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Adventures of Adam
Day 4: Monday
by Xander

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

It made sense. The McQades were home, and I don't think they would have liked it if they saw me fucking their two beautiful daughters at the same time.

My parents were always out until late evening. And since I don't have any brothers or sisters, my house had become the gamezone.

Christine was rubbing the bulge in my pants, making me harder and harder. Making it really difficult for me to sit still. Cerys was napping at my ears from behind, gently letting her tongue play just behind it. I never thought about it before. But that spot is extremely sensitive, and it made me shake of lust.

The needle on the speedometer continued to rise just as my Dick were. I put the pedal to the metal, wanting to get home as quickly as possible. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the sisters and fuck'em dead.

Adrenaline was roaming my veins. Not of fear or strain. But of complete and utter surrender to the lust.

I brought the car to a stop, breaking hard as I drove up the driveway. Had I not been buckled up, I would properly have been throw out through the windshield. "Easy easy lad, we got plenty of time." Christine said. I leaned over and whispered in her ear. "If any more time is passed I will literally explode." Christine licked my ear as an answer.

"Could we get this show on the road." Cerys was tapping the both of us on the shoulder. "Or Adam is not the only one there is going to explode." I stepped out of the car and quickly scanned the road. No one to be seen.

Cerys and Christine walked up to the door, where they both turned around and faced me. "You might wanna open the door." They were both wearing a hungry wolfish grin. "And then you got some work to do, boy."

I half ran up to the door with the key in my hand. While I fumbled with the lock Christine started to rub me, while Cerys was licking my ear. Both of them saying. "I want you...."

I was going crazy, right there on my doorstep.

I finally got the door open and we all stumbled inside. I slammed the door behind us and locked it.

It's Showtime.

I walked slowly to Christine, ignoring Cerys completely at this point. Christine reached for me, and I took her hands and pulled her close to me. Her hands were all over me, all while I didn't seem to get enough from licking her neck.

Christine ripped of my shirt, sending buttons all over the living room. I pulled her T-shirt over her head, exposing her firm breasts. I bent my head towards those delicious nipples and greedily sucked on them. Christine held my head, moaning. "More......"

My tongue were tracing her breasts. My hands feeling the softness of her skin. I was in heaven.

Some one was working on my pants. And it wasn't Christine. Her hands were still pressing my head to her breasts, forcing me to keep sucking. Oh, it almost made me cry out. Mama...mama.. in my best imitation of a baby.

Cerys was letting my pants drop to the ground, an my shorts soon followed. She was stroking me and gently squeezing my erection.

She lay across my back, and I could feel that she had stripped of her clothes. Naked skin against naked skin.

It most have been quite some sight, watching the three of us there. Me sucking away on Christine's tits, all while her sister was giving me a handjob from behind. Leaving me in the most delicious sandwich.

Christine was stripping of her pants leaving only her white transparent panties. She stepped back from me and looked at us with lust-filled eyes. "I want you to do me like you did Cerys this morning." I only nodded and leaned my head back against Cerys. She flung her arm around me and caressed my nipples. "Do you want me to prepare him??" She asked. Christine was wetting her lips while she nodded.

Cerys bit down in my shoulder. Not really hard, more like she wanted to leave a love mark on me. She licked the back of my ears and whispered. "Prepare yourself for complete bliss." Her tongue was leaving wet trails all over my back. And she was moving gradually down to my butt. She let her tongue trial a wet line in the crack of my ass. Oh this is new. I have never had anyone lick my ass before. It's wonderful.

Christine got on her knees in front of me and grabbed my cock. "Cerys!" Cerys' head came around my left thigh.


"You're are not going to get the first fun all by yourself. I want him too." Cerys licked her lips.

"Then let's use him until he faints." With these words she went back to my ass and started to lick my asshole. This made me jerk forward. And Christine was waiting for me there, opening her mouth and my Dick disappeared in her soft and warm mouth.

