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The Ancient Prophecy
Pt. IX: The War, Won, yet Lost...
by Vipers

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"Master... it's not your fault..." Maya choked on herself. "She gave her life to save me..."

She didn't continue. Atrus slowly circled his arm around her and pulled her close. "I know Maya... I know..."

"She loved you, Master..." Maya finally said. "She loved you... more than anything..."

The regret went deeper as the word cut through his soul like a hot knife to butter. He wished Anna would be here. She would have made everything right. She would have cheered him up and told him that everything would be just fine. He knew that she was the only one who could heal the pain.


Atrus turned around to see Roberto running toward him. The young prince hesitated when he saw the wet eyes in Atrus' face, but Atrus looked at him expectantly.

"Sorry for the interruption, but a messenger from Aragon just came to Castle Hloffeth yesterday to send a dire news! Southern Aragon has been attacked by what they called an army of walking dead! The undead armies are attacking!"

"So the plague has arrived..." Atrus nodded. "We have to return to Stromgard and mount a defense. We need Agar to take us there..."

"Wait, o Prophet of the Guardian!"

A soft tiny sound from behind startled them. Atrus turned around to find the strangest creature he'd ever seen. It was a girl just about his height. Her body was sleek and lean, covered with black tight bodysuit, leather gloves and high boots. Her dark, short hair added natural beauty to her face. Two small long antennas stretched from her forehead. Yet the main feature was a pair of wide, transparent wing-like surface stretched on her back.

"A Fairy?!" Maya exclaimed.

"Yes, my Lady..." The Fairy bowed slightly, presenting the group her small, colorful wings tucked on her back. "I have come to bring news from our kingdom."

At that time everybody had gathered to see what happened. They were amazed to find a Fairy there. Living in Heaven, Fairies rarely ventured to the realm, except for a few special occasions. Their rarity had incited many false stories about their existence, usually connected to great treasures stored in Heaven for those who could reach it. Yet the Fairy before them was nothing close to the descriptions depicted in those stories, except for the wings.

"What can we do for you?" Atrus asked.

"I am to bring a terrible news, o Prophet of the Guardian... Our home is under attack by the Evil One! Please lend us your assistance!"

"The Evil One?" Atrus asked. "You mean the demons?"

"Yes, o Prophet of the Guardian! Please help us!"

"The demons in Heaven?" Aurelia's brow raised. "What do they want there?"

"Any idea what they're looking for?" Atrus turned to ask the Fairy.

"O Prop..."

"Atrus will suffice." He cut her off.

"Uh... okay... Prophet Atrus... We are sure that the Evil Ones are trying to destroy our world, so that we can't interfere with their plans in the realm..."

"Master! It's the dream!"

Atrus looked at Maya. "What dream?"

"Mistress told me about Holgreb's dream! Remember, the land of clouds? Heaven sounds just like it."

"Then the darkness fell over the clouds, and there are cries of agony..." Holgreb repeated.

"It's the prophecy of the attack of Heaven!" Maya claimed.

"Then it is true..." The Fairy hung her head. "The Heaven will fall... My sisters..."

"We're going to help!" Atrus decided. "How can we go there?"

"I can lead you the way!" The Fairy chanted a spell and a dimension door opened before them "Come quick! We don't have much time!"

One by one the party entered the dimension door. The war in Aragon had to wait. They had a more important matter to address. Soon all people entered the magical door, Atrus being the last. He took a last glance at the ruins. The memory of the long lost civilization, and the only woman he would ever love, would always be with him. And this was the sight he would never forget.

"Hang on, Anna... I'm coming..." Then he entered the door before it vanished into the air.

Anna twitched and struggled, yet she knew she was bounded. Her every muscle refused to move. She fought to crank her eyes open, only to find total darkness engulfing her vision. She was trapped in the darkness. Panic began to take control. Her body refused to struggle, but her mind went wild. She screamed, but her mouth produced no voice. Her spirit, on the other hand, produced the loudest soul-shattering wail of anguish the realm had ever known.

She cried and cried, yet her deeper voice seemed to never run out. Had her eyes produced any tears, her face would have been drenched. Her inner power to fight back remained, yet the fear was there. It was controlling her. It was haunting her. It was devouring her. It was bending her slowly, very slowly.

"Enjoying yourself?" The thundering voice inside startled her.

"Who... are... you...?" Her soul answered weakly.

"I'm your worst nightmare... And I can guarantee a very fun, enjoyable, and of course, long journey toward your true destiny... your death..."

"Kill... me... j... just kill me..."

"Don't worry, my dear..." The voice replied. "Your death will come... eventually... But your time is running out... so you might as well enjoy every single minute... And I will make sure you will stay awake to enjoy your last hours in this realm..."

And the game of death began...

Finally, it's done... One chapter per month... I was hoping to finish this before Christmas... Now I really doubt it...

Anyway, thanks for the CC&C. Keep 'em coming!

This story was split into 10 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

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