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A New Life
by Wendy

This is going to be the start of my new life, Sandra said to herself as she walked towards the large office building for her first interview in nearly fifteen years.

She was beginning to get nervous as she approached the revolving front door. Her husband had died about a year ago, and she felt it was time to get a job and make her own way in the world. She was left with two daughters Sonia 15, and Tina 13. Sandra had told them if she got this job, they would have to look after themselves when they got in from school as she would be in the office until 5 o'clock.

She went to the reception desk and asked for Maria Timken, the lady who was doing the interviews, she was sent to the sixth floor, office 21. Sandra was more nervous as she waited with many other applicants for her name to be called. She was thinking that a women of her age, 36, should have grow out of being nervous by now. Sandra heard her name being called and stood up smoothing out her skirt and was shown into the interview room.

Maria Timken met her at the door, they shook hands, Maria smiling pleasantly, "Sit down," she said pointing to a chair in front of the desk. Maria shut the door behind Sandra and watched her walk across the room and sit on the chair. Maria was impressed with the way she carried herself, she was looking for a personal assistant, and that person had to look good as well as being able to do the job. She was conservatively dressed, Maria noted, hiding a curvaceous body. She had nice legs also, and wore good perfume, she was the best candidate so far she thought. Sandra looked up as Maria sat down at her desk opposite her. Sandra estimated that she was probably about 46, slightly overweight, dark hair, like her own, quite fashionable clothes, her smile and manner soon had Sandra at ease and the interview seemed to go very well, the odd laugh was a good sign.

Maria ended the interview and walked to the door and let Sandra out, "I'll be in touch I have your phone number," she smiled again, shook Sandra's hand. As Sandra left the building she mentally went back over the meeting and thought it had gone very well. Maria was a nice lady and she hoped she would get the job as she thought they might be good friends as well as working together.

Over a week went by Sandra had almost given up on the job and was looking elsewhere, when a phone call came from Maria telling her that she had the job if she wanted it. Sandra could hardly contain her excitement and instantly accepted the offer. Maria told her to start the following Monday morning at 9 o'clock.

Sandra arrived on time having got the girls off to school. Maria showed her around the office, she met the other people she would be working with, three women and two men. Maria explained that she would have a desk in the big office along with the others, they worked for a different department, and that Sandra worked for her alone. Maria took Sandra into her office and they had coffee and chatted about all sorts of things. Maria gave Sandra some work to do, arrange an out of town engagement and a hotel etc. The day seemed to go very well for Sandra, Maria seemed very pleased with her.

The week flew bye on Friday afternoon Maria called Sandra into the office, "Sit down," she said. "I think we are getting to know each other very well now, and I know you won't mind if I ask you to dress a little differently."

Sandra smiled, "How would you like me to dress?" she asked looking at her boss.

Maria smiled back and said, "Well, I think you have a good figure and you should wear slightly more fashionable outfits. You look good in what you wear now, It's just that I would like to see you dress a little daring perhaps, and less conservative, I hope you don't mind me saying this."

Sandra said, "No, I don't mind you saying at all. I'm pleased that you have - I will see what I can find to wear in future."

Maria looked pleased. "Will you be able to accompany me on the occasional trip? It's never more than a one night stop over," Maria asked.

"If you can give me a little warning so I can arrange something for my girls, I would like to join you," Sandra replied.

"Good, that's all sorted then. Enjoy your weekend!" Maria said.

That weekend Sandra sorted out some clothes, it was a long time since she even thought about dressing sexily, since being married and not working she had never thought of dressing in showy clothes. She had bought a couple of suits both with fairly short skirts, and a pair of high-heeled shoes. That should look good, she thought, Maria is bound to approve.

Monday morning arrived and a very different Sandra walked into her office, she could feel the eyes on her as she passed by the men. She got a few friendly wolf whistles from the men she shared her office with. Maria came in, "Wow, you look different," Maria said with genuine admiration.

