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A Night Out
by Liz

We have just come back to the hotel after having dinner. Dinner was good, but our minds were not on food. Lingering over drinks we decide to dance. I don't remember the song, but it was very slow. You hold me close, my breasts pressing against your chest and your hand pressed on the small of my back. My arms are around you, one hand at the back of your neck. We smile and stare into each other's eyes and you place one of your legs between mine. The wine and the smell of you make me dizzy and now with your leg between mine, it not only makes me dizzier, but I am instantly wet. This is too much for me and I have to rest my head under your chin. For those minutes it seems as if we are the only ones in the room. You whisper in my ear, "Baby, I could be here like this forever." Just the sound of your voice sends a surge of current from my ear directly to my clit and I shiver. You ask me if I'm cold, but I just say, "Jack, let's go back to the hotel." We decide to walk back to the hotel since it's a warm summer night. Walking arm in arm, we talk little....knowing what we will soon be doing.

We get to the hotel and on the way to our room, you spot the empty pool and suggest a swim. Thinking that's a great idea I change first and grab the bottle of champagne and tell you I'll meet you at the pool. You walk to the pool and I watch you.....looking over your body and knowing that soon my lips will be where my eyes have been. I tell you the water's fine and to jump dive in and swim to me.

The look on your face when you realize that I am totally naked is priceless. You instantly pull me to you and forcefully kiss me. I love the way you taste and can't suck your tongue in deep enough. My hands are all over your back, loving the way your skin feels, the muscles of your back. The feeling of the water on our skin and the cool night are is unbelievable. I pull away and say, "Jack, we need to get these shorts off you." I sink under the water and pull them off.....stopping to kiss your cock and stomach on my way back up. We kiss again, this time more passionate than the last kiss. I feel your hard cock against my belly and love the way your body feels pressed against mine.

I want to make this last.....I pull away and swim to the shallow end and float on my back.....knowing you will follow. My eyes are closed, but I hear you come next to me. I open my eyes and you are standing next to me looking down. I smile as you lean down to lick and suck first one nipple and then the next. You put your hands under me to hold me up........the sensation of your mouth on my breasts while I'm floating weightless is incredible. You move your mouth up to mine and suck on my lips. I'm so weak and helpless.....just letting go to the touch of you. I stand up and you move me back up against the wall of the pool. You kiss me again....this time holding my hair and shoving your tongue deep into my mouth. I moan and suck on it hungrily. You lift me up and sit me on the edge of the pool. I know what you want and I open my legs and lay back.....waiting for the first touch of your lips, your tongue, your fingers.

Finally after what seems like hours I feel your hands on my thighs. I look down at you and watch as you cover my clit with your mouth. The first sensation of your tongue sends a shot of electricity through me and I shudder and instantly arch my back. You suck gently on my clit and insert two fingers deep into me finding my g-spot. I bite on a finger to stifle a scream and cum hard against your mouth. You are surprised that I came so quickly and say, "Babe, are you okay?" I say, "Oh, my god, Jack, that was incredible." But you're not finished with me yet and you roll me over. The cement on my breasts and stomach is cool and feels good. I feel your hands on my ass as you spread them and start to tongue my asshole. The sensation is incredible especially when you finger my clit. Your tongue moves faster along with your fingers. I feel myself getting even wetter and start to cum again...hard.

I slide back down in the thee warm water and turn to face you. I have to hang onto your neck because I am so weak. You kiss me and I taste myself on you. I could kiss you forever. But I feel your hard cock with my hand and I want you know. I need to make you feel as good as you made me feel. I lick and bite on your neck and move down to your nipples...gently sucking and biting on them as I hold your cock in my hand.

I suggest that we go down to the shallow end of the pool and we swim down to the other end of the pool. I lead you over to the underwater steps and you sit down and lean back. Only your waist and legs are below the water, but your cock is sticking straight out of the water. The lights in the pool are on and you can see the glow that it casts against our bodies. I stand between your legs and you watch as I stick a finger into my pussy. Kneeling down and starting to lick on your cock, I reach up and put my finger in your mouth. As you suck on my finger I suck on your cock. We communicate through sucking. When you begin to suck harder on my finger I begin to suck harder on your cock. In sucking my finger you are letting me know how you want me to suck on your cock. You suck my finger and run your tongue around it and I respond in kind on your cock. I can tell you're getting ready to cum because I feel your cock thicken and your ass is starting to move upwards towards my mouth. Sensing this I move my finger to your asshole. You are so close to coming you have clamped down on my finger and are hardly able to keep sucking. This is my clue that now is the you start to cum I slide my finger in your ass. With a loud moan your hips thrust up pushing your cock deep into the back of my throat and I feel your hot cum sliding down my throat. I move up and sit next to you with my arm around your waist and my head on your chest. I can hear your heart pounding and listen to you breathe, I am content and could sit here like this the rest of the night.

After a few minutes I swim to the other end of the pool and pull myself up on to the side and walk to the diving board knowing you are watching me. I lay down on my back on the diving board and close my eyes. My legs are draped on either side. The night air on my wet skin feels good and makes my nipples hard. I reach down and touch my now swollen pussy and feel how warm, wet and slippery it is. I slowly start to rub my clit. The feeling is so incredible, so erotic knowing that you are watching me. I begin to rub faster when I feel your lips on my nipple. I arch up towards you and open my eyes. "Jack, make love to me. I need to feel you inside me. Now" You lay down on top of me and I am so wet you slide into me effortlessly. My arms wrap around you holding you tight against me. I tighten my legs high around your waist. We have waited so long for this. Your lips come down hard on mine and our tongues furiously move against each other. We grunt and groan into each others mouth as we fuck. Your hips move faster and harder, driving your cock deeper inside me. Then all at once, it becomes intense and we cum together and both for a moment become one...each feeling the same intense orgasm.

Coming down from the rush we lay like that for what seems like a long time. Then you say, "You ready for bed now, Babe?" We get up and realize that yes we are in a hotel swimming pool and laugh at the same time. We grab out towels and now warm champagne and walk hand in hand back to the room.

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