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A Night Out Pt. II
by Liz

We have decided to meet and rent a cottage at the beach. Driving together to the cottage we decide we should stop and get something to eat, knowing if we wait until later we will never leave the cottage. It's getting dark and we spot a seafood bar and go in. It's a dark, casual place and tonight they have a band playing island music. The place isn't very crowded and we sit in a corner booth. It's happy hour and Long Island ice teas are on special and since we're within walking distance of the cottage, we decide why not?

After too many rounds to count, you begin kissing my neck and running your hand up my thigh under the table. I lean back against the booth. I open my eyes and notice a woman staring at us.

She is nonplussed by the fact that she has been caught staring and her gaze never leaves us. At first I am uncomfortable, but the feel of your lips on my neck and your arm around me soon makes me forget her stare. The band finally starts to play and we go out on the dance floor. The music is loud and rhythmic. I'm obviously having fun dancing and in my state of intoxication I have lost all inhibitions. I notice the woman staring again and this time she smiles. She is alone and I tell here to come on and dance with us. We all dance together, laughing and having a good time. Giggling we move so that you are in between us and sandwich you in. She is behind you and I in front and your obvious state of arousal is poking me in the stomach. I can only imagine how much this is turning you on, but I am surprised at how much I'm turned on.

After much dancing the band takes a break and we all go to our booth and quickly down more drinks. The woman introduces herself as Cindy. She is a few years younger than we and is a striking woman. We go to the restroom together and as she reapplies her lipstick I can't help but notice her face and body. She is a good head taller than I am with long legs and body. I assume she is Italian from her curly, short black hair and her deep brown eyes. What my eyes keep going to are her full lips and her small, but firm breasts. She is braless and I comment on how nice it must be to be able to not have to wear one. She responds that yes it is nice, but that she would much rather have large breasts like mine. We stand in the mirror and there is such a contrast between us, and yet there is so much in common. She comments on what a hot guy you are, Jack, and I tell her that even that is an understatement. I am trying to undo the back of my necklace because my hair has become tangled in it and she offers help. She stands behind me and gently moves all my hair off my neck. I stand waiting to feel her hands on my necklace, but instead I feel her gently pressed up against me. I am startled and turn around to face her.

My face feels hot and I don't know what to do. She looks down at me and slowly brings her face down to mine. I am numb and can not move. My eyes are open watching her as she softly kisses me full on the mouth.... Waiting for my reaction. Sensing that I am aroused she inserts her tongue partially into my mouth and I in kind touch her tongue back. The feeling is incredible and I feel as if I may pass out. But I come to my senses and in my state of confusion tell her we need to get back out to you.

I come back to the booth and Cindy slides right in next to me, leaving me in the middle. I quickly down another drink and you can sense that something is different. You ask me, "what's wrong, babe, are you okay?" I reply yes as you and Cindy continue talking. The band begins playing and Cindy's attention is diverted to the dance floor. I am leaning against you and your hand is again on my thigh. Moving closer and closer to my pussy. Soon you realize that I have forgone the panties and as your fingers slide into me, I close my eyes and you kiss me deeply.

In my dreamstate I realize that there is a hand on my other thigh. I try to sit up but your mouth and fingers keep me there. Suddenly you stop kissing must have realized there was another hand there. I watch as you and Cindy smile at each other and you move back to kiss me. At this point there are two hands between my legs and I spread them wider. There are fingers fucking me and fingers massaging my clit.. You keep your mouth over mine to stifle my moans and knowing how close I am to cumming you begin to finger fuck me faster as my ass begins to move against your hand. This sensation is too much for me and I cum hard against your hand and moaning loudly into your mouth.

You give me a hug and Cindy gives my thigh a squeeze. I run a hand to your cock to find it rock hard and a wet spot on the front. At the same time, we all suggest going somewhere else. We laugh and decide to walk the block to the cottage. Upon arriving at the cottage, you suggest we try out the hot tub. Cindy and I begin undressing as you go to the kitchen for cold beer. I am nervous under her gaze. Women are critical of one another and I wonder what she is thinking. I slide down into the warm water and watch her. She has small, firm breasts with dark brown nipples. For some reason this is a turn-on for me and my mouth waters. My stare continues down her body to her dark mound.

