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A Room With A View
by English Bob

Philip Green had suspected his wife of fooling around for some time. If he was honest with himself, he was not really all that surprised. At thirty four years old, Paula was almost twenty years his junior and was a striking woman by any standards. In heels she stood almost 2 inches taller than Philip's 5'9". Her hair was a beautiful flame red cut fashionably short and framed a pretty face with deep sexy blue eyes. Philip would have died for her body; long shapely legs, superbly tapered; a flat stomach kept that way by long visits to the gym; firm 38 inch breasts, that seemed to follow you around the room; and a long slender neck that just cried out to be kissed.

But he wasn't kissing her now. Right now he was listening to a tape recording of her personal telephone line that he had bugged a short time ago. He had suspected an affair and now he knew for sure. What surprised him slightly about the telephone conversation that he was listening to, was the lack of any personal indulgencies. The subject matter was beyond dispute: Paula was to meet an unnamed man in room 318 of the Norwood Hotel in town on Thursday afternoon, but there was little sign of any intimacy between the two voices, it was almost like a business conversation.

Philip had made his money in electronics, hence the easy access to the illegal bugging device attached to Paula's telephone line. He was well respected in the local community and was damned if he was going to be made a fool of by a cheating slut of a wife. He thought long and hard after listening to the tape, a plan slowly formulating in his organised mind. Today was Monday, he had three days to put his plan into operation. Calling the Norwood Hotel, he made a booking for three days; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Requesting room 319, he paid for his booking with a credit card and hung up the phone.

The following Afternoon saw Philip checking into the Norwood Hotel. He had packed a case with the few tools that he would need, several tiny video spy camera's the size of a pencil, and a small monitor. Once in room 319 he was relieved to see that he had a connecting wall with the room that his wife and her lover had booked. Unpacking his tools he went to work. Using a small, silent hand drill, he cut several small, unobtrusive holes in the connecting wall. He kept the holes in corners and alcoves so they would not be noticed. When this work was completed, he inserted the tiny cameras into the holes.

Relaying the cables from the cameras to the monitor, he flicked the power switch and watched the screen come to life. Watching the monitor and twisting the tiny cameras, he was able to make the necessary adjustments. Several hours later, he was happy with his work. The cameras showed the adjacent room from just about every angle and, with a remote control, Philip could switch from camera to camera and zoom in and out, so as to be able to regulate and change the view at will. Thinking of the room being cleaned, he made some quick disguises to the cameras, unplugged and hid the monitor and left the room. He would not be returning until Thursday afternoon.

Throughout Wednesday, Philip found it hard to keep his feelings in check. He worked all day at his office, busying himself with insignificant tasks late into the evening so as to keep from having to go home and make conversation with his cheating wife. After leaving the office, he ate a small meal alone at a local diner and eventually returned home at 11pm. Avoiding as much conversation with Paula as possible, he scanned the newspaper and retired as soon as he could.

Finally, Thursday morning dawned. Telling Paula that he was away on business all day and would not be contactable, he rented a nondescript Ford and drove to the Hotel. Nodding politely to the receptionist, he made his way up to his room and began to re-assemble his electronic equipment. For half an hour Philip adjusted and re-adjusted the equipment, ensuring that all the cameras functioned properly and that the visual feed came through to the monitor as clearly as possible. Finally satisfied, Philip poured himself a cup of coffee, lit a large cigar and, eyes glued to the screen in front of him, sat back to wait. It was 12.30pm.

At 1.30pm, Paula pulled her Lexus into the parking lot of the Norwood Hotel. Her eyes scanned the other cars parked there, and, happy that there was none that she recognised, she adjusted the rear view mirror and checked her already perfect make-up. She slid her lithe body from the drivers side door and walked briskly towards the reception.

"Good afternoon." she smiled at the receptionist. "Do you have an envelope for a Miss Taylor?"

The receptionist returned the smile and greeting and checked the rack behind her. "Yes, Miss Taylor this was left for you by a gentleman earlier."

Taking the envelope, Paula folder herself into a deep lounge chair and opened the letter. It contained simply a slip of notepaper with the number 318 printed on it, and a key bearing the same number. After waiting for a few minutes, Paula rose from the chair and headed for the elevator.

