bag to read later. There were other matters that needed to be attended to at the moment.

"Another time, another place, my friend," sighed Victor as he and Roger both went up the short flight of stairs into the exclusive lounge. "Oh, Clarence, take over while we're gone," he reminded.

Amy was up there, with Emerson, who had seen fit to bring the angry woman a drink. She was sipping at it when Roger and Victor entered the room. Victor shut the lounge door behind them, locking it. That way, if she got too feisty, it shouldn't disturb the rest of the plane. When Roger and Victor stood to attention before her, she looked up at them.

"How can you allow that to go on during the flight?" she demanded.

"Well, Ms Grant, the other passengers are free to read what they like," offered Roger. "While he probably shouldn't have said what he did to you, I can't toss him out the door, now can I?" That thought had crossed Roger's mind, after all, he was getting fed up with handling Amy with kid gloves, and the idiot sitting next to her didn't have to put up with her bullshit the way he did.

"No, you can't do that, but you have to do something!"

"No, I don't. Now look here, why don't you just spend the rest of the flight up here, where you can have some privacy, and no one will bother you."

"Now just you see here Captain!" she shouted. Amy stood and waggled a finger in Roger's face. "I am not happy with you, or this flight or---"

SMACK went Roger's hand across her sassy mouth. Amy tumbled down onto the couch. Her skirt hiked up a bit as she fell, allowing Roger and Victor to feast their eyes on the firm curve of her ass. Emerson stood stunned at Roger, but knew his place was not to say anything. Roger walked over to Amy, pulling her up roughly by an arm. He half threw half shoved her down onto one of the couches in the lounge. She was too surprised to protest. She fell back, her legs splayed out, allowing the men to get a long, hard look at her satiny panties. "Victor, you remember that last Tailhook party, right?" asked Roger.

"Sure do," answered the co-pilot. "That lady helo pilot was quite a handful, wasn't she?"

"Damn straight she was!" replied Roger. "I think this little one might just need the same lesson, don't you?" Amy tried to protest as the two pilots converged on her. Victor grabbed her by the arms, pinning them up over her head. Roger quickly undid his pants, letting them fall. He reached over towards the country singer, pushing her skirt up out of the way, and pulling her white satin panties off. A strong hand held over her mouth muffled her cries for help. Futile kicks at him only served to goad him onto her as Roger used his free hand to undo her blouse and expose her perky tits. Pure venom and hatred filled Amy's eyes as she felt his stiff cock pressing up against her.

By now, she was in a state of sheer panic as she realized that she was trapped, alone with these three men, and they were about to perform the most unholy of acts on her. Amy had led a good life, dedicating herself and her music to her religion, and now these men, these devils incarnate were about to violate her. Realizing that fighting back was going to be useless, she clamped her eyes shut as she felt Roger's cock sliding inside of her. Beneath his hand, she gritted her teeth as she felt him thrust every inch of his manhood into her, against her will. Slowly, he withdrew from her, only to slide himself back in. He was fully aroused, no doubt because he was in complete control of the situation, the friction of his cock reaming her pussy hurt at first, but with each successive thrust, Amy's own lubricating juices began to flow. Like it or not, her physiological reaction to getting fucked was something that was way beyond her control. The men were laughing as Roger started to pump his cock into her, building his pace and rhythm slowly.

The tight feeling of her slowly moistening cunt was wonderful against the shaft of Roger's cock. He had taken many, many women before in his lifetime, the Navy providing him with much of that experience. From the squalid cathouses of such towns as Port Said and Subic Bay to the Las Vegas hotels of the Tailhook, Roger and Victor had seen it all. What they were doing with Amy was no different than any number of female pilots and crewmembers who were unlucky enough to attract their attention. It was such a rush, such an absolute turn on to slam a cock into an outwardly unwilling partner, then feel her own involuntary reactions beckon for more.

Roger was slowly reaching that point with Amy, he could feel it as surely as her pussy got wetter and wetter the more he fucked her. His pace was growing rapid, he could feel her body realizing against his grip as he and Victor continued to hold her down. So certain were they that she was starting to enjoy this, they even relaxed their stifling of her mouth. The sounds that escaped Amy's mouth next definitely told the tale, the one that they wanted to hear. As Roger continued to slam his cock into her virtuous pussy, he could barely make out the faint panting from her each time he rammed himself into her. Pulling up on her legs, he positioned her so that his cock could penetrate more and more deeply with each stroke.

A familiar feeling within his loins told him that this girl was his, a few more short strokes and he would be finished. Victor, meanwhile, leaned forward over her body, allowing his mouth access to her exposed breasts. Roger continued to fuck her, now he was rubbing her clit with his fingers while his cock bored away at her. Even as he felt his own pleasure growing, his experience warned him what to expect next from her. More hard, fast strokes. His cock was ready now; he could feel it in his balls, when-"Yes! Yes! YES!" screamed Amy as the combination of the two men on her erogenous zones drove her over the edge. The cries of her orgasm echoed through the virtually empty lounge, they were loud enough to drown out Roger's moans as he came, filling Amy's cunt up with his hot sticky wad. With each of his final thrusts, his balls squeezed out as much of that viscous liquid as they could, filling her hot fuck hole with his cum. As the last drop oozed out of him, his body bucked and shuddered as he slowly withdrew from her one final time. A trail of his cum dripped out of her cunt as Roger pulled out.