"Thank you," Sandra replied with a smile. During the day the men seemed to pass by Sandra's desk more than they used to, Sandra thought, then she looked down at her lap and could see what the men could see. The hem of her skirt had ridden up her thighs and her stocking tops were showing, Sandra had began wearing them as they made her feel sexy again, and she was beginning to enjoy the attention she was getting. She didn't bother to pull her skirt down she left her stockings on display.

Maria called her into her office, "You look very sexy," she said, "I see the men in your office have noticed your stocking tops," she added smiling broadly.

"I like wearing them," Sandra said.

"Can you stop behind one evening?" Maria asked.

"Yes," replied Sandra, "Which evening did you have in mind?"

"Will tomorrow be alright?" Maria asked.

"Yes, that's okay, what did you want me to do?" asked Sandra.

"I will tell you then," Maria replied mysteriously with a big smile.

The next day Sandra wore her second new suit and again got a lot of admiring glances, the shorter skirts she was wearing showed of her shapely legs to good effect. Sandra worked through the day, a couple of times in Maria's office Sandra noticed Maria watching her every movement. She smiled to herself, well she did ask me to dress sexily, she thought. Later as everyone left her office Sandra went into see Maria.

"What would you like me to do?" Sandra asked. Maria got up from her desk, "Has everyone gone," she asked as she walked to the door. "Yes the office is empty," Sandra answered. Maria locked the door, Sandra turned as she heard the sound of the lock.

"I find you very sexy," Maria said before Sandra could speak. "I want to get to know you more intimately, in fact I want us to be lovers," Maria moved in closer to Sandra and kissed her on the lips.

Sandra was frozen to the spot this was something she had not expected. Maria continued kissing Sandra and was soon kissing her neck Sandra began to protest but Maria put her hand to Sandra's mouth and kissed her neck some more. Sandra was not sure what to do or how far this would go. Marie was now undoing the buttons of Sandra's blouse, she tried to prevent her, Maria brushed away her efforts and soon had her blouse undone.

Maria pulled her blouse open wide and placed her hands on Sandra's breast's and squeezed them lightly, "You have a beautiful body, I have wanted you from the first time I saw you," Maria said. She put her hands around behind Sandra's back and unfastened her bra, and then slipping the cups upwards she lowered her head and sucked on one nipple while pinching the other between thumb and forefinger. Sandra sucked in a large amount of air and sighed deeply, it had been a long time since she had these feelings of arousal. Maria reached down with both hands and grabbed the hem of Sandra's skirt and pulled it up around her waist.

She stepped back to admire the scene, "God, you do look damn sexy," she remarked. She looked at Sandra's white suspenders pulled tight over her thighs holding up her tan stockings and her little white panties. Maria could contain herself no longer, she roughly pushed Sandra face down over her deck, she grabbed Sandra's panties from behind and tugged them down to her knees then buried her face into Sandra's ass.

Maria's tongue licked between Sandra's legs up and up over her asshole as well, then reaching round her hands probing Sandra's bush and found her clit. Sandra was soon squealing loudly as she reached her first orgasm in a long time. Maria's tongue and exploring fingers drove Sandra to more orgasms, Maria's free hand was up under her own skirt violently rubbing her own clit and thrusting fingers up her cunt. She to soon orgasmed loudly sinking her teeth into Sandra's buttock making Sandra scream with the sudden pain. Maria collapsed on the floor and slowly recovered from her efforts.

Sandra stood up and went and sat in Maria's chair and recovered from her numerous orgasms. Maria looked up," I did enjoy that so much," she said, Sandra smiled lazily back. "You will have to shave your pubic hair off it is hard on my tongue," Maria added and they both laughed. Eventually they both stood up and re-arranged their clothes, " We must do this again, what do you think Sandra," asked Maria," Did you enjoy it?" she asked. "Oh yes," Sandra replied," you are very good with that tongue of yours, I have not had an orgasm like that for a long time". They left the building together saying a cheery goodnight to the security man, and went home.

