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Ancient Prophecy IV: Reunited
by Vipers

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His father just stared at her for a while. She thought she had just angered him for what she had said, but she hadn't do anything wrong. She had been honest with her mind, and she wouldn't regret it.

Suddenly his father smiled warmly at her. "Maya... my lovely daughter... You have grown wiser than I thought... You're no longer my little girl... Look how much you've grown..."


"You have chosen wisely, my child." He answered. "The time has not come for both of us to be together. Your master is waiting for you. Go now." He paused before adding. "I just want you to know how proud I am to have you as my daughter..."

Tears filled her eyes. "Father... I... I love you..."

"Go now, my child... Keep me alive in your heart, and I will be with you... always..."

And suddenly her eyes snapped open.

"Maya!!! Oh my god... She's awake! Maya!!! You're awake!!!" Anna cried hysterically.

She turned to see both Anna and Atrus. Her eyes were still heavy from the long sleep. "Master... Mistress... am... am I alive...?"

Atrus took her hand and squeezed is softly. Even his eyes were full with joyous tears. "Yes, Maya... You'll be fine... Welcome back..."

The feast was wonderful. The local villagers of Whitewater entertained them with beautiful music and delicious meals. The feast was dedicated for Atrus, their beloved Bakara, and his friends. Falagor had refused to join them despite Atrus' constant pleas. Maya attended the feast on her chair. Her body was still too weak to dance, but she enjoyed her time.

The party lasted for the whole night. When it was over, Atrus thanked the locals for the wonderful feast. He then returned to the cottage with Anna, Maya was strapped on his back. They were inside the forest when it happened.

The sky was suddenly covered with thick cloud and the moon was instantly hindered. The forest was extremely dark except the small light coming from Anna's torch. The wind picked up and was blowing wildly. Atrus unsheathed his sword and Anna drew her mace, prepared for any threats. Maya was not in condition for a fight, although she wanted to join them.

"Keep your eyes open... I have a bad feeling about this..." Atrus warned.

Then a bright light shone before them, blinding their eyes. Atrus thought he would be blinded permanently, but he realized that he could see through the blinding light. There was a figure, floating before him a few inches over the ground. Atrus prepared to attack, but Anna came to her sense.

"Atrus... I... I can't believe it..." She fell to her knees. "Lord Guardian... Adriana Freesland... at your service..."

Atrus couldn't believe it either. Lord Guardian, the supreme god and lord of the realm was now before him! He dropped to his knees, being careful not to cause Maya to fall.

"It's okay. As you were." The Guardian's voice was clear and firm.

"Lord Guardian... I'm sorry... Atrus White Lion, at your service..."

"Maya Murdock, at your service, my lord..." Maya said, still in Atrus' embrace.

The light no longer blinding them, and they could see the figure clearly, although not in detail. "Peace be with you, humans. Forgive me for my sudden appearance."

"No, my lord... It's my greatest pleasure to witness your appearance." Atrus answered.

The figure turned to him. "Ranger White Lion... You have grown strong and well mannered. I know you since you were small, and I'm pleased to see you so mature today."

"Thank you, my lord. I'm most honored."

"And you, Priest Freesland... I'm also happy to find you still strong in your dreams and ideals. You have been the inspiration to your friends."

"My lord... I live to serve you and protect your creations..." Anna replied humbly.

"And finally you, Maya Murdock..." The Guardian turned to Maya. "Your loyalty is as strong as mountains, and even the storm of the Northern Sea is not strong enough to break it. Someday in your life, you will be well rewarded for your faithfulness."

"Thank you, my lord..." Maya answered.

"My loyal people, I'm here to ask for your favor." The Guardian finally said.

"My lord... Please let us know what you need. We will devote our energy to serve you."

"You know that the Dark Age has swept over the land. Invaders from the Nether Realm have been trying to claim control of your realm."

"May we know why, my lord...?" Maya asked.

A scene appeared in front of them. They didn't know what it was, but it was a huge pink crystal looming among the vast field of snow.

