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Afternoon Swim
by Tawny T.

I was living in a small university town, doing graduate study on my degree. The university was very good, but it was in the Bible Belt, and the town was Dullsville personified. An aunt had died leaving me a sizable inheritance, and I could concentrate on my studies, most of the time. I'm female, and single. I had several bad relationships with men that left me with the feeling that I could live without them for a long while. Still, I am human and my sex drive still sits there and simmers in the background.

One bright point in Dullsville, was Susan, a lovely, rather shy married woman, only a couple of years my senior. She was studying at the University, taking some courses in the same field as I. We studied together from time to time, and became friends. Her husband was Mr. Dullsville himself. They had a backyard pool with a high privacy fence around it, and she invited me over often to swim after classes, and when I had a half day of classes. I love swimming and am rather good at it.

The first day I went over she had a nondescript one-piece bathing suit that hid her very nice figure. I complemented her on it and she seemed pleased. Every day I went over, the suit seemed to become smaller, a different one naturally. After my fourth visit, it was down to a small bikini with a thong in the back. The front barely covered her pubic area. I always complemented her on her nice figure. This day, her large, round breasts were barely covered, her nipples erect under the thin cloth. Damn, she looked good. I told her that that bikini would get her arrested even in Cannes. She seemed really flattered. We had a couple of drinks and she seemed to open up a little. I could tell she was admiring my figure too.

I had always worn a bikini at her house, to show off my figure, and my 38C breasts, unaugmented, thank you. I had caught her admiring them quite a few times, and made it a point to show them to their best advantage unobtrusively. She lay, her pert, barely covered, ass soaking up the sun.. It looked mouthwateringly delicious. I devoured her with my eyes, and caught her eyes following my every move. I asked her if she ever sunbathed nude. She said she loved to, but didn't want to embarrass me. I told her I had been to lots of nude beaches. I proceeded to shed my bikini, she followed suit, and her nude evenly tanned body was absolutely beautiful. Her breasts are lovely round shaped, with pink large areolas, and the nipples erect and standing up.

Her blonde pubic hair is trimmed neatly, shaved up almost to her neat pussy. It made me horny just watching her. I decided to see if her interest in me would blossom if carefully nurtured. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Lying back, I raised one leg and slowly let it slip to the side, giving her a good view of my lovely, I've been told, pussy. I keep it cleanly shaved except for a small triangle at the top. My inner lips protrude very slightly, showing my well shaped slit.. Her eyes took it in and lingered there. I swung my knee back and forth, and could feel myself getting very wet. Finally I sat up cross-legged, thighs spread wide. I felt the cool air on my core, as my wet pussy lips parted, giving Susan a good look at my wet vulva.

"Susan, you're staring," I laughed. She only nodded. "Do you like what you see?" She nodded again, almost bashfully. "Move closer, I love to have a beautiful woman look at my pussy." She hesitated a moment, then moved closer and sat at the side of my lounge, eyes glued to my pussy. "Having you look at my bare pussy really makes me hot. I'm so horny, and seeing your beautiful body naked has really gotten me excited. You are so beautiful. Do you know what I want to do?" I asked looking into her lovely blue eyes. She shook her head slowly. "I'm going to bring myself off while you watch. I'm going to finger my clit, and finger fuck myself while you watch, until I come. You'd like that wouldn't you?" I asked softly.

She nodded and whispered a faint "Yes." I took a chance and bent forward and gave her the softest gentlest kiss I knew how to. Her eyes closed, and she seemed almost disappointed that I didn't kiss her longer. I lay back and spread my thighs wide giving her a good view of my pussy. I slid a finger into my mouth and brought it out wet and gleaming, a silver strand of saliva held for a moment before it broke. Susan watched almost hypnotized as I slid my finger down, and slowly slid it into my pussy. I moved it as deep as I could, then slid it out, and up to spread my pussy lips wide, coating the lips wetly. I reached down with my other hand and pulled upward a little at the top of my pussy.

My already erect and hard clit slid out of its sheath. I stroked it a little and it swelled still more. I have a rather large clit and Susan caught her breath as she saw the pink head slip further out. When I pulled further, it slid out almost a half inch and it's about the diameter of a pencil. Her mouth was open and she was almost drooling. "God, I'm hot," I croaked. "My clit is on fire! It needs to be licked and sucked like it was a tiny cock. Do you want to suck it, Susan? It needs a pair of lips around it, sucking it." She leaned forward, lips pursed, her tongue licked her bottom lip, then she pulled back. There was puzzlement, indecision in her eyes. She wanted to, yet didn't. I smiled at her. She squeezed her thighs together. Good sign.