The next morning Maria and Sandra exchanged knowing smiles as they met in the big office. Maria and Sandra had lunch together in Maria's office, they talked about different things but inevitably the conversation got to the events of last night. "I loved seeing you in your sexy undies last night," Maria said, "When can we do that again?" Sandra had a think, "Thursday after work, that will give me chance to arrange things with my girls," she said. "Oh good, I will get some sexy clothes I would like you to dress up in," Maria said happily. The next few days went bye and Thursday came.

"Can't wait to get my hands on you later," Maria said in passing to Sandra, making her blush. When everyone had gone Maria came out of her office, "Go into the ladies toilets and put these on, leave your clothes there, you can wear your shoes, and come back here," Maria said to Sandra giving her a small bag. Sandra walked down the corridor into the toilets. She took off all of her clothes and put them on the bench, she picked up the small bag and took out the clothes. She picked up the frilly lace black suspender belt and fastened it around her waist, then she pulled on the black stockings and attached them to her suspenders. She picked up the frilly black panties and pulled them up covering her newly shaved pussy, all that was left was a short baby doll nightie.

Sandra put it on over her head it was black but see through her tits were pushing out the flimsy material her nipples clearly visible. She stepped into her shoes then peered around the door and looked down the corridor, no one was there so she stepped out and walked back into the main office. Maria was sat on an empty desk and let out an exclamation as she saw Sandra. "God, you look fantastic, so sexy, walk up and down a bit let me enjoy this," she said enthusiastically. Sandra walked up and down starting to feel guite turned on herself. Maria watched Sandra with growing excitement her right hand up under her skirt rubbing her pussy through her panties. Maria loved the way Sandra's tits jiggled and bounced under the see through top, and the suspenders stretching over her thighs. Sandra came back towards her, she stopped, Maria stood in front of her and slowly slid her hands up under the baby doll top and gently cupped Sandra's tits. She squeezed them and then rolled each nipple between thumb and forefinger, Sandra moaned with pleasure.

Maria lifted Sandra's top up and lowered her head and sucked on her hardened nipples chewing them gently, Sandra was loving the attention her tits were getting. Maria placed her hand on Sandra's panties and slid it down and gently rubbed her pussy through the material, Sandra moaned more loudly now. Maria slid her hand inside the leg of Sandra's panties, she smiled when she found smoothly shaved pussy lips which were very wet and invitingly open. She ran a finger over Sandra's pussy and found her clit, rubbing it gently whilst sucking on a nipple at the same time. Sandra was heading for her first orgasm. Maria took Sandra's panties down around her ankles and had her sit on the edge of the empty desk. Maria made her lie out on the desktop, taking Sandra's panties off and lifting her legs up and looking at Sandra's lovely shaved pussy.

Maria pushed Sandra's legs wide apart and planted her mouth on her pussy and sucked and licked it, teasing her clit flicking her tongue over it bringing Sandra to another orgasm. Maria's tongue was licking along Sandra's ass and up into her pussy. Maria licked her ass some more, it made Sandra wriggle about on the desktop, she was flicking her tongue around Sandra's asshole then she tried to push the tip of her tongue inside. Sandra was wriggling more and more as Maria's tongue continued to tease her ass, Maria managed to get Sandra's ass to open a little and she flicked the tip of her tongue in and out. Sandra was moaning and wriggling as Maria got more of her tongue into her ass, then Maria licked a couple of her fingers and slid them into Sandra's ass. Sandra's body shook and she cried out as Maria sunk her fingers in and was twisting them from side to side as she eased them in and out. Maria went back to sucking and licking Sandra's pussy as well as fucking her ass and Sandra had numerous orgasms. Eventually they both exhausted themselves and stopped to rest and recover.

Neither spoke for a while, then Maria watched as Sandra got slowly up from the desktop, "Did you enjoy that as much as I did," Maria asked.

