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A Perfect Alibi
by English Bob

*14th June*

I was sitting in my office in Park Street. It had been a quiet day and I had sent my secretary home early. Listening to a basketball game on the radio, my attention was broken as I heard a sharp tap on the door. Turning the radio off, I called that it was open, and to come on in.

"Mr. Bridges, Zack Bridges?"

"That's what it say's on the door! Can I help you?" I had not been expecting anyone to call this afternoon, and so the tall, well dressed man now standing in front of my desk took me a little by surprise.

"My name is Terry King. I understand that you may be able to help with"

Domestic, I thought immediately. It had to be a domestic job. I do all sorts of investigative work, but you can always spot a domestic!

"Why don't you tell me what your problem is Mr. King, I'll see if I can help?"

"I think my wife is seeing another man. I want her followed and, if I'm right, I would like video evidence of her adultery." I sighed quietly. I knew it, a domestic. Well, of course it paid the bills, and work was a little thin at the moment so I was glad of the job.

"Sure, I can do that," I said. "I charge three hundred a day plus expenses. Five hundred in advance."

I watched as he pulled his wallet from the pocket of his suit and peeled of ten fifties, placing them neatly on the desk in front of me.

"That's fine," I said. "Do you have a picture of your wife? I'll also need your address and where she works plus usual hang-outs, you know, gym, clubs that sort of thing."

The meeting between myself and my new client lasted only another twenty minutes. Mr. King was forthcoming with all the information that I needed to start my investigation. His wife, Sonia, worked for a local bank, but seemed to have little other outside interests. Good, I thought. It would be no problem for me to stake her out for a few days and gather all the evidence that I needed.

Taking a note of my clients contact numbers, I promised to be in touch over the next few days. After he left, I took a good look at the photograph of Mrs. Sonia King. Keeping an eye on this one would be fun indeed! A smiling face stared out from the celluloid, framed by long, blonde hair. She was a real looker. This might be a nice job!

*15th June*

The Eastern Bank was easy to stake out. Standing detached from any other building, mid way along Main Street, it was an impressive, early forties structure with high wooden doorways and the air of a busy financial institution. My car radio played some light music as I continued to watch the foyer with a practised eye. It was quickly rolling round to quitting time, and I was waiting to get my first sighting of Mrs. Sonia King. At 5.35pm I saw a tall blonde woman exit the bank and collect her car from the nearby lot. I didn't need to check the photo that I had pinned to the dash, I knew it was her immediately. The blonde curls were unmistakable and I now had my first glimpse of her full figure. Her legs appeared to be solely responsible for her impressive height and moved gracefully as she strode towards her car. She seemed to be a woman on a mission. Knew exactly where she was going. I turned the key in the ignition of my old Nissan, and prepared to follow at a safe distance.

As she led me through town, it soon became obvious that she was not heading for home. I remained always at least three cars behind her red BMW. From this distance it was unlikely that she would spot me and I could easily keep in touch with her. After several more miles, we entered a nice residential area on the outskirts of town, and my target pulled up in front of an impressive detached house. I stopped and waited. Was this the assignation that I had been waiting for? I thought as I quickly checked the small, hand held video camera that I had brought with me.

From a distance of nearly seventy yards, I watched Mrs. King lock her vehicle and approach the house. This was the part of the job I like the least. I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their privacy and it grates on me to have to spy on them, but until adulterers openly admit to their indiscretions, this is the only way to gather the information and evidence necessary. Sonia was greeted at the door by a tall, dark haired man who embraced her and quickly ushered her inside.

I waited several more minutes before making my move, eventually exiting my own car and glancing up and down the tree lined street. No one else seemed to be around at that moment. Leaving my car unlocked, (sometimes it is necessary to make a quick getaway whilst engaged in this kind of work!) I made a final, visual sweep of the street and darted, unseen towards the rear of the house. Settling myself quickly and quietly behind a clump of bushes near the house, I realised that I had struck gold! The rear of the house was made up almost entirely of a large plate glass window that looked directly into a comfortable sitting room. The drapes had been partially drawn, but there was enough of a gap for me to direct the camera into the room and start taping.

Well, Mr. King had been right all along. The evidence was all here and it looked like another marriage was about to bite the dust! It was almost as if the adulterous couple were putting on a show for me. They were obviously in no mood to take their time. The unknown man was almost ripping Mrs. King's clothing as he pulled her blouse and then her skirt roughly from her body. They seemed nearly frantic with lust, kissing deeply and touching as they tore at each others clothes. In no time they were both naked, save for Sonia's stockings and garter belt.

My hands shook slightly as I continued to let the camera capture their infidelity. They were both sprawled on the floor in the classic sixty-nine' position. The tape rolled silently as it recorded Sonia's brightly painted lips sink sensuously over her lovers engorged penis as she sucked him deep into her mouth. It recorded her legs as they fell open lewdly to allow his lips access to her vagina. They were young and obviously fit. Their oral pleasuring lasted for over twenty minutes as I filmed heads between legs and hands squeezing buttocks and breasts.

I have to admit to being very turned on myself. I would have defied anyone to act differently. Their assignation lasted for nearly two hours, culminating in a furious coupling as Sonia bent over the back of a leather sofa and was taken by her lover from behind. The camera recorded it all as he thrust his hard penis into her vagina, pumping back and forth with passionate vigour. The window blocked out all sound, but it was obvious from their facial expressions that their combined climax was imminent. As the pair peaked in a flourish of ecstasy, I turned off the camera and quietly slipped back to my car. I would telephone my client in the morning, but maybe I would take one quick look at the tape this evening before I reported.