I slid a finger deep inside myself, brought it out and slid it into my mouth. I licked it, then put it back into my pussy, back out, and into my mouth. She watched intently, brow slightly furrowed, her mouth copied my pucker. I slid it back inside myself, and then up to slowly circle my clit. I moaned softly. God, I was hot, masturbating inches from her. I thrust my hips upward, close to her face. The scent of my hot open sex filled her nostrils, and I watched them flare. Slowly, I put a good show on for her. Letting my fingers slide in and out, putting two, then three inside myself. In my wet core, almost dripping, my fingers made little squishing noises as they moved in and out. She had bent forward still more, her face a half foot from my pussy.

I pulled my fingers out again, and hesitated. She looked at my wet fingers, slick and coated with my juices. Her lips were open a little. Slowly, so as not to startle her, I put them close to her mouth. She could smell my lust, my juices. Very slowly I placed my fingers against her lips and rubbed them over her parted lips. She gave a little cry and pulled back just a little. I put them back gently against her lips. I slid them inside her mouth. Her lips closed around them and I felt her tongue move over them, and her mouth suction on them. I gently fucked her mouth with my fingers. Her eyes closed and she sobbed. I pulled my fingers out, and bent forward and kissed her gently. She pressed back. It was her tongue that slid out and into my mouth. Her hand went to my head and pulled me against her. We kissed for a while, then I pulled back a little. Her eyes were closed. I slid my fingers back into my pussy, then up to her lips, into her mouth. She sucked and her eyes shot open.

"I - I - I want to kiss you, your, your pussy." Susan stammered. I kissed her again, my tongue sliding into her mouth. I reached over and placed my hand onto her wet, and open pussy. She moaned as my finger slipped gently into her wet sex. I brought it to my lips and sucked on it, tasting her sweet salty juices. I did it again and this time put it into her mouth. She sucked it. I cupped her firm globe and stroked softly. Her erect nipple pressed against my palm. Then I lay back, letting my thighs spread wide.

She stared up at me, hesitant again. "Susan, Dearest, here I am. Just for you. Kiss me just like you want your own sweet pussy to be kissed. Think how you want to be kissed, sucked, tongued, and loved. Just do what you want. It's that simple. Gently. Softly. We have all afternoon, Love." She smiled up at me, her face radiant. I waited, letting her come to me. She hesitated a few seconds more, then making up her mind, bent and kissed my stomach. Her tongue slid out and she licked my skin, tasting my flesh. She looked up into my eyes and smiled. Her hands moved to my thighs and stroked, softly, lovingly. Her touch was so loving, I almost melted. She moved down and kissed my thighs, the inside, then the juncture of the thigh and trunk. Her tongue left little wet trails. She raised her head and smiled, and I knew she was teasing me a little, now sure of herself. She bent forward and her tongue slid out.

It was my turn to moan as her tongue slid from the bottom of my pussy to the top, slowly, deliciously wonderful. I cried out as it flicked the underside of my clit and flicked around and around it. Her lips closed over it and she sucked it softly at first, then harder, her tongue flicking it again and again, the way she wanted her clit sucked and licked. Slowly Susan kissed, licked and sucked my spread pussy. I lay back and my hand went to her head caressing her soft blonde hair. My hips moved upward under their own volition to meet her sweet mouth. I felt her fingers slip into me and carefully slide up inside me. They probed and explored my wet, hot core. Her lips and tongue concentrated on my clit and she slowly brought my passion upward till I cried out and my hips bucked against her mouth. My pussy clamped down on her fingers and she later said it was the most wonderful feeling to know that she was making me climax.

My climax was strong and intense, and it was a long time until I came down. It had been a very long time since I'd had sex with a man or woman. I pulled her to me and thanked her when I had recovered. Her firm breasts and hard nipples pressed against mine. She moaned as I slid a finger between her pussy lips and she was wet and open. "Lets go in the house, please?" I asked. "I want to make love to you on a soft bed, where I can feast on your lovely body. This lounge is too uncomfortable."

She quickly agreed. Laughing, we almost ran into the house. She led me to a huge, well appointed bedroom with a canopied bed. She turned back the covers revealing silken, soft pastel sheets. She patted the bed beside her, and I sat down, then lay back and pulled her to me. We lay kissing. I insinuated a leg between hers and her mount of Venus thrust against it, humping slightly. Her warm body snuggled against mine, soft and smooth. I caressed her body slowly. I kissed her neck and behind her ears, my tongue tasting her sweet flesh. She pulled me atop her, her thighs spread to receive me. I felt her spread wetness against me. Our mounds pressed together. My mount of Venus pressed downward against her spread wetness. She moaned as my soft flesh pushed her wet flesh aside, burrowing.

