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The Ancient Prophecy
Pt. X: Plague and Cure
by Vipers

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 12 parts for faster page loading.

A little girl stood alone in the darkness. Her small body shivered from the chill. She was standing, cold and lonely, in the middle of nowhere. Her eyes tried to penetrate the darkness, yet they failed. She was trapped here, and she could do nothing. She was helpless.

The lonely girl began to wander around, trying to find her way through the dark. She couldn't tell which way she was going, or what she was going to see. Her mind was blank. Her heart was in deep panic. Her soul was hopeless.

Finally her eyes caught something beneath the darkness. There were at least three figures sitting down on the invisible ground. The girl slowly approached them. When she got a closer look, she discovered that the three figures were soldiers, and they were badly wounded. Multiple cuts decorated their bodies. She felt pity of them, so she approached them, tore a section of her sleeve and bandaged the closest man's arm. The man turned to meet her gaze. She was expecting a warm, grateful look...

Instead, she received a cold, menacing look. Her face quickly grew pale. She stepped back, but the other two men blocked the way and quickly seized her arms. But she couldn't move. She was too shocked to move. She gave her pure, honest love, yet she received menace in return.

The two other men quickly pinned her down on the ground. A rough hand clamped around her mouth, silencing her scream. The man she had bandaged got between her legs, reached out beneath her short skirt, and tore her satin panties off her. She was petrified. Her mind went numb. She was going to be raped...

Raped...?! Again...?!

The thought hit her at the back of her head. She couldn't comprehend it, not know where it came from, but that didn't stop the men from doing their filthy job. They tore her blouse in a single jerk, doing their best to hurt her. Her pert breasts came free, her nipples rigid upon contact with the cold air.

"Please... don't do this... I can't..."

"Shut up, bitch!" One man barked. "You little teaser! We'll give what you want!"

"That's right... A priestess of Lycra... must be a virgin..."

"No... please..."

The man slapped her hard and her head slumped weakly against her shoulder. "That should shut you up for the duration..."

"Yeah... we should decide... who's going to drill her hole first..."

She sobbed as the men tossed their coin, trying to find the one who would pop her cherry. Then the rough hands pinned her down again, preventing any movements; another pair spread her legs wide, revealing her pussy to the assailants. She could feel the man's member touching her pussy. She began to struggle frantically, but her power was no match for the men.

"No...! No...!"

And the filthy member thrust inside of her. She screamed as the cock tore her tender hymen and her virginity was stolen from her. She cried and wailed uncontrollably. Her rapist fucked her mercilessly, slamming his cock deep inside her vagina using her blood as lubricant. Her body jerked from the pain in every thrust he made.

Then suddenly she saw the man's face again. She'd seen him somewhere. In fact, she'd seen these men before. She met her rapist's gaze, and then the memory flooded back to her. She'd seen him in her countless nightmares. His was the face she'd never hope of seeing again. He was her... rapist...

She threw her gaze away, only to look at another person holding her, and her eyes stared in horror. It can't be...! That face... That grinning face... belongs to one man she loves... Atrus...!!


The dimension door sprung open and the view of vast, unending clouds filled the landscape. The party quickly shielded their eyes from the sudden glare from the sun. The sunlight was almost twice as bright, but the party quickly adapted to the light.

"We're standing on the clouds!!" Hawk declared.


The party staggered to find solid ground, but found that the ground was indeed solid. "Don't worry." Lynn the Fairy giggled. "You can stand on the clouds."

And the view before them was stunning. A large gate stood before them. The gate was arc-shaped, probably made of pure gold and richly ornamented. The poles on each side supported two large, beautiful statuettes of angels, each bearing a long sword and a war banner. The legend of the marvel of the gate was indeed true. This was the one.

The Portal of Heaven...

Yet there was only one detail that bothered them. The gate was open.

"We're too late!" The Fairy screamed in her small, yet high-pitched voice. "The Portal of Heaven has been breached! Come! We have to rescue my sisters!"

"Get ready, people!" Atrus ordered, and everybody prepared their weapons.

