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A Nightmare In The Park
by English Bob

I hadn't been waiting long, when I saw Claire, my wife, appear from the door to our local Gym. She was dressed in sweats and combing back her long blonde hair that was still slightly damp from the shower. Her usual, placid expression, however was missing and had been replaced by a petulant, almost angry look. Oh God, I thought, and sighed deeply. What have I done now?

"What's wrong hon?" I asked quickly. "You look a little pissed!"

"Oh, it's nothing really, James. Just a couple of muscle girls bumped into me in the shower and started teasing me about my small figure! I've seen them before. It's no big deal, they just annoyed me that's all. Come on, let's go eat. I'm starving!"

As we left the Sports complex, arm in arm, I thought about what she had said. Although I had never seen these muscle girls personally, they had developed a bit of a reputation around the Gym, always ragging on some of the more petite female members, and generally making a bit of a nuisance of themselves. However, I didn't want to spoil the rest of the evening, and as Claire now seemed to have forgotten the incident, I too, put the thought out of my mind.

We walked towards our favourite bar for some food and a few drinks after our work-out. As usual, we were greeted like old friends by the bar owner, and after exchanging a few pleasantries, quickly made our way to a table in the corner. After ordering burgers and beer, we chatted idly while sipping the cool drinks. Within an hour we had finished the food, and not wanting to return home just yet, ordered another round of beer. I was just about to take a pull on my fresh drink, when I saw Claire's expression change visibly. I looked at my wife inquiringly.

"It's those bitches from the Gym," she whispered. "They're all sitting over by the bar!"

I looked in the direction that Claire had indicated and saw three well built females all drinking beer. They had obviously noticed us, because as they saw me look, they raised their glasses in mock salute and began laughing to each other. It would be hard to describe them as attractive, but you could also not claim them to be ugly. Two of them were brunettes, with one redhead. They all wore the same type of sweat pants as both Claire and myself, but with cut-off tops to show off their well muscled upper bodies. Not my cup of tea at all, I thought. I much preferred Claire's smaller physique and feminine curves.

"Just ignore them," I said, trying to sound casual. "We'll be leaving soon anyway."

The drinks took us another twenty minutes to finish, during which time we could hear the other girls laughing and joking. I was fairly certain that Claire, and possible myself, were the butt of their jokes. With the beer finally finished, we grabbed our gym bags, said a quick goodbye to the bar owner and left for the mile long walk home.

Outside, the night air was warm and muggy, and we were glad that we had not bothered with jackets or coats. I always enjoyed walking at this time of night. The stores were all closed and the streets silent. All that could be heard were our own footsteps on the concrete path. As we walked a little further, I slowly became aware that our footsteps were not the only ones I could hear. Claire must have heard them as well, because she held my arm a little tighter and increased the pace of her stride. Every time I looked back over my shoulder to see who was there, they had disappeared. It was almost like one of those cheap horror movies where the unknown assailant always vanishes as soon as the camera pans behind! No one's scared when it's a movie, but when it happens in real life it can be very uncomfortable, let me assure you!

Walking a little faster, we turned the corner that led to the park we have to cross to get home. As soon as we entered the park, our passage was blocked by a shadowy figure. It took just a second for us to recognise the figure as being one of the girls from the bar. I heard a voice behind me and span around. The other two girls were standing there, arms folded over their chests and blocking any kind of retreat.

"Well, well, well," laughed the brunette behind us. "Looks like we interrupted your romantic little stroll!"

Her voice dripped with sarcasm, causing the other two to join in her laughter

"Look, just get out of the way and let us continue home, OK?" I said, trying to sound as forceful as possible. They may have only been girls, but there was three of them and they were all extremely well built. I had no intention of causing a confrontation.

"But you haven't paid the toll yet!" said the tall redhead in front of us. She looked over at Claire who was still gripping my arm. "I think, maybe this little bitch could pay ME!"

The redhead quickly reached out for my wife's arm and tore her away from me. I was taken by surprise and tried to keep hold of her arm, but as my hands only found the warm night air, I felt strong arms behind me grip my shoulders and a knee crunch up into my groin. The pain was excruciating and I doubled over holding my balls. I must have blacked out for a few seconds, because the next thing I remember was being dragged with legs like jelly, towards a clearing in the trees. I looked up and saw that Claire was being bodily carried, kicking and screaming, by the redhead towards the same clearing.

