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The Ancient Prophecy
Pt. XIa: Waltz with the Demon's Pet 1
by Viper

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 8 parts for faster page loading.

Anna crept along the deserted hallway, her mace ready in her hand. She hated being by herself. Atrus had suggested that they separated, just to cover the ground quicker. She had agreed, and now she regretted it. She hated to be away from him, since her own home was unfriendly to her. But finding the culprit might be her only chance to prove her good will.

She peeked inside a storeroom, dodging the mops and brooms scattered on the floor. She was just about to check the nearest closet when she heard a scream. She was back on the hallway when she heard another whimper. She quickly picked the direction and ran across the hallway. The hallway ended with a big wooden door at the center of the shrine. She hesitated. She knew what was at the other side. It was the Sacred Sanctuary, the most holy place in the shrine. She knew she was an outsider here. She knew that entering the Sacred Sanctuary was the worst offense to the Order of the Lycra.

Another scream was heard, and she made up her mind. There was a life at stake. She opened the door and barged into the room. The Sacred Sanctuary was the central worship site in the shrine. The room was bigger than any other room in the shrine, with higher glass ceiling, allowing sunlight to enter. A large altar decorated the main stage at the center of the far wall. The chairs could seat hundreds of audiences, although such occasion was rare. Under normal circumstances, no commoners were allowed inside, and the priestesses did most of the worship in the main sanctuary. This time, however, was not normal, for a man and two women in priestess suits were there.

The man turned at her and smiled. His dark cloak almost entirely covered his body. She could see the dark armor beneath the cloak. From his back, multiple tentacles slithered and bound the two priestesses. They were struggling hard, but not a match for the demon.

"Sister, help me!" One of them cried.

Anna prepared her magic missile, but halted when the tentacles shook the captives frantically. It was too dangerous. She could hit her friends.

"Good day, Anna." He smirked. "It's my honor to see you."

She was surprised. "You know me... Who are you?!"

"Why, Anna, my name is Supreme Commander Daemon... your nemesis..."

Atrus was ready to begin his second search around the shrine when the darned bell rang again. This time, however, it was followed by a cry of war.

"The Orcs are here!!" One man cried. "The Orcs are here!!"

Atrus drew his sword and ran across the courtyard. He was overwhelmed by the wave of the civilians running inside the shrine, but quickly found his way. The gate was incomplete and offered minimal protection. Across the field, two small versions of the Gate hovered over the ground, spitting Orcist warriors to the realm. Falstoff had already led several men to hold them off. Two dimension portals were opened and Calem and Lynn jumped out of it and ran to assist. Atrus made his way across the field and charged the foul creatures.

"Good to see you here!" Atrus cried at the new guy.

"About time you show up." Falstoff grunted. "Sorry about the walls."

"Those should hold them off!" He answered while slicing his opponents. "You've done what you can!"

The two warriors fought side by side, holding off the Orcist warriors. A group of Priestesses of Lycra entered the fray and a barrage of magic bolts bombarded the field. The priestesses concentrated their fire on the Gates, preventing more reinforcements while Atrus and Falstoff massacred those on the ground. The spirit of the frontline was raised considerably when Lynn entered the conflict and lent her voice of blessings. Calem arrived shortly and rained the battlefield with firebolts.

"Atrus!!" Lynn suddenly cried. "Falstoff is down!!"

Atrus located him, overrun by the Orcs. His sword flared as he dashed toward the downed warrior, killing anything that stood on his way. Falstoff was on his knees, clutching the back of his head. Atrus stood beside him and kept the critters away.

"You're okay, buddy?!"

"I'm fine..." He said slowly. "Don't care about me! Go on and kill those Orcs!!"

"No way, buddy! I'm not leaving you behind!"

Lynn arrived in the scene and knocked the remaining Orcs with her magic. "I got him, Prophet Atrus! I'll take care of him!"