Cerys was upon like a panther on a prey, pinning me cock in Christine's mouth. She was sucking away on me like I was the worlds most delicious lolly pop.

Cerys continued to lick my ass, and I realised how sensitive that hole is. It felt great.

"Oh God, you two....I don't know how long I can take this...." I stuttered. "Well, cum as many times as you want. Just as long you keep it up until we're satisfied." Cerys said. Christine mumbled something, but having my Dick in her mouth disabled speech quite effectively.'

Christine's tongue was killing me. I can't even count how many times I've had my Dick buried in her mouth. But each time it just got better and better.

Her tongue work was done in a way to provide extreme pleasure. And I could all ready feel the tension in my balls.

Christine reached around and grabbed Cerys by the arm and pulled her around me, never letting my Dick go. "Hey...What.." Cerys complained. Christine just held her in front of me and said. "I thought you would like a taste as well." Cerys smiled seductively.

Cerys placed her lips on the right side of my Dick head. Christine did the same from the left. They opened up and I had my dickhead in both their mouths. Their tongues were working all over the head. It looked like they were French kissing, except that my Dick was in there as well. If I wasn't horny all ready, I certainly would be from that sight.

I didn't have long again and they sensed it right away.

They sucked harder on the head, letting my head disappear completely in their mouths. "Ah shit, here goes." I muttered.

I shot my load into their mouths. Their tongues working on the head of my cock. Both girls swallowed hard, drinking as much of my cum as they could. It was so God damn arousing to watch that it made me all dizzy and disorientated.

They let go of my Dick and actually French kissed, sharing my deposit.

I stepped back a pace and watched these two beautiful dark-haired girls, on their knees in my living room caressing and kissing each other. With my cum glinsing on their cheeks.

My Dick was only semi hard, but it instantly started to rise again at the sight.

Christine got to her feet and walked slowly to me. "I hope you're not done. Because now it is you turn to work." As an answer I grabbed her around the waist and turned her around. "I'm ready." With those words I bent her over the back of my couch. I went down on my knees and spreaded her ass cheeks. Just like I had licked Cerys' ass earlier, I was now licking Christine's. She arched her back letting out a moan of pleasure.

I puled her out a little further from the couch and turned to Cerys. "Get over here and work on that other hole." Cerys complied and came over to munch carpet.

Christine was moving violently against the couch from me and Cerys' work. " that tongue...." I more than happily did as she wanted.

I looked down and noticed that Cerys' was fingering herself while sucking her sis. My Dick was getting hard again. All right. If she wanted me to do her good, then so be it.

I positioned myself behind her, rubbing my Dick. "You can't get this hole Adam." I looked down at Cerys who peaked out from between Christine's legs. "I didn't intent to use it. Just keep it up." I placed the head of my Dick against Christine's asshole, and said. "Are you sure you want me to do this." Christine nodded. "Yes, just be careful." Well she didn't have to invite me twice.

I slowly started to push through. At first it seemed like I couldn't get through. She was simply too tight. The gradually she opened up. "Uh....Be careful."

Like with Cerys I stopped with only the head inside, letting her get used to having a cock up her ass. Cerys had been tight but this......

Cerys was licking both my balls and Christine's pussy. Constantly shifting between us.

I could feel Christine starting to relax and I carefully began to move inside her. Christine was grinding her teeth. "Oh fuck, this is different." I stopped of just a second. "You want me to stop?? I don't want to hurt you." Christine shook her head. "No..Keep fucking me."

I began to fuck her ass again. This was an almost blinding pleasure. Even though Christine relaxed completely, she was so super tight it made me dizzy.

I kept fucking her in a steady pace, and Christine meet my thrusts. She was moaning of pleasure, her mouth open and eyes closed.

I reached around and squeezed her tits while I fucked her, and she moved back against me.

