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Act Out Pt. I
by Tristmegistis

My then-fiancee and I discovered the ecstasy of acting out sexual our fantasies quite by accident. It was late one Saturday night and we'd just gotten home from a party. We were both more than slightly tipsy and exceedingly frisky as a result. Our first kiss inside my apartment rapidly escalated into an impassioned grope.

"I love how easy it is to get to your tits in this dress," I whispered as I fondled Helen's tall, proud globes through her borrowed cocktail gown.

She'd been uncomfortable in the tight black thing all evening because it revealed too much of her deep cleavage and didn't cover enough of her great legs. But in the privacy of my place, she moaned and thrust her chest into my caress. "That feels so good, Ron."

I backed off just enough to stare at my lover with burning eyes. "Jesus you look hot, honey. Look how your nipples are denting the material. All night long, I've been aching to pinch and squeeze and suck them."

She posed with uncharacteristic playfulness, coyly cupping a full breast in each hand and teasing her own nipples. "The way you're looking at me makes me feel *so* nasty."

I took another step back and began rubbing my hard-on through my slacks. "You *look* nasty, babe. How about giving me a little show?"

Her eyes were locked on what I was doing with my hands. Her voice turned less playful, was hollow with passion. "What kind of show?"

"Make yourself cum for me. I want to watch you masturbate in that little black dress. I want you to play with your big tits and finger-fuck your nasty pussy until you scream."

I was stunned by my little speech, as well as what I wanted her to do. We'd both always been sexually reserved. Missionary sex was all we'd tried. We never even talked dirty to one another, and the words I uttered had a remarkable effect on us both. Helen was as shocked as I was and momentarily froze with her breasts filling her hands. Then her eyelids fluttered and she groaned. She resumed rolling her bullet-sized nips between her thumb and first finger and began to rock her hips.

"I will if you will, too," she murmurred. "Jack off for me. Take your long, fat cock out so I can see you rub it."

Hearing my conservative wife-to-be using such a crude word to describe my penis dizzied me with lust. I heard my zipper go down and felt my rigid dick fill my hands. "Like this?" I growled.

"Yes! Oh, yes! I want to see how much I turn you on, Ron!"

"Do it, slut!" I ordered gruffly. "Show me those fat tits and that juicy cunt. Make me so fucking hot that I shoot my cum all over that slutty face of yours, bitch!"

"Fuck, honey!" she wailed, her hands going wild on her chest. "I love it! Talk dirty to me! Make me do nasty things! Treat me like a whore!"

I stroked my pole and did exactly what we both wanted. "Pop your tits all the way out of the dress, you cunt. You've been teasing me and all the other guys with them all night. Prancing around in your high heels, making them jiggle in that tight dress with no bra. Bending over so everybody could see almost all of them. Acting like you were embarrassed, when we both know how much you loved having everyone staring at them. Show me how much you love your tits, bitch."

"Oh, I do!" she gasped. "They're so big and beautiful and sensitive." She lifted first one, then the other free of their tight confinement. "Look how huge my nipples are, baby! Jesus! They've never been so long and hard, even when you bite and suck them! It makes me feel so good to play with them like this."

"I want to fuck them later. I want you to hold them together so I can slide my prick between them. I want you to lick the head of my dick, suck it between your slutty lips, kiss it every time it comes close. Then I'll shoot my cum all over them so you can rub it in."

She shrieked then. "Do it! Do it right now!"

"No, slut. First you have to make yourself cum for me. Lift your skirt. Show me those sexy hose. Show me how wet you're making your panties. Rub your clit for me until you cum like a bitch in heat."

She hurried to comply, staggering drunkenly to the sofa while she fumbled to raise her hem. She jerked her panties and hose down to her knees and her hands dove into her thrusting middle. While she roughly played with her drenched pussy, her eyes were glued to my swollen member.

"That's it, slut. You're so fucking wet I can hear your finger clear over here. Put another one inside. Spread those nasty pussy lips as wide as you can. Roll your clit, bitch. Show me how much you love fucking yourself while I watch."