Philip had been watching the screen showing an empty room for an hour before his patience was rewarded. He leaned a little closer to the monitor as he watched the door of the room next door open and a familiar figure enter. He knew it would be Paula, but his mind still reacted as he watched her walk into the room. She wore a smart almost business like beige suit that he had not seen before. Her red hair and make-up were sensational and she sported 3 inch spiked heels on her dainty feet. She looked fantastic! As he looked on, strangely fascinated, Paula moved efficiently around the room, moving this chair and that vase, removing the covers from the bed and finally removing her jacket and sitting her self into a chair and crossing her long shapely legs. She and Philip did not have long to wait.

Within two minutes there was a knock at the door. Paula opened it and a tall, young, handsome man entered the room. Philip was again surprised. There was no kiss or embrace in greeting, no intimate sign of affection. Philip was so engrossed in watching the young man now talking to his wife that he barely noticed that the lovers seemed to have forgotten to close the door. Philip's attention was brought sharply back as another one, two, then three further men entered the room and then closed the door behind them.

"Wha...what...what the fuck!!!" exclaimed Philip a little more loudly than he had expected.

This he had not expected at all. He knew from experience that Paula was a highly sexed woman, but...FOUR of them?!!

Fearing that his wife was about to be gang raped, Philip started to rise and move towards the door. He had to help her, he thought. She must be in trouble! But as he saw his wife voluntarily and without any coercion sit back on the edge of the bed and start to undo her silk blouse, he knew, with astonishment, that this was no rape. Philip watched the screen as his wife and the four young men began to strip their clothes off. The men were naked in no time flat. All were young with perfectly toned bodies. Philip flipped between camera's to try to see more of them. Camera #2 picked out a fair haired, athletic looking youth of little more than twenty years old. His body looked sleek and smooth and his cock, which was rapidly hardening, looked to be about ten inches long!

Paula, by now was stripped down to just her white stockings and lacy suspender belt. Philip could not remember seeing her remove either panties or bra, and surmised that she had obviously omitted these items on purpose. The guys surrounded the bed as Philip switched to another camera. The fair haired guy's cock was not the only monster. Each of the young men had erections that easily measured over 9 inches in length and one dark hared guy was also incredibly thick around. From her sitting position on the bed, Paula crooked her finger with a wicked grin and beckoned one of the men towards her. As he approached the side of the bed, she twisted her body sideways, and opening her red painted lips wide, slid the monster cock over her tongue. This seemed to be an open invitation for the guys to start with her and Philip watched as his wive's naked tits were sucked hungrily by two of the men. The fourth guy was positioning him self between Paula's spread legs and lowering his head towards her shaved vagina. From the look on her face, Philip could see that his cheating slut of a wife seemed to be in heaven. Her eyes were closed as she deep throated the guy fucking her face. Philip switched cameras again and could clearly see the guy eating her pussy, her juices flowing freely from her wet hole to coat his face. He could not see his wife's nipples as they were buried inside two hungry mouths, but guessed from the sucking and (not too gentle!) biting they were receiving, that they must be fully hard and throbbing.

Philip moved uncomfortably in his seat as he watched the debauched display. He realised, with some surprise, that his anger was obvious by it's absence, and indeed an altogether different sensation was beginning to establish itself - He was getting VERY excited!! He could see his wife's hips bouncing off the bed as she received her oral treat. Philip knew that she was in the throes of orgasm and mentally chastised himself for not getting better cameras that would allow an audio relay as well as visual.

Phil's cock was aching in his underwear now as the scene continued. All thoughts of punishing or indeed divorcing his wife had disappeared as all he wanted to see now, was his wife getting fucked and fucked hard by theses strangers. Philip could not resist the urge to undo his zipper and stroke himself through his underwear as his eyes remained glued to the screen.

Philip watched with awe as he witnessed his wife's and the first guy's orgasm. Paula was still bucking her hips a foot off the bed as the man in her throat pulled out. His hand flew up and down his saliva streaked shaft as, with his eyes closed, he released a torrent of semen onto Paula's waiting lips and face. As he continued to milk his cum, Paula was turned over onto her hands and knees. Without formality, the fair haired man took up a position behind her and forced his cock straight up her wet pussy. Philip switched the camera again and zoomed in on his wife's face. Arching her back, to accept the monster cock, Paula flung her head back and closed her eyes in a look of unmistakable ecstasy. Philip watched her mouth open in a silent groan and as he watched, the third guys cock replace the first between her sweet lips, Philip pulled his underwear aside and released his own much smaller erection.

