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An Orford Castle Adventure
by MorganHawke

Ever been to England? This is a fantasy about one of my favorite places to visit while I was there... The Norman Keep of Orford Castle, in the little town of Orford, England.

We're strolling down a quiet cobblestone street in the quaint English village of Orford, East Anglia, just off the coast within sound and smell of the sea...

My ass-length, red hair flows loose down my back in rhythm to the sway of my long loose skirt and the bounce of my full breasts. I take your hand in mine as I glance at your body, clad in tight jeans and a shirt that is opened at the collar and I lick my lips at the sight of the strong column of your throat. Striding up the hill toward the Norman tower of Orford Keep. As we make our way inside the door is small and the passages are narrow with tightly spiraled staircases of worn ancient stone. There are four floors with catwalks along the sides of each floor and then a roof. Tiny rooms riddle the ancient walls that have small but deep barred windows. The feel of history soaks into us from the very stones. There are other tourists on the grounds, but most have left the castle itself in search of lunch in the town, so we have the entire keep to ourselves.

In one of the alcoves scattered around the main hall you back me up against the stone wall, your body hard against my softness. Your wicked smile is answered by one of my own. My hands knead at your denim-clad ass, pulling you hard against me; my thighs spread open to the heat of your erection as it strains against the fabric. My mouth opens under yours as you draw my tongue into your mouth in a harsh kiss. Your hands cup my full breasts and tease at my nipples through the fabric. As we kiss your fingers go to the row of buttons to my dress and you slide a few of them open. Your mouth goes to my throat and you kiss and then gently bite me, massaging the muscle and creating shivers of pleasure.

Your hands delve under my skirt and you discover my garter belt and naked flesh. Ah, yes, you remember I never wear panties when I wear long skirts. You chuckle at my wickedness and promise retribution with a gleam in your eye.

You lift my leg around your waist exposing my damp pussy to your inquisitive fingers and you kiss me long and deep, nipping my lips, sucking on my tongue, swiping the interior of my mouth as though in promise of the delights to come. My ass against the cold stone wall of the alcove, your clever fingers slide effortlessly into my warm, voracious channel and my tiny hungry moans echo softly into your mouth.

You spear me with two fingers and scissor them, reaching deeply inside to find the magic button that makes me whimper in my need to come. Your thumb rubs my clit and moisture makes wet sucking sounds as you thrust your fingers and tease me. Your eyes narrow in concentration and my back arches pushing my hips into you. I can feel the edge of pleasure snaking its way into my limbs, making me quiver. My mouth is open as I pant, so close, so very close. You stop, taking your fingers from my dripping depths and letting my leg drop, you lick your fingers, savoring the taste of me and you smile.

With a growl of frustration, I pull your shirt from your jeans then unbutton it to spread it wide. I rake my nails lightly over your chest, tugging gently and then not so gently at your nipples then bend over and suck at the small, hardened nubbins, flicking them with my tongue, listening to your breath as it deepens. Your mouth opens on a rumbling groan. Both of us listen for company on the stair.

I straighten up and you sweep in for yet another drugging kiss. Slowly you continue to unbutton my dress, my breasts thrust forward from the black, lacy under-wire bra that I wore. It is little more than a shelf with my nipples completely exposed, the titanium rings piercing them arched forward from the peaks hard with my excitement. You cup my breast with one hand and squeeze, running your thumb over the swollen tip. My hips thrust hard against your trapped cock in reaction my breath harshens with my need. I can feel your hard length against my hungry dampness. You grind against me, the seam on your pants rubs against my wet clit.

I moan in pleasure as your mouth covers my nipples and you suck hard. Nipping lightly you suck and then flick your tongue on one nipple and then the other. You tug on the rings with your teeth. Pleasure streaks down to pool in my pussy, suddenly increasing my need to be filled by your cock.

You sink your fingers into my ass, holding me firm against the wall with your hips. You slide two fingers once more into my channel and you feel my muscles contract on you, trying to pull you deeper within. My juices have dripped down my thighs and your hand grows slick. You wrap a hand in my ass-length hair and pull back, exposing my throat to your mouth. Gooseflesh rises with the excitement of the sensations of your teeth on my throat and your growl in my ear.

