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The Ancient Prophecy
Part VII: The Quest for Loyalty

by Vipers

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The baron stopped and eyed him carefully. "What do you mean?"

"You seem to enjoy hurting her, and she seems to suffer in your hand."

"BAH!!! She's a slave! She's meant to be hurt!" Without warning he swung the whip on her ass. The girl shuddered and wailed loudly. "She's enjoying it, aren't you bitch?! Tell him you like it!!"

"I... I like it... Sir... I... I do..." She answered slowly.

"Do you?" Atrus stared into the girl's eyes. He knew she answered him unwillingly.

"I do, Sir! I... I like it!! AAH!!!" Another stroke came in.

"Do you?" Atrus asked the same question again.

Maya looked at her master and gave a warning look. He might cause the baron to hurt her even further. But Atrus seemed determined to confront the baron.


Misty was crying even harder. She gave Atrus a pleading look to stop his questioning.

"You have a chance to say it, Misty. Be honest with yourself. Do you like it?"

Misty then lay her head on the table, defeated. She cried uncontrollably. "No, Sir... I... I don't like it... I hate it... Please stop... Please... just let me go..."

The baron was getting furious. "THIS IS ABSURD!!!"

Before he raised the whip again, Atrus asked another question. "Tell me, Baron Stoke. What is the difference between humans and demons?"

The baron was more enraged than ever. "DO YOU SUGGEST I'M ONE OF THEM?!!"

"I didn't say that." Atrus answered calmly.


"The demons attacked the villages, killed the peasants, and enslaved the rest against their will. They had to endure torture and humiliation beyond imagination..."

"But they're slaves! They are meant to be treated that way!" The baron snarled.

"Yet those slaves are humans!" Atrus shot back. "Humans were born with dignity! They can lose everything, but nobody can take away their dignity."

"But they gave everything to me! They surrendered themselves to me!"

"Willingly?" Atrus asked again. The baron was silenced again. "Humans have dignity, and they can never lose it... unless it is taken by force. And that's what the demons do."

The room was silenced for a while. The girl's sob was the only sound beside the raging storm outside. Maya let a sigh of relief. She only wanted this night to end. It seemed Atrus had made his point clear. Even the guards were curious to hear more from him. But Atrus no longer spoke.

Baron Stoke let out a wicked smile, the smile Maya hated so much. "Then show me, boy... Show me what you usually do to your little Maria."

Maya shuddered at the order. Would Atrus whip her? Would he spank her? He had never done that before. He had never hurt her. But she had to do everything to support his action, at least for tonight. If she failed to endure it, her cover would be at risk.

Atrus, however, seemed determined. He stared at the two guards. The baron got the cue and dismissed both of them. Misty ran toward the other girl in the corner, crying. Baron Stoke sat on his chair, waiting for the show. Atrus just walked casually back to his seat and sat down.

"Maria, would you show them?" he asked softly.

"Yes, Master."

She approached him slowly and kissed him passionately. Her body was still shaking in fear. Her eyes were locked into his. "I... I'm scared, Master." She said the truth.

Atrus stared back lovingly. "Do not serve me... love me..."

Se let herself fall into his strong embrace. She loosened his collar and licked his neck. His hands were busy undoing his pants. She softly rubbed his member, teasing it to hardness. He responded almost simultaneously. As she lowered his pants, his member broke free. She kissed him again.

"Master... May I...?"

"You may."

Then she lowered herself on her knees and softly stroked his member. She licked the top lightly, then put it inside her warm mouth while massaging the shaft. Atrus grunted in every stroke she made. Maya's mouth had fully covered his member and she began sucking it. Every move her body made was very erotic to the audience. Even the slaves couldn't shift their attention. Maya had forgot about her play. She wanted to love her master.

After a while, Atrus knew he was close and gave her the cue with a stroke on her hair. She didn't stop her sucking. A moment later, he exploded inside her mouth. She quickly swallowed his load, something she would never do to her customers back in Tiras. But she would do it, only for her master. After he recovered, she looked up, searching for her master's satisfaction. She found it.

"Master... May I... uh... hop in...?" She asked slowly. Atrus just smiled.

She opened her top body suit to reveal her firm breasts. Atrus played with one of them and put his mouth on the other one, expertly sucking it. Maya quickly felt aroused, despite the strangers around her. She didn't care about them anymore. When she made love, her surroundings didn't matter any longer. The world seemed to fit only both of them. For the first time she understood why people said love was blind.