Once these muscled women had reached their chosen destination, they threw me to the ground. My groin still ached painfully and my legs dangled limply beneath me, completely useless. As soon as I hit the ground, the two brunettes were on top of me, pinning me down. I felt unable to move and completely unable to assist my wife.

"There's no use screaming," said the redhead as she bundled Claire to the ground. "No one will hear you. We are completely secluded here!"

As if almost accepting her word, Claire immediately became silent and tried to concentrate her energies on struggling free of her captor. It was a futile task. The redhead would have been nearly twice my wife's weight, and much, much stronger. Claire was held down easily, as I was forced to look on helplessly.

"Let's see what the bitch has got under those sweats!" shouted brunette number one to her redhead friend, as she held me down. "We'll make sure this little prick doesn't get in the way!"

The redhead seemed to like the suggestion and I saw her lick her dry lips in anticipation. Sitting astride my wife's upper thighs, she roughly grabbed the baggy sweatshirt covering Claire's upper body and easily dragged it up over her head. All three women cheered as my wife's small, pale breasts came into view. Claire rarely needs to wear a bra and certainly never bothers after a work-out. Claire seemed to have almost given up struggling now as the redhead's hands went directly to the small pert globes.

"Damn! She's got small tits," laughed the redhead as she squeezed and pinched the nipples. Then turning her head towards me. "Not even enough for a good titty-fuck eh?"

"Stop this now! You fucking bitch!" I managed to scream out, only to find my nose pounded by a tight fist.

Oh, I've only just started!" she laughed back at me.

The two brunettes were obviously getting tired of sitting on me, because I suddenly felt some thin rope looped around my wrists, tying them securely behind my back and then attaching them to a fallen tree behind me. Happy to leave me sitting on the ground facing the centre of the clearing, and knowing that I was unable to escape, they both joined the redhead and assisted her in removing the rest of my wife's clothing. Already topless, and with sore nipples, the women lost no time in pulling off Claire's sneakers and ripping off her sweat pants. Beneath the pants, Claire had only thought to wear a tiny pair of bikini panties. In the gloom they looked very cute and sexy, with small yellow flowers patterning the white silk material. The muscle girls seemed to like them as well, as they all knelt to the sides of my wife to give me an unobstructed view.

Before stripping Claire of that last, flimsy garment, I saw them start to touch her body. There were hands everywhere; on her breasts and nipples, on her lips and in her hair and over the front of her panties. I soon realised, that as much as they were touching my wife, they were also touching themselves and each other. They were very proficient and I guessed that this was not the first time that they had done this.

Finally, all three pairs of hands were at Claire's panties. I head a loud ripping sound and then a cheer, as the tattered remains of the garment were torn away from her body, and tossed onto the grass. With Claire now completely nude, the two brunettes gripped her ankles and spread her legs as wide as they could. From my position, I was treated to a direct view of my wife's neatly trimmed pussy as it unfolded for the world to see. I was shocked to see small spots of moisture forming on her well displayed inner lips. Was this still perspiration from the earlier work-out, or could it be traces of excitement? The thought that my wife might actually be ENJOYING this situation, had my mind in a complete turmoil. The idea that she was becoming excited was also having an effect on my body. I was starting to get a hard-on!

As the brunettes were holding Claire's legs wide open, the redhead was fishing about in her bag. With a shout of triumph, she shuffled quickly back to the others, holding aloft what looked like the largest vibrator I had ever seen! As she bent down between Claire's legs, she flicked the switch and the long, fake cock, buzzed into life.

"You're gonna love this honey." cooed the redhead as she waved the instrument in front of Claire. I had it up my own cunt earlier, so it's all warmed up for ya!"

I watched Claire tremble slightly as the thick head of the vibrator was slowly lowered towards her gaping hole. It was obvious that she had given up any ideas about struggling free, and just seemed to accept the fate that awaited her. Claire gasped out loud as the vibrator entered her vagina. I could hear the buzzing sound drop in tone and knew from the way it slid gracefully inside her that she was now producing a large amount of pre-orgasmic fluid. My cock grew another notch as I watched my wife being fucked by the vibrator. This was crazy. My darling Claire was being virtually raped by three women and a vibrator and I was getting turned on! This could not be happening!

My wife groaned and sighed as the instrument was thrust in and out of her rapidly lubricating vagina. I was certain now that she was in no way protesting as I saw her lift her hips towards the invading toy, trying to get even more of it's solid length inside her. As the redhead thrust the vibrator, brunette number one ripped off her own top and cupped one of her large tits in her hand.