"This is the Crystal Tower, the gateway between the World and the Underworld. The Gate was guarded by the great Goddess Gaea. In accordance to the prophecy, the Gate is now open, controlled by the demons. Gaea herself was arrested and prisoned."

The view changed into a figure of a beautiful naked woman chained spread-eagled in the air. Her body was full with welts and whip marks. She was in great agony. A long brown tentacle emerged from the floor and violated her vagina mercilessly, and another one raped her ass. Several tentacles played with her breasts and tugged her nipples.

Behind her was a huge blue arc stone gate with dark hole in the middle. From it came the long stream of dark power into the wind. As the woman came, the dark stream flooded the gate, summoning more demonic power into the World. The dark stream enveloped her body, choking her and adding her misery.

"This place is the source of the plague..." Atrus declared.

"I have heard my people cry, and I've decided to come to their aid. I have sent a helper, a man who will liberate the land from the plague."

"My lord, are you referring to the Champion of the Guardian?" Anna asked.

"That is correct. I want you to look for him, and lead him to his destiny."

The request startled them "But we don't know who or where he is..." Maya claimed.

"You will find him in your quest. I have another task for you, Ranger White Lion."

"Yes, my lord..."

"You will go to the Kingdom of Aragon and urge the king to wage a war against the Army of Darkness. Then you will go to the four clans of the realm and urged them to form an alliance to suppress the threat. Only the full alliance of five clans of the realm will survive the assault of darkness.

"But how will they believe us?" Atrus asked again.

"You will go to the five clans, including your kingdom. Every one will ask you to do a certain mission to prove your role as my prophet. Complete their requests, and they will be convinced."

Atrus thought for a while. They were going to be the Guardian's prophets. They have to create an alliance consisting of every race in the realm, including the Humans and Elves, who didn't like each other. Moreover, the royal palace was filled with all kinds of people he didn't really want to deal with.

The Guardian was able to read his concern. "Fear not, young Ranger. I will accompany you in your journey."

"It's not that, my lord. I'm just worried I will fail you." Atrus answered honestly.

"You will not, for I'm with you. This is my sign. In every clan you will seek one soul that I have chosen earlier. Every one of them had a dream of the Champion of the Guardian. They will follow you and aid you in your quest. You must seek all five warriors from the five clans, or the Champion of the Guardian will not be revealed. Do you understand?!"

"Yes, my lord." All three of them answered.

"Remember, I will always be with you all."

Suddenly the bright light disappeared from sight. The forest was dark once again, and they were alone, staring at each other. For a while, no one spoke.

"Well, I suppose we have a task to do..." Anna spoke up finally.

"I... I don't know." Atrus said slowly.

"Master Atrus... What's wrong? You don't seem too happy..." Maya asked innocently.

"I don't know... I just think I'm not ready for this journey..."

"You don't know what you're fighting for, right?" Anna approached.

"Yes... that's right..."

Anna stared at him. "Then tell me, Atrus, why did you insist to save Maya's life?"

The question shocked him. "What... what do you...?"

"Answer me!" She cut him off.

Atrus turned to see Maya, who was staring at him, waiting for his answer. Anna looked at him sharply, demanding an answer.

"I... I think I love her... I don't want to let her go..." He finally admitted.

"Why didn't you tell the villagers about it?" Her second question came.

He really didn't tell the villagers about his action in the Mystic Mountain. He had simply told them that the hermit had healed Maya.

"I suppose it is not necessary..."

"Don't you care of the fame and glory anymore? Don't you love hearing praises from them?"

"No, I suppose not..." He told her the truth.

"Atrus... Don't you get what I'm trying to show you?" Anna finally asked.

"Master... your feeling... it has defeated your dream of fame and glory..." Maya added.

His feeling... his love... had really saved Maya's life, and he didn't really asked for anything in return... He understood now... He fought for her because he loved her...

"Atrus... think about all the innocent people in the realm! Think about how the demons have robbed their lives. Think about what will happen to the world if the evil forces are victorious."

