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A Night on the Town
by hullo_nurse

For you, Paul. I hope I have included your every fantasy, and then some. Enjoy.

* * * * *

Chapter I: The Crowbar

Paul was his name. Fucking fast and hard was his game. I spotted him across the room at the bar, waiting for a beer. I made my way over and ordered another Fuzzy Navel. I wanted to get plowed and have some rip-roaring fun tonight.

"Hey there, good looking," I said to this fabulous looking guy.

He turned towards me and said, "Hi back atchya."

"What is a guy like you doing here alone?"

"Probably the same thing as a gal like you. Wanna dance?"

We made it down to the dance floor without spilling our drinks and started to gyrate next to each other. He put our drinks down on the sidebar near us and pulled me closer. He was behind me and I felt his hard-on pressing against the small of my back. I purposely started moving against it, teasing him. His hands came around me and slyly cupped my breasts, fingers brushing against my nipples. I turned around to face him and our lips melded together. My tongue probed his mouth, our pelvises ground against each other, the beat of the music pounded in our veins. It was as if no one else was there on the dance floor, we were so focused on each other. His hands slid underneath my skirt and groped my ass, exposing my gartered stockings in the process, but I didn't even notice.

The music never stopped and neither did we. I made my way around him, took a long drink, and pressed my body against his back. My hands wrapped around him and found the ever-increasing bulge in his pants. I slowly rubbed up and down his shaft while pressing my nipples into his back. Before I caused him to cum in his pants I slid my hands up to his chest and unbuttoned his shirt enough to get my hands inside. I found his nipples and tweaked them, gently at first and then more savagely as the music became louder and faster.

My pussy pulsed, aching to be touched. Paul must have sensed this and his hands slid behind and again lifted my skirt up. He found that my panties were of the crotchless sort and felt my shaved mound. His fingers slid down to the wet center of my being and dipped into the sweet nectar. Before removing his hand he slipped his finger up to my turgid clit and gave it a rub. I moaned and closed my eyes, basking in the sensations my body was experiencing. Then he withdrew his hand and brought his fingers to my lips, spreading my juices on me like lipstick. He turned me around and moved me in front of him, leaned over and kissed me wildly, making me moan even more, and louder, too.

The music changed to something slower and we got very intimate. Paul raised my left leg up onto his thigh and pulled me so close that my bare pussy was touching his leg. His jeans were becoming damp where we were joined. My nipples strained against my blouse and got harder and more sensitive as each second ticked by. I loved the need that was boiling under my skin.

We continued dancing close until the song ended. Then Paul went to the bar to get refills on our drinks. I stayed on the dance floor, dancing alone to the music. I was so hot, so heady, and so randy!! I twirled to the rhythm, lifting my skirt, flashing anyone who would look. I was so full of lust I didn't really care who saw my wares. I put my hands to my chest and started to tweak my own nipples, rolling them between my fingers over my blouse. Hedonistically I brought one hand to my mouth and licked my finger, getting it very wet. Then I unbuttoned my blouse and stuck my hand inside, to play with my nipple without the clothing impeding my pleasure. Thank God I'd worn my peek-a-boo bra!

Paul returned to the danced floor. I took a long swallow of my drink before allowing him to put it on the sidebar. Once he had deposited our drinks I pulled him to me and started kissing him with wanton lust. My mouth left his lips and traveled to his jaw and then his neck. I moaned as I sucked on his skin like a vampire, leaving a dark blue-red hickey that looked like a squished blueberry. Paul knew that I was going to fuck him senseless once he got me to a hotel.

"Mmmmmm, I want you," I said to Paul, as my hands started unzipping his jeans.

"Let's blow this joint," Paul replied.

"I'd rather blow you," I said as I dropped to my knees, freed his cock and sunk my mouth down on it all in one swift move.

If the others dancing around us noticed this fiasco they did nothing to hinder us. We were in the center of the dance floor where it would just look like Paul was dancing with himself from the bouncer's line of vision. I think, rather, those around us were enjoying the show and didn't want it stopped, so they kept quiet.

I sucked Paul's ever-hardening cock further into my mouth, licking it the entire way then flicked the area under his peehole as I worked back up the shaft. I grasped it around the base and with my other hand fondled his balls. I moved my mouth up and down quickly, knowing he must be excited to be blown in public. I had no patience to take my time with this adventure, and hoped that Paul would understand my frantic need to get him off quickly. My snatch leaked juice down my legs and dripped on the floor from the edge of my thigh high stockings. I burned with desire and wanted to get Paul to fuck me then and there. I didn't want to wait until we got anywhere else. I needed his cock inside my cunt now. I was so hot.

