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The Ancient Prophecy
Pt. XIa: Waltz with the Demon's Pet 1
by Viper

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 8 parts for faster page loading.

Gaea couldn't resist when the woman grabbed her head by her hair and pulled her against her pussy. She choked from the steel collar around her neck. The evil woman's unholy musk filled her nostrils. The traitor rubbed her face against her pussy, enjoying pleasure from the goddess' agony and humiliation. Meanwhile the rape continued. The girl hung limply as the demon lord fucked her. At the same time, her body glowed. Green tendrils circled her bound body and embraced her. She could feel her power draining. Daemon grunted as he reached climax and shot his load deep inside her. Immediately the evil force invaded her body and drained her life force. She moaned in frustration as her power and youthful determination was robbed from her. Then she hung on her chains, helpless and defeated.

Daemon walked toward a corner of the room, revealing a big dark-green gemstone on top of a pillar. The gem glowed as he brushed the surface, radiating evil warmth. He hummed at the caress, yet it wasn't enough. It wasn't enough to overthrow the Gods. The Titan Gem was not finished.

"We need more bitches." Lord Daemon approached the goddess and forced her to clean his member with her mouth. "I'm sure there will be no problem at all?"

"No problem, Master." The woman bowed. "And what should I do with the bitch?"

He glanced at the bound girl. "Discard her. Dump her to the barracks. Let the goblins have their fun with her."

Atrus sat uneasily on the big chair. He had been a baron for six months, yet he was still not used to sitting on his 'throne'. Plus, his suit was quite uncomfortable. It was a tight, formal suit used by government officials all across the kingdom. The tight collar made breathing a bit difficult, and the pants fit tautly against his legs, leaving uncomfortable feeling around his crotch. He couldn't understand why the kingdom ever developed such torturing suit for its officials. He made a mental note to send such petition to the royal court when the war ends.

Anna was standing next to his chair, her usual position during any legal event. Atrus had appointed her as his advisor. The decision had also demanded her to wear uncomfortable dress. The gown was hugging her waist and crushing her chest but showing her upper figure. The long and wide lower gown made her difficult to walk. No matter how civilized she was, she was still a priestess of action, forged in the heat of battle and therefor wore simple clothes to ease movement. Long gowns didn't work well with her.

"Hard to breathe?" Atrus queried, listening to her ragged breathing.

"Don't ask." She grumbled. "Every bit of air in my lungs is precious."

"The guests have arrived!" The herald announced.

Since Atrus had decided to welcome the guests himself, he approached the double door. Anna followed him slowly, trying not to stumble and embarrassed herself. Her high heel shoes clicked nicely on the marble floor, giving her a sense of superiority. Indeed, the official suits were designed for grace and authority, not comfort.

Atrus held the door handle and opened, only to find that the door was swung open instantly. A figure leaped on him, pushing him backwards. He stumbled down and fell on his back while Anna jumped to stay out of the way. When he recovered, he found Maya hugging him tightly, grinning. She was still wearing her tight bodysuit, complete with her battle-set on her belt. Her ponytail swung freely behind.

"Hi, Master Atrus! Long time no see!"

The little girl suddenly planted a full kiss on his lips, catching him completely off guard. He struggled for a while. Anna noticed the grin in the herald's lips and quickly put it down with her best glare. Atrus quickly recovered and broke the kiss.

"Maya, what are you doing?!"

"I miss you, Master! It's been so long!"

"Tell me that later, now get off me!" Atrus got on his feet quickly. "Not now, Maya!"

"Sorry, Master..." She hung her head. "But I do have a surprise, though!"

Then from the door came a man in a large silver plate armor. He reached out for his helmet and opened the hatch. The face behind it was familiar indeed.

"Prince Roberto..." Atrus bowed. "Hail and well met."

"I do not expect such welcome." Roberto frowned, noticing Atrus' governmental suit. "How did you know I'm coming?"

"Our intelligence committee has correctly predicted your coming, Lord." Atrus answered.

"You're using your intelligence agents against us. Your loyalty is under question."

"If you want to demote me, Prince Roberto," Atrus said, "Now is the perfect time."

"Why is that?"

"I know more than I'm supposed to." He smirked. "And I'd like to be the first one to congratulate you in the engagement. You're a very lucky man."

Roberto's face turned red, and he turned to Maya. "You told them?!"

"No! How did he..." Maya instantly followed Atrus' stare to her finger, where a small yet lovely ring was tucked on it. "He's cheating! He's..."

"I told you not to wear that until we get married!!" Roberto looked horrified.

"But it's so nice!" Maya toyed with the ring happily. "I can't wait until next month!"

"You get married next month?!" Anna's face was brightened. "Congratulation!!"

Maya cowered under Roberto's glare. "Oops, sorry..."

"Let's keep this to ourselves." Roberto smiled warmly. "How is it going, partner?"

"Very good." Atrus gladly hugged the prince despite his constricting plate armor. "And it's a great honor to have you here in my humble hut."

Roberto turned to Anna. "His diplomatic gesture is getting worse. You taught him this?"

"Something's wrong with the potato he ate this morning." Anna smiled back. "You're well?"

"I'm well, thank you. My father extends his best greetings and gratitude for your service."

"So I'm free from my job?" Atrus asked.

"No, in fact, my father was planning to promote you into a deputy minister of defense, helping General Kepfer. Since I know you won't work well in the royal court, I took the liberty of going against the plan and refusing the idea on behalf of you."

"Thanks..." Atrus shivered. "That would freak me out."

"Anyway..." Anna turned to the prince. "What is your business here?"

"Ow, come on! Can't you see that I'm just visiting old friends to recount old memories?"

Anna smiled warmly. "No."

"Fine!" Roberto sighed. "There's trouble in Stromgard."

