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A Night with My Alter Ego Pt. II
by Brandy

I am now at this point so hungry with; desire for my lover's unique way of fucking me that as his hand comes down on my ass again my mind is spinning out of control. "Please I need to be filled, I need you to fuck me."

He commands me "turn and face me, is that what you want or do you want me to eat you some more." I smile and say, "No, I want to take you up to my room and let you fuck me." I stand behind his wheelchair now and slowly lick his neck as I prepare to lift him up the one step to the other half of my house and to my web of passion, that is my room. He sighs his appreciation for my attention to his neck. He rolls his chair ahead of me as I walk behind him watching the muscles in his strong arms work his chair. I enter the room behind him and walk to my bureau and light a series of candles that light my room softly.

"What do you want slut, I am your whore just tell me what you need?" he says as my body feels the heat of his eyes. I crawl on the bed next to him on all fours with my tits hanging in his face so he can eat my nipples again. I feel them harden in his mouth as his teeth bite down.

"I want you to fuck me please," as I beg again. Feeling my pussy drip and my clit harden knowing what is to come. I feel his hands as the push my tits together so he can take both nipples in his mouth at the same time. Waves of pure pleasure pour over my body I begin to moan and move my body to get closer to him. I feel his hand as it slides down and stokes my pussy and feel as his thumb enters in my pussy getting the wet moisture that his passion has created. I feel his thumb slide up as it puts pressure on the taint feeling it as it slides toward my ass. I arch my back, I feel his thumb slowly enter my ass feeling its pressure making my checks tighten taking his thumb in deeper.

He starts to stroke and I start working my ass as his thumb and picks up speed. "Oh it is so good please I need you to fuck my pussy, I need dual penetration."

My body starts to cum again as his thumb still pounds my ass. "What do you want me to fuck you with my slut?" He asks as my body continues to shake.

I stop and reach out and get a Large Wooden stick that he had given me as a gift. This stick is so nice it is about 10" long and 5" in diameter tapering to 4" in diameter and smooth to the touch. I take a roll of tape that is on the floor by the bed, "tape me up slut" I hear him say.

I take his hand and place the stick in his hand so about 6" of the stick are sticking out the end, and his thumb is out so it will hit my clit as he fucks me with the stick. I grab the tape and tape his hand to the stick making his hand and the stick a toy that I know will make me cum hard and fast. "Get in position slut" I hear him say as I get on all fours letting my stomach lay across his chest, my knees pulled close to his side spread wide. I arch my back as I feel the tip of that sticks stroke my pussy my body is sweaty and on fire as he works the stick teasing my pussy.

"Fuck me know please, I can not stand it." I am screaming at this point wanting to feel that hard wood in my hole filling. My lover knowing that I am on the brink of exploding slides that stick in hard and deep till his thumb hits my clit. So much pleasure as I feel my pussy tighten around that stick grabbing it holding it as his thumb hits my clit sending shock waves through my body.

"Oh, yes my that is great stroke me baby..." I left my ass and arch my back even further taking him in as my body moves in rhythm with his arm. My pussy is like a wild animal devouring the stick, fucking it like it was a thick hard cock. I feel my body as it shakes and comes with every third stroke of the stick, sweat coating my back and face as he continues to play my pussy like a master musician. I feel my body as it starts to straighten and my legs now shoot out and tighten as my body explodes with abandon and my lover keeps stroking my with that stick never stopping, making me cum harder and harder.

"Boom, Boom, Boom" I hear him say as he strokes that stick. "Cum, slut," and my body responds to his thumb as it hits my clit on the third stroke.

"More I need more" I scream as he holds that stick right on a G Spot making me cum. harder still. I reach over as my body starts to relax and grabs my Vibrating Ben Wa Balls. Taking a bottle of lube, I lube each ball.

"Where are you going to put them slut" he asks.

I said "watch" I slowly take one and slide it into my ass and the other I take and put it on his balls so he can feel the buzz of the vibe. I then move one leg up to sit near his ear as I lit my tits fall on his face so he can suck and bite my nipples as he starts to fuck me with the stick again. The feel of the vibrating egg, in my ass makes my ass tightens as the stick starts to fuck my pussy again.

"Oh yeah that is so nice keep fucking my whore." I scream to my lover. My mind at this point has started to spin again as I let go of all my fears and let him fuck me bringing my body to life like a phoenix rising out of the fire. I feel his hand as it pushes on my back making me arch further and letting the stick in my pussy come in contact with the vibrating egg in my ass.