As he neared climax I stopped blowing him and stood, positioning myself so that he could enter my pussy unassisted. My left leg went back up on his thigh and he pulled me up on him as I wrapped my right leg around him too. With both legs wrapped around his hips I was able to buck myself back and forth on his shaft, impaling myself with thrust after thrust. I gasped for air, felt my climax nearing, and started talking dirty to Paul.

"Fuck my pussy, you big boy! Fuck me hard!"

"Do you like being a naughty boy, fucking in front of a crowd?"

"I want to see you explode, see your jism hit the ceiling. Can you do that for me baby?"

Then I started getting louder until all those dancing around us heard me.

"Fuck me, stud! Jam that sausage inside me! Make me squirm!!" I screamed.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!! Fuck me, oh yes!! Fuck me, yeah, yeah! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!! Yes!! I'm going to cum!!" I shouted out at the top of my lungs.

I rode him to my climax and then before he had a chance to blow I jumped off of him to jack him to sweet release. The music pounded hard, fast and loud, and drew us into its frenzy. Those on the dance floor closest to us now had their eyes glued to the scene that unfolded in front of them. His jeans slid down a little on his ass and I took his balls in my mouth and continued to jerk his cock until he started to groan. Then I slipped a wet finger into his ass and he exploded with an animalistic grunt and howl. His cum shot in the air as the song ended and those around us erupted into a round of applause.

After we put ourselves back together we gathered our drinks at the sidebar and both swallowed them down in one long gulp.

"Are you ready to go now?" Paul asked me.

I merely nodded my head yes, as I was unsure if I could trust my voice.

He escorted me out to his ride and opened the door for me. He was such a gentleman all of a sudden. I wondered why? I think he wanted more of what he had just had.

He got in and before he had a chance to put the key in the ignition I was all over him again, like stink on a skunk. I ripped his shirt open and the buttons flew in every direction. I unzipped his jeans and found his cock oozing pre-cum again already. I took it on my finger and brought it to his nipples and rubbed it in, then bent and licked it off. Then I slid down in the seat and took his pole in my mouth and began to lick and suckle on it.

"Get me home fast, Strummer, before I rape you in the car!!"

Chapter II: Pleasure Palace

Paul started the car in a hurry and the tires squealed as he peeled off, leaving marks on the pavement.

"Woman, if you don't stop it now we are bound to get in an accident!"

I took my mouth off of his cock and sat up in the seat. I left his dick hanging out of his jeans, to see how hard he would get during the ride to wherever we were going.

"So, where are we off to, stud?" I asked.

"Where would you like to go?"

"I don't want to go home, now that I think about it. Another public place is in order. After all, the crowd back there seemed to enjoy our exhibitionism."

Paul and I had just left a bar where we had fucked on the dance floor, leaving nothing to the imagination of those around us. It had really gotten me more excited than I thought it would. My pussy still tingled with excitement. Anyone watching us would have thought we had just met. Only Paul and I knew differently.

"Ok, love, but I want to live out some of my fantasies this time. Are you game?"

I didn't know exactly which fantasies he was referring to, but I knew that any of them would get me off, too, so I agreed. We stopped at our favorite toy store, The Pleasure Palace. When we walked in I was surprised to see that I wasn't the only woman. Usually there were only guys here for some reason.

The Pleasure Palace was a great store. It took up a whole city block and had rooms devoted to particular fetishes and fantasies. There was a dildo room, a lingerie room, a leather room, and a bondage/discipline room. As you walked into the store the main area had X-rated greeting cards, books, calendars, videos, little prank toys and games, condoms and other things that don't offend people entering a sex-toy store. A counter stretched down through the main area and the lingerie room, ending in the leather room. It showcased jewelry - including cockrings, earrings, and rings for all other sorts of pierced body parts, as well as non-piercing nipple jewelry; also thumbcuffs, handcuffs, stickers, buttons, massage and lubricating oils and other small items that could easily be lifted.

