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April Part 1
by Andra Jenny

April was depressed. The tall bar stool and near-empty drink were no consolation for her as she contemplated the bitter taste of her failed marriage. If only he would treat her with some respect and dignity. Sadly, she wondered what it would be like to be treated like a real woman and not some helpless little girl.

Self-pity welled in her eyes as she realized yet again that it was her stature that caused men to treat her like a child. She stood five foot, and a very small fraction, in bare feet, but she preferred heals. She looked down at her tiny breasts, they were pert and full, the titties of a little girl. She sighed theatrically, and scanned the bar for a shoulder to cry on.

Her eyes traveled down two bars stools. The tall thin man, young and tanned, smiled at her stirring up warm friendly butterflies that fluttered in her stomach. The single drink was having a strong effect on her ninety-five pound body, releasing the inhibitions of her distraught mind. She blurted out, "How old do you think I am?"

She shivered with sharp, intoxicating pleasure as he sat on the stool next to her. "Twenty-two," his deep voice rumbled. To April's alcohol-drenched brain, this was precisely the right answer.

She was pleased that he didn't say she was younger, she wanted to be taken as a grown woman, yet on the other hand, she sure as hell didn't want to be taken as middle-aged. Her interest was aroused. "How did you know my age?"

He laughed, an amused laugh. It made her feel warm to please him, he was so good looking, and he was already treating her better than her husband did. "I met you and you twin sister, Julie, in here, oh..., two or three months ago." He winked slyly at her, "You had a lot of fun that night. I didn't get to really join your birthday party, I hate forcing my attentions upon beautiful young women. And, besides, you all looked like you were having a lot of fun without me."

April was entranced, he had all of the right looks, and he even sounded good. "She was just in town visiting, and we went out to have a good time." Her melancholy overcame her, now that she had selected her shoulder. She expertly teared up. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the concerned interest in his dark eyes. She poured her heart out to him.

After another drink and an hour of confession and outpouring of resentment towards that miserable husband of hers, April was dizzy and losing control of her faculties. "Do you get smoke pot?"

"Yes I do, but I don't have any right now. I can get some," he offered.

April impatiently brushed past this, barely listing to what he said. "Do you want to go to my house and smoke a joint? My husband is working late, we can go and smoke one and come back." She got up and launched herself at the door. She looked at the reflection in the door. He was staring at her taut little ass. April smiled to herself, she absolutely loved the way she looked in heels, and so too, obviously, did this handsome stranger. She turned on him quickly. She fixed him with a strong look as she swayed back and forth, "What's your name anyway?"


"Well, Dürmey," she backed out of the door which he held open for her, "What do you do for a living?"

"I run a Karate School."

At that moment April knew she had found her dream man. Reality crept in along with a stray thought about being married and having taken certain vows. April was suddenly depressed again.

The cool pot smoke helped calm her down. Dürmey was sitting on the couch with her, close yet not menacing. What a gentleman, she thought to herself. It was all that she could do to keep from offering herself to him. Unconsciously, her rambling turned to the subject of her sex life. Dürmey's concern, and attention, drew her on, driven by the gentle desire that consumed her tiny presence.

"It hurts me," she confessed. "I'm just too small. My husband hates me because I won't let him do it more than once a week, or more than once at a time." The thoughts of her husband doing her, and this tall man taking her began to intermix. As she talked aimlessly, she began to feel the urge to accept the pain, to welcome it, to welcome Dürmey into her body. She drew closer to him, anxiously awaiting his advances, yet admiring his control and discipline.

The rest of the night buzzed right by for April. She returned to the club with Dürmey and they drank and danced, the unspoken romance blossomed in the warm, smoky backdrop of the bar. She returned home to her husband's rage. He hit her, he packed his clothes, and he left her. One week later, he filed for divorce.

April was depressed. The air-conditioning and the huge, cool green-leather couch combined with the flat gray-marble made the courthouse waiting room seem like a tomb. It was an appropriate setting for the formal burial of her marriage. April had almost come to grips with the situation and was almost happy about it, yet she had had a lot of practice being depressed recently, and it came easy to her. She looked up at the sound of a familiar, deep voice.

Dürmey smiled and immediately left the group he was with and came over to her. They talked, and she felt better. Dürmey was very good at making her feel good, and the way he looked at her made her feel decadently sexy. He was there to testify in a small meaningless trial, but he gave her day a much better meaning. She made sure to tell him all about her new apartment and where it was located. Dürmey assured her that he would come see her after the conclusion of his evening's classes.

Back at her new apartment, newly divorced and free, April rummaged her closets for the right look and mapped out her campaign to attract her man. Red lace panties, sparse and virtually see-through went on under her sheerest pair of black pantyhose. Over these, she wriggled into the tightest little pair of shorts that she owned. She adjusted the edges to ride up the full, round ass. A flimsy cut-off tee-shirt slid over the tiny lace bra that cupped her perfect orbs and lifted her nipples out proudly. She slipped into her tallest black spikes and turned to admire the lift of her ass and the smooth backs of her flawless heels. Proudly and triumphantly, she addressed the mirror, "I may be small, but I've got the best package a man could ever want!"

By the time Dürmey arrived late that evening, April was surrounded by the earnest attentions of her male friends. She had enjoyed the heat of there wanting, and the subtle ways that they sought to gain her favor. But as soon as Dürmey entered the room, she set about proving that he was the only one to have a chance that evening. Gradually, at first, the discouraged suitors wandered off. Soon, she was alone with Dürmey. Again, she sat next to him and silently offered herself with her eyes.

He took her into his arms. He was so strong and so big. April felt deliciously helpless, knowing that he could take her even without her consent, not that she would ever dream of withdrawing it at this point. She crawled into his lap and raised her lips. His big, fleshy tongue filled her mouth. Their lips sealed and she sucked happily on his tongue while he explored her tiny mouth. Eagerly she clung to him as he stretched her out on the couch pinning her petite brunette frame beneath his tall thin body. She felt the length of his full heavy penis pressing between her thighs. She began to panic as she wondered how she would ever take him inside of her.

He was aggressively exploring her body. Helpless, she moaned as he sucked on her neck while pulling up her tiny tee-shirt and pulling down her exposed bra. She screamed in surprise as he attacked her titties, sucking on them, biting them, kneading them roughly with his hands. Now, she wanted him. She heard her voice, far off and distant, begging for him to take her. "Now, do it now," the husky voice whispered over and over.

Her abdomen spasmed in pleasure as his strong hands stripped the tiny shorts to her knees and then peeled down the shear hose. Dürmey pulled the shorts and hose over the black, shiny heels and spread her legs open. The lace panties had gracefully ridden up into her pussy, splitting it in half, the lips spilling out inviting him, urging him to take her. He admired her momentarily and then, to her surprise, reached down, pulled her panties aside, and then bent over and kissed her delicately on the damp lips of her pussy. April nearly passed out in pleasure.

He made passionate love to her delicate flower. She writhed and groaned on the couch in complete ecstasy. She held his head as he administered the first real pleasure she had ever known. Passion consumed her and she gently hunched his handsome, tan face. Taking this as her signal, he took her hard little clitty into his mouth as sucked her to a shuddering, climaxing orgasm, something she had never before experienced. She lay, exhausted, content, and in love as he gently lapped her pussy clean.

April was nearly asleep when he arose to leave. "Where are you going? You can still have me, I don't care if it hurts, I want to make you happy."

"You don't have to do anything for me tonight. I'll be back tomorrow, so wear something sexy, and then it will be your turn to do me," he said with a gleam in his eye, and then, he was gone.

April drifted off to sleep, happier than she could ever remember being.

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