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A Nice Job
by Wanda

Debbie was thrilled. Finally a job that offered a great pay. She was going to waitress at a private party tonight at a hotel suite. She had hesitated at first. Her girlfriend May told her it was a very private part, the servers were all going to be highly paid. There were only women servers and the party was going to be all men. Debbie asked why the pay was so good and May told her that they wanted girls 18-25 only with big tits and that if she let any guest play with her tits then she would make a ton of money in tips. Debbie hesitated till Mary told her there is no fucking allowed unless she gave a man the privilege. That sounded fair to Debbie so she was excited and horny thinking about strangers playing with her 36C breasts.

At 8 pm she was finally ready. She wore a black mini skirt with garters and stockings - all in black. she wore a thong and high heels. Her blouse was a tight button front white sheer silk number and she wore glossy lipstick and was on her way.

She met May at the hotel suite. A head waiter checked out the clothes they were wearing as well as those of the other 8 or so girls and made some of them take their bras off those who wore one and came. Pants were not allowed. Most of the girls were wearing button front blouses with a few halter tops and bikini tops and all wore short skirts and high heels.

The party began at 9pm. The men were dressed formally and expensively. Debbie began serving them drinks and was soon propositioned by every single man there. Finally a big Italian caught her attention and she went over to him. He offered her $10. She cleared the space on the table in front of him and sat on it, put her legs on either side of his chair and opened her legs wide. leaning back on her elbows she said rip my panties off. he complies easily. and soon was looking at her wet shaved pussy. she told him to part her pussy lips and take a good look which he did. a few men came over to watch and paid her $10 just for the privilege. The Italian parted her pussy lips and stared for a long time - finally she said bend down and give me one lick - slowly- from the bottom of my hole to the top of my clit. mmmmmm it felt so good he had a big thick wet tongue. she thanked him and took the money and set his drink in front of him again.

Another man wanted to fuck her but she wasn't ready for that so she declined. Meanwhile she saw May was busy giving a man a blow job. Some of the other girls were already fucking, more money in it she guessed. Soon she had let 5 men suck her tits for $10 and was busy letting 2 men suck them. She tried to get up but they paid her more money so she sat down again. After that she let one man rub her ass and kiss it. Another wanted to lick her asshole so she let him do that as well. AS the evening progressed she let different men touch her and fondle her and gave about 6 blow jobs. finally she had made about $1000 and was ready to fuck.

She was propositioned by a big Texan. He was strong and from the looks of his bulge he looked big. She smiled her acquiescence and led him to a table. There she cleared it and lay down and spread her legs. He dove in to lick her pussy furiously. A small group gathered to watch and everyone threw $10 on her breasts through her now open blouse. After the Texan made her very wet and close o cumming, she took out his massive cock and shoved it into her in one hard thrust. Debbie's hips came off the table with the force of his thrust. AS he started moving in and out of her, she could not believe the way he stretched her- he was definitely the thickest cock that has ever fucked her pussy. mmmmmm this was going to be worth every cent of the $100 he was paying her she decided. mmmm he banged her and rammed her so hard that she cried out in ecstacy. mmmmmm felt so good to be used that way. pretty soon she was cumming and screaming. the Texan kept pounding her little pussy making her breasts jump and shake. finally he pulled out after her 2nd cum and spewed hot cum on her belly. she was still laying there spread-eagled when 3 other men paid her the $100 and waited their turn.

And so began a night of 9 other men pounding her pussy really hard and making her ride them while her breasts danced in their faces and May coming over to lick her clean of cum and a man pound her pussy from behind.

She walked away with close to $3000 in tips plus her pay.

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