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The Ancient Prophecy Pt. VIII
by Vipers

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

The battle attracted more Dark Elves, but when they arrived the swamp was filled with thick fog. They could not see through the mist for it was the real one, but Atrus could. The Dark Elves were panicking, therefore creating a lot of noise. Atrus easily pinpointed their positions and charged them with his sword. Soon, the first part of the Gauntlet of Death had been defeated.

Atrus smiled at his companions and walked forward. They knew that they would succeed. They knew that Mother Nature was truly on their side. Now they were going to strike fear to the heart of the enemies.

Anna cried and wiggled madly as another orgasm overcame her, but the ooze held her rigid. The monster had been keeping her in constant simulation for almost three hours, violating her vagina and asshole while keeping her from fainting. She could feel that the monster occasionally inserted a needle under her skin and injected some of the fluid to keep her from dehydrating. This would enable her to keep on producing fluid for the monster for a long time. She knew that the Dark Elves wanted her to die, and they wanted her to die a slow, terrible death.

She moaned in protest as the violation continued. The sticky goo around her breasts kept on massaging her nipples, sending pleasure sensations throughout her brain. Her defiance was pushed back again as another orgasm claimed her. She could feel how wet her crotch had become, and how greedy the monster had consumed her vaginal fluid. The ooze had grown considerably in size and had almost covered her neck. She knew that if she surrendered, she might end her life trapped inside the ooze for a long time.

She couldn't imagine how miserable the end of her life would be. She could picture herself being kept to feed the monster with her unholy lust. She knew that her life as a priestess had ended. She knew that her journey with Atrus was over.

Then she felt a sudden heat coming from the creature. She was delighted at the thought that the ooze had decided to slay her immediately, for the heat kept on coming and increasing. Yet soon the heat became unbearable and she cried in pain. The creature, however, seemed to stir and scream in its own way. And then the creature suddenly let her body go and she slid down and fell toward the ground.

She felt that somebody caught her body before she hit the ground and lay her on the ground. She couldn't help but moan at the touch of the cold ground, but to her delight, she recognized the voice.

"Miss Anna?! Are you okay?! Miss Anna, wake up!"

"Hawk..." Anna murmured weakly. "Is that you...?"

"Praise Guardian, you're okay!" Hawk's voice came again. "Open your eyes. We're fine."

Anna opened her eyes and smiled at the sight of her new friend. "I suppose I owe you my life. Thanks for saving me."

"My life debt on you is paid. We'll call this even."

Anna struggled to stand erect for her legs had turned fragile from the ooze's constant violation. Hawk undid his cloak and wrapped it around Anna's body, covering her nakedness. She gave him a grateful smile and looked around her. They were not alone. In fact, there were at least ten other people in the room, and they were all High Elves.

"They are the prisoners." Hawk explained. "They were kept inside the mountain oozes, just the way they kept you. We're still freeing more as we speak. Many have died from dehydration, but it's so good to know that you're okay."

"I'll be fine." Anna answered. "So you use magic to kill the oozes?"

"No, but the Elves are very good at using bows and arrows." Anna nodded, noticing that the Elves were carrying bows and a pack of arrows on their backs. "They just light the tip with fire and burn the monster t ashes, just the way they freed you."

One of the Elves approached her, gave a short salute, and greeted her with his melodious voice. "You must be one of the Humans who were sent to rescue us. We thank you."

"No, I thank you for saving my life." Anna smiled. "But we should be on our way now. Princess Aurelia is in danger. She is going to be sacrificed for the new Gate to the Underworld. If they succeed, the Stronghold will provide the second access to the Nether Realm and the land of Elom will be overrun by the demons."

"Very well, Humans." The Elf nodded. "We shall aid you in any ways possible. We'll just free some friends in this room and we'll be following you soon." Then he left.

"Where's Atrus?" Anna asked with concerned tone.

"I don't know." Hawk shook his head. "I hope he's all right. "But there's no time to look for him. We have to free Aurelia!"

"B...but Atrus... We have to look for him! He could still be trapped in the swamp right now... We have to help him..."

"But there's a problem with greater priority right now!" Hawk insisted. "If the Gate is opened, the land of the Elves is lost!"

"But I'm worried about him! In fact, we need his power!"

"Look, Miss Anna, do you believe in him?"

Anna stared at him. "In Atrus? Why, yes!"

"Then he will come. All we have to do is stop whatever they're doing to Aurelia. That way we can buy more time until Sir Atrus arrives."

Anna tried to argue, but she knew he was right. "I... I'm sorry... I'm just worried..."

