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Adventures of Cerys Part I
by Maddog2891

As you may know from the Adventures of Adam series, Cerys is a hot little number that had tons of three-way pleasure with Adam, the former love of her life, and Christine, her sister. However, after being discovered and leaving her small hometown, Cerys hasn't found what she's been looking for. Delegated to waiting tables at a local diner, she felt that no man would ever love her in that way again. She was in need.

Yet, one night, as she was waiting tables at the Ontario diner she slaved at every day, someone new came in the door. Always surprised by strangers at this podunk restaurant, she eyed him up and down. Damn he's fine, she thought as she eyed his frame up and down. He was 6'0, black hair, deeply brown skin and (although covered by his suit) appeared to be extremely fit. The feature that hooked her, though, was his black eyes, cutting away from everything and reaching the core.

Straddling up to the line of stools, he slid himself a seat right in front of her, flashing a smile and asking for a regular salad. Grinning from ear to ear and giggling at nearly every comment he made, Cerys literally melted in front of him. As she slid in the kitchen to give the order, the cook slyly bantered, "I see the new guy's got you all hot and bothered now." Her only response was a beet red face as she turned away with the salad.

As the meal progressed, they talked further, his relaxation exemplified by taking off his jacket and tie, revealing his muscular form through the white shirt. Nearing closing time, the cook headed off, telling her to finish off the last customer for him. Oh, I'd LOVE to finish him off, Cerys daydreamed as she was left with the man alone.

Now that everyone was gone, she jumped the table and sat next to him, chatting away. Eventually, the conversation went to sex, causing the man to become very bashful. A natural flirt (especially with such arousing men as he), she teased and toyed with the man gently, her panties simmering in her own juices. Suddenly, he grabbed her, pulled her close and kissed her deeply, their tongue dancing and writhing in their mouths. She squirmed as she placed herself on his lap, humping the growing bulge in his pants with her wet mound.

He then picks her up and laid her across the table, kissing her lips and face tenderly, slowing he slides down her neck, unbuttoning her waitress uniform to reveal her bare breasts, heaving with nipples erect. He takes one nipple, then the other, in his mouth, his tongue swirling and pulsing over her soft flesh, her eyes closed and a moan escaping her lips. Sliding further he flicks his tongue over belly button and goes deeper to the core of her wet dripping pussy.

First, he kisses her thighs up and down, inching closer towards her twat, wet and pulsing and aching for stimulation. He starts by licking up and down her wet slit through her panties, causing her to moan and shake. He then slides her panties down, revealing a wet, dripping cunt just begging to be sucked. Cerys is so horny right now that as soon as he starts licking her slit she arches her back and screams in orgasm, her body convulsing in passion. But he wasn't done.

He then slipped his tongue in her pussy, pulsing, thrusting, penetrating deeper into his core, licking, sucking as hard as he can. She keeps screaming "ohmygod ohmygod holy fuck yes yes yes" as he replaces his tongue with two fingers, pumping, finger-humping inside of her to make her shake as he wrapped his lips around her clit, swirling his tongue in a circle around and around.

In a mix of moaning, screaming, cumming, pulsing, thrusting, and penetrating he orally satisfied as she orgasmed again and again. Finally, after her fourth orgasm, he slid his fingers out, sucking the sweet juices off his fingers. He then pulled her naked body up, kissing her and depositing his juices in her mouth as their tongues twisted and danced. "I want you... please fuck me now... I need it..." were the only things he could understand from Cerys' ragged whispers.

Thus, ripping his shirt off and unbuckling and dropping his pants, the man revealed his manhood. The first words out of Cerys' mouth were "holy shit... what the hell is that?" staring at his magnificent 11-inch cock. It was raging hard and thick and beautiful and Cerys' could not keep her eyes off of it. Moving her face towards his prick he holds her back, calming stating, "no... I want your pussy first... doggy style". Her eyes wide, Cerys gasps "if it'll fit I'm game" as she turns around and gets on all fours on the floor. He slowly teases her, running the head up and down the slit, making her beg and plead for it. He forces her to talk dirty to the point she says "stuff me with your big beefy monster... fill me up good... I need a good dicking sooooo bad". With that, he thrust the first two inches in, with a groaning shout from Cerys, having never taken something this big before.

This stud is literally splitting me in two, Cerys thought, her eyes closed and her mouth in a perpetual moan. Slowly he slid it all in, two inches more, three inches more, and the final four inches slid deep inside of her. With this Cerys lost control of her body, as the sweat, thrusting, and excitement of the situation forced her into perpetual orgasm, shaking and screaming with pleasure. In ragged gasps, she begged, "fuck me... fuck me hard... harder please!"

With this, he rammed and thrusted deep inside of her, in and out. Damn this girl is so fucking tight, he thought to himself as he slammed his 11-inches of fuckmeat into Cerys' aching pussy. As Cerys was going to pass out, the man pulled his dick out of her pussy, sitting back on the stool seat. "I could go for that blowjob now," he said as Cerys smilingly got on her knees in front of him.

She started nursing his hardon by kissing the head gently, her lips sliding up and down the shaft, running down to his balls. There she first licked, then suckled, then took both of them in her mouth. Cheeks bulging, Cerys sucked on his balls as he moaned with pleasure. Slowly she tongued them out of her mouth with a loud plop, focusing further on his beautiful cock. Enveloping his head in her mouth, her velvety lips and tongue rolling around and around over him, licking, sucking, gently blowing his cock.

Working her way down she inhales two, three, four, five inches, sucking licking puffing away at is cock, tongue swirling flicking gently over his giant shaft as he moaned, wrapping his hands around her soft head. He stared at her, watching the contrast between his dark brown prick and her white face and pink lips being stretched by his prick. Licking and sucking harder and harder he begins fucking her face, pushing himself deep down her throat as she goes down further on his cock. Damn this girl is good... she's fucking tight and she's the best cocksucker, thought the man as she licked and sucked harder and faster, blowing harder faster deeper than before, her nose buried in his pubes.

Finally, he moaned out "I'm gonna cum... and you're gonna take my load in your mouth". Cerys, already aroused, nearly went over the edge, her eyes glazed over from the pleasure she had been given tonight. Feeling his balls tighten, she slid her mouth up to his head, pulsing her tongue as it swirled around and around and around.

This alone drove him over the edge, as he shot his tremendous load (having not gotten off for 2 weeks) down your throat. Her cheeks expanded to take all of his cream, which tasted so good in her mouth, Cerys thought. But some of it escaped her tightly locked lips, dipping down her chin as she licked and sucked her lover clean, milking all his jizz out. Sliding him out of her mouth, he smiles and asks her, "can I have your number, you sexy thing?"

"Oh yeah", said Cerys.

"Can I see you again sometime?"

"OH YEAH", she said, smiling and giggling as she wipes the cum off her lips and chin to suck it down. Well I guess I'm not in need anymore, Cerys figured.

To Be Continued...


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