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A Night Out
by Lil-Brandi

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

She pushed the sheet off of me, and with her feet, pushed it off the end of the bed. I realized for the first time I was totally spread out naked in front of my best friend and totally at her mercy. She moaned out an "ohhhh my godddd" as her eyes looked over my body. She whispered almost in a husky voice. " My god girl you are spectacular." She then went to work on me again with her lips and hungry tongue and mouth. She kissed and licked her way over my firm tanned tummy down to my bellybutton. She pushed her tongue into it and licked it like it was candy. I squirmed even more and let out a long sigh. With that she went downwards, as her tongue approached my thin, perfectly trimmed pubic hair, my ass lift off the bed instinctively, and I thrust my pussy forwards towards her mouth, she giggled deeply.

She teased me so badly, breathing onto my hot cunt, I felt her breath on my wetness. She ran her tongue all around my crotch, but never once touched my pussy. I was just beside myself with frustration. She then left that region and headed down a leg. She stopped at my toes and one by one, sucked them into her mouth. As she sucked on a toe, her tongue would slither in between my toes, licking so powerfully. It felt so incredible I thought I would just pass out. No one had ever sucked on my toes, I couldn't believe the feeling. She sucked for about fifteen minutes or so on all my toes, and then she pushed my legs apart, wide. She shifted her body so she was lying in between my spread legs. Her lips started kissing back up my legs, alternating between the two of them, kisses, nibbles and licks. She got to my inner thighs, her kisses and gentle nibbles made my thighs feel so sensitive. I spread my legs even wider apart, almost inviting Lisa in between them.

Mentally I was begging for her tongue to touch my sweet pussy. Finally I again felt her breath. I squirmed my hips, and tried to lift my pussy to meet her mouth, God I wanted it so bad. I jumped slightly when I felt her finger run up and down the wet slit. My cunt lips were now so sensitive to the touch. She continued to gently rub up and down for a few minutes then she parted my pussy lips. Suddenly I felt it! Her tongue was actually on my cunt, gently probing the outer edges and just inside my puffy lips. Then with no notice she plunged forward. Her tongue went all the way inside me. I almost screamed out with pleasure. She wiggled it around inside my tightness, and lapped up the juices that were now pouring. My god I never knew a tongue could feel this good. She darted it in and out of my hot cunt like a little soft wet cock at a speed that was driving me close to the edge quickly. Then she plunged it in again deeply and wiggled it around, I had never had a tongue so deep in me.

Her hands pulled open my pussy lips as her tongue lapped at my sensitivity unbelievably. She then ran her tongue from my slit down to my very very untouched sensitive asshole. She licked my sacred hole that no one had ever touched before. My hips went out of control, humping the air as the tiny tongue invaded my virgin hole. I felt the wet tip push just barely inside. I screamed out loudly and then quickly muffled it, not wanting to wake my parents. The feeling was absolutely heavenly I almost cried. I felt, at this moment, so close to heaven I could hear angels sing. Her tongue continued the assault on my ass, then went back and slid into my slippery little slit again and again. She tongue fucked me furiously until I was so wild with lust that she had to grip my hips to control me. I moaned and moaned so loudly. If that wasn't enough, she had other tricks up her sleeve. I had known that Lisa had a vibrator at home, she had told me on a number of occasions about her midnight rendezvous with her artificial cock. I had no idea however that she brought it with her to my bed. She pulled it out and held it in her hand. It looked so real. It was black, and maybe 7 inches long, and god so fat. Veins, just like on a real cock, rippled down its length. It was complete with a bulbous head and two huge balls. Lisa giggled at the look on my face then dove back onto my dripping cunt. She moved her mouth up and circled my clit with her lips, I screamed out at the first touch her lips ever made on my sensitive love button.

Her tongue swiveled around it and she sucked on me just like I would suck on a God It was unbelievable, I couldn't help but wonder if this is what it felt like to a guy when my lips were wrapped around his cock. If so, it explains why guys always want that! I came quickly out of my thoughts when something hard nudged against my honey hole. Again and again I felt the hard nub of the black dick push against my entrance and then finally slid inside just enough to open my pussy lips. Lisa thrust the cock again and I felt my cunt spread as the hard appendage entered me with a pop.