She willingly did everything I demanded of her as long as I kept beating my meat. When her orgasm came, she screamed at the top of her lungs and began begging me to cum for her.

"Fuck my tits like you promised you would," she panted. "I want to feel your hot dick between them. I want you to cum all over me. All over my tits. All over my face."

While she squeezed her globes tightly around my shaft, I straddled her, humped her chest and fingered her dripping pussy until she came a second time. When I finally exploded, blowing my wad straight into her widely gaping mouth, she came yet again. I dumped the rest of my load onto her tits, and she writhed under me as she massaged the sticky white gel into her flesh.

"Lick it off your hands," I choked as the last dribbles pulsed from me.
I knew it was the first time she'd ever tasted sperm, and from the look of ecstacy on her lovely, dripping face, I knew it wouldn't be the last. She even went me one better, lifting her jizzed tits to her hungry tongue and licking every trace of cum she could reach from each mound, moaning her pleasure.

I settled down beside her on the couch. "I've never seen you look so sexy," I whispered, kissing her soft, full lips, tasting the tang of my cum on them. "The way the dress is bunched around your waist and you're so totally exposed turns me on like crazy."

"Umm," she moaned. "It makes me feel like such a tramp to still have all my clothes half on and feel your cum drying on my skin." She shivered and smiled. "So dirty!"

My cock stirred against her thigh and her eyes widened. "You can't be serious!"

I raised myself and tugged her legs further apart so I could see her cunt. "Jack me off until I'm hard again and I'll show you just how serious I am."

With a wicked grin, she tickled my balls and lewdly lifted her hips in offering. "You really want to fuck my nasty little pussy? You want to ram me, fuck me so hard and fast and mean that you make me cum like some cheap whore you picked up in a bar?"

"Yeah, slut. But I changed my mind. I want you to *suck* me until I'm hard. I want you to open that dirty mouth of yours and wrap those sleazy lips around it and swallow my dick. I'm going to fuck your face before I fuck that hot cunt of yours."

Oral sex had always been off limits, but I saw the heat in her eyes as she nodded. I let her slide out from under me and watched in disbelief as she crouched between my legs, gripped my growing erection in both tiny fists and hesitantly began giving me her first blow job. Despite her lack of expertise, it was almost more erotic than I could stand. She got into it so much that I had to tear my cock away from her sucking mouth. She mewled a protest as I pushed her away, rolling her onto her hands and knees and forcing her legs apart.

It was our first experience with doggie-sex. She stiffened all over as I slammed into her, burying myself to the balls in one savage thrust. I'd never been so deep in her. She didn't stay tense. Almost instantly, she began bucking and humping me back, just as wildly as I was driving into her.

"Fuck me!" she screamed. "Slap my ass and ride me like a bitch!"

I reddened her ass cheeks with stinging blows that just excited her even more. I pummeled her with every bit of force I could summon, impaling her with each thrust so hard that she slid forward on the carpet.

Through gritted teeth, I called her every dirty name I'd ever heard, told her that her cunt was so loose and wet it felt like she had a dozen men's cum in her.

"Yes!" she howled. "I'm a no-good whore! I'm a fuck-toy! I want all the cock I can get! I want to be covered with cum from head to toe, have it dripping from my ass and cunt and mouth! Hurt, me, baby. Treat me like a worthless slut!"

I grabbed her heaving, dangling tits and used them for handles and pounded her until I blew the most massive load of my life into her spasming loins. We both collapsed onto the carpet, gasping for breath like we'd just been saved from drowning.

We were too exhausted for guilt. We helped one another to bed and slept, tangled together, until very late the next morning. We both awoke shame-faced and avoided talking about our mad love-making. But, the next night, our sex was much more impassioned than usual, and each of us knew the other was recalling the wild performance of the night before. From then on, as a matter of fact, our lovemaking became more regular, our passion for one another more constant.

Helen moved in with me shortly after that - something that we'd discussed and rejected as being immoral. I'm sure it was the night of crazed lust that made us both privately reconsider our notions about what was right and wrong. But despite the fact that we both dreamed about it, we didn't re-play our night of passion, or even talk about it, for over two months.

