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The Ancient Prophecy
Pt. X: Plague and Cure
by Vipers

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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"I... I just want to tell you... I didn't see it coming... I mean... I... I can't... I mean... I couldn't... see it... and... uh..." Why didn't they teach this skill in Ranger training camp?!

"Atrus... don't make up words..." Anna smiled. "I want to hear it from your heart."

"Anna..." He drew a long breath. "When you gave yourself for us in the pyramid, you... you opened my eyes... I... I never knew that you... loved me that much..." He drew another breath. "I really felt guilty about it, and then I realized that I really missed you... You... you made me want to do the same for you... and for all of us... That explains my decision in the Void..."

He paused and found her in tears. Just finding her crying hurt his heart, so he made it quick.

"Anna, I just want to tell you this... I... I love you, Adriana Freesland... Please be mine..."

Tears sprung from her eyes as she cried beside his bed. For a while he didn't know whether he had said the right thing or not. He just stayed there, squeezing her hands in his palms.

"Why...?" She finally asked.


"Why, Atrus...?" She sobbed. "Why do you have to... make me wait... so long... just to hear those words from you...?"

"I'm sorry, Anna..." He said. "Is that a no...?"

"Of course not, silly!" She said quickly. "I love you too, Atrus White Lion... I promise I will stay loyal to you forever...!"

She crashed into his arms and hugged him tightly, completely forgetting that he was in pain, but he didn't resist. Instead he wrapped his arms around her, trying his best to comfort her with every bit of self-control he had.

"Oh, no!" She quickly realized what she was doing. "Am I hurting you, honey?"

Atrus' gut twitched when he heard her calling him honey. "No, dear." He said. "Not much."

She chanted her healing spell, and the pain was eased. "Feeling better?"

Atrus pulled her closer and kissed her warm lips. "Much better."

She blushed, then planted a deep kiss on his lips. She realized how much she missed him. She realized how much she missed his gentle touch. Her hands trailed along his chest, feeling the tense muscles and began to massage them. He groaned in relief as she expertly worked with his muscles, relaxing them. He reached out to stroke her hair, but a sharp pain from behind his shoulder stopped him.

"Don't worry, Atrus..." She smiled warmly. "Just relax. I'll do the rest."

She climbed the bed and lay beside him. She kissed him passionately while letting her hand wander around his pants. She could feel the bulge on his pants and giggled as it twitched to her touch. Softly she ran her hand along his shaft, stroking it to hardness. Again he grunted, this time in discomfort. She gladly lowered his pants, freeing his member from confinement.

"Sit back and enjoy. I'll make you feel a lot better..."

She shifted her attention to his member and stroked it dutifully. Without warning, she licked the head, making it twitch and Atrus groan.

"Anna...? You... uh... don't have to do it...?"

She smiled at him warmly. "I want to, honey. I want to please you." Her smile turned into an evil grin. "Besides, you've been toying with mine so far. I want revenge. Fair, fair..."

Despite his protest, she inserted his entire length inside her mouth and sucked lightly. In spite of her inexperience in the matter, she did her best to perform her task. The effect came quickly as his cock grew to prime size and hardness, well coated with her saliva.

Then she climbed over him and sat on his pelvis. She was ready to undo her belt when Atrus' hand wandered under her skirt and panties and found her pussy, which was well within his reach. She gasped, but didn't resist as he explored her nether region, which was already moist with her juice. Unlike her, he quickly found the jackpot and toyed with her clitoris. She arched her back and her leg muscles tensed as the wonderful sensation hit her.

"You just know how to do it, don't you?" she asked.

"No offense, Anna dear," he grinned. "Practice makes perfect."

"Then we should make this a routine practice..."

She slid her panties aside and slowly impaled herself on his cock. She gasped as his member filled her vagina, stimulating her sensitive flesh. He reached out and pulled her close to his chest, thus making her lose balance and impaling herself all the way down. She shrieked, but was silenced as he kissed her lips, silencing any protest.

"Can't really wait, can you, honey?" she asked.

"You're wasting too much time."