She slides down into the warm water and moves over to me. There is total silence. My heart is pounding and I can hear her breathe. She leans forward and slides her tongue into my mouth. I suck on it hungrily. She moves her hands to my breasts and cups each in her hands. I am so turned on I hold her head between my hands and kiss her hard. She puts her arms around me and pulls me close. She is so wonder men love women so much. I hear a splash of water and discover you in the hot tub sitting next to us. I reach over and take your hand in mine and put it on Cindy's breast. She leans over and kisses you deeply while my hand runs down to your cock. I move her over towards you. She stands between your legs looking down at you.

My eyes are drawn to her dark bush and with out thinking I take my hand and slide a finger into her. She gasps and I withdraw my finger and taste it. She tastes almost the same as I do and I slide my finger back in and out again......this time putting my finger in your mouth so that you can taste her too. I can tell how turned on you are and I am enjoying it so much. Just watching your face is a huge turn on. I know this is a fantasy for you as well and I want it to be every thing you ever dreamed of.

I take your hand and move it to Cindy's pussy. You slide your fingers inside and she falls into your lap. Cindy leans forward to kiss you.... It's so erotic watching you kiss her while you move your fingers inside her. I move over to her and lean her back against me, holding her. You continue to finger fuck her and I lean down and kiss her deeply...loving the moans I hear from her. I know exactly what she is feeling. I can tell she needs to cum and I reach down and grab your cock and rub her clit with it. You take your cock and slowly slide it into her pussy. She puts her hands on your shoulders and leans back, grinding on your hard cock. I am licking her neck and move my hand down to finger her clit as you fuck her. I am so into this. I can't take my eyes off your face and you sense that I am as close to cumming as Cindy.

You move your hand to my pussy and slide in two fingers. I close my eyes and I hear you both moaning and breathing heavy. Your fingers are fucking me faster and I feel your thumb on my clit. The moans are getting louder and I hear a scream as I cum against your hand, realizing that it is my scream I heard as I slide back down against the side of the tub. I hear the two of you moving towards orgasm, but I am too spent to move. The next thing I know I am sitting in between the two of you. Your arm is around me and Cindy suggests that we all are turning into prunes, maybe we should move to the bedroom. We agree and she leads me into the room by the hand.

I lay down on the bed and Cindy places herself between my legs. I look down in total silence as I feel her tongue tracing the lips of my pussy and I can feel myself becoming wet. I moan and spread my legs wider and close my eyes. I feel you lay down next to me and your lips and tongue on mine. My hips are moving as Cindy tugs and sucks on my clit. You move your hand down to my pussy and hold my lips open for her and I feel her fingers move inside and find my g-spot. I arch my back and scream into your mouth as your hand holds me down so I cannot escape from Cindy's tongue. I feel your hand move up to squeeze my nipples and it is enough to send me over the edge and I cum against Cindy's mouth and tongue. Cindy moves up and we all share a kiss. You roll her over onto her back and move down between her legs, pulling me down with you by the hand. I have never been this close to a pussy before and am not quite sure what to do. You move your tongue into her bush and then turn to look at me as if to show me how. I repeat what I just saw you do and I instantly feel as though I have been doing this all my life. I now understand why you love it so much too. I find her clit and know exactly how to make her cum...I mimic what you have done so many times to me. She is starting to move, but I put my hands on her hips and hold her down. I feel your hands in my hair and hear you whispering in my ear. I am in another world and cannot hear what you are saying, my only goal is to taste this woman and make her cum.

It's a wonderful feeling and I feel even closer to you for it. In a moment's instant I feel Cindy tighten up and my tongue and lips are flooded with her slippery cum. I wipe my mouth with my hand and feel you behind me pushing me up onto my hands and knees. Cindy moves out from under me and turns around under me, my pussy over her face. The sight of this must be too much for you because you slam your hard cock into me. Cindy sees your cock pumping in and out of me and she glues her lips to my clit. I can feel your balls slap my ass and your hand in my hair....pulling my head around to kiss me. You pull your cock out and I feel your head between my legs, your tongue competing for my pussy. You straighten back up and I feel Cindy's hands on my ass, spreading the cheeks apart and your tongue on my asshole. This feeling is incredible and I am out of my mind in ecstasy. Just when I think it can't feel any better I feel your cock slide into my ass and your hands on my waist.

Cindy's arms are firmly clamped around my waist as well and her tongue is furiously moving on my clit. I hear your deep-throated moans behind me and I know that soon I will feel your hot, sticky cum flowing down my legs. I am trembling and shaking, my arms collapse as I scream out in orgasm. I feel your cock swell inside my ass and slam in deeper as you groan out in orgasm as well. You roll over onto your side and pull me over with you. We are covered in sweat, too spent to move and we drift off to sleep.

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