Moving quickly up alongside my wife's naked body, she thrust the large globe towards Claire's mouth. I knew that Claire had been involved in a lesbian affair at school, but was unaware that she had experimented further since then. Regardless of this, and probably due somewhat to her nearing orgasm, Claire immediately drew the brunettes long nipple deep into her mouth and began sucking greedily on it. The brunette moaned loudly as Claire sucked on her nipple and quickly thrust her hand down the front of her own sweat pants, fingering herself vigorously. My wife and the brunette came almost simultaneously; Claire bucking her hips as she took the entire length of the vibrator deep into her soaked snatch. The other woman shuddered and moaned, pulling down the front of her sweats and panties as she thrust three fingers deep into her wet pussy.

With Claire recovering on the grassy floor, The redhead turned her attention to me. She appeared to be the ringleader, whilst the other two looked similar enough to be sisters.

"We've seen what your little wife's got in her pants, now we want to see what's in yours!" she said with a wicked laugh.

I was still sitting on the ground, securely tied to the tree as the redhead approached. Without warning she reached down to my legs and quickly ripped off my sweat pants and running shoes. My underwear quickly followed, as to my shame, my erect penis popped into view.

"He's already hard! Look!" Cried the redhead.

Disgusted with myself for betraying my excitement in such a way, I turned my head so as not to look at them. I was sure, that after what had happened to Claire, I could stand a little ridicule. Hopefully, after they had seen enough to make them laugh, they would be on their way and we could go home. I realised that my hopes would not come to pass, as the tall, redhead, now kneeling in front of me, stripped off her top and pushed her voluptuous breasts against my seven inches of erect meat. Both the brunette's followed her lead and I was treated to the sight of another two pairs of large breasts. I felt a surge of pleasure as my cock sank between the redhead's warm, inviting tit-flesh as she squeezed the mounds around my penis. Her nipples felt exquisite as she let them rub gently up and down the shaft as she manipulated her breasts over my hardness. Suddenly the lights went out as the two other women pressed their naked tits against my face. Never had I experienced so much warm, sensitive tit-flesh as I sank my face into it. I sucked nipple after nipple into my mouth, nibbling and biting gently as they urged me on with their cries of lust.

Every now and then, their heavy breasts would part long enough for me to see what was going on. The two brunettes had both pulled their pants down to their knees and were masturbating each other furiously as I sucked their tits. I heard the familiar buzzing of the vibrator as I looked down to see the redhead slowly push the entire length into her soaked vagina while continuing to tit-fuck me hard and fast. But the last sight boggled my mind completely. Claire, now obviously recovered, was kneeling and watching. Her fingers were slipping quickly in and out of her open pink pussy and her other hand was squeezing and pinching her small erect nipples. As her fingers dipped in and out of her vagina, I saw them emerge wet and glistening as she shuddered into another powerful orgasm.

The three women around me were also sighing and moaning loudly as their masturbation session reached an inevitable peak. The sisters were first, squeezing my head to their ample bosom's tightly as their respective climax's shook their well built bodies. Finally, the redhead, whose tits were still wrapped delightfully around my throbbing shaft, let out a high pitched squeal and grasped my rod tightly in her hand. I felt her whole body convulse with the vibrator still humming inside her cunt, as she bent her trembling shoulders towards my bruised groin and sucked my entire length into her mouth.

The sensations that I experienced at that point are hard to describe, suffice to say that at that point I completely lost control of my senses. Jerking my hips forward, I thrust my hard cock between the large mounds of her chest and straight into her mouth. She squealed again but her voice was immediately cut off by an enormous jet of my semen that surged into her mouth. She tried to swallow, but I was now thrusting my hips upwards and emptying my seed down her throat in wave after wave of pure ecstasy. The vast quantity was obviously too much and I could see dribbles of thick, white cum seep from the corners of her mouth and drip obscenely over her chin. I felt exhausted and totally spent as my softening prick slipped from between her lips and she swallowed the last of my cum.

As the three women began to dress themselves, Claire scooted over towards me and wrapped her arms around my waist. There were none of the expected tears from my wife, just a look of fulfillment as she silently cuddled up to me. I looked up. Our three assailants had vanished into the night without another word to us. After reminding Claire that I needed to have my hands released, I briefly wondered if we would encounter the muscle girls ever again.

- The End -

* * * * *

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