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An Old Love Story
by Softly

After having my morning coffee, I turned on the computer to see if I had any e-mail from my daughter. "You've got mail" chirped at me. A click brought up on screen a message no one expects. It was a brief note from a guy that I had dated while in High School, forty-three years ago. We were going steady when he left to serve in the Navy. I sent him a "dear John" letter six weeks later. During the next year, we dated when he had leave. My dad took us from Vermont to Michigan to live. I did not bother to send this guy my new address, so he lost track of me. I went to College and married after I graduated.

He was six feet five, and weight one hundred and ninety pounds when I knew him. He had the walk of a gifted athlete, which he was. He had friends in every click in school. With an IQ of 142, he was quick, had a good sense of humor, and was a gentleman at all times. He did not drink, smoke, or speed. Some of his favorite sayings were: "The world is full of 90 yard men", "Say what you mean and mean what you say", "A promise made is a debt unpaid." I stood five feet one inch and weight one hundred and five pounds.

My girl friends said that if we ever had sex that I would be looking at the center of his chest. My mother said that his family had no money, so he probably would not make much either. My sister, who was in college, said that there were hundreds of guy to be had there. My dad said we looked funny together.

I E-mailed a nice reply to him asking what his life was like. Wow, he had been around. Professional pilot, division manager of a major corporation, own business, and now retired. He had two condos, one in the same town we had met in and another thirty minutes from my home in Florida. He ended his note to me telling me that he always wondered what it would have been like to be my life partner. I sent him my saga.

I went back to the everyday pattern of life for the next month. Then, one day without much thought I wrote to him and said that I would like to spend a day with him. I knew that he was alone for some time each month. He a brief note with date, time, and instructions to dress for boating.

I had no idea what to expect. The man was huge. Not fat, just big. Same soft voice, and gentle hands. We had breakfast at a family place on the waterfront. He had a word for everyone in the place. A small child ran over a plopped into his lap. Two black workman came in. He excused himself and briefly spoke to them. They burst out laughing to the joke he told them. A state trooper chatted with him.

We lowered his 17 foot Whaler into the water. Twenty minutes later we were anchored by a small island. We chatted about this and that. Suddenly he was up, fish net in hand and thrusting it through the water he caught a three foot hammer head shark. He held it in his bare hands before me and told me to feel its skin. Back to the water it went. He was the master of everything, and still had that jocks easy grace in his every movement, at age 63.

I showered first when we got to his place. I had not planed on sex. Never thought sex was that much. I slept with two guys in college that came in a few minutes. My husband was like clockwork. Sex on Sunday night at nine. This was the whole show: kisses, mouth on breast, finger on clit, finger in vagina, penis in vagina for seven minutes, cum, two more kisses and he rolled over to sleep. His penis was less then six inches long and thin. I was the "thing" to put it in.

I went through some of his things while he was showering. More surprises. A letter of thanks from President George Bush for "services" to his country. A Glock pistol, owned by a police department. I had just put the things away when he came into the room wearing a towel. Seeing me naked sitting on the bed, he quipped, "You on the pill?" I'm sixty-one.

He brought some pillows into the bedroom and arranged them on the bed. We kissed for a few minutes and then he positions so that his penis was near my lips. Tipping me on my side he raised my upper leg which exposed my womanhood to him. My husband had never eaten me, not once. Ever so gently he begin to nuzzle and lick me. Then he put his mouth on my clitoris and suck it. I kissed his cock and then for the first time in my life put a cock into my mouth. We stayed that way for ten minutes. He sat up and leaned back forty-five degrees on the pillows. He lifted me up so that I was facing him and then he lowered me onto his manhood. It was seven and a half thick inches. Never before had a penis hit my back wall or displaced my womb. By shifting his legs up and back he raised and lowered me four inches up and down on his shaft. His huge gentle hands cupped my and then rubbed my back.

His mouth was softly kissing me on the lips when I begin to feel an orgasm coming on. I did not want this to end. When my husband felt me cum, he would pound into me as fast as possible. He knew I was almost there, and he whispered, "go on let it come." I did, Oh God, my whole body shook and sweat rolled off me. My vagina gripped his manhood. He stopped moving and we gentle kissed for fifteen minutes like a couple of kids in a car. For the first time, I was a lover sharing another human being. With his penis in me, we were one. His huge gentle hands held me in a security that I had never known to exist. He had an uncanny ability to know how to bring me to the edge of orgasm, and he did so for the next two hours.

He had a tear in his eye when he kissed me good by. I drove up the road to a K Mart. Stopping in an open area of the lot, the realization of what I had done to myself when I had cut this wonderful man out of my life 43 years ago fully hit me. I sobbed, God yes, I sobbed. Then, a smile came to my face. At best, in this world, we are lucky to have three true friends. I have one, and he is one hell of a man.

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