"Master... it felt good..." She found herself saying.

Atrus just smiled then continued his work. One of his hands reached for her crotch, feeling her wetness beneath her bodysuit. She squirmed at his fingers worked at her sensitive spots, teasing them. She embraced him tightly, her breathing was heavy in his ear. Atrus then put one finger inside her pussy, stretching the thin material of her suit. She jolted at the touch.

"M...Master... I... I'm ready for you..."

She unbuckled her leather belt and lowered her lower suit, revealing her moist crotch. She blushed as the other souls in the room grasped at the sight. Atrus, however, was unaffected by the comment. He just sat there, waiting for her patiently. She lowered her body to his and moaned softly as the sensation hit her brain.

Using the table as support, Maya began hopping on his lap. Her moan defeated the raging storm outside. Atrus continued playing with her breasts throughout the intercourse, making her frenzy. She hit the mark soon, arching her back as the powerful orgasm seized control of her body. Atrus exploded later inside her. The two lovers were completely spent and exhausted.

Maya gave him another passionate kiss. "I hope you are happy, Master..."

"I am, Maria. I'm proud of you."

Baron Stoke, who had been an audience to the show, gave a loud applause. "I'm amazed, Sir White Lion. But you do not convince me. You make the distinction between a slave and a lover vague."

"Maria did this willingly." Atrus stroked her hair. She put her head on his shoulder. "She surrendered to me willingly. I own her, but I respect her as a human."

"You treat your slave like a lover." The baron sneered.

"Wrong." Atrus shot back. "If she was my lover, I wouldn't need to own her. I wouldn't need to order her around. We would have each other."

"But you love her!" The baron snarled. "Love has no place in master and slave relationship!"

"Wrong again." Atrus' answer was cold. "Love is the foundation of all relationships. If you think otherwise, you're no different with the demons."

Maya shuddered at the comment. It was a direct accusation. But Atrus stood strong in his comment. If the baron got enraged, neither of them had weapons to defend themselves.

But the baron laughed hard. "I'm amazed, young man. You're the first who could actually defeat my argument. But I'm not ready to give up, yet. We'll continue the discussion tomorrow."

"I thank you for the wonderful dinner." Atrus bowed.

The baron stood up. "Don't mention it, Sir White Lion. Meeting you is my greatest pleasure. Good night." He signaled his slaves to follow him out of the room, and they were alone.

Atrus and Maya quickly fixed their suits again. Maya then stared at him gravely. "I suppose you did the right thing to save that poor girl, Master."

"I'm sorry about making you perform before your slaver, Maya. I..."

Maya put her finger on his mouth and kissed him. "I'm proud of you, Master. You did that to help the girl. That's very noble, and I don't mind working for that cause."

"Now I only hope we give enough time for Anna to do her part."

"You're worried about her?"

Atrus looked at Maya, puzzled. "What do you mean...? Of course I'm worried!"

Maya just giggled. "Don't worry, Master, I'm just teasing you. I love you so much that jealousy doesn't have a place in my heart. We should head back."

Atrus picked the dark wine. "I just want to know how this thing tastes..."

He took a sip, swallow it confidently, and then instantly burst the liquid out. Maya laughed hard before slapping his back to get the substance out of his lungs.

"How did you drink this stuff?!"

She giggled. "I didn't say it is easy to be a slave, right Master?"

Baron Stoke slammed the two girls against the wall inside his bedroom despite their pleas. He slapped Missy to make his point clear, and the girls silenced instantly.

"You all make me sick! For weeks I have trained you, but I have never seen such performance from you! That girl doesn't need to be spanked or whipped, but she served him well! You all disappoint me!"

Misty could just wept silently. The other girl, Sonya, could only stared down in horror.

"I will give you a chance to make things right before I punish you." The baron warned. "You are to go to his quarter and make love to him."

Nobody dared to make any objections.

"Sonya, you have a greater task. Take our best wine and have a small party. You are to put the content of this pouch..." he held a small pouch. "... inside his wine. Is that clear?"

"Master... I don't want to kill anybody..."

"Is that clear?!"

Sonya nodded slowly.

"Good. I'll be downstairs warming my whip, just in case of failure."


This story was split into 10 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Vipers.

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