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Aunty Rachel Pt. II
by Patrick

I awoke on Saturday morning feeling very relaxed and happy, and wasn't sure why. I cuddled up to the naked body lying next to me in the bed, assuming for a moment that it was Charles, then suddenly the events of the previous evening came cascading back into my mind and I jumped up, pulling away from the naked man who proceeded to turn over and gaze up at me with a hot grin on his face, "Jimmy" I gasped.

"Good morning Aunty Rachel" he murmured and lifted his hand to brush it over my breasts, "You're every bit as beautiful and sexy in the morning as you were last night"

My body shivered from his touch, and his words seem to burst like a hand grenade in my brain, and not only the memory of what had happened last night flooded back, but the feelings also, those glorious feelings of being sexually alive, desired and wanted. And then he was pulling me back down into the bed, his hands and his lips caressing my breasts, and my own hands sliding down to cup and fondle his massive, hard cock, "Wow", I gasped, "So early in the morning, you are just insatiable"

"Me?" he said, and grinned widely, "Well, if you want me to stop?"

"Don't you dare" I said, and eagerly guided his cock to my already wet pussy, and groaned as he slid it deep inside, "Oh yes, Jimmy, that feels sooo good" I said "Mmmm what a wonderful way to wake up" Then all other words and thoughts were forgotten as once again he fucked me with his magnificent cock, and once again he made me feel like a teenager, with his big cock making my pussy feel so tight, and I acted like one too, crying and screaming and begging for more, no one could possibly have looked at me then and thought of me as a conservative married woman, I was the personification of total sexual abandonment. I screamed so loud when he finally shot his load deep into my pussy that I reckon you could have heard me in the next block!

After the lovemaking, we showered together and played with each other's naked bodies some more, then lay around in the sunny back yard enjoying the peace and quiet. At one point Charles rang and tried to make his peace, but I made it clear I was still not ready to accept his promises this time, and we'd sort it out when he got back...laugh...I actually got quite a kick out of talking to Charles while Jimmy was standing behind me with his naked body pressed to mine and his hands fondling my naked breasts, and his semi hard cock pressing into the crack of my ass, Mmmmm we nearly started up all over again right then! But I held him at bay, as I'd also remembered that in my sexual high the previous evening I'd invited my three friends from the Tennis Club to join Jimmy and I this evening for a horny evening of sexual fun. A quick shiver ran through me, grief, what must they be thinking of me at this moment, little miss goody two shoes broken out at last.

Well It wasn't long before I started to find out, and started to find out also that my friends were perhaps not as hip and with it as they always liked to make out. Mary was the first to ring, "Hi Rachel, you weren't really serious last night, were you? it was a leg pull, right?"

I laughed, "Oh no, Mary, everything I said was true, Jimmy's 10 inches long, as horny as hell and eager to share with you as well as me"

She gasped, "You mean you were really?.. oh I can't believe that, you?"

I giggled, "Mmm I can understand your surprise, and you're not going to believe me just telling you, so I guess you'll find out for sure tonight"

"Oh! Well, I'm not sure if I can get away tonight, I mean you know I'd love to, don't get me wrong, but I just have so much to do"

I have to admit I was surprised, no, more than that, stunned! Mary was probably the most outrageous of the group, always talking about sex and making out like she was really, really hot and active, and here she was backing out of a certain hot scenario. Suddenly I began to see that things were perhaps not the way the other girls tried to portray every week, maybe I wasn't so far out of step with them as I thought - at least until now!, wow, maybe last night had put me a little ahead of them in this game they loved to play! That thought delighted me!

"Oh well, it's up to you, of course", I said, "I just didn't want to leave you out in the cold in case the others made a big thing out of it next week"

Mary gasped, "You mean the others were invited too?"

"Oh yes, I thought you'd all want to be a part of it after the comments you made on Friday when you saw Jimmy come to pick me up" I said, grinning.

"Oh, and did the others say yes?" she asked quietly.

"Well they did last night" I said, and shrugged, "But then you did too, so maybe they'll ring up and cancel as well, but then again, maybe they wont, they sounded terribly enthusiastic" I added with a laugh. I could almost hear the groan from Mary on the other end of the phone, but I quickly excused myself by saying the kettle was boiling and I had to go, and I was sorry we wouldn't be seeing her later.