The party raced past the gate and began to move between the clouds. Although it felt funny, the clouds in this region were fully solid, allowing them to stand on them. Hawk made the first mistake by charging through a seemingly thin wall of cloud that quickly knocked him back.

"Do you usually run through walls back in Aragon, O mighty warrior?" Aurelia the Elf smirked.

"Very funny."

The Fairy raised her hand, silencing the party. They could hear footsteps coming from beneath the clouds ahead. The Fairy flapped her small wings before them, signaling that Fairies usually flew even among solid clouds. Then footsteps could only mean one thing. The enemies were near.

"Master! Over there!" Maya pointed at a small opening between two cloud walls.

Atrus and Roberto hid behind the opening in the clouds, ready to ambush the attacker. The two men, although used to dislike each other, had developed a good partnership since the young prince joined the quest. Roberto's reliable Kaiser Sword was a fine partner of Atrus' magical Rainbow Sword. The rest of the party hid behind another patch of clouds near the opening.

The footsteps were getting near. With one signal, the two men jumped from their cover and charged with their swords... only to find that they were facing a pair of green, muscular knees. They looked up and found that they were staring at a...

An Ogre...

Everybody in the Land of Lore knew that fighting an Ogre in a close melee combat was a bad, bad idea, let alone standing before one and staring at it as if it was a clown. Being the first smart person in this scenario, Atrus quickly dove at the stunned Roberto and pushed him out of the way before the gigantic stone club smashed the ground.

"What is that Ogre doing here in Heaven?!!" Hawk demanded.

Another pair of Ogres appeared behind his companion, wielding the same stone clubs.

"Correction... Ogres." Hawk added. "Hmm... I thought they're an endangered species..."

"Prepare to fight, people!" Aurelia yelled. "And keep your distance!"

The Elf prepared her trusty bows and arrows while Maya wielded her throwing knives. Hawk and Holgreb the Dwarf, possessing no long-range weapons, stood before them to give them cover. The two girls began firing their weapons, giving cover as the other two men retreated.

"D...Did see the size of that... thing?!" Roberto blurted out.

"Foul folks have touched their feet on Heaven!" The Fairy cried. "We have been disgraced!"

"Arrows and blades will slow them down," Atrus said, "but will not kill them. I'll have to confront them. Cover me, girls!"

"Prince Roberto, wear this!" Maya gave him her magical talisman, the last gift from her late father. "This will speed you up despite that heavy plate armor you're wearing. Go and help Master Atrus!"

Three Ogres marched at them, swinging their clubs wildly in the air. One of Aurelia's arrows found its mark right on the Ogre's head and the creature collapsed instantly. Atrus and Roberto rushed to meet their opponents. The Ogre's terrible speed was not a match for Atrus' agility. Atrus dashed around the creature, sending blow after blow against the creature's thick scale. The Ogre roared in frustration. Atrus quickly ended its misery by sending a Lightning Slash attack toward the creature's neck, beheading it.

Roberto fought a harder fight. Despite the talisman, he was not as fast as Atrus and had a hard time coordinating his attack. The Ogre kept maintaining its close distance, limiting the Kaiser Sword's effectiveness. One powerful swing from the club found its mark and threw the prince back on the ground. The plate armor he's wearing softened the blow, yet the force was enough to paralyze him for a while. Maya quickly threw a rapid wave of throwing knives, attracting the creature. The time she bought was enough. Roberto was back on his feet, wielded his sword and dashed toward the Ogre. He leaped and swung the Kaiser Sword with all his might at the Ogre. The sword flared as it regained its true power and sliced the creature in half. Blood spurted from the carcass, smearing the clouds.

"Now I'm mad!" The prince roared. "Thanks, girl!"