Atrus was ready to return to the battlefield when two successive explosions occurred in the field, scattering the creatures. Agar and a blue dragon flew low and knocked several Orcs with their claws. Holgreb leaped from the blue dragon and charged the evil folks. The Orcs, realizing that they were outnumbered, made their way back to the Gates. Once the last Orc left the realm, the Gate vanished.

"Another good yet futile attempt." Calem sighed.

"Falstoff, you're okay?" Atrus asked. "What happened?"

He smiled while still clutching his head. "I'm fine. Those monsters showed up when we're setting up the walls and getting ready for lunch."

Ursula approached them, half-running. "There's a problem in the shrine! Somebody has sneaked in and collapsed the emergency barrier again!"

Atrus was about to tell the same thing, but refrained from mentioning the high priestess' warning. "Okay, we'll check it out. Lynn?" He turned to the Fairy. "Join us later."

"Yes, Prophet Atrus." The Fairy bowed, still holding Falstoff.

"I'll stay here as well, Atrus." Aurelia said. "We'll catch you up."

"All right." Atrus nodded. "Let's catch the scoundrel."

Anna cried as multiple firebolts pierced her magic barrier and exploded just an inch before her chest. She staggered from the blow, but regained her composure and erected a new magic barrier.

"My dear, you can't win with only defense..."

The fight was uneven for her. Daemon attacked her without mercy. The problem was that she wasn't evading his blows, but containing them. She couldn't afford having the demon lord destroying anything in the Sacred Sanctuary. The same reason, unfortunately, also forbid her from counterattacking. This was one fight she couldn't win. Or at least easily. Anna had confidence in her accuracy with magic missiles, but every time she was ready to fire the demon swung the captive priestess for cover. She couldn't afford hurting her sisters. There was only one way left.

"Okay, Daemon, let's play dirty!" Anna prepared her mace. "I'll make you sorry..."

The demon grinned. "We'll see if you can actually touch me."

Anna dashed at him, got a clear shot, but the demon vanished as she swung the mace. She stumbled forward, almost hitting the main altar. He reappeared seconds later, hovering in the air, still carrying the captive priestesses with his tentacles. His evil grin flashed in his face.

"Good try, but not good enough. Too bad I don't have much time. I'm afraid I have to leave."

Anna just stared in horror as the demon lord raised his hand and released a barrage of firebolts toward her. The barrier provided cover, but the blow shoved her backward and crashing on top of the altar. She cried in pain as her body swept along the altar, scattering the candles and chalices around the floor before falling on the floor behind the altar.

"Pathetic." Daemon sneered. "I never thought you've caused me trouble so far."

"Wait..." Anna staggered on her feet. "I'm not ready to give up..."

She found support on the altar and unleashed her magic missile. The demon lord was surprised, and took full blow. It wasn't strong enough to hurt him, but was enough to make him furious.

"Did that change your mind?" Anna growled.

Daemon stared at her angrily. "See you in the Underworld, bitch!"

The demon lord raised his hand and suddenly vanished from sight, along with the two captives. This time he didn't reappear. Anna looked at her surrounding in dread. The battle had ruined the main altar badly. Things didn't go as planned.

And she heard footsteps.

She could only stare in horror as Atrus, Ursula, and a group of priestesses entered the Sacred Sanctuary. She stared at her mace in her hand and hung her head. She didn't know how to start. She had been framed perfectly.

"Adriana!" Ursula roared. "What have you done?!"

Atrus was speechless himself. He thought hard to defend her, but there seemed to be little hope. She had gotten into terrible mess this time.

"Adriana, this is a felony!" Ursula yelled. "Sisters, arrest her!!"

"Wait, Daemon was here!" She tried desperately as the priestesses bound her.

"Wait..." Atrus frowned. "Daemon, the commander of the Army of Darkness?"

"He kidnapped two priestesses with him!" She said. "Atrus, you must find him!"

"Good story, Adriana, but you can't fool me!" Ursula snarled. "Take her away!"

"Wait!" Atrus yelled. "Give her a chance to tell the story!"