The next time was just as spontaneous as the first had been. We were snuggled together watching a cops and robbers type movie on TV. The predictable plot dealt with a serial killer who stalked prostitutes, and the heroine went undercover as a hooker to trap the bad guy.

While there was nothing overtly erotic about the scene, I was trying to hide the boner that was building between my legs as the policewoman put on streetwalker makeup and fit herself into a tiny little minidress. I noticed from the corner of my eye that Helen seemed uncomfortable, too. I didn't know why until I accidentally brushed her chest with my hand while getting into a more comfortable position. She hissed and jerked, and I realized that her nipple was swollen and hard as stone under her cotton blouse.

My throat went dry and I pretended to ignore her arousal. "I wonder what that'd be like?" I asked her.


"I wonder what it'd be like for a normal woman to have to pretend she was a whore? To put on bright red lipstick and all that eye makeup and stretch a dress that tight over her tits and ass and walk around in fuck-me shoes while men drooled over her and offered her money for her pussy?"

I kept my focus on the screen, but saw Helen wet her lips, watch her breath quicken. "It'd be horrible. But she has to do it. Her boss ordered her to."

"Yeah. But don't you think it'd make her feel hot and nasty, too? She'd almost have to be turned on by the way all the guys fuck her with their eyes, the way they imagine they're sticking their cocks between her slutty red lips or pounding their meat into her sleazy cunt."

Helen nodded and squirmed tighter against me, her elbow coming to rest against my hard-on. As she realized what it was, her eyes hooded and she unconsciously turned toward me, her lips already parted for a kiss.
The second our mouths connected, we caught fire. She groped frantically in my lap and plastered herself against me, rubbing her tits hard against my chest.
I ripped my mouth away from her driving tongue. "What if I made you do that? What if I forced you to paint your face like a streetcorner whore and show off your tits and ass?"
"I couldn't," she panted, jacking me off through my jeans. "You wouldn't." Her eyes were saying other things.

I dropped my hand between her legs, crudely rubbed the denim of her jeans into the heat there. She spread her slim thighs and reached for my mouth. I denied her hungry kiss. "Oh, but you're wrong, bitch. That's exactly what I'm going to make you do. I'm going to drag you into the bedroom and fuck you from behind while you paint your slutty face. I'm not going to let you cum until you're dressed in the nastiest clothes you own and you've smeared your lipstick all over my dick. Then I'll make you swallow every drop of my cum and suck me hard again. After that, I'll fuck you so hard and fast your cunt will feel like it's on fire."

Helen fell back, breathing in quick, short gasps, her wide brown eyes hooded with desire, her hips grinding into my hand. She groaned loudly. "I'm already on fire. Put it in me now, Ron. Stick your hard dick in me."
"No way, cunt. No cock for you until you look as nasty as the slut on TV."

I grabbed her wrists and jerked her to her feet. Clamping her arms behind her back, I forcefully marched her to the bedroom. I kept her arms imprisoned while I unsnapped her jeans and tugged them down to her ankles. Then I pushed her toward the bed. Unable to keep her balance, she staggered and fell onto the mattress. I pinned her to the bed with a knee in the middle of her back and jerked the jeans the rest of the way off. Her plain white undies were saturated with her fluids. I roughly rubbed her pussy then tore the panties off with a loud ripping noise.
"God, what a whore!" I exclaimed. "Look how fucking wet you are." I stabbed her glistening slash with a finger. It went right in without encountering any resistance.
"Yes," she hissed, wiggling her shapely ass, trying to get my finger deeper. "Make me do it. Make me look like an easy piece of fuck meat. Do whatever you want to me. Make me eat your prick. Shoot your sticky cum down my throat until I choke."
I rolled her over like a sack of flour and sent the buttons of her blouse flying as I yanked it open, revealing her heavy white brassiere. I thrust the shirt down her arms, again trapping them behind and under her. I obscenely fondled her heaving tits before pushing the bra down. Her large globes jiggled atop the cups, her nipples distended so far they looked painful. I reddened them with savage pinches. Her thighs were
wrapped around my leg as she rubbed her pussy up and down my jeans.