When I put the phone down and told Jimmy what had been said, he seemed surprised, especially after what I'd told him about our weekly gatherings and the teasing I'd gone through, but he finally shrugged and grinned and said, "That just means we get to share each other even more!", and strangely, that statement made me feel very, very good.

It was a surprise, but no longer a shock when I received another phone call 20 minutes later from Rebecca which went very much along the same lines as Mary's, so it looked as if we were two down and one to go for the evening of hot sex, and I didn't hold out much hope for Louise, the final member of the group, as next to me she was the most conservative one there and came in for a lot of ribbing from the other two as well.

When no phone call came, I put it down to the fact that she was probably too shocked and embarrassed to even talk to me about it, so although I prepared some extra food just in case, I was convinced that the evening was just going to be Jimmy and me and no one else, a prospect not at all unwelcome to me as I remembered how good it felt having his big cock inside me!

I'd set the time for my friends to arrive at 7.30. so I was quite surprised when the doorbell rang a good hour earlier, and even more surprised on opening it to find Louise standing there looking a little flustered, but also quiet determined. "Hi, Rachel" she said, "I know I'm terribly early, but there's a perfectly good reason for that, can I come in?"

"Oh gosh, I'm sorry, I was forgetting my manners, your arrival took me a little by surprise" I stammered, "Come on in, please"

Louise walked past me and down the hall to the lounge room, and I took the opportunity to really look at her. She was a good few inches taller than me, about 5ft 9 to my 5ft 4, and was very slim, she had those sorts of legs that seemed to go on for ever, yet never seemed awkward, she had dark brown hair down past her shoulders and a pretty, though not what you'd call a beautiful face. As far as her figure was concerned, well I'd only seen her before at the tennis where we all tended to wear those dreadful sports bras that did wonders in the support department, but nothing in the looking sexy department, so it was quite a surprise when she came to a halt in the lounge room and turned to speak to me to realize that she had quite nice size breasts, nice, and decidedly visible! She was wearing tight shorts and a T shirt, and it was immediately clear that she hadn't bothered with a bra this time round, and her nipples were pressing forward quite boldly. I was surprised at the sudden heat that flowed through me as I looked at her.

Her face was slightly flushed, and she looked around, I grinned, "Oh Jimmy's just taking a shower, he'll be out soon" I said.

She flushed even more, "Oh I wasn't.." she spluttered, then laughed, "Damn it, yes I was, but I'm glad we have time alone, you see, I wasn't at all sure about tonight, not sure if...well, with the know, so I thought, if I came early, perhaps....oh god, what am I trying to say?"

I took her hand and led her over to the couch and sat her down and sat down alongside her, "I think I understand" I said, "The others being so much more experienced than us in sexual matters you thought they'd maybe tease, or even make you feel inadequate?"

"Yes" she gushed, "That's exactly what I thought"

"But you did come over to share?" I asked

"Oh god yes" she groaned, "If you only knew how long it's been...sigh...Jeff seems to get busier and busier with his work and has less and less time for me, I'm starting to feel like a nun!"

I threw back my head and laughed, "Oh I understand all right, it was Charles disappearing yet again on a weekend course with his job that started all this, I got angry and upset, Jimmy was there to comfort me and one thing led to another" I said.

She gulped and flushed a little, "And have you...mmmm....had any regrets?, you know, felt guilty?"

"Actually I thought I might when I awoke this morning, but I didn't, and when Charles rang I didn't even feel any then.... I fact when I was talking to Charles I was naked and Jimmy was playing with my breasts"

Shocked "Gosh!...and ,,,how did you feel?"

"Mmmmmm totally, totally turned on" I replied, "But about tonight, I guess I have some bad news, Mary and Rebecca rang earlier and sort of begged off tonight.... I laughed... although their excuses were pretty flimsy, and when they found out I'd invited all three of you they seemed a bit concerned about maybe being the odd one out"

Louise stared at me for a moment, a surprised look on her face, then she started to grin, "Well Mary doesn't surprise me, I always thought she was just too outrageous to be true, but Rebecca, Mmm I thought she would be eager for some extra loving, I know that husband of hers is an absolute cow! Geez, and all that hard time they used to give in particular...about being such old fuddy duddies, guess we'll show them!"

I couldn't help myself, I just grabbed her and hugged her tight, "Oh, I'm so glad you came" I said excitedly. Jimmy chose that moment to walk back into the room in just a bathrobe, and he grinned.

