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All's Not Fair Ch. III
by J.J.

LIVE IT - - - by JJ.

Bambi was an immediate improvement in my life and I enjoyed a friendship that I hadn't experienced in years. She never intruded on my privacy and yet she was there when ever I wanted to talk. She seemed to display a good sense in matters that helped me with my life. She was a neat housekeeper, a good cook, and she pressed both of our clothes. We worked well together. She was the best sister anyone could hope for. . . .

Bambi offered me the privilege of visiting her innermost thoughts and we bonded more closely with each passing day. At Christmas time we were left to our own devices, without other friends or relatives. The university was shut down for the holiday and we were left with more free time than usual.

It was a good time, preparing for the big day and I made popcorn while Bambi was supposed to be stringing it on threads for tree decorations, except she ate more than she strung. When I accused her she laughed and I noticed, for the first time, how beautiful a woman she had become. We bought each other several small presents and I noticed her graceful manner and quiet elegance as she went about arranging them under the tree.

Christmas dinner was a very special occasion. She and I had spent most of a day picking out the wine for the occasion. The turkey was small and we laboured together to make this the best Christmas Dinner ever. . . .and it may well have been!

Later, on Christmas night, as we lay in our beds talking I knew that Bambi was more than a sister to me. She must never know. . . . my feelings could abrogate our agreement and end our friendship! I thought that night of the line in the poem, "The Cremation of Sam McGee" that went something like, ". . .a promise made is a debt unpaid."

Shortly before "Lights out" when Bambi left her bed to go to the bathroom, I noticed her female form . . .her long black hair shining in the dim light as it framed a the delicate features and creamy complexion of her face. Her shorty nightie momentarily moulded itself to her body as she moved from the bed. From behind her ass was exquisite . . .not the narrow ass of the fashion models but, rather, softly turned and proportioned, one that was very erotic and made for the sex act. In the few seconds before she passed into the bathroom I indulged myself and looked at her. ..I lusted after her! I had an erection! My sleep was disturbed that night. My dreams were troubled and they involved doing things with Bambi Lynn that I was pledged never to do.

Next morning I felt awkward and the warmth of our relationship was missing. It was my fault and I knew it. . .With every ounce of reserve that I could muster I forced myself to maintain my friendship with the lady who so sorely troubled me. By evening we were back on close, friendly terms and I worked to keep it that way for the rest of the school year.

It was Saturday morning in February and Bambi was ironing clothes as was her routine. What was not routine was that she was wearing one of my long shirts and panties as she worked. When she turned and bent to retrieve another article from the laundry tub I caught a momentary glance at the nicely rounded cheeks of her ass. The effect was a surge of lust that drove me out of the apartment and took six beers to work off at "The Den". Not only was my evening's studies ignored but my sleep was fitful and my mind sorely troubled.

During the day we maintained the brother and sister arrangement. . .even to agreeing on the parameters for the embrace and kiss on the cheek that had become our greeting as we returned to the apartment for the evening. Shortly after we had discussed the greeting I faced another crisis! As I returned from late classes, Bambi greeted me at the door. We embraced on the prescribed manner but the feeling was different. I felt her breasts against my ribs. The warmth of her body, was intoxicating and her thigh was positioned over my genital area. This combination of effects had the overall effect on me of an electric shock. When she delivered her peck on my cheek in the prescribed manner I felt her hot breath on my ear.

That night sleep came late. I pondered the situation between me and the roommate to whom I had given my pledge. The situation was becoming unbearable and I saw no solution. With each passing day I wanted Bambi more and more. I wanted all of her. . .! My biological makeup had made massive claims on her body - claims which had been totally subdued. I wanted her heart. . . .that inner self which I did not know if I'd even glimpsed and the friendship I had pledged blocked any claim I might have on this part of her being. I wanted her mind. . .her conscious thoughts and the power they might convey. Finally, with sleep came the dream, or was it a nightmare, as Bambi came into our embrace and my lust overcame my control. . . . .

As the school year came to a close, my mind was preoccupied and it was only my work earlier in the year that carried me through final examinations. My will power was exhausted and my pledge had become as a millstone dragging me down. Bambi's friendship, which I valued, was bound to suffer. It was two weeks before the close of the school term as we sat at dinner that I broached the idea that we should end our living together and go separate ways. We both needed to grow and get our lives back together. She had no idea what I was talking about and hell, I'd worked up a good case of 'horny' even talking to her. "If that's what you want Jake," she said.

If I could only tell her it was not what I wanted. It was her I wanted. But, I couldn't. To continue living as I had become was destroying me. I was pledged not to live otherwise with her. Parting seemed like the only way. For the next couple of days life was hollow and empty. . . I lived the routine and sleep, when it came, was troubled.
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