Sandra looked at Maria with a big grin on her flushed face, "You know how to excite me and you give me such fantastic orgasm's, I am pleased I came to work here," Sandra said.

"I'm looking forward to our first out of town seminar which is coming up soon, we can share a hotel room and play all night," Maria said.

Sandra smiled broadly, "When is it I can't wait," she asked enthusiastically.

"It's next week, Monday I think, I will let you know in the morning," Maria answered. "I really must dash I have a few errands to do on the way home," Maria said, "Do you mind if I leave you to get dressed alone".

Sandra had picked up her black panties, "You go," she said to Maria.

"I won't be long I will go and get dressed, see you in the morning." Maria left the office and Sandra went back along the corridor to the toilets. She quickly got dressed, she left on the black suspenders and stockings, she took off the baby doll nightie and put on her blouse, she purposefully left off her bra, she was feeling good. She pulled on the black panties and her skirt, and pushed the other clothes into the bag and went out of the door.

She walked out of the office and down the hall into the lift, she pushed the button for the ground floor. She got out of the lift and walked towards the big front door, the security guard was the usual guy, Sandra noted, he was a 6-3 black guy, a body builder Sandra thought, he was huge. He was stood in front of the doors and watched her walk towards him.

"Good evening," he said, "Been working late," he had a big grin on his face.

"Yes," replied Sandra. "Would you come into the office please, I have to check your bag, there has been a few things going missing," he said continuing to smile.

"I have not got anything that I shouldn't have," Sandra said indignantly. "It won't take long to check then will it," he said holding the door open into the security office. Sandra went inside, this was part of the building she had never seen. There was a big bank of monitors on the far wall with pictures from security cameras from all over the office block. "Can I see your bag please," Albert said, Sandra saw his name on his I.D.

She lifted her bag up onto the table, Albert was still smiling, "It isn't funny, I don't have anthing that doesn't belong to me," Sandra said. "You don't usually work late, did you have something important to do," he asked still smiling. He reached into Sandra's bag before she had chance to answer. The first thing he pulled out was the baby doll nightie. "This is pretty," he commented smiling at Sandra who was rapidly turning bright red.

Then he pulled out her bra and then the panties she had worn to work that morning. He looked at Sandra and said, "Look at the monitor in the top right hand corner," as he pushed a button on his control panel. Sandra looked in total surprise as she watched herself walking out of the ladies toilets and down the corridor in her black undies and baby doll nightie. "You look very sexy, don't you think, a red blooded man like me gets really turned on seeing things like that," he said rubbing the bulge in the front of his trousers.

Sandra face was bright red with embarrassment as she watched herself go into the office. "The only other person in the building is Maria Timken, I wonder what you and her were doing, in the office together," he asked. He speeded up the video and this time she watched herself come out of the office but carrying her black panties this time, the baby doll nightie not covering the fact she had a very red shaven pussy. Sandra put her head in her hands and said softly, "What happens now." Albert smiled even more, "This could be our secret, no one need know, you just have to look after my needs now and again," he answered. "What sort of needs did you have in mind," Sandra asked.

"You are the cause of this," he said, rubbing the bulge in his trousers. "I think you ought to take care of it, at least," he smiled. "You are not fucking me," Sandra said. "Your pussy is probably to sore, but you can at least get to know my cock in other ways," he said starting to undo his trousers. Sandra watched as he took his trousers off then gasped in amazement as his cock sprung into view. "He's a beauty don't you think," as he wanked it slowly his big hand just meeting around it's girth. Sandra stared at the enormous black head as he moved nearer to her.

He reached out and began to undo Sandra's blouse, she brushed his hands away, "Now, now," he said, and undid some more buttons, Sandra let him this time. He parted her blouse and admired her tits before his big black hands were covering them kneading them and pinching the nipples. Sandra winced as he pinched her nipples harder, "Still a bit sore from earlier are they," Albert asked, Sandra nodded. He slowly pushed Sandra down onto her knees on the floor and pulled her head towards his enormous cock. It looked even bigger to Sandra the nearer she got to it, Albert pushed the tip to her lips and she licked it tasting his juices. She opened her mouth as he pushed it up against her, pulling her head towards it at the same time.