Paul said 'hi' to the guy behind the counter, took my hand and headed to the dildo room. To get there we had to go through the lingerie and leather rooms. Beyond the dildo room was the BSDM room. There were four walls covered with every kind of imaginable dildo (vaginal and anal), vibrator and butt plug. I looked at the formidable dildos, like the BIG BOY, that was ten inches of jelly dong and over two inches of girth. It had lifelike balls and even a suction cup bottom to assist in solo use. But Paul pulled me over to the wall with the anal dildo.

"What do you think of this one?" Paul asked as he pointed to a thin flesh-colored softique dildo that couldn't have been more than four inches long.

"Depends on who it's for."

"Come on, sweetie, you mean you've never dreamed of a dildo up your ass?" Paul wanted to know.

"Only if you try it first," I told him as my pussy started to get wet thinking of using the little dildo on Paul's cute ass. "And I want my own. I don't share butt toys."

My pussy twitched and I felt a little trickle of lubrication roll down my left thigh. I continued to look at other dildos and imagined what they would feel like in my wet twat. I was sure my face was starting to blush as the thoughts in my mind were getting me really hot. Oblivious to my surroundings I closed my eyes. I could practically feel the thick, rounded head of the dildo spreading my pussy lips. I spread my legs wider and bent my knees, letting the imaginary cock fill my snatch, as a moan escaped my throat.

"Does that feel good?" a voice I didn't recognize asked.

My eyes flew open and I realized it was not my imagination. Paul had gotten on the floor below me and was using a dildo on me! The one I had been staring at before. And the guy Paul had said hello to when we came in stood in front of me watching. He must have given Paul the okay to open the package.

I felt like I was on fire. My pussy ached, begging me to allow this to continue. My face was flushed and must have been beet red based on how I was feeling. I felt faint. I was embarrassed, but then figured this was no different than what had happened at the bar, just that Paul actually knew this person.

I looked down to Paul and he smiled.

"Are you ready for more?" he asked.

"If you are!"

"This is Jason. I think you'll enjoy getting to know him."

With that introduction Jason stepped closer and leaned over to kiss me square on the lips. I was a little shocked at first, but quickly got over it and let myself enjoy the kiss. His tongue probed my mouth as Paul used the dildo to probe my nether lips. My eyes closed again and I let myself drown in the sensations. My clit pulsed, my nipples ached, my heart fluttered.

Jason must have felt my heat as he unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall to the floor. He kissed his way down to my exposed nipples and started sucking on them. At the same time Paul sat up and licked my clit while still using the dildo on me. I was in heaven. I didn't care that there were other people still in the store and that they could walk in on this at any time. My nipples grew hard and stood out from my breasts, allowing Jason the opportunity to nip at them with his teeth.

I felt wonderful. My pussy was so lubricated with my own juices that Paul needed nothing extra to make the huge dildo slide in effortlessly. If I could describe my feelings by a color I would have felt red: a bright, fire-engine red. With all the lights and sirens. I was on fire.

I reached down, almost instinctively, to Jason's fly, unzipped it and fished out his dick. He was as hard as a rock and ready to go. I used his precum to lubricate my hand and started to slowly move it up and down his shaft. He had a seven-incher that was curved down at the end. Mmmmm, did it look good, I thought.

Paul took the dildo out of me and set it on my blouse. Jason softly pushed me down to the floor on my hands and knees and got behind me. Paul found his way in front of me with his pants down around his ankles. He took a finger to the head of his cock and swept the oozing precum onto it. He brought his slick finger toward my mouth, but at the last minute detoured and put it in his mouth instead.

"Mmmmm. I can see why you chicks dig precum so much. It doesn't taste half bad - kinda salty sweet."

Paul positioned himself lying underneath me with his cock standing in front of my face, his face at my crotch. I leaned down and licked it as Jason kneeled behind me. With my ass up in the air and my head down Jason slid his boner into my box. I sighed, heightening Paul's pleasure with the vibrations surrounding his rod deep in my mouth. Jason slowly glided his tool in and out of my cunt, almost pulling it all the way out before letting it slide back in. Paul licked my clit as Jason's cock reamed me. Every once in a while Paul's tongue strayed and licked Jason's cock as it entered my pussy. I matched their pace while going up and down on Paul's shaft with my mouth. I had taken the small dildo and now unwrapped it, moistened it with my saliva and put it at the entrance of Paul's back door. I slowly slid it into his ass as I licked and sucked on his pole. I could feel Paul's sighs and gasps on my clit as I cautiously fucked his ass. He redoubled his efforts, and he soon had me screaming.

