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The Ancient Prophecy
Pt. IX: The War, Won, yet Lost...
by Vipers

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Maya smiled again and crept down toward her mistress' most sacred place. She drew the satin skirt up, revealing her panties. Slowly she traced the flesh beneath the thin fabric with her fingers, purposely avoiding her pussy. She was definitely good at making her mistress crazy. Anna spontaneously raised her hips to invite her more. She just smiled and continued teasing her.

Then Maya accidentally brushed against her sensitive clitoris, making her jerk from the stimulation. "Maya... please... I can't hold it any longer..."

Maya slid her panties aside, revealing her very wet pussy. She made some remarks, but Anna was completely lost to the sensation. Her hands involuntarily reached out and touched her breasts and began massaging them. Maya smirked, then slowly inserted a finger inside Anna's pussy, and followed by another finger. The sensation reached its peak and a powerful orgasm overcame her. A silent cry escaped her lips as the waves of pleasure bombarded her brain.

When the sensation subsided, she found Maya sitting next to her. "I hope you like it, Mistress... No offense, but you're very easy to please..."

Anna chuckled, then grabbed Maya's shoulder and dragged her down on the bed. Since Maya didn't resist, Anna could easily pin her body down.

"I just learned this new trick from the Book of Elements..." She said slowly. "And you're going to be my first victim..."

Anna hung her palm over Maya's form and chanted the spell. Then tiny sparks appeared from her fingers and zapped through her thin bodysuit, striking her nipples. Maya let out a yelp and jerked from the shock. It wasn't strong enough to damage her body, but enough to induce the desired sensation. Maya moaned as Anna played with her breasts.

"Ladies?!! Are you okay?!!"

Anna slumped over Maya, startled by the intrusion. Neither of them expected that Hawk would hear them and decided to check.

"Uh... We're completely fine!" Maya answered.

"We heard some weird noises from next room." Hawk called again beyond the door. "I'm just making sure everything is okay."

"We're fine!" Anna said. "That must have been the royal swine from the pen next door!"

"Uh... okay... Sorry" Anna wouldn't think that Hawk would buy her story, but she sighed in relief anyway.

Maya woke up and kissed her on the forehead. "Sleep now, Mistress. I'll wake you up for supper later."

"B... but you haven't got your release..." Anna protested.

"Don't worry about me." Maya smiled. "My needs can wait. Plus, I really enjoyed your new trick. Now sleep. You need your rest."

Anna smiled warmly before exhaustion took control and put her slowly to sleep. This time, she dreamt of clouds.

The journey to the desert took two days. They had decided not to use the dragons to avoid too much attention. Unlike Humans, Dwarves didn't use horses for transportation, so they had to walk.

Canyons and rocky ground dominated the route. Although it was autumn, the weather was intensely hot due to the lack of vegetation around the area. The land was dry, parched by the sun. Dust filled the air. The only thing that could possibly cheer up the party was Holgreb's war story from his 45 years of being a barbarian. Unfortunately, it didn't do its purpose.

"But hang on..." Holgreb insisted. "Let me tell you what I did when I was with Gurkhar!"

"Yeah... for the 25th time..." Anna mumbled.

"Uh huh... I'd bet you killed 45 vampires, 105 trolls, 208 troglodytes and 315 hobgoblins then..." Hawk mumbled.

"That's right..." Roberto sighed. "And you killed one-eighth ogre as well..."

"One-eighth...?" Maya asked. "How can..."

"He's explained that before!" Roberto quickly answered, not wanting to make Holgreb start his story. "He shared the kill, equally, with his seven friends..."


"Wow... you guys really like my story that much you remember the detail!" Holgreb smiled brightly. "Here... let me tell you a story when we defeated this evil spider queen..."

"Oh brother..."

"Atrus, how far is the nearest village?" Anna asked.

Atrus didn't answer. When she tugged his shirt, he turned at her and pulled the cloth from his ears and waited expectantly. Anna grumbled, slapped him hard, and repeated the question.

"According to the map, it might take another half an hour..." Atrus answered.

The party groaned. Anna slapped Atrus again, ignored his protest and plugged her ears with her earrings.

"Sorry for the interruption, folks..." Holgreb announced cheerfully. "Now for the story..."

They finally arrived at Niddol, a small mining village at the outskirts of the Desert of Desolation. They didn't expect a welcoming party, but they never expected to be welcomed by nothing.

The village was completely abandoned. There was nobody around. The houses were still erect, but the occupants were gone. The street was dusty and deserted. Only the eerie sound of the hot wind was heard.

"Spread out..." Atrus ordered. "See if you can find what's wrong with the villagers..."

The party spread out and entered the abandoned buildings while Atrus and Roberto stayed outside to watch over. They tried to notice if someone was watching them, but there was no one around. The village was indeed completely deserted.

"Master Atrus!"

Atrus and Roberto scrambled to the nearest building where Maya was. Maya was kneeling on the floor, staring at the rusted door before her. She traced the old door surface, revealing a thin, obscure line of red-smeared wood. A few red dots were also spread across the surface.


"There has been a fight here, Master." Maya said slowly. "But there are no bodies..."

Together they searched the room, but they found nothing. When they got out of the building, everybody was gathering.