"Ooohhh my God" I screamed, "yesssss".... She continued slowly sliding the rubber penis in and out of my stretched pussy until it was all the way inside me. I had never been penetrated so deeply before. "It is sooooo big" I wailed over and over again. I could feel the huge head up near my belly button it seemed. She then switched her toy on....I just about died instantly from ecstasy. "My Goddddd" I screamed so loud, I could have woken up my parents and all the neighborhood parents as well. I grabbed a pillow and covered my screaming mouth with it, biting into the soft padding. The luscious dick vibrated my insides and the walls of my pussy quivered at the new feeling. Lisa then placed her lips back around my clit and sucked on me so hard. At the same time she began slowly withdrawing the big black cock, then thrust it back in. She did this over and over, never once stopping the suction on my clit. I never imagined in my biggest fantasies that something could feel like this. I never knew the feeling of lips and a cock at the same time until now, it was incredible.

Her lips and the cock were now both moving rapidly, the dexterity she showed was mesmerizing. My juicy tight cunt spasmed around the huge vibrating black rod as way down inside I felt a huge orgasm building. It felt already, in its early stages, like nothing I have ever felt before. I began thrusting my snatch back onto the cock in Lisa's hand. She sensed my building orgasm and upped her tempo and pressure on my clit, and started banging the dick into my love box harder and faster than any guy had ever driven his cock into me. My mind was lost, I started yelling muffled filth to Lisa..."Oooohhh yesss baby, fuck me hard, ohhhhh you're tearing up my pussy....yessss don't stop, don't sttttopppppp." I was over the edge like never before. As my orgasm neared, I gripped the pillow tighter and screamed into it so loud I could have woken the dead. Suddenly it hit with all the velocity and intensity imaginable. I screamed and shuddered, my body lost control.

I strained so hard as I came bigger than ever in my life. A scream-out-loud, swear-like-a-biker, cunt-bouncing-slut kind of orgasm raced through my body. I felt the liquid fire pour out of my cunt, around the big dick embedded in me and run down between my ass cheeks to the bed. Over and over again I came, my multiple orgasms drained me and turned me into a quivering ragdoll. My juices soaked Lisa's face and she lapped it up like it was precious. After my orgasms finally subsided, I lay still, not able to move a muscle. The sound of the vibrating penis echoed through the otherwise silent room and I felt my spasming cunt pulsate around it. The hum of the TV, was barely audible. Lisa finally withdrew the big cock with a soaking wet suction sound. My pussy felt suddenly empty but oooohhhh so good.

I felt throbs deep inside, my cunts muscles still coming down from the episode. Lisa licked all around my well-fucked and sucked vagina gently, licking up all the love juices. She then moved up the bed and kissed me on the lips. I tasted myself on her lips and tongue, sweet, I savored the taste and wondered if that is how she would taste. A little while later I found out. I took Lisa as good as I was able to on my first attempt, my first taste of a woman. It was a lot different than sucking a cock, which I felt I was really good at. She tasted so sweet and moaned and whispered as I licked and sucked her to a mind-blowing orgasm. My face, after I was finished, was covered in Lisa's glaze. I loved it. The night passed so fast it seemed as we caressed, kissed and licked each other into multiple waves of pleasure. Pleasure I now know, two women can only share. A guy's sexual skills can never be topped that's for sure. I absolutely love the taste, and the feeling of a thick throbbing hardon. I love the feeling and taste of a guy cumming. But the pleasure with a woman I have found out is equally as satisfying, very, very different but just as beautiful.

Our virgin lovemaking was only interrupted by the mornings first light, and the exhaustion we were both feeling. We have experienced this scene together over and over since that first night. Every time has been just as intense as the first time.

I hope this story brings you as much pleasure as it brought me living it and writing it!

Hugs and Kisses, Brandi......xoxoxox


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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