"Anna!" Lynn and the rest of the party popped out from the door. "Anna?"

"We found the culprit!" Ursula said. "Anna was found destroying the Sacred Sanctuary!"

"Anna...?" Aurelia staggered. "Is... is this true...?"

Anna shook her head desperately. "No... I... I can explain!"

Maya popped out behind the Elf, her eyes wet with tears. "Mistress... why...?"

"Maya, no! I'm innocent!"

"Innocent?!" Lynn snarled. "You dropped the magic barrier and the Orcs attacked! Some people were killed and Falstoff got injured!" The Fairy pointed at Falstoff behind her.

"No... I didn't do it! Lynn, you have to believe me!"

"Take her away!!" Ursula roared in anger. "Lock her up in the Dungeon of Inquisition!!"

Anna's body went limp as she heard the dreaded name. She had heard many terrible stories from the Dungeon of Inquisition, mainly used to interrogate witches and foul heretics during the ancient time. She stared helplessly at Atrus as the priestesses dragged her out, but she knew there was nothing he could do. The rest of the party watched her in disbelief while Lynn glared at her especially with anger and hatred. Anna looked away in shame and fear. This time, she was doomed.

Atrus watched silently as the priestesses took her away. His hand rested on his sword, which he could draw in a second and rescued her. Then he saw the form of High Priestess Elizabeth at the corner of his eyes. She gave him a weak smile, and he understood. He let his grip go.

I can be there for her, but I can't stop her from facing her destiny...

Anna hung limply in the air. Chains encircled her ankles and wrists, pulling her taut and spread-eagled. She squirmed helplessly, trying to find a comfortable position and discovered otherwise. She couldn't even move her limbs. She restrained herself from moaning, for that's what her enemy wanted.

"Feeling comfy, honey?" Ursula grinned.

"Very." Anna grunted. "Care to join me?"

The priestess snorted. "Good joke... Three more slots, Sister Rosa!"

The other priestess at the corner of the room turned the giant wheel three more slots and the chains tugged Anna's body to all four directions. This time she couldn't hold back from crying out loud. Her body was stretched painfully. She howled on the air for a while, twisting restlessly to ease the pain without realizing that she was actually causing more. Ursula laughed lightly, enjoying her suffering. It took a while until Anna regained her sense and tried to stay very still.

"How's now? Comfy enough?"

Anna didn't answer. Instead she spitted at her nemesis, and after being a prisoner of the demons in many occasions, her accuracy had improved. She hit her right in the eye.

"Two more slots!!" Ursula roared in rage.

Anna let out a piercing scream as her limbs approached the breaking point. Experience taught her well and she struggled to remain still.

"And you're no longer a priestess of Lycra." Ursula smiled as she touched Anna's skirt. "Sister Rosa, I want you to disrobe her... in style..."

Anna watched in horror as Sister Rosa approached her with a wicked-looking whip. The whip was made of strips of leather bound together with metal plates on the tips. The design was to ensure that each lash was a painful one.

"Sister Rosa..." Anna pleaded. "Please listen to me... I didn't do it..."

"Don't call me sister!" The priestess snarled. "You betrayed us, Adriana!"

"No... no... no...!!"

She howled in pain as the first strike came. The whip lashed along her chest. The metal tip caught the hem of her dress and tore it painfully down to her belt, revealing her breasts, slightly flattened by her stretched limbs. The strike also tugged her from her chain, hurting her further. The object of the torture was clear, to hurt and humiliate her.

"Don't even mind your breasts, Adriana..." Ursula snickered. "I'm sure so many men around the realm have put their hands on them."

Anna recovered from the blow and felt the tingling sensation in her muscles and nerves. It's the revitalize spell!! She whimpered helplessly. The revitalize spell would magically sustain her body, therefor preventing her from fainting. This is too cruel... way too cruel...

