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A Night Alone
by Passat

"Is there any chance you could come home a little early tonight, honey?" When he asked why, I responded, "No particular reason. I'm just hoping to get a little extra time with you tonight." He paused, considering both the words and the subtly playful tone of my voice, and agreed to take the early train, unsure of my true motives.

When my son awoke from his afternoon nap, I drove him over to his grandparents, where he would happily spend the late afternoon and early evening. As I fought traffic to return home, I made mental preparations for the next several hours.

I tidied up the house - just enough to avoid distractions - and took a long, hot shower. Thanks to the reliability of the train schedule, I timed it perfectly, drying off my hair just as I heard the garage door open. I walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, clad only in a robe, as he made his way down the hall. I smiled at him. "Hi. Thanks for coming home early."

"Is everything okay?" he asked, standing in the doorway wearing his suit and tie and looking at me curiously.

"Just fine," I assured him. "I just missed you." I stepped toward him and kissed him fully on the mouth. He responded, hesitantly at first, and returned the kiss.

"Where's our Pride and Joy?" he asked, as he looked around the room. I explained that he was visiting with his grandparents, and that I had hoped just the two of us could go out for a nice, relaxing dinner. He didn't know quite what to make of the situation at first, but then shrugged his shoulders and said, "sounds like a great idea."

I put my hands on his chest, slipped my fingers under the lapels of his suit jacket and pushed it back over his shoulders. "Here, let me help you get changed into something more comfortable." I stepped right up against him as I pulled the jacket away from his arms, allowing my breasts, fully covered by the robe, to brush up against him. Throwing the jacket on the bed, I turned my attention to his tie, slowly untying the knot. With my hand against his chest for support, I slipped it out of his collar, let it fall to the floor, and then began to unbutton his shirt from the top. He was obviously enjoying the attention, and was wondering exactly where and how far this was going to go. Again leaning against him as I pulled the shirt down and away from his arms in the back, I began gently kissing and nibbling his neck. The shirt fell to the ground and I reached beneath his undershirt and slowly pushed it up. He shuddered as my fingers reached his chest and lingered at his nipples, alternately pinching each of them between my forefinger and thumb. He raised his arms above his head so that I could remove his undershirt. As it freed from his body, I threw it over my shoulder and ran my hands back down his raised arms, over his hardened nipples, down his abdomen, and hooked my fingers into his pants. We stared into each other's eyes as I unfastened the buckle, slipped out the belt, and started on his pants. I pulled down his zipper and tugged the pants down to his ankles. The tent in his boxer shorts removed any doubt of his enjoyment. I helped him lift each leg and pulled the pants away from him. I straightened up, running my hands back up the sides of his body and kissed him on the lips. Our tongues met and explored each other for a few moments before I pulled away.

"Would do me a favor?" I pleaded. "Would you put lotion on my legs?" I knew he wouldn't refuse, since he gets so turned on by my shaven legs.

He pushed me back onto the bed and grabbed the bottle of lotion on my nightstand. I scooted back toward the wall so that he had room to sit. He poured some lotion on his fingers, rubbed his hands together, and motioned for me to put my foot in his lap. Beginning at the tops of my feet, he moved his hands up my leg, kneading and rubbing along the way. He was careful not to miss any spots (I taught him well). His caressing hands passed over my knee and, pushing aside the robe, continued up my thigh. I put my hand against my upper thigh, signaling that the ride would end there. He lingered there for a while, and then pulled his hands away and motioned for the other leg. I obliged, again resting my foot in his lap, and he repeated the process. As he passed his hands over my knee, I stretched my foot so that it rested against his manhood. He continued to knead lotion into my thigh as I rubbed his cock. His body stiffened as my toes slipped through the opening in his boxers and skin met skin. My hand again blocked any further advance, but we sat like that, feeling each other, for several minutes. His hands felt wonderful as they massaged my thigh, and my juices were beginning to flow. But I was determined to stick to my original plan. It took great effort, but I finally pulled my foot away and told him I needed to get dressed. He dutifully pulled his hands back down my leg, reached down and kissed the top of my foot, and stood up.