"Yes!! Lick my pussy! Oooohh, yeah, yeah. Mmmmmmm, that feels so good, Paul!"

As I praised Paul for his efforts Jason was not to be slighted. He fucked me hard and fast, his balls slapped against me with every thrust. I couldn't help but tell him what he was doing to me.

"Ugh, ugh, mmm, yeah. Oh, Jason, fuck me. Pound it into me. Unh! Uuunnnnnhhhh! I'm gonna cuuummmm!!"

I cried out as my clit and pussy spasmed in the height of my orgasm, clenching on Jason's cock still inside me. I sucked equally as hard on Paul's shaft in my mouth and he cried out as he unloaded his seed in my mouth. Jason pulled out just in time for Paul to take him in his mouth. Paul sucked my juices off Jason's rod and swallowed every drop as Jason bellowed and unloaded his man-juice into Paul's mouth.

I turned around and kissed Paul passionately, tasting Jason's jism on his tongue. Then I pulled Jason to me and kissed him with renewed passion and vigor. We hadn't really noticed that everyone in the store had gathered to watch our spectacle, but as we came down from our high it became apparent that all eyes were on us. As we got up and dressed, the crowd dissipated and no one said anything. Paul and I purchased the toys we had tried out, as well as a few other things we wanted to try in the privacy of our own home, took Jason's home number and went out to the car. This was one night I would never forget!!

Chapter III: Home at Last

Paul and I arrived home and we could barely keep our hands off each other long enough to get in the door.

"I wonder if they'll ever let us back in The Pleasure Palace again?" I questioned Paul.

"I think the other shoppers thought we were the paid entertainment or something. I don't think Jason would ever ban us. He is the owner after all," Paul replied.

"You're kidding, right? I just fucked the owner of the store?"

"Damn straight, and now you're going to fuck your owner!"

"You are so silly. You don't own me. I own you!"

I reached into the bag of goodies from the store and threw a couple of the items at him.

"Put these on, dear. I want to see how pretty they make you look!"

Paul took the purple lace teddy and started to disrobe. Once he was naked I realized that we needed to do something else first.

"Wait! Get in the bathroom. No respectable lady has such a hairy body. We are going to shave you smooth: your legs and arms, chest, pubes and pits. Then we can see how you look in the finery we bought!"

Paul and I went into the bathroom where I started the hot water in the tub. I wanted him to soak a little to make the hair easier to shave. I trimmed his pubes and pits with scissors and then hustled him to get in the tub. As he soaked in very hot water for fifteen minutes I took out a mug, shaving powder and brush. I added warm water to the powder in the mug and mixed it well. I drained the water and put a chair in the tub for Paul to sit on so I could spray him off after shaving a particular area.

I dabbed a thick coating of warm lather to his pubes and then used a new razor to remove the hair. After every pass of the razor I leaned down and kissed his stiffening rod, making this a more pleasurable experience for him. I gently pulled the skin of his balls taut and carefully shaved them smooth. I had him stand and spread his ass-cheeks wide for me so I could shave from beyond his balls to his puckered rosebud. After rinsing him well I took my finger and gathered the oozing precum from the tip of his now erect shaft. I brought my finger to his ass and slid it in slowly, teasing him and then probed his ass deep, making him moan in ecstasy.

Next I shaved his arms, armpits and chest. I didn't skimp on the lather, as this made a slippery lubricant. As I slathered it onto his chest I strayed to his nipples quite often, getting him more excited. Paul grasped his cock in his hand and began wanking it. My pussy was starting to get wet, but I didn't want him to know; at least not yet. I efficiently shaved his arms and chest bare, and then tackled his hairy pits. After spraying him with the hand-held shower to clean off the shaved hairs and the leftover shaving cream I leaned over and sucked on his right nipple, nibbled on it and nipped it with my teeth until Paul cried out.

Paul's legs were the only things left to shave. I slurped his shaft in my mouth and suckled on it as I coated his legs. I quickly eliminated the hair on his legs while giving him a leisurely blowjob. Paul was nearing the point of no return. I saw his balls lift and shrink up, preparing to blow his load. His legs stiffened and his breathing became heavier. I massaged his balls in my hand while I "sucked the chrome off his bumper." With my other hand I tweaked and twisted his left nipple. Paul moaned and cried out in a roar as he came in my mouth, gasping for air as I continued to suck on his sensitive head.