"I found nobody in the tavern." Anna reported. "But the tables and chairs were scattered around the room in a very odd way."

"Same here..." Hawk nodded.

"A very odd way?" Atrus asked.

"Yeah... like, a round table stuck on the chandelier on the ceiling." Anna replied. "It seems like there has been a tornado inside the tavern."

"There is one cupboard full of clothes." Aurelia spoke up. "But there was nobody around. They couldn't just abandon their homes without taking their clothes along!"

"Probably this is the pyramid's curse..." Roberto suggested.

"I won't be surprised!" Holgreb announced, then pointed at a direction. "As far as I remember, the Pyramid of Salthi is just beyond tha..."

The Dwarf didn't finish his sentence. Instead, his finger was stopped midair, pointing at a direction of a small sand dune. Beyond the dune, a thin trace of black smoke was seen.

"That... that's where the garrison is..." Holgreb muttered in shock.

"Smoke..." Atrus suddenly yelled, "The garrison is under attack! Let's go!"

They were too late. The party stared silently at the broken wooden gate. Several burnt buildings still produced black smoke from the fire beneath the stones. Deserted assembly ground was full with black dents of scorched ground. Whatever had attacked the garrison, it had destroyed it utterly.

Yet the problem stayed the same. The signs of battle were everywhere, but there were no bodies. There were spots smeared with blood. There were fallen axes and iron helmets scattered around the complex. There was a tumbled pot full of cooked lunch. But there was no sign of the survivors, as if the entire garrison occupants had been swallowed to void.

Anna knelt near the scorched ground and inspected it carefully. The scorched mark interested her. The mark couldn't be made by fire. The mark was a little jagged on the sandy ground. Whatever hit it, it had to be really powerful, for the blow left a small, yet deep crack on the center.

"Do you have any idea what caused it?" Roberto asked.

"Something incredibly hot and strong..." Anna rubbed the rough ground with her glove"

"A firebolt?" Atrus suggested.

"No... stronger than that... it fried the ground rather quickly..."

"Shock spell?" Maya answered. "It travels pretty fast..."

"Good point, Maya... If I'm not mistaken, this mark is probably caused by... lightning bolt."

"HAH!!!" Holgreb laughed. "In the desert! We see lightning bolt in the desert once in a century!"

"I know it's odd..." Anna agreed. "But I can find no other explanation for this..."

"Spread out, people!" Atrus ordered again. "See if you can find something interesting."

The team spread out, searching the ruins for something useful. There was hardly anything useful there, because most of the things were either broken or burnt.

"Uh, guys!" Holgreb suddenly called. "I can use a hand here!"

Roberto came and found that the Dwarf was standing before a ruin of what had used to be a storage shed. The building had crumbled down, leaving only a pile of big stones.

"You want me to lift these rocks up?" Roberto queried. "What would be beneath them?"

"You should trust a barbarian in this kind of event."

Roberto shrugged and took his gigantic Kaiser Sword from his back. He jammed the sword into the piles of rocks, which gave it no resistance. With a strong yank, the boulders gave way, revealing a golden chest.

Roberto gazed at the Dwarf. "Sixth sense?"

"The result of 45 years of constant training." Holgreb simply answered. "Now to open it..."

Holgreb opened the chest carefully and took a peek inside to make sure there was no booby traps inside the chest. Soon, he retrieved a small object wrapped in dirty cloth. Soon the party gathered around him. The object turned out to be a small round medallion made out of gold. The object was very jagged at certain edges. A strange sculpture of a spider was carved on the center.

"Wait a minute... I know this symbol..." The Dwarf muttered. "It's the same symbol carved on the pyramid walls!"

"So we're in the right track..." Hawk's eyes suddenly opened. "Wait a sec... You've been to the pyramid?!"

"Yeah... four months ago... with Gurkhar the Dwarf!"

"WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT EARLIER?!!!" Maya screamed and later closed her mouth, realizing her mistake.

"You want to hear the story of how we defeated the goblins around the pyramid? Just say the word!! Well, I was with Gurkhar then when those goblins... Man, they're tough..."

The party sighed. "Oh brother..."

The maid screamed again with renewed intensity. The dark man was quite amused. She had been bound for three hours, and he had been entertaining her without stopping. He forcefully slammed his cock all the way inside her unwilling pussy. She struggled against her bondage, doing an erotic dance before her captor. Finally the agony became too much and she fainted as soon as the demon shot his unholy seeds inside her womb.

A thin mist appeared, slowly turning into the image of a ghoul; a soul in agony. The ghoul moaned around the air, twisting frantically fighting a losing fight for its freedom. Yet the message was sent.

"Ah... visitors... They have arrived..."

The demon waved his hand and the unconscious girl disappeared. He let out a wicked smile. He had been waiting for this moment. Finally, he could be free once again. His unholy prayer had been answered.

"Finally... The worthy one has arrived..."

A faint image of a young girl appeared before him. The petite girl was wearing the official priestess suit for the Order of Lycra. He could feel her strength. He could feel her determination. The girl, he thought, was the spirit of the group he was supposed to defeat.

"Defeat the soul... and the body will yield..."


This story was split into 10 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Vipers.

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