"I want to cum first," she growled harshly. "I'm ready right now. I want you to watch me get off just thinking about what you're making me do." She stopped humping my leg, spread her legs as wide as she could get them. Her eyes were glassy. "Stick as many fingers in me as you can. Stretch my sloppy cunt as wide as it'll go. I'll be the sluttiest whore in the world for you, baby. I'll suck your cock with my red lips until you turn inside out. I'll grease your prick and slide it up my ass. Anything you want, I'll do. Just touch my clit and I'll explode. Do it. Watch me."
I was incited even more by her guttural tone, her vulgar words. Instead of making her wait, I pierced her with two fingers.

She grunted like an animal and humped them. "Yes. Yes. Make me do it. Watch your nasty slut cum."

I added another finger. She took it easily, rolled and pushed until her ass was a foot off the bed. The instant I touched her hugely swollen clit, she lost her mind.
"CUMMING!!" she shrieked rawly. "OH, FUCK!! CUMMING!!" Her thighs slammed shut on my hand. It felt like she was trying to suck my whole arm inside her. I rolled her button one more time. She convulsed, her lips wide in a silent scream. Her pussy was clenching on my fingers like a wet fist. I'd never dreamed anyone could experience such a powerful orgasm. And the fact that it was happening to my normally restrained, reserved Helen made it totally unbelievable.
I managed to get my hand out of her with considerable effort.

"Give it back! I need your fucking hand!" she howled, trying to free her arms from her blouse. "More! I need more!"

"Oh, you'll get more, slut. You'll get all you can handle and then some. But first you've got to look like you deserve it. Get your slimy ass out of bed and get to work!"
I jerked her to her feet. Her eyes were wide and empty.

"Give me your cock, honey," my fiancee whined piteously. "Please. I've got to have it."
I pushed her to the bathroom, again pinning her wrists together behind her. I stopped her at the counter top. "Put on your makeup, whore. Thick and heavy. If you look nasty enough when I get back with your clothes, I'll fuck you right here."
She was scrabbling through the drawer in front of her for what little makeup she had. Her voice was low but shook with urgency. "I'll look nasty enough. I'll look so fucking sleazy you won't be able to keep your long, nasty prick out of me." She was still mumbling curses as I stalked back to the bedroom and flung open the closet door.
She'd given the slinky black cocktail dress back to her friend Doreen. My choices were limited. Helen's clothes were as conservative and conventional as she was. I found an almost transparent blue blouse that'd have to do, a black skirt that wasn't quite a mini that she'd quit wearing because it was too tight - perfect for now. She owned only one pair of high heels. I located her pantyhose and carried it all back to the bathroom.
She was working feverishly, still talking under her breath, calling herself slut, cunt, or whore with every ragged breath. She'd smoothed a pale foundation over her face and added a lot of blush to her high cheekbones. Her lashes had grown immense under thick layers of mascara, and her eyelids drooped under a load of blue and silver shadow she was applying. I stared long and hard while she finished her eyes. She then attacked her mouth with trembling hands, spreading a thick coat of her only lipstick - a very light shade of red - onto her heavy, bowed mouth.
It was too much. I dropped the armload of clothes and freed my swollen dick. The mirror showed her what I was doing and she froze with the tube of color in her hand, her eyes glued to my cock. I kicked the high heels toward her.
"Put those on, bitch, and bend over."