Cerys was really giving her tongue overtime between mine and Christine's legs. But I sensed that she wanted to get in on the action soon. "Please stop Adam....I can't take it anymore." Christine turned her head towards me. I pulled my Dick out of her ass. "Did I hurt you??" Christine nodded. "A little. It was great, don't misunderstand me. It was, but it takes a little getting used to." Cerys' quickly got up an pushed her sister aside. "I think that's my cue." She leaned over the couch the same way Christine had. "You may start fucking my ass now." She said, imitating a teacher.

Christine burst out laughing loudly. "I think my little sis is a little more wild than I thought. Go at it Adam, I need a break."

Fuck the gentle touch, I thought. I rammed my cock up Cerys' tight hole, an she cried out. "SHIT!!!!" Well put considering what we were doing.

I pumped away feverishly, not being able to quite control myself.

Cerys felt every bit as wonderful as she had earlier. And then some. Maybe it was because this time I was in control.

Cerys kept hissing back at me, to do it harder. I did my best to do as she wanted. But having tried Christine's tight hole, only to be followed by Cery's. Without cumming gave me real trouble to continue at this pace.

I could feel it was building up to be a regular gusher.

"Cery's I can't keep......" Cerys intire body began to shake before I could finish, and she let out a primal scream. She collapsed over the couch, panting heavily.

Christine pulled me away from her sister, and locked her lips around my Dick. Apparently she didn't think Cerys should get it.

It only took her seconds of tonguework before I exploded. Cumming so violently I almost blacked out.

Christine did a valiant effort not to spill my cum. But I was spraying so much it was imply impossible for her to keep it in her mouth. She gagged a little, then my semen leaked out from the side of her mouth and down her cheeks.

I half fell on my ass after that. Sitting there with a disbelieving look on my face. In front of me Christine was getting up again, while licking the rest of my cum of her lips.

To my left Cerys still lay unmoving across the couch, displaying an open asshole.

Holy Jesus Fucking Christ.

I looked down at my limp Dick, which was more than sore from heavy action.

"That was two. Ready for another??" I looked up just in time to see a naked Christine reach out for me.


Adam's Adventure with the McQade sisters, Christine and Cerys, continued for years. They managed to never have jealousy be a part of their some what special relationship. Until The day they broke with each other.

Truthfully neither of them wanted to. But during a three way sex act, at Adams house, his mother walked in on them.

Needless to say she was in shock.

She didn't know anything else to do but call up the McQade's.

And all hell broke loose.

And small town gossip travels fast. The town had long suspected something fishy about Christine, Cerys and Adam. And now they had proof.

Adam was disavowed by his own family, labelling him as a sick little pervert.

He was send away shortly after the incident, and is currently studying at a university in Miami.

He never speaks with his family. And he remains single until this day.

Adam has never disclosed anything about the relationship. But he constantly misses the lost loves of his life.

Cerys took the break badly and moved away to Ontario.

Her parents, still want to have contact with her. But Cerys have not been able to forgive them for. As she puts it herself. "Destroying the best in of my life." Thus rarely speaks with them.

She is currently waiting tables at a dinner, and goes clubbing a lot.

In spite of several attempts, she too remains single.

She has weekly contact with Christine.

Christine stayed in the town 6 months longer than the rest of them. But eventually she got so sick and tired from hearing people speak behind her back. Including her parents.

Late one night she confronted her parents and told them to fuck off. She got into her car right after that, only with small suitcase, containing the most essential, and left town for good.

She continues to love Adam, and secretly hopes she will find him again.

She currently resides in New York working as a PR-trainee for a small commercial company.

Her parents do not know where she is.

Both Adam, Christine and Cerys have tried to find each other again. Unsuccessfully. Only Cerys and Christine are aware of each others whereabouts. Adam has no idea about where the two girls are.

No one told them where the others went.

All three continue to search for each other. Frequently using the net, holding the hope close to their hearts

As Adam once muttered in a café:

"I will always have hope....."



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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