"Well, you've decided to start without me, that's nice!" he said laughingly, but we broke apart in some embarrassment.

"Oh Jimmy, I want you to meet Louise.....Louise, Jimmy" I stammered.

Jimmy walked across and stood just in front of us and stared down at Louise, letting his eyes roam all over her, with particular attention to her thrusting breasts, then with a smile he reached down and took her hand and raised it to his lips, "Oh, I am particularly delighted to meet you, Louise, you are absolutely beautiful!" he whispered, then kissed the back of her hand.

Well, I don't think I've ever seen someone look so flustered, yet melt so quickly in my life, she became like a teenager again momentarily, lost for words. Even more so when Jimmy stepped back, still holding her hand and literally lifted her from the couch, then slid his arms around her and kissed her deeply and passionately on the lips. Pressing her body close to his and sliding his hands down to cup the tight denim material covering her ass cheeks. I thought I detected a slight attempt from Louise to pull back, but it was gone in a flash, and I watched with awe and excitement as her body began to respond to him, swaying and pressing even closer. I don't know how long the kiss lasted, and I was surprised when I felt an initial quick stab of jealousy, but then the heat started to flow through me and I realized I was getting incredibly turned on watching them.

Finally Jimmy broke the kiss and pulled back, his face flushed, his breathing heavy, and Louise was the same, then I gasped loudly and their heads jerked round towards me, then followed the direction of my gaze, and there was a mortified groan from Jimmy and a very loud gasp from Louise as they both realized that in the passion of the kiss Jimmy's robe had come apart and his rock hard cock was jutting forward almost touching Louise's body. "My god!" Louise whispered in amazement, "It really is huge, just like you said" and almost involuntarily her hand reached forward and started to cup and stroke it.

I was totally fascinated by the sight of her hand stroking Jimmy's cock, and totally turned on, but I managed to respond to her words, "Why, did you think I was lying to you?" I asked.

"Well, when you said 10 inches, I mean nobody's really that big!, except in books, but he is, my god he is!" she whispered again.

"Yeah" I said, feeling myself getting in to the swing of things, "And imagine what it will be like to feel that 10 inches deep inside you"

Her whole body shuddered, and her tongue came out and wiped across her lips.

"Of course, you can't expect Jimmy to do anything while you're still wearing all those clothes, so why don't you get rid of them?" I said hotly.

"Yes, Louise, I want to see you naked, I want to feast my eyes on your beautiful body" whispered Jimmy, and lifted his hand and brushed it lightly and briefly over her firm breasts. That sent another huge shudder rushing through her.

"But, but, the others?" she said, her head rolling backwards and forwards.

"There's just us three" I said, soothingly, "and I'll be naked too"

Her head jerked over to look at me, and I immediately slipped my own T Shirt over my head and tossed it aside, revealing my own firm breasts and stiff, swollen nipples, then began to ease out of my shorts. "Oh God" she murmured, and as if in a daze she began to follow suit, first her T Shirt and then her shorts, leaving just a pair of pale blue thongs.

As she reached for them, Jimmy stopped her, "No" he whispered hotly, "Let me", and he dropped to his knees in front of her and brushed his face against her silk clad pussy. Making her body jerk, and her hands come down to clutch her head. Then he took the waist band between his teeth and began to roll her panties down! My god, it was the most erotic sight I'd ever seen and totally turned me on, and it must have felt incredible too, because Louise was moaning and writhing like crazy. When the panties reached the point where gravity took over and they cascaded to the floor Jimmy buried his face into Louise's naked pussy, his hands coming around to clutch her naked ass cheeks and pull her even further forward, and she squealed with delight and almost collapsed.

Wow, this was just sooo hot! My breasts felt like they were on fire and one of my hands was busy stroking them, the other was frantically pushing my own panties off, then reaching in between my legs to stroke my throbbing clit, Mmmmmm sooooo gooood! I'd never seen another couple having sex before, and it was driving me wild.

And having sex they were, because after that initial thrust of his tongue into Louise's pussy, Jimmy had lowered her to the floor and was running his hands, lips and tongue over every inch of her body, and she was lapping up the attention. Like she'd never received any before...and I guess the way it was with her husband, that was close to the truth. But I was getting too turned on for my own good too, and the more I looked at Louise's gorgeous body, the more I realized that the sight of it was part of the reason why I was so turned on, but I was still surprised when Jimmy finally moved into position between Louise's legs, that I leaned forward and started to run my lips over her breasts!