Her tits leapt as she scurried to obey. Her nipples had become even longer and fatter. Pussy juice glistened wetly on her thighs. She had the shoes on and was bent forward, legs widely spread, in a matter of seconds. She used both hands to spread her slick pussy lips wide for me.
"Fuck your slut, honey," she said thickly. "Fuck me good while I finish painting my whore's face for you. Do you like it? Do I look cheap enough?"
I ran my cock up and down the length of her open, glistening gash, making her hiss and jerk with the intensity of the contact. Her ass rolled and thrust, trying to capture her prize. I denied her as I studied her face in the mirror. "It's not good enough, but I guess it'll have to do."
"What's wrong?" she groaned in frustration.
I fed her just the tip of my prick, despite the almost overwhelming urge to ram her with all my might. "That lipstick sucks. It's too light."
"I'll use more," she panted, her thighs quaking with need. She bent closer to the mirror, ground the color into her lips, circling her mouth until I ordered her to stop.
"Use some vaseline," I grated out. "Make them shine like they're wet with cum."

She eagerly complied while I eased another few inches into her pulsing, overheated hole. Her entire body was shaking by then. She had to stop while a small orgasm wracked her.
"Now draw some better eyebrows, whore. Darker."

"Pluck them!" she shrieked, grabbing for her pencil and wiggling her ass, getting all but the last of my hard-on as a reward. "Make me pluck them!"

"Maybe later, cunt. I want to get your sleazy ass dressed now so I can fuck your face."

But I couldn't resist pounding her pussy long and hard first. She had to put both hands on the counter top to brace herself. Her face was mere inches from the big mirror, and she kept staring hollowly into her heavily painted visage while I jolted her with vicious thrusts. She later told me she had two more orgasms before I jerked out of her and told her to get her clothes on. I was in no condition to notice them myself. I was trapped in a lusty red haze that dominated my entire being. I felt like I could fuck her all day and night and never go soft. As it turned out, I wasn't far wrong.
She asked no questions about the lack of bra or panties, just buttoned up the see-through blouse until I told her to stop halfway. It left her swollen tits almost exposed. She sat on the toilet, removed her heels and rolled on the panty hose. Inspired, I demanded that she cut the crotch out so I could fuck her with them on if I wanted. She was shaking so hard I was afraid she'd stab herself with the scissors. Then, shoes back in place, she wiggled into the too-tight skirt. When I bitched about how long it was, she rolled up the waist, shortening it a few inches. With the blouse tightly tucked in, she looked hot as hell.
I gave her no relief, though. "Pretty fucking pathetic. You look more like a Sunday school teacher than a whore. You're going to have to do better next time, cunt, or do without cock."
She looked forlorn for a moment as she stared at herself in the mirror. She started playing with her displayed tits. "I'll make up for it, honey. I'll act so fucking slutty for you you'll forget."
"Then get on your knees, bitch, and suck my rod."
Her heavily tinted lips almost instantly embraced my meat like she loved nothing better than sucking dick and had been doing it all her life. The blend of vaseline, lipstick and saliva made her mouth so slick that it was even better than her pussy. I wasn't satisfied with merely using her mouth, though. I grabbed her by the hair and forced myself down her throat, choking her, making her gag. But she made no protest. Instead, on my next thrust, *she* pulled me all the way in. Her moan resonated up my staff and echoed throughout my body.
To keep myself from blowing my wad before I was ready, I pulled all the way out and made her lick my balls, even tongue my asshole. She seemed to have no inhibitions at all. My placid wife-to-be had turned into an unabashed whore, hungered for every perversity I could dream up.
Excited beyond words, I returned to her sucking, smeared lips and fucked her face for all I was worth. I shot my first two gouts of sperm straight into her stomach, then pulled all the way out and had her jack me off, aiming my jerking member at her face until it was covered with pale white gel from nose to chin and had dribbled onto her heaving tits.
I pushed her away from me when she'd milked me temporarily dry. She fell off her high heels and sprawled on the tile floor. "I'm going out for a while," I told her.
She looked stunned. "No! Don't leave me like this!" she begged. "Fuck me! Please fuck me or I'll die!"