Hawk grasped her shoulder and looked into her eyes. "Miss Anna, I know that you care about him, but I'm sure what we're going to do is the right thing to do. I know it, you know it, Atrus knows it. Let's make him proud."

Anna nodded, closed her eyes and chanted her spell. Then two invisible magic barriers appeared around them, protecting them from magic from any angles. "This should help for a while."

"Good. Let's go. We have a party to crash."

Atrus charged the nearest Dark Elf and finished him, and the last guard of the Karigor Stronghold fell to the ground. They stopped for a while to regain their breath. The battle had been intense, but they were barely wounded. The mist had done a good job at hiding their positions all the time until they met the archers. The archers used fire-tipped arrows to illuminated the area, and Atrus and Roberto had to work hard to protect Maya as she threw her knives at the source of the arrows. Finally they defeated their last enemy, and more importantly, the Gauntlet of Death.

The party stared at the huge cave entrance before them. The cave was dark, but they could see flickering light at the end of the tunnel. It was completely unguarded. It's either that this is a trap, or the Dark Elves are having a birthday party...

"Come." Atrus muttered. "Our job is not finished. Keep your eyes open."

Aurelia let out a loud yelp as the evil tendrils of power increased the intensity of their intrusion, raping her body and violating her mind. Her breathing became ragged as her will power diminished slowly. She could only stare in horror as the stone circle beneath her glowed brighter.

"The time has come." The evil priest said. "With your sacrifice, the alliance with the land of the Underworld is forged!"


The Dark Elves around the room quickly took cover as a pair of fireballs flew and exploded harmlessly on the ground near her. She could see the image of the little priestess at the corner of her eyes.

"Anna... help..."

Suddenly the Dark Elf priest stood between her and Anna, holding his skull staff and waving it on the air angrily. "If you're going to interrupt, you will have to go through me!"

He let loose a pair of firebolts which Anna easily avoided but the third bolt exploded against her invisible barrier, knocking her down. She got on her feet and retreated through the tunnel, still firing firebolts blindly. The priest yelled a war cry and ran along the tunnel, followed by a large group of Dark Elves. Then another figure showed up beside her, standing on top of the stone circle.

"Hawk! It's so good to see you! Help me!" Aurelia pleaded.

"Hang on there. I need to cut these chains. Now close your eyes!"

She obeyed and Hawk swung his spear down. The blade hit the chain with a loud clank, creating sparks, and the wrist chain was cut. Expertly he cut her other chains and she was free. She stood unsteadily on the cold stone. When she saw her savior before her, she jumped on him and hugged him tight.

"YIKES!!! Aurelia... I mean... Princess... you... you're naked...!"

"I don't care! You're my hero! Thank you!"

Suddenly Hawk sensed the danger, threw Aurelia aside and deflected the incoming blow with his spear. The demon's cutlass was stopped only a few inches from his face and he threw his opponent away. He signaled the other Elves to take Aurelia to safely and faced his enemy. The demon was bigger than him, and wore wicked thick studded leather armor while he was wearing only simple chain armor. The cutlass had many sharp and jagged teeth around the blade. It could hurt terribly if the demon scored a hit.

"Pathetic Human! You can't kill me with that pole!"

"Well, it depends... You might be foolish enough to get killed anyway..."

The monster roared in anger and charged him. Hawk was technically quicker on his feet and easily deflected the blow. But the demon wielded a cutlass, which enabled him to attack faster in comparison with Hawk's spear. Hawk withdrew slowly, deflecting every blow the monster delivered, but he could see that the demon was trying to pin him against the cave wall.

He looked for a window of escape and quickly found one. The demon thrust the sword and jammed it in a standing rock. Hawk ran past him, only to find a group of Dark Elves ready with their curved swords. They charged him, but he dove low and swept their legs with a full swing of his spear. The first wave of Elves fell on their knees and Hawk jumped over them and attacked anything in his path. The tactics worked and the Dark Elves kept their distance.

The demon roared in anger, pulled the sword with all his might, and the rock came tumbling down. He ran toward Hawk and shoved the wall of struggling Elves aside. He picked a Dark Elf by his neck and cruelly threw him at Hawk. He was caught off guard and both men fell on the hard ground. Hawk was expecting at least a dozen curved swords pointing at his nose when he opened his eyes, but was amazed at the sight of the Dark Elves attacking the demon. They had finally realized the demon's intention!

Hawk silently retreated toward his friends. Aurelia, despite her weakened state, defiantly led the Elven archers in their fight. But their attackers were turning back as more and more Dark Elves were attacking the demon. Suddenly a loud roar echoed in the cave. To everybody's horror, the central stone circle where Aurelia had been shackled sank into the ground, swallowed by a large, gaping, black hole. And finally, monsters and demons of various ranks appeared from the hole.

