The Best Erotic Stories.

A Randy Teacher Pt. I
by Anon

I thanked my mom for driving me to the club and stepped out of the car. I changed into shorts and a T-shirt and hit the track to run. After about 20 minutes of running someone familiar stepped onto the track right beside me. It was my English teacher for 9th grade and, I'd just learned, for 10th as well. I greeted her and we exchanged pleasant conversation as we ran. I had fantasized about her several times during the school year and in the heat of exercise she had stripped off her oversize T-shirt to reveal a bikini exercise top and tight running shorts. Though she must have been in her late 30's she had a great body.

I felt my dick begin to rise and I announced that I was going for a swim, and asked her to join me. She agreed, and we went to our respective locker rooms to change. Once inside I dashed to a bathroom stall and masturbated my way to a quick and amazing climax. She was incredibly hot. I changed into my swimsuit and went out into the pool area.

She was standing near the shallow end, wearing a string bikini that barely covered her breasts and when she turned I began to get horny again as the bikini bottoms barely covered her ass and the bare strip of fabric was falling into her crack.

I jumped into the pool and waved her in as well. We swam laps for a while but eventually we stopped and stood in the shallow end, talking. We discussed a movie we had both seen, in which an erotic love scene is a part of the story. I thought it was essential, where as she disagreed.

We left it at that when it was announced that I had a phone call on the P.A. system. I went to the desk and took it. It was my mom. She said she would not be able to pick me up at 5:30, as planned but at 9:30 instead because of a meeting. I told her I knew a few people and would try to get a ride from one of them and that I would page her if otherwise. I went back to the pool and told Julie (we were on first name basis) that I needed to go, and would she give me a ride? She agreed though she said she needed to make some stops on the way.

She drove me in the right direction and stopped at the local Comfort Inn, a notorious sex joint. She said she had left something there and would need help getting it. She went and talked to the desk guy, and she came out with a key. We went to the room and she said she needed me to lift up the sofa. I complied and she went underneath it. To retrieve something, apparently. As she bent over in front of me her taut firm ass tensed and seemed to call me, it seemed to be asking me to touch it. I held up the couch with one hand and slowly caressed her lovely buttocks with the other. She moaned with pleasure, turning and coming out from beneath the sofa. I let it drop then, the piece of furniture hitting the floor with a hard thud. I took her in my arms and kissed her tenderly, my tongue darting into her mouth, twisting around hers and reveling in the sensation. I moved my hand to the front of her and slowly undid the buttons on her blouse. She moved her arms out and I slipped it off, moving my face down to suck her braless tits.

Another story by Anon.
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