I may have been surprised, but Louise was totally shocked, and I heard her sharp gasp, and looked up, she was staring wide eyed at me, then a shudder ran through her and she moaned somewhere deep inside and her hands came over to my head. I thought for a moment she was going to push me away, and I think that was in her mind, but her hands thought otherwise, and pressed me even more firmly into her breasts. Then her awareness of me was gone as Jimmy started to slide his cock into her pussy.

"Oh god" she cried. " It's so big, so tight, please be gentle"

And gentle Jimmy was, as I knew he would be, as he had been with me, sliding ever so slowly into Louise, stopping frequently to allow her pussy to adjust to his size, and all the time I was lovingly, lapping and sucking on her breasts and her gorgeous, hard, nipples, and thoroughly enjoying myself.

Then I heard Louise's whisper of astonishment, "Oh god, I can feel him banging on my ass, he's all the way in, his whole big cock is in me!, oh wow, oh yes, fuck me Jimmy, please, don't hold back now, fuck me!"

Then I heard her sharp grunt as he pulled back and slammed forward for the first time, "Oh yes, Oh god yeeees, so good, so fucking good, give it to me, give it to me hard, Jimmy"

I was a little stunned at her words, not at all the demure Louise from the Tennis club, but I loved it, her words were inflaming Jimmy and inflaming me too, and both of us started to work on Louise in earnest. Jimmy ramming his huge cock into her pussy faster and faster, harder and harder, and me lashing her breasts and nipples faster and harder too, and it wasn't long before the first of the orgasms sent Louise into violent convulsions, almost dislodging me from her breasts. The first, but not the last, as she screamed loudly and convulsed over and over again as Jimmy continued to pound her with his massive cock, god I knew how good his big cock felt, I knew what she was experiencing and my own pussy was convulsing in sympathy, and I realized as a scream burst from my throat that I was coming too! Amazing! I didn't even have one of my fingers in my pussy, yet I was coming hard, coming from Louise's excitement.

And then I felt a spurt of liquid hit my face and I glanced around, Jimmy had shot his first load of hot cum deep into Louise's pussy, the second he was shooting over her breasts and my face, then he rammed his cock back in and sent the rest of his spewing cum into her threshing pussy once more, and he grinned at me as I eagerly lapped up his cum from her breasts and tried to reach some of the cum on my face with my darting tongue. The I quickly moved up and mashed my lips onto Louise, thrusting my cum coated tongue forward so she could share the taste of Jimmy with me. Share the taste of the cum that was now filling her pussy to overflowing.

I'm not even sure if Louise was aware of what I was doing, Jimmy's cock had sent her right off the planet, and her body was bucking and heaving and threshing wildly, until suddenly she arched sharply, froze for a moment then collapsed into a totally boneless state...she'd fainted.

I pulled back and watched Jimmy slide his cum covered cock from her pussy, looking more than a little concerned, "It's ok" I whispered, "She's just fainted, she'll be fine soon, that was just so incredible, so beautiful and soooo, sooo hot!"

Jimmy grinned, "Mmmm turned you on did it" he asked.

I laughed, "No, it actually made me cum!" I said, flushing slightly.

"Wow, do you think we can make Louise cum when you and I make love?" he asked, grinning.

I lifted my eyebrows, "You mean you still want to? after that?" I asked impishly

He growled, reaching out and cupping one of my breasts in his hand, "Oh yes, Aunty Rachel, I can't wait to fuck you in front of Louise, do you think she'll join in like you did?" he asked.

A huge shudder ran through me, "Oh god, I hope she does, that was sooo horny!"

At that moment a faint groan came from Louise and we turned our attention to her, holding her hands and encouraging her back to some semblance of consciousness and awareness. Then she looked from Jimmy to me and back again, and grinned the hottest, horniest grin imaginable, "Wow, that was THE most sensational sex I've ever know...she laughed... I'm so, so glad I didn't chicken out tonight"

I looked at Jimmy and grinned, "So are we, so are we!, but there's lot's more to come yet isn't there Jimmy?"

"Oh yes, Aunty Rachel, MUCH, MUCH MORE!!"


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