They were too late! The Gate to the Underworld had been opened!

Anna only stopped for three seconds to regain her breath when three firebolts hit her barrier in a rapid succession. She couldn't take it anymore. Her muscles were all screaming. Her breath paced almost as fast as than her heartbeat. Her body was drenched with sweat. A sharp pain soared across her nerves as the barrier gave way and the missiles got through. Another pair of fireballs hit her, and she fell down on her back.

She could feel the sharp pain as the evil priest's boot was pressed on her neck. She knew the Dark Elf wanted her dead, and she knew he was not going to let her die in peace.

"Ready to repent from your sins, bitch?!" He sneered.

"Burn in hell!"

Anna screamed in agony as the wave of pain swept across her body. She didn't know what kind of spell it was, but she knew it hurt so much.

"You want the taste of hell? You have it."

She screamed and screamed again, but nothing could ease the pain. Her body jerked involuntarily in agony. Tears fell along her cheek as the pain became more and more unbearable.

"All you have to do is beg for your life, bitch!" The priest snarled.

"I'd... rather... die..."

"I don't think so... At least not after I have my fun with you..."

Then the priest hooked one of the horns on the skull staff on Anna's cloak and pulled down violently, tearing the only clothing she wore and baring her cleavage. She struggled frantically and was rewarded by a sharp and agonizing pain from the spell. She was not the kind of girl who got tamed easily, but against this spell she was completely helpless.

"Now if you cooperate, this might be an enjoyable journey to your death..."

The priest pressed the tusk on her delicate breasts and began probing them. Anna stayed very still, fearing that the tusk might damage her flesh. This left the priest with free access to her breasts. He casually massaged her breasts and nipples, forcing them into involuntary hardness. Then she found that Dark Elves who had been chasing her were now standing around them, enjoying the sight.

"Now, I really hope you like gang-bang..." The priest sneered and laughed as Anna's eyes widened in terror.

"I don't really think so..."

That voice...!

"Atrus! Help me!" She screamed.

The staff and the boot on her neck were removed, but she was too weak to escape on her own. The Dark Elves had also left her lying on the floor. Desperately she tried to regain her power.

"I see you have come to meet your death!" The priest said.

Atrus stared at his opponent darkly. "I have come to reclaim what belongs to me!" Anna stirred at the thought of being Atrus' belongings. "Now you shall pay for your treachery!"


The Dark Elves rose up to meet them, their curved swords armed. Roberto dashed forward and went berserk, pushing the army back with his ferocity and spreading terror with his Kaiser Sword. The priest raised his staff and swung it in the air, signaling a challenge. Atrus turned to Maya.

"Get Anna and bring her to safety."

"Yes, Master. Be careful." Maya nodded obediently.

Atrus dashed forward, knocking some Dark Elves down and charged the priest. The priest raised his staff and fought Atrus with equal effort. The distraction created by both fighters was enough to give Maya enough time to grab her paralyzed mistress and dragged her to the corner of the cave.

"Mistress Anna... It's so glad to know that you're okay..." Maya said nervously.

"Don't worry, Maya..." Anna smiled. "I'm okay. Go and help Atrus."

Maya produced a small vial from her backpack, which Anna quickly identified. "It's the potion of recovery you gave me, Mistress. It healed my wounds, thanks to you."

Maya helped her mistress to sit up and held the vial near her lips. Anna drank the content slowly, feeling the burning sensation the green potion gave to her throat. Then the potion began to take effect as she could feel her power returning to her body.

"Thanks, Maya... Now go and help them. I'll be fine by my own."

Maya looked at her mistress with worried gaze before nodding. She drew her blade and joined the battle. Roberto did a good job at spreading terror to the enemies as more and more Dark Elves were discouraged on attacking him. Their curved swords were definitely no match for Kaiser Sword. When Maya joined the fight, nobody dared to challenge her.

Atrus, on the other hand, fought a harder fight. The skull staff might look fragile, but looks could deceive. The staff, just like Rainbow Sword, was highly enchanted with magic, therefor enhancing its capability and durability. Atrus, superior in agility, continuously delivered his attack, only to be deflected by the invisible force field. The priest possessed strong magic he couldn't match.

He thought the fight would last forever when a sharp pain surged across his body. He had never felt magic so powerful that even his fire aura couldn't deflect. He staggered on his feet, trying to contain the pain. The priest let out a sinister laugh.


This story was split into 10 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Vipers.

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