The dinner wasn't fancy, but it was good. We talked about our recent trips, work, childcare, and of course our wonderful son. The conversation was lively, and although it was devoid of sexual innuendoes, we were both acutely aware of the evening's activity. As I stared out the passenger side's window on the way home, my thoughts were interrupted by his hand touching my thigh. His eyes paid attention to the road ahead, but his hand began to massage my thigh. I reached over and rested my hand on his thigh. We stroked each other, without saying a word. I leaned a little closer, so that his hand couldn't help but slide closer to my wetness, and I ran my hand over his crotch and grabbed his cock through his pants. The temperature in the car increased and the silence endured as we fingered each other through our clothes. It's a wonder he didn't drive off the road.

When we arrived home and entered the house, I immediately pushed his back up against the closed door, dropped down, and released his zipper. I reached in, found his stiff cock, and pulled it out. I admired its beauty for a moment before licking the precome off the tip. He let out a soft moan, and I took him into my mouth. I sucked gently at first, and then more forcefully. His breathing became heavier, and I reached back into his pants and fished out his balls. I continued to stroke with one hand as I sucked, and fondled his balls with the other. His knees began to buckle, and I knew he wouldn't last long. I stroked a few more times, and then abruptly pulled my mouth away and stood up. He reached one arm around my neck and the other around my back, pulled me up against him, and kissed me hard. Our tongues danced, our hips ground against each other, and his hands squeezed my breasts through my blouse.

He suddenly pushed me away from him, grabbed my hand, and led me upstairs, down the hall, and into the bedroom. He pushed me onto the bed and came down on top of me, resuming our kiss. His fingers unbuttoned my blouse, and he began to kiss down my face, neck, and shoulders until he reached my breasts. He fondled them through my bra, lightly running his finger over my protruding nipples. I loved the feel of the fabric rubbing against my nipples. He released one of the shoulder straps and slipped my breast out. His mouth came down on the nipple as he kneaded it. He continued sucking and nibbling while his other hand released my other breast and pinched it gently. I shut my eyes, threw my head back, and basked in the electric currents shooting through me. He broke away to remove all of his clothes, and I took off my bra, pants, and panties, leaving the blouse partially on. As we turned our attention back to each other, he grabbed my foot and brought his lips down to my ankle. In every spot where he had before rubbed lotion into my leg, he now covered with kisses. My heart pounded as his lips reached my thigh and continued moving north. I covered my sex with my hand, but he was eager to reach his destination. Torn between the incredible pleasure of his touch and self-consciousness of my private area, I did my best to keep him at bay. He sensed my wavering, though, and continued his pursuit, slipping his tongue beneath my fingers. I did not resist when his hand grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand away. He was between my legs, licking from my lips up to the clitoris. His tongue circled my clitoris several times, and then his lips enclosed it. I could feel the pleasure building to a climax and his tongue swirled. My pulse raced, my breathing quickened, and the waves began when his fingers slipped inside my vagina. I locked my thighs against his ears and pushed the back of his head into me as I exploded with the most powerful orgasm of my life.

It was several minutes before I recovered from the aftershocks. He climbed on top of me and positioned his cock just outside my burning oven. I guided him inside and watched his face contort with pleasure. I spread my legs wide and put my hands against his chest. Our bodies slammed into each other and I began pinching his nipples. He stopped abruptly, grabbed my wrists, and pinned them against the bed above my head. "I don't want it to end so quickly," he gasped. My hands were still confined under his weight and he continued pumping into me. He released his grip to adjust positions, and kneeled upright, his manhood still deep inside me. Our bodies moved rhythmically against each other as his hands rubbed my thighs. I reached down and tickled his balls. "This feels incredible" he murmured, his voice shaking. He leaned back over me, supporting himself with his hands on either side of me, and rested just inside me, catching his breath and enjoying the warmth and moistness of my body. Impatient, I wrapped my legs tightly around his back and pulled him all the way inside, pounding my hips up against his. My fingers returned to his nipples, pinching and rubbing, while my strong thighs prevented him from retreating. I continued pumping with all my strength. "Oh my god, I can't hold it," he said through clenched teeth. His pace quickened and his balls slapped against me, then his whole body stiffened and froze on the brink of orgasm. Unable to hold back any longer, he exploded inside me. When the waves subsided, he collapsed on top of me and my arms wrapped around his shoulders.

As he sat on the top step and tied his shoes, preparing to retrieve our son from his grandparents, I reached around him from behind and kissed his neck. He turned his head and met my lips. "That was just act one," he said with a smile. "Act two is even better." He watched me as he glided down the stairs and disappeared into the garage.

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