The black head forced Sandra's mouth wide open and slowly disappeared inside. Sandra thought she would choke, as it was very long as well as fat and soon hit the back of her throat. Albert was soon making growling noises as he slowly fucked Sandra's mouth. He pulled it right out for Sandra to lick and suck it then he pushed it back in and was fucking her mouth harder this time. He let out a low roar and a huge jet of cum hit the back of Sandra's mouth, then another and another, she couldn't swallow fast enough a lot dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin and dripped onto her tits and ran down her cleavage.

"That was great," he said, "You could get quite good at this with some more practice."

"Just how often do you think this is going to happen," Sandra asked sternly.

"Oh, just every now and again," he answered vaguely.

"I want that tape," Sandra demanded, standing up trying to wipe the cum of her chin. Albert put his trousers back on and retrieved the videotape and gave it to Sandra. She was doing her blouse up and noticed wet cum spots appearing on the front. She grabbed up her things and put them in her bag along with the tape. "Can I go now," she asked.

"Yes, thank for your co-operation," he smiled broadly, "Until the next time," he added. Sandra left still tasting his cum, and went home, thinking about his enormous cock.

The next day Sandra pondered whether to tell Maria what had happened with Albert, but by the time she got to the office she had decided not to. Maria came in and confirmed that the conference was indeed Monday and they had a hotel booked, Sandra was now thinking ahead to a sexy night with Maria. The day went by and Sandra said goodbye to Maria and said she would see her on Monday. Sandra left the office and was heading for the main door, Albert was again on duty he stood in his office doorway. As she drew nearer he beckoned her to him, "I want you to come to this address tomorrow morning," he said smiling at her. Sandra was a little surprised at his invitation.

"Why," she asked.

Albert looked her up and down, "I would like to have some more FUN with you," he said. "I don't think I can make it, I have a lot of things to do," she lied. "I think you ought to turn up," he replied, "I have a copy of the video, I'm sure you wouldn't like it to get into the wrong hands," he said smiling once again. Sandra was shocked to hear this, she turned and started to walk away. "Think about it, and don't be late," he added.

Sandra went through the door into the street," What did he want," Maria said as she caught up with Sandra. "Oh, he took a message for me," Sandra answered, saying the first thing that came into her head. "See you Monday," Sandra said and went to get her bus. All the way home she was wondering what to do, she didn't want the video to get about, or to implicate her boss Maria and end up loosing her job.

Saturday morning Sandra told her daughters she had to go to work for a while she did not now what time she would be back, but it wouldn't be late. She dressed in her usual office attire and looked at the address Albert had given her. She caught a bus that would take her there, she was feeling rather awkward and nervous, she found herself thinking about Albert huge cock which sent a little shiver of excitement down her back. She got of the bus and found she had a short walk to the address counting down the house numbers as she passed. them.

Albert must have been watching for her, Sandra thought as he was stood in the doorway as she approached. "Welcome," he said, "I knew you would come," he added smiling again. Sandra went inside as Albert held the door open for her. "I have been having lots of dreams about you," he said, "I hope you don't think this is going to be a short stay, I want you to spend the whole day here". Sandra looked at her watch, it was only 9.30 am. He took her through to the back sitting room there were patio doors, which led into the garden. It was nice and warm and sunny outside. "The kitchen is out there," Albert said taking Sandra's coat and handbag. "You can make us both a coffee," he said ushering her towards the door.