As he showered and toweled off, I brushed my teeth. Then I went into the bedroom and laid out his outfit. It consisted of a purple teddy, with a snap closure at the crotch; black thigh-hi stockings; purple high-heeled shoes and a black feather boa. He dressed and I went into the bathroom to shower. I washed every intimate part of my generous body and then dried off. When I entered the bedroom Paul was admiring himself in the mirror.

"Hot damn! You look soooo sexy!!" Paul exclaimed to himself.

I walked behind him, wrapped my arms around him and squeezed his package.

"What do we have here?" I asked.

Paul turned around and leaned down, kissing me firmly on the lips. We kissed leisurely, taking our time exploring each other's mouths with our tongues. Paul's kisses always made my toes curl with their passion. I became light-headed and Paul steered me towards the bed. We sat on the edge, our lips still locked together. Paul's tongue explored every nook and cranny of my mouth. I sighed as his tongue danced with mine, tempting me to totally submit to his will.

"Oh, Paul ... , " I whimpered.

He continued to kiss me, making my body surrender. I became limp in his arms as he laid me back on the bed. He helped me to reposition myself closer to the head of the bed so my legs weren't dangling off the edge and brought his lips back to mine. We must have kissed for at least half an hour.

"Hhmmmmmmm, aaahhhhhhhh," I sighed, losing myself in the sensations taking over my body.

Paul sucked on my tongue gently, treating it like I would a tiny cock. My mouth wasn't the only part of my body that felt alive. My nipples were aching to be touched, even just to be brushed by his skin. My clit throbbed and I could feel my blood pulsing through my veins. My hips started rocking back and forth against Paul, letting him know I was ready for him to use my body in any way he saw fit. I needed him to do something before I exploded with wanton desire.

"Please. Please, take me," I begged Paul, thrashing on the bed.

Paul's lips left mine and traveled down slowly to my neck. I adored having my neck kissed, licked and sucked. It gave me goose bumps and sent shivers all the way down my spine. Paul knew how to make me putty in his hands. As I relaxed into the bed Paul continued his journey and strayed at my breasts, going from one to the other, softly licking circles around my areola. He avoided my nipples until I arched my back up at him. Then he took one in his mouth and let his tongue dance on it. My nipples became as hard as marbles as he tortured me with pleasure.

As his mouth came closer to my apex, my clit became harder and throbbed more steadily. My pussy was drenched with my excitement and my nether lips were swollen with desire. Paul finally made his way to my center and I heard myself sigh with relief. The waiting was over. He spread my flower and kissed me open, inserting his tongue to taste my nectar. I had to stop myself from climaxing. I wanted to enjoy this feeling of rapture as long as I could.

"You taste so musky, so fucking incredible, just like a woman should taste," he said, licking his lips.

Paul let his tongue enter my box and his nose rubbed against my clit. He lapped at my core and then up to my nubbin of desire. Slowly and passionately he licked and sucked on my "little man," bringing me closer and closer to ecstasy. I started writhing on the bed, moaning loudly. My hips involuntarily lifted off the bed towards his mouth, silently pleading for more. He flicked his tongue over and around my clit, feeling my thighs quiver as I neared orgasm. Sliding two fingers into my moistness he lifted his mouth from my clit for just a second, making me burn with anticipation. Then he savagely sucked my button into his mouth while plunging his fingers in and out of my love canal. With my clit securely in his mouth, he used his tongue to softly and slowly coax me to rapture. I felt the waves of pleasure roll over me as I came again and again.

"Oh my God! Oh my fucking God! That feels so good! Yes!!!!!! Unnnnnnhhhhhhh!" I screamed as I lost myself in hedonistic lust.

My head lifted off the bed as I strained to watch. Then suddenly feeling like I had to pee, but knowing that it was not urine, I squirted jet after jet of cum into Paul's open mouth. He took me over the cliffs of insanity. Then my knees clamped about his head and I shouted for him to stop. I could take no more. After he removed his mouth from me my legs flopped down to the bed, like rubber. I relaxed and took a deep breath as Paul rested his head on my thigh.

"You are such a good lover, Paulette," I teasingly said to Paul.

"I knew seeing me in this outfit would make you get off. So, did you enjoy your 'lesbian' experience?"

"You wanted to try on the lingerie as much as I wanted to see you in it. Don't try to make it sound like it was all my idea," I replied.

"So, what do you want to do tomorrow night, dear?" Paul asked.

"The same thing we do every night, Paul, try to shock the world."

The End


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