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A Night Out
by JM

At 5'6", 130, with brown hair and those hazel eyes, she is the epitome of sex. A light touch of lips on her neck is all it takes to get her going. My wife, Helen loves hot sex of all kinds. Her DD cup breasts are sensitive and react instantly to the slightest touch. I love to dress her up for our outings and for HER outings too. She really loves the young ones. We don't always go together. I sometimes lay out clothes for her and tell her to get ready. She follows instructions very well.

We have code phrases for our encounters. I may ask her to get my friends and I a drink. In that case, that is what she brings. If I ask her to serve us, then she brings drinks and much more. I may introduce her to a new friend. If I tell her he is a good friend, she walks up and kisses him deeply. She leans back and smiles, then drops to her knees and kisses and sucks his cock too. That is the warm up for the evening and I love watching her in action, especially with more than one.

Last Saturday night, I had her dress up. She does not like to wear skirts or dresses, so I put her in a sheer blouse and sexy bra. She wore tight jeans to show off her delectable ass. The trick is that the seam of her crotch is completely split. I did not allow her to wear panties. Helen loves to dance and I took her to a place out of our town. I sent her in ahead of me while I parked the van. As I moved inside the dimly lit place, I could see that she had already moved to the dance floor with a handsome young man. Helen is now 40 and looks 28. The stud looked to be about 20 to 25, dark hair and a trimmed beard. When they finished the fast dance, she walked to the bar and stood next to me.

"Pretend you don't know me." I murmured to her. "I will ask you to dance and we can talk then."

At the next slow dance, I took her to the floor. It was then I kissed her on the neck and gave her instructions. Her body tensed as I kissed her neck. I moved my lips to her ear. "After this dance, go to the ladies room and unbutton one more button on your blouse. Then come back out and join your young man." She leaned back and looked at me, a question in her eyes.

"He is here with two other friends." She told me. I smiled at her. "I know. I want you to dance with all of them. I also want to watch you on the floor." I reached down and spread apart the crotch of her jeans. As my fingers insinuated themselves into her wet, very wet pussy, she groaned and agreed to our game. When the dance ended, I went to the booth behind the one she occupied with her "friends." I wanted to hear the conversation. I could watch later.

"Who was that old guy you danced with." Ron asked. She told him I was just a guy that asked her to dance. Ron said, "Well you are with me now."

Helen loves to be dominated this way. His "ownership" for the night must have excited her. I heard her tell him OK in a breathless kind of voice. Then one of his friends, Don, asked her to dance. It was a slow one and Ron agreed that she could. When they had moved, I heard Ron telling his other friend what he planned.

"Jim, I think we should take her back to my apartment. All three of us could get lucky and I think she is game." Jim agreed.

I looked on the floor. Don and Helen were close together. He kissed her on the neck and then I saw his hands move. Down her back to her trim ass. Then one disappeared between them. Helen's head fell back and I could almost hear her groan. He had found the split crotch of her jeans! At the same time, I saw that one her hands had moved too and she was stroking his hard cock through his pants. Then she leaned up to kiss him as the dance ended. Don removed his fingers from her pussy and looking at her, liked them clean.

When they sat back down, Don looked at Ron and Jim. With Helen sitting there he told them, "She is a great dancer. AND she is not wearing any panties." Talking as if she were gone, they continued.

Ron reached down and found the split crotch too. I heard her moan and he finger fucked her, strumming her clit at the same time. He knew just when to stop. Just as she was about to cum. I knew that she would do anything now that she was this hot. I heard Ron. "Baby you sure are wet. Jim hasn't had a chance to touch you yet. Next slow dance." She nodded yes.

Jim led her to the floor. Almost immediately, his hand moved between them. Lost in the crush of bodies, nobody could see unless they were really looking. Her hand moved to his hard cock too. I could see her whispering in his ear. When they returned, Helen made excuses and went to the ladies room again. I was waiting for her when she came out.

I unbuttoned one more. "Which one do you want?"

Her reply was, "All three of them. At once."

"Ok, babe. They're all yours for the night. Come home to me in the morning with the wet proof between your legs and a hot story for me. And find out how old (young?) they are too. See you then."

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