Then Maya touched his shoulder. "Think about Jenna, Master Atrus... How many innocent people like her have to die in hands of those demons?"

She was right! He hated to see those people slaughtered by the demons. Jenna's death was a terrible tragedy, and more would be killed if the prophecy was not fulfilled. Somebody had to do something, and he had got his order, directly from the Guardian. That somebody was he.

"Thank you, Anna, Maya... I have found what I'm fighting for..."

He looked at them with determination. "The Guardian has revealed the love in me. He has changed my life. Therefor I swear I will fight for his people."



Falagor wasn't surprised with his request. "Of course, my apprentice. Your training here is over. There's nothing I could teach you anymore."

They were standing in front of the cottage. It was two days after the Guardian came to Atrus. Anna stood beside him, holding her backpack on her shoulder. She was merrier than ever, happy to have Atrus back in the party. Maya stood nearby, looking better. Falagor's treatment had helped her body to get well. The poison had been gone completely.

Actually, even Falagor was amazed. He claimed that he didn't help much in the treatment process. It seemed that Maya's life force had healed her body. Never in his career had he seen such a strong will to survive. He couldn't understand it, but decided to accept the result.

"Master Falagor... I can't thank you enough for bringing me back to my old self..."

"No, my apprentice... YOU have found your old self. It was inside your heart, hidden by your grief and anger." Falagor answered. "I just helped you find it."

"And thank you for teaching me those healing spells..." Anna spoke up.

"You're welcome, Priest Freesland. Use them well."

"Lord Falagor... thank you for everything..." Maya said lastly.

"Don't thank me. Your master saved your life. Take care of him well."

"Master Falagor... goodbye... I hope we'll see again..." Atrus bid him farewell.

"Be careful in your journey, my apprentice. A royal task will be difficult, but I'm confident you will be able to do the Guardian's bidding."

Slowly, the three companions walked away from the cottage into the dense forest. Atrus seemed unwilling to leave his teacher, but he knew he had a mission to do.

The villagers escorted them halfway through the forest. They also let their beloved Bakara go unwillingly, but Atrus promised that he would return. Gordon took them to the road leading to the kingdom.

"I suppose this is where we say goodbye, Bakara..." He said.

Atrus smiled. "Thank you for all your kindness to me and my friends. I promise I will return after my job is done."

Anna approached Gordon and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for helping me and Maya. We owe you our life."

Gordon smiled warmly. "I will always pray for you all. May the Guardian speed your way."

And they left the village of Whitewater, carrying a big brown bag given by the villagers...

... full of pancakes.

"HOW ARE WE GOING TO EAT ALL THESE PANCAKES?!!!" Anna yelled. She got sick with pancakes after their last encounter.

"It's their way to thank you for being part of their village, I suppose." Maya said.

"That's true. It's also a payment for your naughty kiss..." Atrus sneered.

"Naughty kiss?! Just tell us that you're jealous..." Anna shot back.

"JEALOUS?! I can get kisses ANYWHERE and from ANYONE!!! Right, Maya?"





Maya just walked merrily with them, happy that both her friends had returned into their old selves. And the Land of Lore welcomed them back in their adventure with its warm sun and cool breeze.

Falagor stood outside his cottage, looking at the vast landscape before him. The bright light was right beside him, illuminating the surrounding.

"A young man with such spirit... Too bad he has to go through pain and misery throughout his life... He could just have picked a mate and settled down..."

"Indeed. Yet his destiny dictates otherwise."

"Tell me, Lord Guardian. What do you think of him?"

"He has matured just as I expected. But before him still lie danger and death. Agony beyond imagination will threaten him. He will be tortured from inside out."

The silence enveloped them for a while. Finally the wizard turned to the light.

"And when will he know his destiny?"

"It's not the time yet. When his time has come, he will face his destiny. When his time has come, he will be prepared to face it."

-- End of Part 6 -

Thank you to everybody who has been very helpful and supportive in my work. For those who wonder, I do accept critiques. I've received a few, and I'd love to hear more. - Viper

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This story was split into 7 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 7 parts for faster page loading.

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