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All's Not Fair Ch. V
by J.J.


After our discussion over dinner and our agreement to part after the end of the school year, I began to put my life back together. I kept relations with Bambi as close to 'decent' as I could and still remain friends. I still valued Bambi's friendship. Of course, I moved with a perpetual hard on. Masturbation didn't help. . . .I did a lot of it!

It seemed like the more I tried to get her off my mind, the more things seemed to bring her in focus. . . .erotic things! In the evening, when I returned our embrace simply drove me to distraction. I could feel the warmth of her breasts and body against me and her leg between mine against my cock. One night her hot breath passed my ear and I had an instant erection. . . .I'm sure Bambi's leg felt the rising attraction on her leg which was between mine as we embraced. She never let on if she did. . . . A quick trip to the bathroom to masturbate did nothing to alleviate the condition.

Then came the night when she put on new sleep wear and I could see here entire body as she prepared for bed. It seemed to me that I was developing paranoia as I thought, "She surely must be doing this to entice me. No woman could excite a man like that by accident." That night I slept between wet sheets and my shorts carried my fluids through the night as I was too ashamed to repair the matter until Bambi had left the following morning. By evening the sheets had been washed and changed.

In the bathroom, one night, as I shaved Bambi came in to brush her teeth. As we passed as we had hundreds of times before I was sure that she had felt my ass and genitalia on purpose. The motions were too deliberate and too well co-ordinated to have been simple coincidence. "This paranoia is really getting to me," I thought as I dismissed the matter.

By Friday night, before the close of the school year, I was in a holding pattern until my beloved Bambi was out of my life and gone. I simply planned to wait until the immediate matter was resolved before starting a new life. My routine was my life.

When I returned to the apartment of Friday night and found Bambi's party for the two of us I steeled myself and carried myself well. If it were possible, I'd have loved Bambi Lynn even more for the party she had prepared. When we prepared for bed that night, her new 'red shortie nightee' was more than I could stand. I masturbated into a condom, under the covers, a manoeuvre that I had developed to prevent messes from ejaculations while in bed. Then, I rolled over and feigned sleep. Perhaps I slept. . . I really don't remember.

Then, it happened! I felt the covers raise and Bambi slid into the bed behind me. As she moved up against my back side I could feel her warmth. Her left hand was draped over my chest and her hot breath on my neck drove me wild. Unlike wild animals I could not react fast. I feigned sleep and my mind raced. "What the hell is going on," I though. "I want you. Before we part. . . . .!" she said and the rest was lost as the thought hit me.

Bambi had broken our covenant! It was then I heard, "Love me Jake." and I slowly and carefully considered the matter. I wasn't dreaming. . . . she was there. She had broken the covenant and she wanted to make love to me. I turned to meet her and our bodies came together.

That first time not the greatest sex in the world. I hurt her by my over eagerness as we joined. She tried to give me head but choked as she tried to deep throat me. We put elbows in each other's ribs. But! Lest it seem that I was disappointed, do not be deceived. What we lacked in experience we made up for with passion. What we lacked in physical skill we overcame with the newness of the event. We totally possessed each other. We exchanged heart, mind and soul. . . . .

When my time to reach a climax came I wanted only to plant my seed in the woman beneath me. When I felt the series of ejaculations commence I wanted only to leave some of me in her. . . .to grow and become another person. . . .that part didn't happen!

After my first orgasm that night, with my member, still embedded deep in Bambi Lynn and if it had have been selected tool steel it could not have brought a stronger bond between us. We talked. . . .about sensation, passion and emotions still new to both of us. We stirred occasionally to address our needs for wanton pleasure. By morning we had tried several new positions for sex and discussed the merits of each.

"Doggie fashion", "I just don't like it," Bambi said. As their store of experience accumulated so did their fatigue and when the sun had risen to cast it's rays into the bedroom, I got up and called into my work to report that for the first time in years, "I'd had a bad night and was unable to come to work." Everyone at work accepted the premise that I was sick. We never did get dressed that day. . . .simply wasn't necessary!

We talked of the future. By Saturday night our heads had cleared and the mountains of pent up lust had been spent. Life in the apartment had resumed the easy familiarity and friendly atmosphere that had prevailed shortly after Bambi Lynn had arrived. There had been time on Saturday afternoon for a return engagement but it was mostly just to prove our stamina, or, perhaps prove whose was stronger. Saturday night we prepared a spaghetti dinner without French bread and ate heartily. It was during this dinner that we decided there was no need to part ways at the end of the year - after all, the covenant had been broken and we laughed.

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