"What's wrong?"

"We think..." Roberto made sure he got everybody's attention. "We might have found a qualified candidate..."

"That's great!" Atrus said, then studied the prince's expression. "You're skeptical?"

"Wait till you see the guy, partner." The prince said slowly. "He's... weird."

"So does everybody else in the team." Anna added. "That's nothing new."

"No, he's different. You must see the person. Then you'll know what I'm talking about."

"So you need us in the castle?" Atrus asked.

Roberto nodded. "Holgreb is already in Stromgard. Calem is getting Hawk and Aurelia from Elom. We're here to get both of you and Lynn."

"We're ready to go," Anna said, "as long as you don't mind waiting for us to change."

"Not at all."

Atrus and Anna went back to the bedroom they shared together. Atrus had made a special order from a local armor-smith to make a brand new piece of leather armor. His new armor was made from finest leather, reinforced with thin yet strong chain layer around the chest and back. A red artistic royal crest was painted on the front part. The armor was enchanted personally by Anna herself, strengthening the leather even further. A long, golden cloak adorned the armor with royal crest pattern on the back. Since his old boots had been decimated during the firestorm six months ago, the town people had made him a new pair. His faithful Rainbow Sword, covered in a brand new sheath, added the last touch.

Anna still kept her old priestess costume. The dress fell to her hips while hugging her upper body snuggly yet comfortably. The belt circled her thin waist, turning the lower dress into a nice, short skirt. Her long gloves and boots came next, followed by her tight collar with a black gem on it. It was the general identity of a Priestess of Lycra, and although she was no longer one she still kept it. Her metal mace and leather backpack completed her preparation.

"Here we go again..." she sighed.

"You're worried, Anna dear?" Atrus asked.

"I know this is coming..."

"Don't worry, dear..." Atrus circled his arm around her shoulder. "We will fulfill our destiny. And when we do, I'll be there for you..."

"Thanks, honey." Anna kissed him. "I'm glad I don't have to lose you."

The couple returned to the main hall. Roberto couldn't stop whistling at Atrus' new outfit.

"You should consider granting an award to your smith, partner..." He commented.

"I did." Atrus said. "He has the second biggest house in town next to the governor's."

"Oh..." Roberto quickly turned to Maya. "So you said you know how to call Lynn?"

The girl produced a small pipe that looked like a flute, except that it was smaller. The flute seemed to be made out of wood, but the shiny white color suggested ivory. The design was simple yet amazing. It was the smallest yet finest flute they'd ever seen.

"Lynn gave me this as a parting gift back at Stromgard." Maya said proudly. "She even taught me how to play it. She said I can use this to call her."

"Okay, go on, then." Anna said, impatient.

"Lynn said the tune from this flute should reach the Heaven. Now let's see if I can do it..."

Maya took a deep breath, put the flute softly between her lips and blew steadily. Suddenly, the entire castle complex rattled in tremor as a high-pitch shriek came from the flute. Several windows were shattered in pieces. Both Atrus and Anna dove for cover behind the furniture while Roberto, who was unlucky enough to be standing right in front of her, was thrown backward from the powerful force. The sound waves echoed along the stone walls throughout the castle.

"Wow, girl!" Anna said after the ordeal was over. "Is that what it's supposed to sound like?"

"I hope not." Atrus said while looking nervously at the chandelier over his head, which was swinging frantically back and forth. "Or else, Lynn and I will be having a long, serious talk together."

"It worked well before..." Maya inspected the flute. "I don't know... let me try again..."

Roberto's head quickly popped out from the overturned table. "You know what, Maya... I thing we should... Maya?! No...! Don't... Yikes!"

Anna quickly created two magic barriers for Atrus and herself, but she was not quick enough to make one for Roberto. The prince leaped toward a long table and hid under it, just in time to evade the crashing chandelier behind him. The two magic barriers crackled as the sound waves pounded it with overwhelming force. The barriers held, but the occupants were forced to cover their ears tightly.

The door was opened quickly and Leonard peeked inside the room. "Uh, Lord White Lion? Is everything oka..." His jaws dropped open when he saw the devastated hall.

"Is that an honest question, Leonard?" Atrus scowled.

"Uh... I think I'll leave you in private, Sir..." Leonard quickly disappeared.

Suddenly a magical portal burst open in the middle of the room and a lithe form of a girl was thrown out from it. The girl wore thin satin dress with nylon rope around her waist. On her back, a pair of thin-yet-lovely wings extended gracefully. The girl crashed on top of a tumbled table and groaned in pain.

"Lynn is here!!" Maya cheered. "The flute works! I told you that the sound reaches Heaven!"

"Of course it does!!" Lynn growled while still lying on the broken table. "And because of you, Heaven almost lays in ruins! You should have seen the destruction you've..." The Fairy looked at her surrounding and noted the actual destruction. "Never mind..."

Anna helped her stand up. "I suppose your trip here wasn't pleasant." She asked.

"I was taking a nap when an earthquake occurred in Heaven!" The Fairy scowled. "My sisters quickly discovered the problem. They dragged me out of bed and threw me into the portal, and here I am."

"The flute doesn't work!" Maya protested. "It's not my fault!"

"Of course it doesn't!" Lynn advanced toward her, grabbed the flute and pulled the rubber plug off one end of it. "How many times should I tell you? Pull the plug first!"

Roberto slowly stood up and looked at the mess around them. "Atrus, sorry about this... I'll have some men repair the castle..."

"That can wait." Atrus nodded. "Lynn, can you take us back to Stromgard?"

"Absolutely, Prophet Atrus." Lynn bowed gracefully before stealing another annoyed glance at Maya. "Just fill me in with the details later..."



This story was split into 8 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 8 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Viper.

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