This close to the top of the tower we can hears cars and people passing by closely, but no one has come into the tower, yet. The thought of getting caught, or at least being heard, by those outside makes us smile. We silly American tourists...

You push me into the nearest narrow arched doorway and back me into one of the small rooms off the main passage. My dress is open from the throat down, the black of my bra and matching garter belt exposed starkly against the paleness of my skin. Shutting the door you wrap your arms around me and back me against the wall by the deep window seat, where we can see people strolling through the surrounding garden. There are bars but no glass in the window. They probably can't see us, but they might be able to hear us...

I pull your shirt free and it drops to the floor, My hands slide over your chest and my nails lightly claw at you making light red welts that'll disappear in an hour or so. My mouth follows my hands and I lick your chest and suck at one of your nipples, my fingers tugging the other nipple. My mouth slides lower, I lave your chest and stomach with my tongue, swirling to encircle your belly button then make tentative dives with my tongue into your waistband. I drop to my knees on the cold stone floor and press my face against your jeans, rubbing against your restrained cock and breathing deeply. With my open mouth I massage and nip at your cock through the jeans. "Enough with the teasing," you say in a voice harsh with excitement. You kick off your shoes.

Quickly I unzip your pants, and slide my hand inside to grip you hungrily. I see I'm not the only one who didn't wear underwear. I rub my thumb against the slit in the crown of your cock with quick light strokes before I grip the shaft firmly and begin stroking you. You help me unbuckle and unbutton your pants and then they fall to the floor, where you kick them away. There before my lips, sits your cock.

Moistening my lips I catch your eye as I lean forward to encircle the head with my tongue in a swirling motion, tasting your pre-cum. I watch you with greedy eyes as I draw the crown into my mouth, my tongue sliding back and forth across the bottom in quick strokes. With my hands I stroke the length of your shaft with a firm grip. Pulling you from my mouth I then proceed to slather my tongue all around the shaft from tip to base. I nuzzle then gently suck on your balls, drawing them into my mouth one at a time, my hands slowly stroking you as I do so. I then slather and tongue my way back to the purpling head of your cock. Your eyes are glazed and narrowed as you watch me.

Lips open wide; I take you deeply into my mouth to begin sucking you. My tongue whips back and forth within my tight mouth as I draw your shaft with wet sucking noises. My head bobs under your hands, tangled in my hair as I seek to draw as much of you down my throat as possible. My hands, stroke the rest of your length in a delayed rhythm to make it feel like one long stroke. Paying close attention I slow the strokes till your hips push forward seeking the speed it likes best. Your ass muscles bunch as you thrust yourself into my mouth and I work to match your speed and rhythm. Your eyes are closed then you open them to watch yourself fucking my mouth. You are starting to groan with the pleasure.

My eyes on your face, your eyes are half closed with the sensations that are rippling through your body. You lick your lips and hiss as I pay special attention to the edge of the crown of your cock, raking ever so lightly and sucking, then laving hard with the tip of my tongue in quick flicking motions... Seeing you so excited wakens an answering heat in my pussy and suddenly I'm shaking with need myself. My hand snakes it's way to my pussy and I begin to pleasure myself. My fingers dipping into the wetness from the heat of my arousal, I slide a finger-tip across my clit in circling motions making myself frantic. I whimper and moan softly, my mouth still full with your cock.

Your cock grows harder, your breathing faster and your muscles begin to lock as your tempo increases, your thrusts getting longer and quicker. You're getting ready to orgasm. Your hands are locked in my hair thrusting yourself into my hot mouth; you pant and moan mouth wide open, as your orgasm grips you. Both my hands now on your cock, I tighten the strokes, to encourage you, I feel the spasms beginning in your balls and snaking up to explode in my wide-open mouth. You cry out hoarsely and you see the whiteness of your own cum as it spurts on my tongue, and drips from my lips, my hands pulling on the shaft and encouraging you to empty your load... with a moaning sigh you finish.