We slowly pushed and rubbed. She adjusted her hips a little and began to hump against my pubic mound. Her eyes closed and then she sobbed my name over and over as she came. I cupped her breast and squeezed as she climaxed. She seemed to have a quick short climax. I kissed her, then moved down to her soft breasts. Her skin tasted sweet and her subtle perfume filled my nostrils. Her breasts are superb and I sucked the large pale areolas and her nipples to new hardness. I nipped the nubs lightly with my teeth eliciting a sob from her. Slowly I worked my way down her sweet body.

Finally I arrived at her spread pussy. Her outer lips were deep pink and swollen with passion. I spread them further, revealing her neat inner labia. I nibbled on them then spread her wide with my fingers. I truly love to see the inner beauty of a women's vulva. It was like a red rose, wet and in the center, the dew pooled there. I touched the convoluted vaginal center with my tongue and she moaned her pleasure. I put my lips against it and sucked her salty sweet juice into my mouth. We both moaned. I pushed my tongue into her, and wiggled it around. The heavenly scent and taste of her clean excited sex almost made me climax. God, I love the taste of a woman's most intimate flesh. I sucked, lapped, tongued her, for her sake and mine, for long minutes. The wet flesh was against my face, as I burrowed against her, wetting my chin, nose, and mouth in her woman's core.

I licked from the bottom to the top over and over, flicking her small bud of a clit on the end of each up stroke. Her hips moved upward toward each thrust of my tongue. Carefully, I slid first one, then two fingers up inside her. As one wonderful woman taught me, I crossed my fingers and slowly pressed them in and out, my wrist rotating with each thrust. The crossed fingers moving, burrowing inside, stimulating the vaginal opening. I licked and sucked her small clit, flicking my tongue rapidly against it as I finger fucked her velvet center. She began to moan and cry out, her hips bucked upward. My fingers flew in and out of her, my wrist twirling back and forth. I flicked my tongue as fast as I could against her clit and she exploded. She screamed over and over, and I was glad we were inside.

Her vaginal muscles clamped down on my fingers, and at the same time I felt a gush of juice as she climaxed. It hit my mouth and I tasted the salty fluid of her ejaculate. It happened quickly and there was not much of it, but I had encountered it before. Her climax went on and on. Finally she slumped and I slid my fingers out of her. I watched as her beautiful opening closed slowly. I licked it softly, avoiding her clit. There was wetness on her thigh. I licked it and tasted her salty ejaculate. I smiled as I moved up to kiss her cheek as she regained her breath.

When she had recovered I kissed her and she thanked me. "I have never climaxed like that in my entire life." She said wide eyed. "I can't believe how utterly wonderful it was. Seeing stars didn't describe it. I never knew how wonderful, and intense a climax was. I've climaxed with my husband, but-" she paused, "never, ever like that. You are so wonderful. Thank you."

"Well, thank you, I enjoyed it too. It feels so gratifying, I guess is the word, to make love to someone and know that they are enjoying it so very much. Sometimes I almost climax, the feeling is so intense. Did you know that you "came". That's not the correct word, but describes it. When you climaxed you shot your pussy juices out. Some of it hit my mouth and it's been a very long time since I've been with anyone who did it."

She brought her hand to her mouth, eyes wide. "I didn't, I didn't pee did I? Oh God, I'm so sorry." I kissed her and told her that it definitely was not urine, and that some women ejaculated a fluid that the scientists were still trying to pin down. I told her of one woman who could masturbate for a long time, and ejaculate what was probably a teaspoon of clear liquid, that to the taste was indistinguishable from normal secretions from the pussy. She was very proud of this accomplishment, and would perform on special request, but only for an audience of women..

Susan seemed fascinated and wanted to try it again. I had looked at the clock and was amazed that the afternoon had slipped away. We went in and took a delightful shower together, washing and teasing each other. The feel of her slippery wet body against mine was so erotic and stimulating. We refrained from making love as her husband was almost due home from work. When he arrived we were sitting by the pool sipping drinks innocently. He couldn't keep his eyes off of my body, and Susan gave him stern looks of disapproval till he went inside. It was all we could do to keep from breaking up. She leaned over, and whispered, "If he only knew, that we had been here naked and then made love. He's such a stick in the mud. He could never imagine such a thing."

"Susan, Dearest Love, to think I once thought this was Dullsville, USA. I think that the Dull part is over. You and I both have a new interest. The shower whetted my appetite again. Would you like to come to my apartment tomorrow after class, to study?" I asked in mock seriousness.

"I think that my homework tomorrow will definitely need some intimate tutoring from an expert. I expect to be taught the intricacies of this ancient love form, spoken of with such eloquence, by the poetess Sappho." She said leaning over and giving me a light kiss on the cheek, in case her husband was peeping out the window at my bikini clad body. We hugged briefly as I left, and I felt her shudder slightly. Ah tomorrow! Driving home I saw the university town in a new light. Maybe this town wasn't such a bad place after all.

Another fine story by Tawny T.
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