Sandra glared at him but said nothing and dutifully went and poured them both a coffee. She gave Albert his and they both sat down Albert in one chair Sandra sat opposite in another. As they drank Albert looked up, "Do you have stockings and suspenders on," he asked. Sandra blushed at his question and nodded in reply. "Pull your skirt up a little so I can see," he told her. Sandra was very embarrassed but did as he said pulling the hem up a little so he could see her stocking tops. "That's lovely," he said, "I can feel my cock stirring all ready," he added. They finished their coffee,

"Where is the toilet," Sandra asked, Albert directed her upstairs and she left the room. When she came back Albert stood up, "You have too many clothes on," he commented. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took it of Sandra thought about protesting but knew it would be futile. He took her blouse off and looked at her tits bulging out of the curs of her black bra.

"What a beautiful sight," he said admiringly. Then he unfastened her skirt and it fell to the floor, Sandra stepped out if it. Albert sat down and looked her up and down, she looked so sexy in black suspenders and stockings, with lacy black panties and her high-heeled shoes. "Turn right round slowly," he ordered, Sandra felt embarrassed but did as he said, Albert enjoying it the show rubbing his cock through his jogging pants. Albert stood up and went over to her he slackened the shoulder straps of her bra a little then slowly eased each tit out of it's cup and tucked the cup underneath to hold her tits up and out.

"That is fantastic," he said, "You have a good body," he added as he lightly pinched both her nipples making them hard and Sandra wince a little. She felt quite awkward letting this man do these things to her but she knew she could do nothing about it. He had her walk around the room and he watched as her tits jiggle and bounced as she went. "Come here and undress me," he ordered. She obediently went towards him and took hold of his jersey and pulled it off over his head. He was naked to the waist, she took hold of the elastic waist of his jogging pants and pulled them down a little, his cock suddenly bounced out over the top of his pants it was almost erect and surprised Sandra.

She pulled them down around his ankles and he stepped out of them, he was totally naked now. He slowly began wanking his huge cock, Sandra thought it was even bigger than she remembered it. He sat back in the chair, "Come and place your lovely mouth around my cock," he said. Sandra bent over in front of him and lowered her head and licked the tip of Albert tool.

He sighed, "Oh you do that so well," he murmured. Sandra remembered the taste as she sucked the huge head between her lips and took as much of it in as she could. Sucking and licking it faster now, she thought if she got him to cum quickly she would soon be allowed to go home. "Stand up and turn round," he said, Sandra did, she felt him take hold of her panties and tug them down he made her lift her feet so he could take them off.

"Bend right over," he ordered, Sandra did so slowly. "Open your legs," he said, Sandra opened them a little. "More, go on wider," he ordered. Sandra legs were wide open albert leaned forward in his seat, Sandra felt his hot breath on her pussy then he grabbed her hips and licked along the length of her pussy darting his tongue between her pussy lips into her cunt, Sandra sighed. She could feel her body beginning to respond to his tongue, he noticed, "There," he said, " I knew you would soon start to enjoy it, I love the taste of your juices," he said and went back to tongue lashing her clit. Sandra could feel how wet her pussy had become, his tongue was now licking up over her asshole.

Albert noticed how this made her twitch and wriggle so he attacked it some more, and soon had the tip of his tongue in her asshole. Sandra was wriggling as he forced his tongue right inside. He removed his tongue and pushed her forward as he stood up. He led her over to the table and made her bend face first over it, then lifting Sandra left foot up placed it on the table as well. Sandra's legs were so wide apart if it was not for the table she would have fallen over. Albert moved in behind her, she felt his cock nuzzle up to her pussy lips then he slowly leaned forward forcing the tip of his cock opening her pussy slowly it slid inside she gasped as it's huge girth stretched her pussy lips wide and relentlessly sank deeper and deeper.