My lips are wiped clean on a convenient handkerchief. You look at me with that evil grin and say "Guess who's next?"

You lift me up into the stone window seat, and position yourself between my spread thighs. The stone is cold against my ass and my dress is spread wide, my pussy exposed to your view. It gleams wetly and you can just smell my arousal. I arch my back; my full breasts rising and I give you a saucy grin. Kneeling in front of me, my legs over your shoulders, you begin kissing and licking the moisture that has dripped on my thighs above the stockings then your tongue touches my wet core in long strokes and I whimper. Your hands lock down on me as I writhe in my pleasure. You part my neatly trimmed pussy lips and delve for my clit. I lean back, rocking my hips forward and into your tongue...

One finger penetrates me deeply while you suck and nibble on my folds, the finger sliding in and out, I beg for two. "Please, put two fingers in!" A second finger joins the first and you begin scissoring them deep in my pussy as your tongue concentrates on drinking the juices dripping from my excited pussy as you tongue and suck then flick your tongue hard on my clit. My juices are starting to flood. I press your head into my hungry pussy with one hand curled in your hair, my thighs hooked over your shoulders and locked together, squeezing. My breathing deepens and I begin to pant in little cries. One of my hands snakes up to my breasts and I tug on the little ring that pierces it, then start rolling the nipple between my fingers, matching the speed of your tongue. My hips thrust without my guidance as my pussy seeks its peak. Fire races up my spine as my orgasm shudders hard through me and I cry out my pleasure. Your tongue keeps up its gentle torture and suddenly I'm cumming again, hips rising from the window seat, my cries louder this time.

There are voices outside and they stop, listening. We hear them clearly decide to come back and visit the tower after some shopping. We smile and chuckle to each other.

I lean back on my elbows in the window seat, somewhat exhausted by my pleasures and a foolish grin on my face. I lick my lips and you stand, your cock ready and sticking straight out and pointed at my very wet pussy. Spreading wide I take your heavy cock into my hands and I just can't resist leaning over and stroking it with my tongue then sliding it into the cleavage the bra has created, rolling it between my full breasts and titty fucking you for a few strokes.

Gently but firmly, you push me back and you kiss me deeply, guiding yourself into my body. The fit is tight, but you thrust all the way in with a long slow stroke. Your moan of pleasure rumbles into my mouth. I roll my hips to allow for deeper penetration and slide partway off the window seat to give you thrusting room. Your hands cup my ass as you raise my hips to meet your thrusts.

"Fuck me now," I say softly. "I need to be fucked." My internal muscles grip and squeeze your cock as it's lodged deep in me. With my hands I grab you by the ass to pull you in tight and you grunt in effort. I want all of you. Pulling back, you withdraw and thrust, my muscles flex within as the hungry mouth of my pussy tries to pull you back in. Deeply you thrust again and then again, then shallow...deep and shallow... shallow and faster, you're panting now with your thrusts... I lay back against the window writhing, my hips rising to meet your thrusts, leaning back I grip the window ledge for support, pushing with my whole body. The stone is unyielding and I feel the full brunt of your hips as they pound into mine, faster and harder now, one hand cupping my ass, the other gripping my breast as you lean over me and tell me how much you like fucking me, between ragged breaths.

The fire flashes at the base of my spine and I feel the wave of heat lightning that tells me I'm about to come. I whimper in my need. I let go of the window ledge to grab your ass with both hands on a thrust as my orgasm rips through me. Still you thrust into me, deep and hard. I feel the rippling in my tight pussy and you begin to cum, which sets me off again and another orgasm shoots through me as you lean into me hard, out cries of pleasure loud in our ears. Your cock quivers deep in me as I feel you shoot your load, my inner muscles milking every drop from you...

You pull me up to kiss and our tongues rake deeply in each other's mouths, we can taste each other on our lips. We lock eyes and laughing, scramble for our clothes before someone comes to investigate the noises in the old Norman tower.


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