She cried again as the second strike came, this time cutting her skirt in half almost meeting the cut made earlier. The third lash, while not touching her skin, caught her belt and yanked it forcefully from her. She screamed in agony as the muscles in her limbs were stretched farther than ever. The belt finally gave way and her once-proud dress fell to the ground, leaving her naked save for her panties, boots and gloves. Her body bounced back in the chains, causing another searing pain for the tortured girl.

"Sister Ursula, is there specific information you're trying to extract from her?"

Ursula frowned at Rosa's honest question, but nodded. "I'm sure she will refuse to answer it... right, Adriana?!" She asked Anna. "Answer me! What do you know about the demon's plan?!"

"I..." Anna spoke weakly, her throat sore from screaming. "I... don't... know..."

"Liar..." Rosa said somberly. "You are truly a demonic abomination!"

"Take it easy, sister Rosa." Ursula gave Anna her most wicked grin. "She's not going to tell the truth... yet. Torture her all night long, and we'll continue tomorrow, after my enactment as the new High Priestess of Lycra." Her smile grew wider. "In fact, I'm going to give you a hint of what you're going to go through... You're going to be the actual victim of the inquisition for the renegade priestesses..."

Anna's eyes grew wide. ""

"That's right, Adriana... The rule dictates that the renegade priestesses will be executed... by live burial..." Ursula took a moment, enjoying her victim's terror. "Imagine... tightly bound inside a punishment suit, strapped inside a magic-warded wooden coffin and trapped several meters under hard ground. Then again, of course, we'll keep your mouth open, so you can beg the worms and the ants to let you go... or finish you quickly... Then again, you'll never know..."

Anna was now crying uncontrollably at the thought of her next ordeal. She'd rather thrust her belly upon a goblin's spear than enduring such cruel execution. Sister Rosa looked quite shaken with the proposed torment, but decided to say nothing.

"I really love to watch you suffer, Adriana..." Ursula whispered. "But a loyal servant of Lord Guardian like me never rests. I will leave you with Sister Rosa for the night and I hope, when the morning comes, you two will be better acquainted..."

Ursula walked casually toward the door but stopped near the stair. She opened her palm and created a small flame in it.

"One more thing... just to keep you... occupied..."

The firebolt soared through the air and hit Anna on the chest. She screamed instantly as intense pain soared through her body. Her naked body rippled uncontrollably as terrible heat of the flame tortured her nerve. She felt like she was being cooked alive, yet not really. Her body remained intact. The magic was designed to make her senses suffer.

"Ta ta, Adriana..." Ursula winked. "Sister Rosa, you may continue the whipping..."

"We're in the right trail." Hawk pointed at a small hill near the horizon. "Beyond that hill we should be able to see the Northern Ocean."

Roberto frowned while controlling his steed. "This is odd... I was here many years ago with my father. I recognize that hill, and I remember seeing seagulls flying around here. Now there's none."

"As far as I remember, this is close enough to the shore." Hawk nodded. "We should have seen seagulls by now... except if the dragon had them for supper."

"Don't start putting that thought in my head." The prince grunted. "We stop here."

Hawk took a glance at the army following them. A large horde of alliance army stood in groups, waiting for orders despite the long journey they'd been through. He smiled. They were indeed the alliance's very best. The sight of three high races fighting side by side pleased him. He could even feel the old rivalry between Humans and Elves declining. Perhaps Aurelia and he had a future after all.

"Soldiers, dismount!!" He barked the order. "Erect the camp! We're stopping for the night!!"

"Good. Let them rest." Roberto concluded. "I have a bad feeling of what is waiting for us."

"Do you think our friends are fine now?"

"I hate to think otherwise... But something's telling me that they're going to be very happy to see us again..."

End of Part 11a

Author's note:

Not much to say but sorry for the delay. I've been really busy lately. And I'm stuck at the story, so I decided to split it into 2 parts. You just read the first one.

And to those who are wondering, I WILL finish this story. This little story has gone way too long to be abandoned.

I will post the next part when my mind clears up. Take care now.



This story was split into 8 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 8 parts for faster page loading.

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