*16th June*

My secretary, Mary had telephoned Mr. King early and made an appointment for us to meet at my office at lunchtime. I knew he would put on a brave face when presented with the evidence that he wanted, but was probably dreading. Mary had insisted on watching the video as soon as she had finished the call. It was unethical, I know, but I knew that it would excite her and she would most likely want to thank' me afterwards. I was not disappointed. Before the tape had even finished, Mary was on her knees in front of my chair and was swallowing my solid erection into her pretty mouth. Mary is one of the best little cock-suckers I know! She fellated me to orgasm right there in my office, using one hand to pump my meat into her mouth, whilst the other was buried deep inside her panties, fingering her clit as she shook and trembled her way to her own climax. Kissing the tip of my spent penis, she winked at me salaciously and re-adjusting her dress, took up her usual position at her own desk and started typing away merrily.

The meeting with Mr. King at lunchtime was brief and to the point. As I suspected, he put on a brave face when I handed him the tape. He was obviously expecting bad news. He thanked me in a business like fashion and promised to settle the balance of my account as soon as I sent it to him. With a curt shaking of hands, he turned on his heel and left my office.

*24th June - eight days later*

It had been more than a week since the King job' and I was now involved in another case. I had heard of the robbery at the Eastern Bank on the 15th, of course, but had not really given it any serious thought. It was early afternoon when Mary announced the visitors as Detectives Mcgraw and Davis from the local precinct. In my profession it always pays to keep a good relationship with the local police force, and usually pays greater dividends if I can keep one step ahead of them. The two detectives took the seats that I offered and gratefully accepted coffee from the lovely Mary. I knew them both well. Jim McGraw and Paul Davis were extremely efficient cops and I could see from the expressions on their faces that this was no social visit.

"Hello guys," I greeted them. "What can I do for you?"

"Hey Zack," grunted Paul. "Just got a couple of questions for you about the robbery at the Eastern Bank, OK?"

"Sure, but I don't know how much help I can be. I've had no input on that case at all."

"Do you know a Mrs. Sonia King?" asked Jim. "We have reason to believe that she can help us with our enquiries."

I composed the answer carefully in my head before speaking. In my experience it can be dangerous to comment about a client without thinking first.

"Yes, I know of her."

"We have interviewed her husband at some length, and he has informed us that you would be able to help us with discovering her whereabouts on the evening of the 15th June."

My mind went immediately back to the tape, a copy of which was still on file in my records.

"Come on guys, you know I can't comment on a client. It breaks my confidentiality code. I could lose my license!"

Paul passed me a photograph, obviously a still from a security camera. "Do you recognise this woman as Mrs. Sonia King?"

I looked at the photo. My mind reeled. I was most definitely Sonia, but the time code at the top of the picture put the time and date as 6.30pm on 15th June, exactly the same time that I was video taping her with her lover.

"Yes. It is her, but your time code's wrong. Trust me, I know exactly where she was at that time, and it certainly was not in the bank!"

"Sorry Zack. The time code is right. It's been checked and double checked. That picture was taken at 6.30pm on the 15th June.

I had no choice. To protect her I had to give them the tape.

"The proof's on tape. You just didn't get it from me ok?" I said as I reluctantly handed over the video.

"That's fine, Zack," said Paul. "We've already seen it. Mr. King showed us his copy. We just had to make sure that it was on the level and he hadn't doctored the time and date. I guess we must be looking for the wrong woman."

"I guess so," I said. "I can vouch that she definitely was not at the bank at that time. I have to say though, it really does look like her! I suppose you'll just have to keep looking!"

"OK. Thanks Zack. I don't think you can help anymore than you have," sighed Jim. "We'll be on our way. Thanks again." With a wave and a quick hand shake the two puzzled detectives left.

*26th June*

If the cops were puzzled, then so was I. I really hate to have a mystery that I can't figure out, but I was loathed to admit that this one had me beat. The evidence was irrefutable, but as I looked at the security photo for the hundredth time, I could not believe that it wasn't Sonia King. Still, I thought as I slid the photo into the desk drawer, a person cannot be in two places at the same time! With a sigh, I turned to the work that I had in hand. Delivering a summons was not the most exciting work, and didn't pay all that well, but the firm of lawyers that were my current client put a lot of work my way, and you have to take the good with the bad!

Grabbing my coat from the hook behind the door, I took a quick glance at the address on the summons. Heath Road. That sounded familiar. A few seconds thought and I had it. Heath Road was where I had followed Sonia King to on the day of the robbery. Maybe I should take a quick look while I was there.

As I drove towards the outskirts of town, following much the same rout as I had that evening two weeks ago, the whole King case was returning to my mind. I didn't know what I expected to find, I just knew that I had to take another look at the house.

The summons successfully served, I drove slowly to the other end of the street and parked where I had on the evening of the 15th. I was still unsure of my motives, but I stayed and watched the house anyway. I just had a gut feeling. After twenty minutes of waiting, I was about to give up and leave. Suddenly my stomach turned sickeningly, as I saw the front door of the house open. The unknown lover was the first to exit, closely followed by Mr. King. The pair were laughing and joking. My mind was turning cartwheels. What the hell was this? Two weeks ago, I had seen the unknown man involved in what can only be described as sexual adultery with his companion's wife, how come they seemed so friendly now? As my brain tried, unsuccessfully to make sense of this situation, it lapsed into complete insensibility as I saw Sonia King appear from the house, followed by....SONIA KING! My mouth was opening and closing of its own volition now, until my mind made the only logical connection it possibly could. Twins! And identical twins at that. It was impossible to tell them apart.

As I sat in my car, watching the four drive away in a brand new Jaguar, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. The whole thing had been a set up. I had been used to provide the perfect alibi.

- The End -

* * * * *

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