Two Ogres charged at Aurelia, trying to prevent her from firing more arrows. Hawk who was standing before her leaped to the side, swung his long spear and, thanks to his constant training back in the castle training ground, hit the creature squarely at the back of its neck, knocking its nerve system and killing it instantly. The other Ogre charged at the defenseless Elf princess, but a short creature hit its belly with his head and threw it backwards. For a Human, challenging an Ogre's might was considered foolish, but Holgreb was a Dwarf, and a Dwarf possessed far more strength than a normal Human did. The Ogre didn't expect that the Dwarf could match its strength and was taken back. Before it could recover from the blow, Holgreb brought down his trusty old axe and beheaded the creature.

The party regrouped again, only to find that the enemy ranks had been replenished. More Ogres appeared from the clouds, carrying more wicked spiked clubs. Now they definitely couldn't afford getting hit, for it would be fatal.

"Suggestions, anybody?" Atrus asked.

"Is retreat an option?" Hawk offered.

"We've gone too far to retreat now..."

"I'll help you!" The Fairy said. "Fear not, mighty Warriors of the Guardian!"

The Fairy raised her hand and the party began to glow in bright light. Atrus could feel strange power creeping inside his limbs. Roberto also felt the same force supporting his weight and making him unaware that he was still wearing a plate armor. The two men quickly charged at the Ogre ranks with renewed ferocity. This time the Ogres couldn't match their ability. One by one the foul folks fell to the ground.

"Wow..." Hawk mumbled.

"Now that's a slaughter..." Holgreb agreed.

"What did you do to us?" Atrus asked.

"It's a Fairy blessing." The Fairy answered. "It enhances your ability. Because you all have fought for my home, I will gladly lend my assistance."

"Excuse me, Miss... But you haven't told us your name." Aurelia said.

"You can call me Lynn." The Fairy bowed at Atrus. "I am one of the chosen Warriors of the Guardian. O Prophet of the Guardian, I salute you."

"What? You know that you are the one?" Atrus queried.

"Fairies are loyal servants of the Gods, O Prophet of the Guardian. We serve and receive orders directly from Lord Guardian. We therefor gain access to such information."

"Then you have the dream from the Guardian, then!"

"Oh, the prophecy, you mean?" Lynn thought for a while. "I once had this dream. I saw a bright golden light flying in the sky. Then I saw another light, this time it was dark red, just like the color of blood. The golden light and the red one twisted around and slammed into one another and a bright flash blinded me and awakened me instantly."

"Hmm... I honestly don't know what that means..." Maya muttered.

"Honestly, guys..." Hawk interrupted, "It's not a good time for deciphering a dream now."

"Well, it's been nice to know you, Lynn." Atrus agreed. "But we'd better be hurry. If there are still enemies around here, we'd better get rid of them quick."

"They must be in the Inner Sanctum right now. They had to be after the Holy Fire of Love! We must preserve the fire, or the wrath of the Gods would be upon us! Follow me!"

The party moved quickly between the clouds unchallenged for the moment. But soon they heard grunting and groaning sound from beneath the rows of clouds ahead. Finally they reached the end of the labyrinth and gasped at the sight. The majestic Inner Sanctum of Heaven stood before them, more exquisite than even the greatest storyteller could ever describe. The tall pillars of clouds supported the large conical roof. Various golden statues of angels in various positions filled the courtyard and carved on the pillars. A large golden altar stood proud in the middle of the temple. On top of it stood a large pit made out of metal. And just like Lynn feared, the fire had died.

"The Holy Fire of Love..." Lynn yelled. "It's gone...!"

The view of the courtyard was worse. Many Fairies were there, captured by the foul folks. The Ogres were torturing them viciously with clubs and whips. Most of the Fairies were being raped violently on the ground. Fairy blood smeared the courtyard. Ogres' groans and captured Fairies' pitiful scream filled the air.

"Dear Lord Guardian..." Lynn sobbed. "My sisters...!"

"Damn those Ogres! Let them pay!" Aurelia cried.

"Come on, people!" Atrus raised his sword. "Charge!"

Lynn raised her hands and cast blessing to the party. Then the party poured into the Inner Sanctum courtyard and engaged the unsuspecting enemies.

The first prophecy of the Guardian, the Siege of Heaven, had been fulfilled. Now they had to retake it.


This story was split into 12 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 12 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Vipers.

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