Amy lay back on the couch, in shock at the surprise attack, even more so from her reactions to it. Having the image of a good girl, she believed that she wasn't meant to enjoy such things, the act itself was simply her wifely duty. Now she had been taken, by force by one man, and her body was craving more. Easing herself back into a corner of the couch, she kept her legs spread, her cunt dripping with her own juices and Roger's, as she felt Victor coming around from behind her. She knew without a doubt what he planned to do next, and her body ached for it. A seductive look swept across her face as the co-pilot positioned himself over her. Roger stood close, by, ready to subdue her if necessary, but he had done his job right. She was no longer an unwilling victim, but was now more of a sex hungry slut as she arched her back in preparation for Victor's penetration.

That was not long in coming, an involuntary moan escaped from her lips as she felt his stiff cock slipping inside her soaked cunt. Within moments, Victor was thrusting away, driving his firm member deep inside Amy's well-fucked cunt. And she was loving it. Her long, sexy legs wrapped around Victor's back as he slammed his cock inside her. Amy's perky tits jiggled with each thrust, short gasps of pleasure sang forth from her mouth. His balls slapped against her ass as forced his cock inside her, deeper and harder with each marvelous stroke. Amy screamed with delight as he quickened his pace. The feelings from her pussy were simply amazing.

Victor was thrusting his cock into her hard and fast. His thick member spread her wet pussy lips as he drove deeper and deeper with each thrust. Roger's cum was still dripping out of Amy's soaked hole, the feeling of that heightened Amy's pleasure as he reamed out her cunt. From her peripheral vision, Amy could see that Emerson, the flight steward, was obviously aroused by watching her giving herself so willingly now to the two pilots. She motioned him over to him, and he quickly complied as Victor continued to slam his cock into her cunt. Victor's tempo increased as he saw what Amy was doing. She had unzipped Emerson's pants, allowing her to take his impressive dick into her mouth. Greedily, the Christian singer sucked away, feeling Emerson's shaft growing inside her mouth as Victor kept at her cunt.

Seeing her innocent face getting fucked by Emerson's thick black cock was more than he could take. With a few more quick hard thrusts, he filled her well-fucked cunt with his cum. Amy briefly stopped sucking Emerson long enough to moan in acknowledgement at Victor's accomplishment, her pussy milking every last drop of his sticky fluid out of him. Slowly, she disengaged her legs from around his back, and gave Emerson's cock a few more silky strokes with her tongue and lips. She kissed the tip of his cock as it slid out from between her lips for the last time, the tip of her tongue lingering and catching the sticky drops of his pre-cum.

He knew exactly what to do from there. Positioning Amy on her back, and spreading her legs, he rammed his hard pole into her well-fucked pussy. She moaned in delight as his black member slammed into her virtuous pink pussy. By now, her pussy was so loose from all the fucking she had already had, so well-lubricated by her own juices and the two pilot's cum, even Emerson's rather large cock had no trouble penetrating deep. Roger and Victor stood over her, enjoying the show. She moaned and squealed with delight as Emerson brought her body to new heights of pleasure as he pumped his cock in and out of her glistening pussy.

The two pilots were stroking themselves as they watched him disappearing inside her, her cunt lips and his cock coated with their cum. Amy teasingly would stroke and suck on them as they did, interrupted only by her short pants of pleasure. Letting the third man take her, feeling his unadulterated lust for her as he banged away drove her wild. Her moans grew louder and louder, she begged him to finish her off. Moans became screams; screams became shrieks as Emerson's efforts brought Amy over the edge. She screamed and cried as she came, her cunt tightening against his cock, squeezing the younger man hard enough to bring him around as well, with a gasp, he added his wad to the sticky cum that already filled Amy's fuck hole. The flight steward grunted and groaned with each spasm of his cock, drops of his cum oozed deep inside Amy, mixing with Roger's and Victor's. Those two men were rather busy now too; the combination of hearing Amy's cries and watching Emerson fucking her was too much for them to take too. Both men came, showering Amy's face, mouth and tits with their juices.

She licked up and swallowed what she could of her twin pearl necklaces, smiling her sweet innocent smile at her trio of lovers even as she sucked the last few droplets of their cum off her fingers. All three men knew that they would be missed if they dallied any longer, the pilots quickly dressed and made themselves presentable before heading back down to the cockpit, grinning like the devils that they were. Emerson, spent by his exertions, took a little longer.

He checked up on Amy as she lay spent on the couch, cum dripping out of her cunt. She smiled at him once more as she requested, ever so sweetly in her southern twanged voice, that Emerson go back down to first class and ask her seatmate if he would be so kind as to join her in the lounge, and they could join the mile high club together. After all, she was a fully fucked member!


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