I glanced around the bathroom. My eyes settled on a wine bottle with a candle stuck in the top. I jerked the candle out and threw it to her. "Fuck yourself with this until I get back. Better use it on your asshole, too. I want it nice and loose for my cock."
"Where are you going?" she wailed, like she hadn't heard me.
"None of your goddamned business! Just make sure you're still fucking yourself when I come home. I want to see cum running out of your cunt like it's a faucet, whore!"
I waited until she'd impaled herself on the candle through the hole in the pantyhose, was laying flat on the floor with her knees high and wide and using both hands to ram her pussy with the wax cock before I hurried away.
I drove like a maniac. What I needed was crystal clear in my head, but I added a couple of impulse items when I got there. I couldn't have been gone more than fifteen or twenty minutes, although I really had no concept of time.
Neither did Helen. I heard her grunting as I went up the stairs three at a time. She was still fucking herself, as ordered. The only differences were that the cum had dried on her face and she'd found a use for the wine bottle. It was protruding from her distended cunt while the candle stuck out of her ass. Her eyes were wide open but blind to everything but her filled holes.
She wasn't really even aware that she wasn't alone until I noisily dropped the plastic bag on the counter top. She blinked long lashes and tried to focus her eyes on me. Her smeared lips shaped a loose smile.
She spoke slowly, with a faint slur. Her voice was raw, probably from having her throat so roughly fucked. "You're home. See? Your whore's doing just what you wanted." Her whole body shook. "Ooh. Ohh, fuck. I did it again. I came again, honey." She sounded very pleased with herself.
I unzipped myself and sat on her below her almost exposed tits. Her aureoles and nipples were dark swells with sharp peaks. I slid up until my legs pressed them together and my cock lay between them. "Have the real thing," I said. "Fill all your wholes at once. Cum again for me, slut."
She ate me like candy at first. She licked and nuzzled and sucked, made love to my prick with her lips and mouth. I held her head so she could keep double-fucking her other holes with her dildos.
"How does it feel, whore? Tell me what it's like."
"Good," she whispered to my cock, and between her words she kissed or swallowed my throbbing pole. "So good. So *fucking* nasty." 'Fucking' was the only word she spoke clearly, and she took me in all the way to the balls right afterwards. "*Fucking* my big pussy and my virgin asshole," she gasped. "*Licking* your beautiful cock with your cum dried on my slutty face. Do it again, baby. Shoot off on my face, in my mouth."
"Not yet, cunt. I'm going to take the candle out of your ass and put my cock there. Roll over. Put your face on the floor and your ass in the air."

"Yes! Fuck my ass, baby!" Her coordination was shot. I had to help her.
"Keep using the bottle, slut." I jacked my dick with the vaseline she'd used on her mouth and the candle. "Keep stretching your cunt out. Make it so fucking big I can get my whole hand inside you, my whole fucking fist."
"Your whole fucking arm!" she choked when I jerked the candle from her brown hole.
I couldn't wait any more. I took her hard and fast, impaled her on the first smooth push. She was already greased, all the way down.

She howled like she was dying, but the instant I started to back out, her scream became words. "NO!! FUCK ME!!"

And fuck her I did. I rode her like the bitch she was, feeling her bottle-dildo right on the other side of her gut muscles.

"Yes," she kept grunting over and over. "Yes . . . yes . . . yes."
"I'm going to fill your guts with cum, whore. I'm going to jerk it out and squirt it all over your slutty ass and pussy."

"Ung! Yeah, fucker! Do it! I'm ready. I'm going to do it again. Cum, you bastard! I want to feel your cock swell and shoot in my ass! I want to rub your cum into my pussy. Oooh, cum all over your slut, baby."
We both screamed when I orgasmed. The ring of muscles at the top of her hole gripped my prick in a vice and held back my explosion until I slapped her quivering ass cheeks as hard as I could. When she relaxed, I thought the top of my head had blown off. I must have injected her with a quart of sperm in one blast. But there was still plenty left for the rest of her.
The bottle squirted out and rattled across the floor as she collapsed under me. Her fingers were feebly trying to smear the cum on her still moving pussy lips. I fell across her. Her mouth was amazingly soft under mine. She groaned softly into my mouth as I tasted her.
"Don't stop," she whispered very softly. "Don't let me stop yet."
"Okay, slut. Rest a little and clean up. I brought you some presents to play with. When you're ready, come downstairs. I'll make some food."


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