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A Real Card Game
by Dave Evans

I have to tell you about the time, Elaine invited me to play a game of cards one night, it was a warm summer night, so I went over in my Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt socks and tennis shoes, pulling into her driveway. I noticed Nancy's car was there too...

Ummm she's a sweetie too. Both real good women! Knocking on the door, the door opens, in my view are Elaine and Nancy standing there ready to greet me.

"Hello Ladies."

They were both wearing shorts and really nice T-shirts with different designs of embroidery and different colors, I couldn't tell if they were wearing bras, but I could sure see their nipples indenting into the T-shirts... No bras for sure, on closer inspection. They smelled so good it made my mouth water!

I hugged them both at the same time into my chest, taking hold of each of their buttocks, they have the nicest asses, for middle aged women. I received some wonderful kisses from each of them and I for sure returned them back. Ummm smiling at each of them, giving them my best cowboy smile!

I told them I brought some money for chips, and I was ready to play cards, they almost said in harmony I didn't need money or chips...

Smiling at me, they told me about this card game they thought up like strip poker only better!

We all went and sat in the living room where there was a card table and three chairs. I sat down and the women went to the kitchen to get us drinks they brought out classes of Royal crown and 7-Up on ice, it tasted really nice on that hot night.

Elaine took a sip and picked up the cards she shuffled them like she knew what she was doing, She said the rules of the game are like this. "Jokers are wild, if you get one you can save it for a free 30 seconds anytime you want it, the deck has six jokers, when the game starts by you taking off a piece of clothing every time you loose a hand, after you loose all your clothing and you loose a hand you are at the others mercy for thirty seconds of whatever they want you to do to them, The lady's both noted they were not going to be eating one another out! They love only men...

If I won the hand I could order them both to suck on my cock one after the other, thirty seconds each! What a deal!

Now say Elaine wins the hand, she could order Nancy to massage her shoulders, and me to eat her out for the thirty seconds, or she can take Nancy's thirty seconds and add it to mine seeing how I lost the hand too. And she could have me eat her for a full minute, or she could order Nancy to suck me off for the full minute while she watches. So the winner of each hand has a lot of say so... But first we have to loose all our clothes...

We all toasted one another and took a drink... I thought to myself wow, I can't loose at this game... I would eat either one of these fine women out for an hour anytime they wanted!

Then thinking how nice winning some hands will be, having these fine ladies slaving over my cock! Even for just thirty seconds at a time could be really nice... And what if I saved up four or five jokers!

Elaine dealt the first hand, five card stud. I got a Joker and three nines and a three. The gals both had two of a kind and no jokers... So I won the hand with the three nines, and I got to keep the joker at my side, but the ladies told me even if I would have needed the joker to win the hand, I would still get to keep it for a free thirty seconds of what I wanted from the losers of a future hand.

They both pulled off their T-shirts... Now I liked the way this game was going already. Sitting at a small table looking over the nicest looking breasts, I had a great view from where I was sitting and smiling big, I dealt another hand and I was without a shirt that time, and Nancy lost her shoes. Elaine dealt again and I lost my shoes and so did Elaine. Then Nancy dealt and won both Elaine's and my socks.

The next time Elaine lost her shorts and Nancy lost her socks. My next two deals were great! Elaine was in her birthday suit and Nancy was in just her silk undies, now on the second deal I could see thirty seconds from Elaine loosing that hand, so I ordered her to kneel before me and give me thirty seconds, Her lips and mouth did so well! Hummmm Hummmmmmmmmm...

My next deal Elaine came up winning that one. Nancy was all naked now and I was just in my boxers. Elaine dealt another hand and I was naked and Nancy was ordered to suck on me for thirty seconds, while Elaine watched to make sure she did a good job! Boy did she ever! I fell back in my chair, as she sucked me hard for that thirty seconds... I don't know which one of us enjoyed it more! She smiled at me with her pretty eyes staring into mine hoping I was enjoying the card game and her pleasures. And I sure was! She stood there stroking my cock, she leaned to my ear and said. "I want more of this..." And she went back to her chair.

Elaine dealt again and she said to me. "Okay looser kneel and lick this as she slid almost out of her chair spreading her legs, I sucked on her flowering wet meat for a whole minute and Nancy said the minutes up!

Elaine was moaning so good by then and I was just getting into it too. But I crawled back to my chair... Rules are rules.

We played on for the next two hours, we were all brought to almost climaxes, but the thirty seconds to a minute never really got us there, and then we cool down just playing the hands out... But the women were really enjoying my being a slave to them, and they loved ordering me between their legs as I lost many hands... But I so enjoyed the winning or loosing on my part and even when I won I held their heads so gently, running my fingers through their long hair, they were both so good! I love being in their lives and having such good friends, I mean how many card games like this have you been to?

When we all decided to stop the game the women were so ready for a long hard cock, And I was there man!

They both got on the floor on their hands and knees beside one another next to that card table, I spent so much time crawling around on my hands and knees during the game.

After the best doggy style fuckin' I ever had, their pussies were so hot and wet. My cock was so ready to take them both on, I had them moaning and making wonderful noises as I fucked them both time after time and when I climaxed. I shared the sperm between them. Only spilling a little by the long silky sperm strands that ran from pussy to pussy... I rubbed both of their backs as we all stayed in place on the floor there... I wished every night could be the same with these two beautiful women.


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