He was soon right up to the hilt his balls were getting squashed between them, Sandra had never been so full of cock and he began to fuck her slowly at first then faster and more violently. She soon had her first orgasm shrieking loudly. Albert continued fucking her then he licked one of his huge fingers and slowly worked it into her ass. Sandra instantly shrieked and wriggled, Albert fucked her harder and she soon orgasmed again. He slid another finger alongside the first stretching Sandra asshole, she wriggled her bum and Albert slid his fingers in and out fucking her ass with them. He tried ti slide in a third finger, Sandra started to protest loudly, Albert slammed his cock hard into her pussy and managed to slide the third finger in at the same time. Sandra was bucking about on the table shaking her head violently from side to side. Albert pulled his cock out of her pussy and guided the tip towards her ass, and as he pulled his fingers out he pushed the tip of his cock into the wide-open orifice. Sandra screamed out as Albert's cock stretched her ass way beyond what it was used to, he kept up a steady pressure and watched as the head slowly slid in. Sandra's ass gradually stretched wider and wider to accept it's huge girth then suddenly it slid in without any more resistance.

Albert sank it further and further inside, until he reached the limit, "God you have a tight ass, and it's hot in there," he said and slowly began sliding it in and out fucking Sandra's ass. Sandra moaned and shook as he fucked her faster and faster pumping her ass full with his huge cock. She felt his cock suddenly explode inside her jet after jet of his hot cum shower her insides. He stopped and left his cock in her ass, she could feel it slowly shrink in size. He eventually slid it out of Sandra's ass and watched as some of his cum oozed out and ran down the back of her thigh. He went and sat back down, Sandra thankfully returned her left leg to the floor she was beginning to get cramp in it, she stood up and felt my cum run down her legs, she went off to the toilet to clean up. She returned to the room her tits still hanging out of the top of her bra and only stockings, suspenders and high-heeled shoes on.

She was surprised and shocked, as she entered the room, there was two other black guy's sat there as well as Albert. She turned and walked back out very quickly Albert followed and grabbed her arm and dragged her back into the room." These are friends of mine," he said, "don't be rude they want to meet you". Sandra was very angry but she knew she was in a fix. She was introduced to Jess and Kevin. They were looking her up and down admiringly.

They moved apart on the sofa and made Sandra sit in the middle. Albert, still naked, watched as first Kevin started playing with Sandra's tits, she tried to stop him, but he was persistent and Albert wagged his finger at her so she meekly submitted. Jess to was playing with Sandra's tits, then Kevin took out his cock and took Sandra's hand and placed it on his cock. Sandra wanked it slowly, then jess took his cock out and Sandra soon had hold of that one as well.

Albert was playing with his cock as he watched, Kevin placed a hand on Sandra'a leg and pulled it towards him opening her thighs and giving Albert, sat opposite, a good view of Sandra's pussy. Jess did the same with Sandra's other leg her thighs wide apart Kevin was first to beginning playing with her pussy. Then Sandra was roughly pulled onto Kevin's lap Jess lifted her a little so Kevin could direct his cock to Sandra's pussy and then she was pushed down to sit on Kevin's lap his cock buried deep inside her. She was pleased it wasn't as big as Albert's wasn't. She was being bounced up and down on Kevin's cock and hands were playing with her tits at the same time.

She was then pulled onto the floor on her back Kevin lifted Sandra's legs over on top of her, her knees either side of her head. Jess knelt on the floor and looked at her wide-open pussy and slid his cock in and proceded to give Sandra a real good fucking. She had a couple of orgasms, then Albert said, "She likes it up the ass, you know". Sandra didn't want to hear that.

Jess soon slid his cock out of Sandra's pussy and rubbed it up and down over her asshole and then pushed it in. Sandra winced as he buried it deep than he was fucking her ass quite roughly. Kevin said it was his turn now and Jess pulled out of her ass and they changed places, Jess was holding Sandra's legs whilst Kevin shoved his cock up Sandra's ass and began shagging her. Albert was loving the sex show, "Lets fuck her out in the garden," he suggested, they all agreed. Kevin and Jess got up as Albert opened the patio doors, "Get on your hands and knees," Albert said to Sandra.

