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A Night Out Pt. III
by Liz

It's a Friday night and we have made plans to go out to dinner, but at the last minute to your dismay you find you have to meet a client down at one of the local malls. You ask if I'd mind coming with you and that you'll make it up to me later and I say, "Of course, I don't mind!" We arrive at the mall and I tell you to go on ahead and take your time because this gives me a chance to do some shopping. You tell me you won't be long and give me a kiss and a squeeze on the ass. I laugh and tell you to come find me when you're done.

Since I haven't had a chance to shop in a while I'm like a kid in a candy store. I immediately head for the shoe store because a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes. I find a pair of black pumps with 4-inch heels. I know what you're reaction will be when you see them and I smile. The thought of your reaction inspires me to continue shopping and finish the ensemble that I have begun. I next head for Victoria's Secret. Hmmm, decisions decisions. I finally settle on a black lace push-up bra, matching thong and black thigh-high stockings. I look at myself in the mirror and can't believe how the color makes my skin look even whiter, but it's a striking effect and I know it will be appreciated. The bra makes me look even more endowed and gives me definite cleavage. I leave the store and of course almost run into you. Naturally Victoria's Secret is the first store you tried to look for me in! You ask me, "What's in the bags?" I laugh and tell you nothing much. You keep wanting to know, but I refuse to tell you. Finally, knowing that I'm not going to tell you, you say, "Well, as long as we're here, do you want to get something to eat or have a few drinks?" I am starving by this time and say, "Yeah, that's a good idea."

We go and eat and have a few drinks. You tell me about your client's meeting and we loosen up and have a good time. Finally we decide that it's about time to leave and I ask if you'd mind if I stop at one store to look at a dress I'd seen. You jokingly protest about shopping, but quickly agree to come with me. I find the dress. It's a royal blue velvet minidress with a very low neckline. I tell you I need to try this on and that it will only take a minute. It's a quiet night in the mall and in the store and the clerk gives me the key to the dressing room and tells me to call her if I need her. You follow me over and I go inside to try the dress on. There is no "ceiling" in the dressing room so that we can make small talk back and forth as I try the dress on.

After a few minutes I crack open the door and say, "Hey, honey, can you help me with this zipper?" You come over and once you get to the door, I whisper, "C'mon, in here...she'll never know." You quickly come in the small room with me. I ask you what you think as I spin around in the dress. It takes you a minute to speak. My breasts are almost spilling out of the dress and with my new heels on and short dress I look like I'm all legs. I don't wait for an answer. I move to you and crush my mouth against yours. The smell of your cologne, the mirrors on all the dressing room walls and the chance of getting caught is making me woozy. Your hands are all over me and I want to just drop to the ground and fuck, but I have another surprise for you. I turn around facing away from you and lean my hands on the walls and slightly spread my legs. You move behind me and run your hands under my dress. You are somewhat surprised to feel bare ass against your hands and grab the dress and pull it over my head.

Even I am turned on when I look in the mirrors. I am braced against one wall. Black bra, thigh highs, heels and, of course, the thong. You mutter in a coarse voice, "Oh, my god, Liz." I say, "Now, you know what was in the bags." You stand and stare for a moment, but soon are on your knees behind me. I spread my legs wider as your tongue moves over my ass and thighs. You reach up and pull the thong off. This is making me so hot watching you. With all the mirrors I can watch you from every angle as your tongue makes the trip to my now drenched pussy. Your tongue makes it's way up to my asshole and as if that's not enough I feel you slide two fingers deep into my pussy. I bend over more to give you better access.

You begin to fuck my ass with your tongue and my pussy with your fingers. This is torture for me because I know I can't make any noise lest we get caught. You stop, wanting to tease me longer. You stand and turn me around leaving me leaning back against the wall. Your mouth moves to mine and I taste myself on your lips. You lick and gently bit your way down my neck to my breasts. You reach into the bra and bring them out over the top of the bra. My nipples are so rock hard they almost hurt and the first gentle pull of them by your mouth is all I need to orgasm. My hands are in your hair and I am pressing your head to me as I come down from my orgasm.

But you are not done with me yet. You kneel back down in front of me and put your hands on my thighs as you look up at me while I watch you. There are no words between us, but we know what we each are thinking and wanting. Your tongue quickly finds my clit and I watch this "movie" play out in the mirrors. I don't even recognize myself standing with stockings, heels and breasts pulled out of my bra, but the sight of you burying your face in my crotch is awesome and the urge to scream out is so strong. My knees are bending as my hips are slowly trusting against you. You put your hand on my stomach to keep me there and I put the back of my hand against my mouth as I explode.

You take me into your arms and slowly kiss me. Giving me your tongue deep into my mouth and I in return suck the sweetness of my cum off of it. I sink to my knees and unzip your pants and free your hard, wet cock. I eagerly suck you deep into my mouth and I can feel the tremble run through your thighs. You move back against the wall and hold my hair firmly in your hands. Your breathing has become rapid as I hungrily suck hard on you. You open your eyes and see this vision in each mirror and groan and pull me up by my hair. You bring your mouth down hard on mine and suck my tongue deep into your mouth. You need to cum and turn me around facing away from you and put my hands up on the wall. One hand is on my waist and your other hand is gripping your aching cock as you bend your knees and shove yourself into me in one hard thrust.

I bite my lips to keep from screaming and brace myself for your forceful thrusts. I look into the mirror and my eyes find yours as you fuck me hard and fast. I can tell you're near the edge when you reach your hand around to finger my clit as you pound into me. The first feel of your hands sends me into a spasm. Feeling my pussy contract on your cock is all it takes for you to shoot your cum deep into me. We stay in this position for a moment trying to regain some composure and slowly stand more upright. Your hands continue to caress my breasts, belly and thighs as we hear a voice outside the room saying, "Is there anything I can do to help?" Stifling back a laugh, I stammer out, "No, thank you."

I say to you, "Well, honey, do you think I should get the dress?" We laugh and you help me put my thong back on and I decided to just keep the dress on. I go and pay the clerk for the dress and she says, "Have a nice evening and come back and see us." You say, "Oh, we'll cum alright." I grab your hand and pull you hastily out of the store where we collapse in gales of laughter as we leave the mall.

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