"Just cum slut, I am here to make you cum. I am your whore." I hear him saying as he continues to chew on my hard nipples. I reach down and take the other egg of his balls and lift it and slowly slide it into my pussy with the stick.

"Wow is that great" as I arch my back feeling the pussy muscles as they grab the ball and the stick as juices stream out of my wet hot pussy. More my body demands wanting to feel more of this wonderful pleasure he is giving me.

"You ready to fuck my fist, slut" I hear my lover ask. I start panting and cumming " Yes"... "Yes"... "Yes" "I want to feel you in my pussy, I want you to feel me cum." I let him slid that lovely stick out of my pussy so I can take it of his hand so I can feel his hand buried deep in my pussy. The whole time I am unwrapping his hand I feel the eggs buzz in my holes keeping my body on fire as his other hand strokes my tits.

I take a condom out of it little package knowing what pleasures are about to come my way. I take the ball out of my ass and place it in my lover's hand wrapping his fingers around it. I then take the condom and place it over his hand and pull it down, then I take the bottle of lube and pour it on his fist and rub the lub on good and thick. I now take a small amount and rub it on my wet hot pussy and my taint so we have plenty of slide.

"Are you ready for me?" He asks as I raise my body into position so he can place his fist in my pussy. I feel the pressure of his fist as he pushes it into my pussy. My hand on his arm I can feel the muscle of his arm as it pushes into me. My body starts to shake as it enters my pussy, feeling the fire of passion in my pussy as my body starts to orgasms from the penetration of his fist in my pussy.

"I feel you," I hear him say as my pussy tightens around his fist as my body starts to fires up again. I lower my body back on all fours with my tits in his mouth as I rock on his fist vibrating against my clit from the inside. I feel my body as it starts to fuck his fist arching my back, working my ass so I pump his fist tightening and relaxing my pussy on his fist. " You are squirting on the wall baby." I hear him say as I start to cum again. " I want you to fuck me" " Please now" I scream as my body burns and my mind splinters from the orgasms that his fist on my pussy is producing. "Get in position" he tells me. I turn my body so one leg is on his chest and my head is in his lap, a slightly off center 69.

"You ready, slut?" I hear him say.

"Yes.... Yes...Please now" I pant as my body starts to build into another orgasm. I feel his whole body start to move under me as he start to pump his fist into my hot wet pussy faster and faster it goes all the way out now shoving it back in harder and faster.

"Cumming Cumming, Fuck me through the cum please" I am screaming now. My body in throws of such pure pleasure that I am shacking from head to toe feeling my pussy clamp on his fist as it enters and turns pulls out and reenters. I am now working my body with his feeling the sweat cover both of us as I start to experience what we call Brandy's Fuck headache. I collapse onto my lover's body, feeling his fist still in my pussy and the juices running out. I turn with his fist still in me and give him a kiss of thanks.

He removes his fist from my pussy, and I take the condom that is soaked off his fist. I wash his arm removing all the juices that have coated it. He takes me in his arm turning me so that my back is to him. Feeling his teeth as they start to eat my shoulders and the back of my neck, making me start to cum again. I am panting, so hard now, feeling my back and shoulders as the passion from his mouth makes me cum to life again.

"Thank you oh yes that is good soft" I say to my lover feeling his tongue as it licks my back. He then tightens his arm around my neck and I feel the pressure as he continues to eat my back branding me with his teeth and lips. He finally lets me rest as I continue to cum in wave after wave of aftershocks of pleasure.

"You were good slut," he says and " you were wonderful my whore" I say in return. I help him sit up and get into his wheelchair he watches me as I put on T-shirt so that I can help him get out of the house. He asks for a drink of water. I get him some water and he takes a mouth full and spits it at my pussy making me cum again as the cold water hits the swollen and ravaged pussy.

"You are a little devil!" I giggle. I walk him to the door and open it to the outside world letting the cold night air hit my hot skin and tender nipples rise to the cool air. He leaves in his chariot as I watch him leave. I return to my bed and say to myself " All that pure hot pleasure and he never used his cock." I know that in 5 days he will be back to ring in the New Year and he wants this to be bigger and better then tonight I cum again thinking of his magic ways.

Brandy will tell more of her hot tales soon to be continued...

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