Jess and Kevin were out in the garden, "Crawl outside," Albert ordered Sandra, she duly craled slowly out through the patio doors, she hoped the neighbours didn't see her. Kevin was first to crouch behind her when she had reached the middle of the lawn, He shoved his cock up her pussy and carried on fucking her, then after a while he slid his cock out of her cunt and straight up her ass shagging her some more." She might like a sandwich fuck," Albert said. Jess lay on his back as Kevin pulled his cock out of Sandra. He made her crawl over the top of Kevin until she was looking straight him.

Sandra was looking down into Jess's eyes as he guided his cock into Sandra's cunt. Kevin knelt behind her and slid his cock straight up her ass Sandra shrieked loudly as she was filled with two cocks. Albert knelt at her head and she looked up to find his enormous cock was hard again and he pushed it into her face. She soon had it pushed down her throat.

Kevin as he fucked her ass reached around and was pinching her nipples and pulling them. Sandra was being well fucked in every hole. Kevin was first he pulled out of her ass and shot load after load of cum over her ass and back. Jess shot his cum deep up inside her cunt. Albert pulled his cock from her mouth and went behind her and shoved his cock up her ass, Sandra shouted out as his huge member invaded her ass again. Albert gave her another good shagging up her ass and then her pussy before pulling out so spray his second lot of cum on her ass and back. Sandra had never experienced as much pain, pleasure and orgasm's in all her life.

She looked up so see Kevin and Jess taking photos of her Albert's big cock lying along her ass covered in cum. She shouted at them to put the camera away. She got up and went into the house, She looked at her watch it was nearly 3 o'clock she had spent nearly 4 hours being fucked. Her tits were sore, so was her pussy and especially her asshole.

"I want that other video," she demanded of Albert, "And I want the photos your friends have just taken," she added.

Albert smiled back at her, "There is no other video, I lied," he said, "We will keep the photos but you can see them when we get them developed," he answered still smiling broadly.

"That's not fair, you will keep on blackmailing me, what have I got to do to stop it," she asked angrily. "All you have to do is to come here occasionally and let us fuck you and everything will be all right. You are a very sexy lady and a damn good fuck and I think you may have secretly enjoyed it," Albert answered. "I'm going home," Sandra said heatedly. "You can't go like that, look at your stockings," he said. Sandra looked down to see the knees had big holes in and grass stains as well.

Albert undid her suspenders from her stockings and rolled them down her legs, Sandra kicked them off. He reached behind her and unfastened her suspender belt and let it fall to the floor. "What are you doing," she asked. "I'm taking off your dirty clothes," he answered, undoing her bra and removing that as well. She stood there totally naked as Jess and Kevin picked up all of her clothes. "Now what," she inquired. Albert kicked her high heeled shoes towards her she put her feet in them he held out her coat for her to put on.

"What about my clothes," she asked.

"We will keep them here as souvenirs," he answered, "Your coat is just about long enough to hide you pussy, maybe," he laughed. She could feel the cum running down her back and her legs, she put her arms into the sleeves of her coat and put it on. She was still fastening the few buttons on it as Albert and his friends bundled her out of the door.

She could feel the air around her hot swollen pussy and ass she tried to hold the hem of her coat shut as she left Albert's house, she could here them laughing behind her. She hoped the coat was long enough to hide her privates, she walked slowly along to the bus stop . Fortunately one came along quite soon before anyone else came along. The bus driver got a very good look as she got on the bus, she reached out to grab the handles to pull herself aboard and her coat opened to the waist.

"I bet your feeling a draft," he commented smiling broadly. Sandra's face turned bright red and she quickly covered her self up. "You have made my day," he added as she paid her fare and sat down holding her coat together as best she could. She got off at her stop, "See you again sometime I hope," the bus driver said. Sandra waved to him as he drove off. She made it home her girls were out so she didn't have any awkward explaining to do. She ran a bath and had a long soak and washed all the cum off her body. She then washed down the inside of her coat there was cum stains there too. That night she lay awake reliving the events of the day and reluctantly found her pussy was getting quite wet.


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