He pumped his foreskin up and down his hard shaft as he watched his wife get taken from both ends. He doubted that he had ever felt as horny, as breathtakingly excited as this as he switched camera again to watch a close up of a cock of at least ten inches sink slowly, deep into his wife's waiting cunt. The two men not fucking Paula were knelt beside her, teasing her swollen, hanging tits and pinching the nipples. With her body being rammed back and front, they were having a hard job holding on to her tits as they swung violently backwards and forwards. Then something happened which Philip had never seen before, or even believed possible. The two guys fucking Paula's mouth and pussy both pulled out at exactly the same time and jerked their cocks over her with abandon. Cum was shooting everywhere as her ass cheeks, lower back and face were drenched in their fluid. The guy's, so young, seemed to release gallons of their semen onto their waiting slut, and Philip could faintly hear their moans and groans of satisfaction through the wall, causing his own cock to swell and his balls twitch.

As the two men stepped away from Paula, there seemed to develop a small dispute. It was obvious that guy #4 had not yet had his turn. As he gestured and pointed at Paula's now dripping pussy, it appeared that he was none to keen to take sloppy seconds'. Phil saw his wife speak and slap a hand way from her ass. She was clearly indicating that she was not about to let him take he anally. The guy's all seemed to nod in reluctant agreement until Fair Hair' whispered into his friends ear and smiled. Without warning all four men grabbed Paula and flipped her onto her back. With one of them holding her arms tightly above her head, and the other two gripping her stocking clad ankles, the fourth climbed up onto the bed and straddled her chest.

Philip was fascinated. He had nearly cum twice himself but had showed enviable control and restrained himself. He wanted to see this through to the end, and now it looked as if he was going to witness his wife get titty-fucked by this huge cocked bastard! #4's hands came up to her tits and cupped them strongly. Pushing the large, smooth mounds together, he began to slowly thrust his engorged cock between them. Philip's hands were trembling with pre-orgasmic tension as he used the remote control to zoom in a little closer. The faster the guy tit-fucked his wife, the faster Phil's hand flew up and down his throbbing shaft. Philip watched the monitor as Paula flicked her tongue over the huge cockhead as it appeared between her breasts, obviously thoroughly enjoying herself. #4 fucked her tits harder and faster. Paula licked and Philip pumped. Again Philip could hear the guys through the wall as they cheered their friend on, encouraging him to cum between her big tits. As Philip saw the guy's head fall back and he let loose a stream of cum on her tits, Philip, himself let out a stifled groan. His cock erupted in his hand and shot a thick stream of sticky white cum over his shirt front and suit trousers. The more the man on the monitor splashed over Paula's tits, the more Phil pumped his still hard cock, squeezing every last drop of jism from his balls.

As he recovered, Philip watched Paula quickly rise from the bed and disappear into the bathroom. The four young men dressed themselves briskly. Softening cocks tucked back into designer briefs, T-shirts pulled on and Levi jeans fastened. They seemed to be discussing something between them. Philip assumed it to be some private joke until, with mounting surprise, he clearly saw each man pull a crisp new hundred from their pocket and drop it on the bed. The four then exited the room without a backward glance.

Five minutes later Paula appeared from the bathroom, fully dressed and with her make-up repaired and intact. To Phil's astonishment, she calmly picked up the four notes, folded them and tucked them neatly into her purse. After quickly tidying the room, she slipped on her suit jacket, checked her reflection once more in the mirror and left the room.

Phil was stunned beyond words. His wife was not only a cheating slut, she was a hooker! Obviously a good one, he thought with a strange feeling, she had gone through all four men in less than 40 minutes, not bad for four hundred. His mind was confused now. He had all but made up his mind to come clean to Paula later that night. He was going to tell her that he knew of her secret affair, but that as long as he could play the voyeur, he was happy for her to continue. But this put a different slant on things. How could he tell her that he knew her to be a hooker? Would she deny it? Even leave him?

As he began to clean himself up and pack away his equipment, Phil, knew he had a decision to make. Tell her and risk losing her, or keep silent and watch her next 'date'. One thing was for sure, his wife never ceased to surprise him!

The End

* * * * *

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