He stroked her hair softly, making her purr. His hands found her pert breasts and fingered her nipples, sending sparks of pleasure through her brain. Meanwhile, she began humping up and down on his member. Her muscles hugged his cock tightly as if refusing to let go. And for the first time, she realized, her body and mind worked hand in hand. She would definitely never want to part from him again.

"I love you, Atrus..." she said.

"You're so beautiful, Anna..." He softly wiped the tears from her cheek. "I love you too."

As she gained some speed, her moan was getting louder. She could just hope that the refugees downstairs wouldn't be able to hear them. Atrus was, despite his pain, in heaven. He was making love to the girl he loved most. He was determined not to ever leave her again. His hand found her clitoris again, stroked it gently, and was pleased to find her moaning in pleasure. Atrus, despite his wounds, began lifting his hips in every thrust, jamming his member deep inside her, making her gasp. She could feel herself nearing the peak.

"Atrus... I... I can't..."

She finally reached the climax. Her muscles tensed and her back arched. She let out a long cry as the sensation flooded her brain. Her vaginal muscles tightened up and gripped his member firmly. He couldn't hold any longer; the sensation was too much for him. He shot his load deep inside her, making her jerk as she felt his cum fill her vagina. The sensation drained her power and she collapsed against his chest.

For a while, the couple was laying side by side in each other's embrace, enjoying each other's warmth. They were lost in their own thoughts, but they knew what was in each other's mind, especially after their satisfying lovemaking.

"Atrus... Is this it...?" she spoke up first.


"I mean, is this it? We've completed Lord Guardian's task. The alliance has been forged, and for a while the realm is safe. Are we going to live a life anew and settle down here?"

"Why do you ask, Anna dear?"

She looked at him thoughtfully. "I'm just worried. I mean... we just had a long and dangerous journey... I wonder if that journey... has come to an end..."

"But it has not." Atrus said. "We haven't completed our destiny. The Champion of the Guardian has not been revealed. It is, I believe, our destiny to find him." He brushed her hair. "It is your desire to find him, true?"

"But I've found you..." Anna answered.

"I know, dear, but don't waste your dream because of me. You'll find him."

"I don't know, Atrus..." she hesitated. "I just hate to lose you again..."

"You'll find him." He smiled warmly. "And when you do, I will be there with you."

The room was silent, yet not empty. The couple held each other close, enjoying one another's company. There was no need for words. They were one. They knew what in each other's mind. They could only wish this would last forever...

"You know, Atrus, I wonder..." she said. "You said something about voices guiding you through the Void. While I saw you there, I also heard it inside my head. Who might that be?"

"Now that you mention it, I remember." He scratched his head and frowned. "Who might that be...?"

Master Falagor sat on the simple wooden log and heaved. The trip had been interesting indeed, but it wasn't the one he wanted to do again. Even a trip to Hades was more eventful.

He remembered the very first day when he had decided to pursue the wisdom of magic. Now he wouldn't regret the decision. Being a wizard enabled you to magically create and destroy and manipulate things around you. Being a wizard enabled you to pursue knowledge further where no man had dared to go through. Being a wizard enabled you to travel between places in a blink of an eye, even to places inaccessible to common mortals...

Including the Void...

His colleagues would call him crazy. His instructors would think he's insane. His friends would see his action as an attempt to waste one's life in vain. Yet the court of Aragon hadn't chosen him as the royal advisor for nothing.

"Enjoying your trip?" the sound roared through the air.

"Yes, Lord Guardian." The wizard bowed humbly. "I'm sorry I have to cheat. I just can't let them trapped in that hellish place for the rest of the eternity."

"The man has so much to do." The Supreme God answered. "You've done the right thing."

"Is he ready to fulfill his destiny?" Falagor asked.

"He will be ready when he's ready." The voice said again. "Until then, the wheel of time goes on for the mortals..."

End of Part 10

Another chapter done...

Probably I still have 1-2 more to go. I'm getting tired of this...

Anyway, thanks for the CC&C. Keep 'em coming!

This story was split into 12 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 12 parts for faster page loading.

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