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A Rainy Saturday Night
by RisiaSkye

The Midnight Club was hopping, even for a Saturday night. Usually, it was a pretty popular place, but I had kind of expected it to be a little slow because of the rain. Instead, it seemed like the rain was washing a different crowd out of their usual hiding places. It looked like it might make for interesting people watching, but I still wasn't really sure what I was doing there. I wasn't really interested in getting drunk, since I had a racquetball game in the morning. And I wasn't really looking to get laid, since I didn't really feel like suffering through the inevitable night of bought drinks and forced idle chatter which masks the sex partner screening process behind a veneer of "socializing". Now I think fate must have brought me there, either to reward me or tempt me into sin; depending how you look upon the events which followed.

I had been nursing a gin and tonic, idly people watching and amusing myself with eavesdropping on snippets of conversation which varied between drunken incoherence and babbling idiocy. Through all of this I was sort of chatting with the bartender, a buddy of mine, but we couldn't really get a conversation going because he was too busy to do more than sort of banter a bit. When a waitress called him over to order a round of drinks for her section of the floor, I spun around on my stool and started looking around more actively for something to capture my interest. Truth be told, I was growing bored as hell and trying to decide between calling some buddies to come and join me, and just giving up and heading for home. While I was trying to decide the future of my evening, I noticed something a little odd going on near the door.

There was the usual Saturday night crush of people hovering near the door; people hovering near the exit for a smoke, looking for friends, et cetera. But suddenly the crowd parted for a nondescript looking brunette coming through the door. Even the bouncers, an imposing and discriminating force in such a popular beach bar, were making way for the petite young lady who didn't look a day over twenty. From the way people got out of her way, you would have thought she was royalty. She certainly wasn't a model: far too short and, while not unattractive, she wasn't anything particularly impressive either. Decent legs, nice tan, mediumish tits. A pretty, round face framed by Jennifer Aniston styled brown hair. Easy on the eyes, but in the land of aspiring starlets, not likely to draw a crowd.

Confused by the ongoing phenomenon, I signaled my bartender buddy over to ask about her. He just smiled at me and said, "You don't know Rayne? Tonight may be your lucky night. I'll introduce you." Then he looked away from me and smiled at a newcomer behind me.

While I'd had my back turned, she had made her way to the bar, and straight for the bartender. Up close, she was definitely pretty. Still, I was mystified and this new turn of events was the most interesting thing to happen all night. I was itching for that introduction, and glanced at Kris. He caught it, and while he was making her drink (a Maker's Mark on the rocks, I noticed) he casually said, "Hey, Rayne! This is my buddy David. He asked to meet you."

I could have killed him for his lack of subtlety, and flashed him an ugly look, but she just smiled and offered her hand. "Nice to make your acquaintance, David." Her smoky voice drew me attention to her mouth, and once I was there I couldn't look away. Her lips were painted bright red and were lush and full, just the way people pay thousands to have them made. A little too large to be right for her small face, but undeniably perfect for imagining wrapped around my cock. I immediately started to grow erect, and shifted a bit on my stool, hoping she wouldn't notice.

To my embarrassment, the movement seemed to draw her eye like a magnet to my growing hard-on. Rather than blushing, though, she reached for her drink and smiled at me again. Kris handed her a key with her drink, and when I offered to buy it for her, she just licked her lips and said, "On the house, right Kris?" He nodded, smiled at her, and turned away. As soon as he turned his back, Rayne grabbed my hand and breathed, "follow me." I was too intrigued, and increasing aroused, to deny her request.

She led me through the club to the small stairwell leading up to the management offices. When I started to speak, I realized I didn't want to say anything to ruin the mysterious aura surrounding this woman. And, contrary to most club women, she didn't seem interested in telling me her life story or bitching about her boyfriend, ex or otherwise. She took me to a door marked "PRIVATE", used Kris's key to unlock it, and drew me inside.

Before my eyes had a chance to begin adjusting to the absolute darkness in the windowless room, I felt small hands pulling at my belt. I started to speak, and one of the hands went to my lips in a silencing motion. I decided to ride this out as far as she wanted to take it, and relaxed.

In an obviously practiced series of motions, she had my pants and shorts down, and guided me to a sitting position on what felt like a small leather sofa. Then I felt her pull away, and heard the rustle of clothing. The next second, a light came on in the room. Blinded by even the dim wattage after the complete blackness of a moment before, it took a few seconds for me to take in the fact that she had removed her filmy black blouse, and was preparing to kneel at my feet.

Almost simultaneous with my sudden restoration of sight, she opened her crimson stained lips and slowly put out her tongue. As she curled it up over her teeth to lick her lips, my flagging erection returned to full height. She smiled sultrily at me, and maintained eye contact as she slowly ran her tongue around the head of my cock. Through the haze of sensation, I saw that her tongue was the longest I had ever seen on a women, perhaps 4 inches long. She drew her head slowly to the left, and began wrapping her tongue around the head of my cock like a cat curling around the feet of a beloved master. The growl in her throat was reminiscent of a deep pur, and perpetuated the image of her feline sensuousness.

She drew slightly away and said, "I love to suck cock. I'm going to enjoy licking and sucking you dry." Her dirty words were punctuated by her small hand wrapping around my balls and lightly massaging.

Then she lowered her face to my thigh, and began tracing a line up from mid-thigh to her still-caressing hand. She withdrew her hand and began tracing slow, lazy circles around first my left nut, then the right. I started rocking my hips slightly, following the movements of her unbelievably soft, warm mouth. As I leaned back into the couch, one of her hands came around my back and pulled me closer to her face. The other hand began lightly tracing up and down my shaft.

Her hot mouth opened wide, and she sucked both of my balls into it's steamy cavern. As I savored the incredibly suction, her tongue was moving around, rolling first one then the other back and forth like a connoisseur savoring fine caviar. She added to the incredible sensation by rhythmically flexing and relaxing her puckered lips, slightly stretching and relaxing the sac. I was going out of my mind with lust, but couldn't bear to move away from her awe-inspiring mouth. I was aching for release, but never wanted to stop at the same time. Just when I thought I would explode, she pulled away, and slowly released me.

She then licked from the base of my shaft up to the ridge of the head in a single smooth stroke. When I tried to pull my hips back to put the head between her lips, she began moving back down the shaft, now sweeping her tongue back and forth across the top. At the base again, she wrapped her tongue 3/4 of the way around my diameter, and began drawing her turned face up toward the head again. Nothing, even the tightest of pussies, has ever been as erotic as that silken, quivering tongue relentlessly pursuing the head of my cock. When she reached her goal, she moved her head back to center and wrapped her tongue around and over the head, lightly rolling her tongue to squeeze a drop of precum out onto the waiting platform. I felt like screaming, and realized I was already moaning, hypnotized by her spell.

Rayne closed her lips around me and began applying gentle suction as she worked my pulsating prick into her mouth. As her lips caressed an inch at a time as she continued to descend, her tongue circled within, stimulating the top of the shaft. I rolled my head back and groaned as I felt the head reach her soft palate, brushing the back of her throat like hitting the bottom of a caressing pussy. While her throat gently squeezed and released the head with her breathing, her tongue snaked out and down, caressing the top of my shaft all the way to the base.

I was desperately bucking upward, but she adjusted her movements to keep me positioned where she wanted me in her mouth. Suddenly, she stopped matching her movements to mine, and allowed me to begin thrusting in and out of her mouth. Frantically fucking her face, I wrapped a hand in her hair, and pushed her down on my desperate cock. Before I could come, she sucked down tight, stopping me from thrusting fully. Sensing her command, I attempted to reign myself in. While I slowed my thrusts, fighting between the need to come and the desire to give her anything she wanted, she pulled the hand under my back up toward her face. This action pushed me further into her mouth, until the head was feeling her throat on all sides.

The throat muscles were convulsing around me cockhead, pushing toward the brink. When I could stand it no longer, I pushed forward, and felt my cock bend slight as it pushed down her throat. She tightened her well trained muscles in mouth and throat, and I felt myself heading over the edge into ecstasy. As her questing lips reached my pubic base, I began to scream, pouring my seed into her.

She pulled slightly back, and reached her hand under my ball sac and gently squeezed, releasing further torrents of come through my penis and straight into her throat. Continuing to massage my balls, she milked me dry with her lips and tongue, and I rode the wave of the most intense orgasm of my life.

Finally emptied, I began to deflate, and she gave me a last loving lick, and pulled away. Swallowing quickly, she smiled at my dazed expression, and licked her lips. Returning to myself, I was convinced that someone in the club could hear the sounds of my ecstasy even over the band. I quickly began pulling my pants up. When I was fastening my belt, I was finally had wits about me enough to look around the room. I couldn't have been semi-conscious for more than a minute, but Rayne had apparently vanished. Somehow she managed to take her blouse and slip out while I was still experiencing incredible post-coital dizziness.

I quickly headed back downstairs, now heedless of my potential embarrassment in my desperation to find her. But, when I reached the first floor and ran my eyes over the room, there was no sign of her. Nor was there any sign of the previous crowds. The bar was down to 20 or 30 pie-eyed partying fools. I glanced at my watch and realized I had lost over two hours.

I headed for the bar on rubbery legs, where Kris was waiting for me. Handing me the drink he had waiting, he smiled and said, "Dave, my man, welcome to the club."


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